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  2. janet.1814

    janet. tour

    They even had the same title, like he didn’t bother to read the first page
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  4. Aquaria

    What are Janet's Best Music Videos?

    I always loved Runaway as a wee gay.
  5. Thanks for the update... no one knew that until you said it
  6. I was already riled I didn’t ask for your help Mariah but I can’t ID the other artist... Ariana Grande? 🤷🏾‍♂️ Justin Timberlake? 🤷🏾‍♂️
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  8. UPDATE: Paris authorities released Chris Brown without any charges filed https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46957860
  9. Rocknet

    Janet shopping in London - video

    I hadn't seen this....until now....cute
  10. Rocknet

    janet. tour

    my first thought(s) are always correct, which is why I shouldn't second guess myself 1. This could be in Dayz thread where it belongs, no tea no shade, but be prepared to hear it 2. It's not a priority to Janet, it's simply not, we (the fans) have basically begged her for years (literally) to put the tours out there, and Nope, zero, Da Nada
  11. let me jump on in here right quick.....the man is dead....let that ish go
  12. janetologist

    janet. tour

    so do y’all think we will ever get the janet. tour?
  13. It wasn't evidence. I posted it to rile people which worked since you're here I only stan alcholics that can't sing like they used to and europe-ignorers that can't commit.
  14. what I don't get is if you're Chris Brown and you a n-word in Paris (aka Jay-Z) you should have all the French pussy throwing da panties at you, I mean you getting it in you leave Paris with an accent......Come on now rape? Nah B What's wrong with him? he wanna bite lick hoes and hit em and now rape em? I know he got cable, didn't he see the R Kelly documentary? It's open season on freak bruthas and shit damn dude
  15. he just can't stay out of trouble smh
  16. If it wasnt the pose the jeans and that "superwoman" hair sold it ....definitely the jeans though
  17. You posted it as evidence that disproves his accusations or his motivation for his accusations... it is neither of those Keep stanning a drugged out shell of a man
  18. It was a cute idea but Jagged Edge & Xscape have been performing their own tours recently so it didn't make sense to do a reunion tour when their demographic/fans have probably already itched the nostalgia scratch. I only use Mariah's remixes with them and also Xscape and the odd Jagged Edge song
  19. Eww why would I donate my hard earned money to that . Keep caring though x Whether it's irrelevent or not I posted it so stay mad
  20. You donate to MJ opportunistic nephew and his GoFund me. It’s at $15k out of $770k SAD Posting videos of him doing MJ’s bullshit is fact but irrelevant to anything. I’m sure I can find a video of Dr. Conrad Murray singing Thriller
  21. I know you don't care too much but you still care I never said it was evidence. I was merely stating a fact. No one knows the truth except Wade and MJ.
  22. After hearing how he violated Shanices song...Im undecided rather Chris takes the coochie or not. This is the second time he has been accused of this ....do better C Breezy.
  23. No. I don’t. That is not evidence that he was abused or not
  24. I didn't either, but the way the jeans are open and her "posing" in that stance makes me see it a biT.
  25. https://twitter.com/AP/status/1087665453021970432 Associated Press: BREAKING: Police officials say US singer Chris Brown detained in Paris after rape accusation. Waiting for more details x
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