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  1. jarrylf added a post in a topic Jackson Family 50th??   

    *heads up, tho theyre her family, Jackson family stuff that isnt directly about/involve  her still goes to FreeXone*
    Eh, they acknowlege Steeltown the same way Janet acknowledges JJ & DS, so I wouldnt get my hopes up, not ruling it out but considering they really acknowlege their success years that 50th stuff will come 2019, same way 40th did in 09, they acknowlege Diana Ross presents the Jackson5 as their debut
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  2. wayneashleymusic added a topic in All About Janet   

    Jackson Family 50th??
    So next year is another big one for the Jackson family.  
    January 30th, 1968 will be the 50 year mark for the Jackson 5's debut single "Big Boy", and thus marks their 50 year history as recording artists.  The Big Boy single was released on Steeltown, so it's before their Motown days.  Their Debut Single with Motown was "I Want You Back"-- October 7th, 1969.  
    I know these commemorations don't directly involve Janet, but it is her family.  Has anyone heard of any big commemorative events, or shows planned for this?  
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  3. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    Yea we've had pops up for a long time now but it's not quite a demo it's just an unreleased track. A demo is incomplete and you can tell. It literally sounds like a studio session with the raw vocals and them trying to still develop the song. 
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  4. LawdToday added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    iconic hjkhgjkhgjk
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  5. LawdToday added a post in a topic Rhythm Nation on "The Voice" Finale   

    That choreo is really amazing help
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  6. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Black Porn   

    Effrem is this your friend? Whoever it is stole your video of Janet and uploaded it to their page lol. 
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  7. Anal Princess added a post in a topic Suicide Bomb attack at Ariana Grande's Manchester show   

    Happy you're safe! 
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  8. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Rhythm Nation on "The Voice" Finale   

    It's great that he won. Since we're talking about Rhythm Nation, has anyone else noticed that its video along with Miss You Much's are not available on YouTube?
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    that would be amazing if she did open the show but I read somewhere that rehearsals won't begin til July and the awards are in June so unless she has a special rehearsal... won't hold my breath tho 
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  10. janet.1814 added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    I remember hearing that song, and that's when I was like "Janet leaks all this shit herself 👀 she's sooo generous 😍"
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  11. jarrylf added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    Yup, and casual fans were loving them, the reaction to Pop's Up was my favorite
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  12. Jasmine's Sofa added a post in a topic Suicide Bomb attack at Ariana Grande's Manchester show   

    I was going to go. I like ariana especially this album. But I was too tired from london and my friend who told me he had tickets that day was ill so we didn't. 
    It's been a horrible week but my city got up, got through and will get over. 
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  13. janet.1814 added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    She's aware bc she had those unreleased tracks playing at her concert 
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    BET awards and her opening the show with Control. Swing and everything. 
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  15. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    Seeing Janet in artist mode would be a very good look. I know we've seen snippets of her in the studio, usually recording the backgrounds or listening to a song...but it would be epic to see her fully arrive at the song. From watching her write it to sit down with the beat and mumble lyrics while she has a hook already...to hearing her demos. All of that would be epic. Watching the making of We Are the World is one of music's best moments. Janet being an artists who is said to be over so many aspects of her production, it would be elevating to see her in process. I remember in the 90s she said she wanted to write for other artists...this would be a great way into that. 

    I think Janet gets looked over lyrically & creatively when it comes to building the music. I think the mainstream feels she's just a great performer, and it would be cool to have her break out of that mold.
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  16. Amy added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    Jimmy has some cassettes that he posted a photo of a while ago that related to Janet and Mariah when he was having a clear out. I can't remember if they were vocal demos or just backing music.
    edit: I have just checked and it was Mary J and Mariah but I guess he must have Janet stuff as well. Someone should tweet him.
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  17. State of the Game added a post in a topic For the Third Time, Katy Perry Releases New Single feat. Nicki Minaj   

    Lyrics were never Katy's strong point but this album clearly is shit 
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  18. State of the Game added a post in a topic Suicide Bomb attack at Ariana Grande's Manchester show   

    Sad. Expect security to be beefed up for sporting events around the world 
    Glad my Bu has better taste in music
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  19. State of the Game added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    new single(s) hopefully near July-august 
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  20. State of the Game added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    0_o are you new? 
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  21. jarrylf added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    I wish, I really do. I'm grateful for the unreleased tracks that we have, but truth is she keeps a  EXTREME lock on that shit for real, I agree with what someone said a long time ago, I'd bet she's aware of every available "unreleased" track, and if she's not I'm positive JDJ is. But yea I'm curious about these songs alternate incarnations and their creations, like I've been obsessing over the alternate Escapade track, I WANT MORE OF THIS my God, and it wouldn't surprise me (ESPECIALLY back in the day) if there's lots of alternates like this
    Her brothers alternate PYT has also captured my heart for real
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  22. FreelovesJJ added a topic in All About Janet   

    Janet Demos
    Does anyone know if there are any released demos of Janet in the studio? Like her actually singing her own demo? A lot of artist has them, especially artist who write, produce, or build their own projects. Everyone from Stevie to MJ & it's always amazing to see where they took the song. I feel like I've never heard any of Janet's and I'm curious. 
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  23. DasSad added a post in a topic Rhythm Nation on "The Voice" Finale   

    This song and choreography is so fucking iconic.  I liked the lighting used here but its blasphemy to leave out the breakdown 
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  24. Dal added a topic in All About Janet   

    Rhythm Nation on "The Voice" Finale
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  25. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    Based on her announcement, what you describe doesn't sound far fetched from what she may be planning.  
    I went to Unbreakable New Orleans-- if I recall correctly, the last tour stop before the Unbreakable album was released.  With the exception of No Sleeep, Burn It Up! and Unbreakable, no one in the audience had ever heard the rest of the album at that point.  Of the new songs she did, Shoulda Known Better got a MASSIVE reaction from the crowd, as the projections were so powerful.  There's no way that Janet didn't see how quickly we all connected with it, despite the fact that none of us had even heard the song before. 
    On this point I totally agree... even without new music, a tour that focuses on Janet's socially-conscious repertoire could be a game-changer for her, especially when it comes to reaching the younger generations.  On my blog I wrote an RN Anniversary post called Janet Jackson: The First Millennial-- not only was it retweeted by Jimmy Jam, but the post was one of the highest ever viewed on my site... definitely the highest of my music-related posts.  And let's not even forget that Janet has yet to perform songs like Black Eagle for a live audience yet.  
    The potential for this tour is HUUUGE.  
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