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The Truth About Love

State of the Game


As you all know.. I've been in a relationship for three years. I was happy but with every relationship there's a constant problem... That problem was me I suppose.

First let me say that I haven't been happy for a while. Since he bought the house and only put it in his name. I felt that was a huge slap to the face.. that's when it started. I swallowed my pride but it would bug me from time to time... He re-insured me that it was "both our homes" but I didn't feel it... If it's not on paper than it's not our home.. it's your home and I'm living in it, paying the utilities.

I took him to a nice, expensive restaurant for our 3rd year Anniversary. I regret it. That's when I knew I didn't want to spend the rest of my life with him.

We learn how to fall in love... but no one teaches you how to fall out.© - kg


I will admit that I cheated... I got caught and now it's over. I hate myself for it. I didn't want it to end that way but I wanted it to end. I wasn't truly happy. Yeah I lose a lot but I gain something money can't buy... Freedom.

I cried about it yesterday as I was moving out but today is a new day. It's going to take some time to put the past behind me... It's going to take a while to recover for him and for me.

The worst part was leaving my dogs. I'm crying thinking about them. But I could NEVER be selfish enough to separate them. Unlike their owners, they belong together. :tear:

And with all my posts for here on out, I will leave you with these lyrics from Mariah Carey's beautiful song Angel's Cry featuring Ne-Yo. Actually Ne-Yo's verse is everything

I thought we'd be forever and always

You were serenity

You took away the bad days

Didn't always treat you right

But it was OK

I do somethin' stupid

And you still stay with me

But you can only go for so long

Doing the one you claim to love wrong

Before too much is enough

You look up

Find your love gone


We were so good together

How come we could not weather

This storm and just do better

Why did we say goodbye

'Cause lightning don't strike

The same place twice

When you and I said goodbye

I felt the angels cry

True love's a gift

We let it drift

In a storm

Now every night

I feel the angels cry


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Wow, so after all these months that past how are you in that department?

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I'm mad.. Mad at myself... but I'm a forgiving person and I have to forgive myself in order to move on... I just haven't yet

I'm looking for a 2nd job to supplement my income but other than that I've been good.

I miss my puppies dearly.. oh well

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