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  2. Getting upset because she believes in God and they don’t. As if she all of a sudden is a gospel artist or something trying to get them to convert. But Christians are the only intolerant ones. 😂
  3. Didn’t say any of that. Stop quoting me dummy.
  4. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8470483/janet-jackson-cinq-music-recording-label-deal-daddy-yankee
  5. Arrelious

    The Re-Introduce Yourself Thread

    Yep. He got mad because I've called him out on numerous occasions about how wrong he is about the music industry and how things work.
  6. Today
  7. NZ. It's same shit different smell dont tell matt or cnd
  8. Is it Friday in Australia?
  9. I have to wait a whole new day to hear this. I knew i shouldda have catfished CND into thinking i was a blonde girl with perky tits and blue eyes. I'd be in Australia right now BLASTING the new track EDIT: The Girls on other forums are saying it sounds like a 2018 version of escapade
  10. Oh. That explains her flop ass, wack ass album over the summer
  11. Leeeeaaaakkkkk. I mean. Sweet
  12. Joe didn’t go or wouldn’t like it. Gil could have cured cancer and Joe would still call him a messy queen or some other homophobic catch phrase
  13. Louisianahotboi

    Janet is filming MADE FOR NOW music video in NY

    Looking forward to this weekend .
  14. Gil did You Ain’t Right on this tour, and it’s fire.
  15. What?!? Why?!??? 😳😱😱😱😭🤔😭
  16. NZ and Australia already have it
  17. 'scuse me ma? Didn't you just say 14 years ago on the Damita Jo album that you would turn on the radio and do your homework right away when you got home?
  18. True and that's how we got the amazing rock with u choreography
  19. I'm faaaaaaaarrrrrrr more interested in the Janet that posted about the Qatari Airline ...she went in, let that chick through the Velvet Ropes cause she got shit on her mind and no time for foolishness
  20. I love that she recently low-key declared music her religion. that's so forward thinking. I do wonder if Janet has ever studied or read up on African spiritual systems because her love of thunderstorms, her fascination of keys/skulls, and her affinity towards the ocean makes me believe that she has.
  21. I am on my own journey as we all are, within that journey I have chosen to believe that I serve a purpose and that purpose encompasses something far greater than myself. When we dream, when we aspire, when we hope, we are all acting in a sense of faith, believing there is a chance, without something to believe in we are all left in complete darkness, without purpose life has no true meaning. I fight day in and day out to become a better version of myself, and I pray, often, that somehow someway I will get passed the barriers pass the pain of the past and move forward with my head held up high because being here in the now was all that was required to be enough ....I've kept a gratitude journal now since 2014 I think, and Im not perfect it can be weeks between entries, but I can say this, every entry is written to something I dont completely understand, it is not written to be read by anyone, it is an act, albeit a simple one, but an act of hey I saw this today or experienced the kindness of a stranger, or I was the kind stranger and I am grateful to do so
  22. So here’s a guarantee that fans will either embrace or be unhappy with and either way, Janet will be unmoved and continue. Janet is a FIRM believer in God & is in a place in her life where she wants to be not only open about it but whatever you believe for her she wants it to be known that there’s a source she believes in & it’s rooted in love and faith. Her faith is, and always has been, a fabric of her life. Loooong before Tyler Perry movies was the in between era interview with Rachel at her beach house where she even then discussed her faith in God. Before & after that was every award ceremony where she won and thanked God. If you notice any time Janet has ever gotten the opportunity to mention God in an interview she speaks quite passionately about it. Fast forward to now, a bunch of undertones will be love, God, unity, peace & positivity.
  23. ppl are weird cus they may have different taste and/or opinions than you? 🤔 your comment is what's weird
  24. I personally feel Daddy Yankee was a wild card. Daddy Yankee as a collaborator is likely to appeal to an international market more than it is to expect a chart topper. While I believe they would like a song that charts it seems more about strengthening another market. Despacito was so good because it was unintentional. They NEVER thought it would do as well in the American market. So it’s not necessarily a “guarantee” or formula. MFN is already very commercial & pop-ish, trust me you will see very soon. Janet COULD have gone with someone like Cardi B or Bruno to guarantee numbers but she went very international for a reason. It throws it for a loop. But we have a good amount of things to come.
  25. Bright side, the new choreography since “Unbreakable” hasn’t been bad since Gil works with more choreographers now! Gives him less work to do and more time for Janet to let loose with dance moves up to her caliber??? 🤔
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