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  2. It's on their official page now. http://www.mtv.com.au/2018-mtv-ema/videos/janet-jackson-performs-at-the-2018-mtv-ema
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  4. Just like how they removed the original purpose of that channel?!?! 😳😱💀
  5. His name is Lamont. He will have WHATEVER you need. Hit his dm https://instagram.com/ithl123?igshid=1p3izpnksi1ub
  6. Continuing @JanetFan4EVA Setlist for 20 YO Tour I wouldve added ACT 1 intro All Nite Just A Little While So Excited(Remix) Together Again(Remix similar to AMAS) ACT 2 (LWNDWY (Prelude)) Show Me Anytime Anyplace Strawberry Bounce Get It Out Me "All Nite" "So Excited" "Just A Little While" "Together Again(Remix similar to AMAS)" "This Body" (Video Interlude) "Get it Out Me" "Love Will Never Do Without You Prelude" "Show Me" "Pleasure Principle "R&B Junkie"/"Control Medley "Feel It Boy: (Video Interlude) "Island Life" "Enjoy" "If" "The Funny Song" "Someone To Call My Lover" "I Want You" "Career Recap" (Instrumental Interlude) "SloLove" "Alright" "All For You" "Call On Me"
  7. So a youtuber @JanetFan4Eva made a tour concept for the 2.0. YO Tour 8 years ago. Now with a sea of youtubers who do tour concepts for their favorite artists I wonder why there arent more JanFam youtubers doing these type of videos. @JanetFan4Eva setlist so far curated for the imaginary tour was All Nite Just A Little While So Excited(Remix) Together Again(Remix similar to AMAS) LWNDWY (Prelude) Show Me Anytime Anyplace Strawberry Bounce
  8. I went on and watched it. Looks like my friend was joking around with me, the guy loved it lol
  9. I didn't watch it cause one of my 23yr old friends at work was saying this guy was giving it a low rating like a 73 out of 100 or something like that. Was he just messing around with me?
  10. Perfect review of this album. It is a masterpiece. The “sonic bed,” as Jimmy says, truly is amazing. The sounds take you to a specific place emotionally throughout. It’s a journey.
  11. The thing is you barely saw what happened. It was literally half of a second!!! I’m sure people were more confused than outraged at night. It’s when the media the day after plastered her nipple all over the country and made it into some HUGE scandal that needed to be observed and pick apart because of the Bush administration at the time. Not to mention, Janet being a black woman and years later finding out Les Mooves used that moment to ignite the most ruthless and uncalled for career sabotages of the 21st century so far!!! 😡🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
  12. Really sad. If anyone could send me available links in DM, it would be cool. I'm gonna search for it anyway, the multitracks are becoming quite easy to find.
  13. You are all really weired. You know that it is just a matter of time before all multitracks will be leaked. It will happen, as it keeps happening, for her, Michael and many other artists. Let's share this all together and enjoy it instead of being stupid as f**** and insult everybody. You are the idiot in this story man.
  14. I've never seen it in this quality - looks great. On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of this performance. The ending was terrible (accident or not). In this clip it looks like the lights went off too late, but who knows. Janet didn't need Justin, she could have done it better without him.
  15. I don’t feel any different, but maybe it’s been a more gradual change this year.
  16. Still upset they never gave her a full episode.
  17. I have never seen it in this quality 😭
  18. The only thing really I have failed Her, is not embracing her first two albums as a whole. I haven't listened to them in it's entirety. Just a few songs here or there.
  19. I've always said Janet sounded very convincing on "Tonight's The Night". Sis didn't change a word until she threw in the boy at the end. Her mind.
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