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Getting back into a diet

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Okay, so I'm working my way to get back into shape. It is holiday season and that is always the most dangerous time for me. I am getting back into my diet because we are having a Holiday Party for my company and I would like to wear a nice dress for this event. Of course, if everything goes great, I will have found another, better paying job, and I won't have to worry about that :lol: But that's another story.

So I'm watching what I'm eating. However, I do splurge a little bit on my breakfast and I refuse to compromise I love to go to Subway and get the Western Egg and Cheese on flatbread. This is what it looks like on a wheat muffin:


It's egg white, green peppers, and onions. I actually don't get cheese (I can do without), so I add jalapenos, mustard, and just a small helping of ranch. And I have it ready on some flatbread. It's nice and spicy and wakes me up in the morning. However, the jalapenos don't help my case to prove that I am not, in fact, Hispanic :lol:

But I think I'll update this with more of what I eat and what I make whenever I'm bored lol.

What to take from this blog: I am dieting, even though I'm splurging with the ranch a bit. Moderation is key :P

Much love,


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Hi Angie

I hope yup are still having success with your nutritional plan. I like the idea that you used an event as motivation. I too am result oriented, so to stay in shape I find it helpful plan a Mimi event weekly or everyday. Because I don't want to look my best for just one day, I want to look my as often as I can.

And by the way, you look fabulous in your avatar pic and I wouldn't have taken you for Hispanic at all. Good luck and stay positive.


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