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  2. we cycling here too, I see all kinds of stuff now, I dont know what those one wheel skate boards are, but I have seen a ton of people on them, they move fast as hell
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  4. I remember her driving a SUV somewhere, thought it was ATL...when she was on Tyra's show. But I have been genuinely wondering if she has driven since being in the UK...and I honestly thought she wouldn't! The busy streets and on the reverse side? Hell no! Then again, roads have been much calmer than preCov. Also, she has Lil E so a bigger car for him and all his presents makes sense. I love driving. Had my last car for a solid 10 years until it broke down last month. She was not worth fixing and I'm not in a position to buy another right now. I do have a new bicycle though, which has been a beautiful experience using. There is a whole new cycling revolution over here at the moment!
  5. Janet likes her driving in her SUV, I think back in the day she drove a Jeep in Cali we forget Janet is a Tomboy at heart, people enjoy everyday "things" like a good drive, I sometimes enjoy driving my Jeep it's nice
  6. The Perfection - B- Bizarre, implausible but i watched to the end so 🤷‍♀️
  7. I often see resemblance to Jermaine in her. Something about the mannerisms and the mouth area. Anyway, I'm more stunned she is driving, on the other side of the road...and her car is black 😱
  8. This is a sign... U know what this means... Something is going on... She only shows up when she wants to be seen...
  9. I’m so glad you kept your sense of humor lmaooo. I did get tested because I felt a sore throat but luckily I didn’t have anything. However I no longer travel to keep myself safe. I may see family if I start to see the curve flattening but I’ve been living very natural. I had a colleague almost lose a spouse and he’s still recovering so it’s very sobering to hear stories.
  10. Omg!!! I’m so sorry to hear that boo!!! Just glad ur one of the survivors!!! This year has been terrifying but hang in there. 😳😫😭👍❤️
  11. I'm actually doing much better. First week was a struggle but I pushed myself and now a bitch is walking around the neighborhood, breathing under control...hell I'm even out in these streets again...social distancing and wearing a mask of course. I'm even gaining weight...now I'm somewhere between All For You and Damita Jo...its cute for now. I'm making it work lol. Thank you for asking. When I was in the hospital I made a choice one night that I was gonna fight this shit, so the doctors and nurses came in the next day and a bitch was sitting up in a chair without the breathing machine and they knew I wasn't playing. They released my ass the same week. The voodoo spirit is to strong honey. I'm glad you got tested. I made everyone I know go get tested. It's sad that these numbers continue to spike. They just don't know.
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  13. I just saw this pic online but did not know it was this recent. I wonder how her shoes are made if they take regular kicks and just add two inches
  14. She looks so much like Mama K-Jacks here. I love the braids.
  15. I’m not going to lie. I tested up reading your post. I’m sooo grateful that you’re still here with us. How are you feeling? I know of a people that have had a long road to recovery. And you’re right: this is not to play with. I haven’t seen my family yet because of the spike in cases and I’d hate to either get it or get my parents sick.
  16. janetjackson.com.br/en/2020/07/04/she-rises-janet-jackson-spotted-out-in-london/
  17. thank you so much for cleaning the show up, I hadn't watched it in sooooo long it's nice to see that show again
  18. I saw a security guard at Court today with a Janet mouth/nose mask. It was the closed eyes Unbreakable cover with her pinky at her lip. I busted out, "Ohmygawd, it's Janet!"
  19. I did some research and Ozark (yes it exists) is a known hub for White Supremacists, the area is accurately portrayed
  20. oh ok. I talked to my co-worker and he said it is like that, but it's not surprising for the area they are in.
  21. Ozark got better, it was leaning towards some redneck bullshit, but they got better, and the show is really good too so, I watched all of it. I needed a Black character or even a Mexican on the show that was more than "furniture" in a room of white folks
  22. Damn, my co-worker said it was GOOD. He didn't add any political or racist comments about the show.
  23. Would Danja lie? Well kind of since HER influence knows no gender.
  24. well, there's def many more than that.
  25. I wish... But the upscaling only works if you have a good source material. I can try, but that LQ leak we have won't look so good 😕 that was compressed and recompressed a few times. If we could find who owns the original files and leaked it in the first place, maybe it would work better!
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  27. Episode 6??? I only see 3 on hbogo.
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