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  2. AFRICAN dance? Afrobeat?
  3. John....

    Sharaya J - She's A Bitch from "The Four"

    ^^okay that was hot though 😎
  4. 5 days seems to be a very long shoot for her and a music video, I can only think of "Scream" which took that much time....Not to say there's anything wrong with anything being done (Game) just kinda wondering a 5 day shoot? EDIT actually the stand in role asks for availability for 3 days
  5. reboots to me are lazy, because Hollywood is just mining already established brands and trying them on new audiences, and for me it just feels wrong there are so many untold stories that we dont need reboots we need variety. If you want diversity bring in some more people of color that write, act, produce, and direct to see that
  6. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/busta-rhymes-almost-crashed-truck-over-janet-jackson-collab/ Video link in article. I thought it was really cool
  7. The 3 year thing with Unbreakable wasn’t ever intended to be a 3 year “plan” for the project but it was more so a security contract that she did with her crew in an effort to make sure they’d be available to work. She did this because she knew she was still planning to tour as much as she can, but there might be breaks - Eissa. BUT she has a plan with the new music & there’s going to be a good amount of stuff THIS time that never was meant or thought of for UB. I’ll say - this is probably going to be the “era” like you’ve missed.
  8. It was rebranded, same initial idea, and my comment is not invalid Bc my original comment was a stament of opinion
  9. I just watched - I give it a B, Isle of Dogs - B- Gringo - A I really enjoyed this one 😂
  10. Yesterday
  11. The SHADEEEEEE!!! LAWWWDDDD take me now!!! 😫😫😫
  12. Even though the original series was iconic and timeless I don't know that it needs a "reboot". Use the same world and tell a new story with new characters.
  13. Don’t let dem pls
  14. That’s no longer a thing making your comment invalid and irrelevant
  15. yes we did. I understand what they're trying to do by being inclusive however I do think it will backfire at some point when those who enjoyed the original shows like "Charmed" start talking ish
  16. The gag is Janet will be performing at the VMA's with her musical daughter's Teyana and Ciara. Nobody is getting tongued down though. #MadeForNowtoLevelUpandWorkThisPussy Owwww BTW...Britney was asked to perform but had to show Janet that she could still hit an 8 count hence the video of her dancing to ANDS...Janet hit her with 'Im good luv, enjoy' #AllNitePleaseStop #ImNotAGirlNotYetADancer #MeAgainstMyTwoLeftFeetAndXanax
  17. JoeJoe

    Billboard's 2018 Highest Paid Musicians

    For Janet to have over 150 million streams for the year is really good.
  18. But we already had a black slayer, Kendra...
  19. 3yrs was Janet’s plan for Unbreakable.... so what’s ur point?
  20. It’s not. UNBREAKABLE era is over. It’s been three years bro
  21. This still feels like Unbreakable to me.... kinda like how the Janet era or RN era spread thru multiple years and tour legs
  22. John....

    Billboard's 2018 Highest Paid Musicians

  23. Hmmm...... I don’t think you need to reboot Buffy and make her black vs just creating a new black slayer. But whatever. The fact Joss is involved is very promising!!
  24. StateOfTheWorld

    Janet is filming MADE FOR NOW music video in NY

    I hope she does the VMA's
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