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  2. I think it’s coming in April. That highly reliable twitter account has been counting down
  3. If the first single is in fact the Bruno Mars collaboration, I would think the single would have an obvious 80s pop/90s R&B sound since Bruno is all about music dedicated to nostalgia/those eras and Janet being one of the biggest artists from those two decades, it’s probably gonna happen for sure!!! 🤔👍👍👍
  4. I mean urban hip hop and rnb is the new pop so i wouldnt be surprised
  5. So there back in the mid 2000s to early 2010s there was a very popular weekly music quiz show here in Australia called Spicks and Specks. It finished up in 2012/13 but last year the core cast returned to film four special episodes to air throughout 2020. Tonight they aired a 1990s themed special. One of the games had local comedians come out dressed in the touring costumes (or replicas of) of popular artists and the teams had to guess the artist. Anyway a comedian called Denise Scott who is in her mid 60s came out dressed as Janet from the opening part of the Janet tour. Gotta say they did well with the costume!
  6. I have a very strong feeling, this album is going to be more urban and R&B ,not so much pop .....and I look forward to all she has in store 😎
  7. Janet and her team are NOT tryna appeal or "chasing" the younger audience AT ALL !!! 😂😂😂 what?!?! Janet only works with artists SHE ENJOYS ...she has never went for the latest or hottest person to jump on her record..ever. Janet mainly caters to her hardcore fanbase becus they are gonna always hold her down and the ticket sales are mainly ppl of that generation.. Its not alot of young kids buying Janet tickets, they are going to see Rihanna and Arianna Grande. Janet has a huge demographic but its not the young generation who is dominating in her ticket sales...its the 30+ crowd
  8. Yeah but that can only go so far. Janet needs to be SEEN more.. Her! She needs to keep her face out there and visible. I remember during the Unbreakable tour (even tho she was doin pretty good attentancewise) there were ppl that didnt even know she was on tour. I juss want her to hit these talk shows up a bit more like she did the week she announced the tour. Thats all im sayin
  9. Yesterday
  10. If anybody's goin to the Sac show and wants to say hi before we go to our seats then lmk. I love meeting other Janet fans
  11. I got my tickets!! I am super bummed out that I couldn't get floor seats. My date is almost totally sold out!!! smh
  12. August 12 Los Angeles Staples Would be heaven if she performed a set with full orchestra that includes My Need and Enjoy.
  13. Either way, I just bought my tickets today!!! 😃😆❤️❤️❤️😫😭
  14. Again, Janet’s intentions is not to get the younger audience. That’s a VERY small margin of ticket sales - also because the younger audience doesn’t have disposable income to afford acts like Janet Jackson who they only know 1-4 songs of. If by younger you mean 20s because Janet’s true audience is 30s - 50s thats her base. The new music is specifically to get a number 1 in 2020 AND to diversify her show some. Let her core know she’s still working. She does not rely on her diehard fans alone but she does rely on the audience that grew up with her & her family. The Jackson fans, the casual fans, the ppl who love her but don’t check for her. There are ppl who will attend who will be like - nice new music but not remember or care to search for it after. That’s the more likely experience.
  15. Agreed. Plus think of Janet herself it must be refreshing for an artist to perform new material that reps her in the now
  16. Last week
  17. I get what your saying, don’t get me wrong but Janet and her team are also working on gaining new fans aka the younger generation to get into her by maintaining new music that is extremely current as well as working with artists who are extremely trendy. If Janet just relied on her old fans to sell tickets, I don’t think the sales would becas great as they want them to be. This is a NEW ERA with NEW MUSIC, not just for the diehard fan base but for the potential of a new generation of fans. Aka these teen and 20something gays being introduced to the Janet realm of before and now!! 😉😫😭❤️❤️❤️
  18. Gotta say, her team seems to work on promoting. There are ads on subways and there was also promotion on several music websites.
  19. Imma need yall to step outta 1993 and be present in 2020. The general public is not checking for an older acts new music. Therefore new music wont help drive tickets sales only JANET PROMOTING HER TOUR can. She's always too laxed when it comes to promoting her tours.. She has this "whoever comes comes..but im not about to put in the footwork to promote..ive been entertaining 40 years tf i look like doin the ground work? Ive paid my dues"... Janet I get it but youre wrong in your case. Even tho Janets tpuring attendance is a mixture of sellout shows and some markets that arent sellout outs...she could do better if she DID PROMOTE HER TOURS MORE. Lets keep in mind her tpuring attendance has came a longgggggg way since the RWU tour that was a major disaster..now that tour was the flop tour..after that she started to gain some footing back ...so lets be thankful she started having sellout shows again...thats why i dont trip too hard about the markets where she dont sell out bc i remember when shit was REAL bad touringwise.
  20. I hope the first single won't take too long... hopefully in a week or two/three.
  21. I wouldve loved her to release two songs in one day. An uptempo single and another album track
  22. Are they selling better than SOTW ?
  23. Damn you're still a baby! Your dad was 41 when he made you. Can I ask if you're Mexican or Latina? I know usually in the culture they tend to have kids when they're older. My good friend Raymond in Texas is about your age and Mexican and lost his father when he was 26. His dad was 70 something when he died and Ray has had a hard time dealing with it. He wanted to commit suicide many times and has developed insomnia and become a lightweight alcholic. He literally drinks beer every day and maybe gets 4hrs of sleep a day. I couldn't imagine going through losing a parent at a young age. Ugh this makes me think about Eissa cause Janet will be 70 when he's 20
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