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      General Rules for Planet Janet Welcome to Planet Janet! The main objective of this board is to express your love for Janet, your opinions, and to interact with an important segment of the Janet fandom.  To enjoy your experience here, below are general rules and guidelines to make your experience here be successful: The N Word Please be aware that the N word is going to be filtered on this forum. Most importantly, this word is not acceptable on this forum in any form; therefore, if it is used again by ANY member on here, it will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Consider this the first, only, and last warning regarding this. Music Download | Copyright Infringement Illegal download links to music from any artist are not permissible to be posted on this forum at any time. If you have posted an illegal download link, you must take it down immediately. Failure to remove the links, and/or subsequent, repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action up to and including a permanent ban from the forum. Fan Threads of Other Artists Generally, we like to keep threads and/or topics about other artists within an Official Artist Thread.  This helps to eliminate clutter and redundancy throughout the forum and allow a one-stop shop to view comments on that particular artist not pertaining to Janet.  If there is HUGE news related to an artist and generates a lot of discussion, it is okay to have a standalone thread on that topic outside of the Official Thread. A good debate is OKAY in the Official Threads of other artists.  Official Threads are not complete sanctuaries of devotion of that particular artist; however, there is a need to be civil with other members.  Please refrain from personal attacks and arguments that devolve into personal attacks. Additionally, do NOT use Janet as means to defend an artist.  This forum is made in her honor, and putting her down to boast your particular artist is prohibited. Exercise good judgment and common sense.  If not, then the moderating team will exercise disciplinary action depending on the egregiousness of the action.  Please utilize this announcement as a first warning. Personal Attacks

      Each member has a warning percentage - most of them are at zero right now but a few have been warned before. Each warning is worth 10%, and once it gets to 100% the member is automatically banned from the forum. 

      Each time a member gets into an argument with another member that includes personal attacks, if it is reported or viewed by a member of the moderating team, each participant in the personal attack will get an increase in their warning percentage.  They will be notified via PM, and, prior to posting again, will receive a receipt acknowledging that warning before they can post again. The Moderating Team will never divulge a member's warn percentages on the forum or to other members.

      What this means is you are now responsible for your own future on this forum. The Moderating Team will not keep asking you to stop and being ignored. Learn to let things go and learn to moderate yourself before posting; if you end up banned it will be your own fault. Personal attacks and include attacks on one’s race, age, religious creed, color, gender, national origin, physical, mental or visual disability, medical condition, ancestry, marital and military status, pregnancy or sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and general physical appearance/looks. Depending on the nature of the personal attack there will be corrective action up and including permanent banning. If you have any inquiries about your warning percentage, feel free to PM a mod for an answer. If you need any clarification on the rules, feel free to reach out to The Moderating Team.

Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. DJ Y2K Malone™ added a post in a topic WELCOME   

    well I emailed a lot of the old members
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  2. Dee added a topic in Free Xone   

  3. ray. added a post in a topic WELCOME   

    thanks angie.
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  4. KellyGame added a post in a topic Your Survivor Kit: FOOD/DRINK EDITION   

    BITCH this is FOOD EDITION!!! <_<
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  5. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Gifs Thread   

    As will I when I get some more gifs.
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  6. henrietta. added a post in a topic Your Survivor Kit: FOOD/DRINK EDITION   

    My ipod. I can last without eating that long but can't last if I'm not listening to Janet
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  7. KellyGame added a post in a topic Your Survivor Kit: FOOD/DRINK EDITION   

    yea? and where's ur list
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  8. DJ Y2K Malone™ added a topic in All About Janet   

    Janet will be on George Lopez Nov. 8
    just wanted everyone to know that Janet will be on George Lopez on Nov 8th on TBS 12 midnight
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  9. lexus97 added a post in a topic Your Survivor Kit: FOOD/DRINK EDITION   

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  10. KellyGame added a topic in Free Xone   

    Your Survivor Kit: FOOD/DRINK EDITION
    u're stuck on an island for 48 hours... what do you have in ure SURVIVOR KIT

    1) Milk
    2) Peanut Butter
    3) Jam
    4) Bread (wheat)
    5) Wine (white)
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  11. henrietta. added a post in a topic WELCOME   

    Willosus looks good everywhere I was thinking about changing the gif to either the dancing parrot or the Sesame Street muppet.
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  12. DJ Y2K Malone™ added a post in a topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOTBOY   

    well Happy Birthday AGAIN!!!!!!
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  13. DJ Y2K Malone™ added a post in a topic WELCOME   

    you signature looks better here
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  14. henrietta. added a post in a topic WELCOME   

    *celebrates by doing the butterfly and running man to "TBTILAF"*
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  15. DJ Y2K Malone™ added a post in a topic WELCOME   

    cant wait until we get some new designs i like the dark look
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  16. KellyGame added a topic in Help Desk   

    I Just Wanna Know
    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
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  17. KellyGame added a post in a topic WELCOME   

    sooo pretty here
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  18. KellyGame added a post in a topic Janet!   

    Ooooh.. new home.. lovin' Janet.. lovin' life...
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  19. DJ Y2K Malone™ added a post in a topic WELCOME   

    Hey I love the new forum so fresh and clean
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  20. cnd added a post in a topic WELCOME   


    Thanks, Angie. The new forum is great - love all the features.
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  21. henrietta. added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Gifs Thread   

    I'll think about contributing
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  22. God added a post in a topic WELCOME   

    We can chat on here?

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  23. DJ Y2K Malone™ added a topic in Free Xone   

    The Legendary Official R I H A L L A H Thread

    Rihanna A.K.A R i h l l a h
    is a global icon and a living legend.
    She has sold about 500 million records worldwide (Singles are records. 80 million is almost 100, 100 is almost halfway to 300, which is more than halfway to 500. # webadyoumad)

    Artist Bio
    The story of Rihanna the Global Queen begins on the small island of Barbados. When she was a little girl, her classmates called her “globe”. No, that was not a forehead joke; they just knew that one day she would be a global pop queen who would effortlessly slay your faves.
    When she was 16 she auditioned for Def Jam Records and her voice sounded like a mixture of Anita Baker, Lauryn Hill, Jesus, and Coko from SWV. She was quickly signed and she then went on to become the Global Queen that she is today and one of the biggest selling artists of all time. # webadyoumad # navi # phuckyofavs

    Rihanna is a better singer than Whitney Houston and a better dancer than Michael Jackson and I’m about to tell you why.
    Performing is not always about being perfect, on-key, on-pitch, on beat or even sober. Rihanna may not be the best technical singer, but Grace Jones, Gwen Stefani, Macy Gray and Prince are not technical singers either. Sometimes it's not about technical proficiency, it's about emotion and personality and Rihanna's voice has a lot of character and emotion. Rihanna’s voice is very unique and distinct.
    Contrary to popular opinion, Rihanna is extremely talented she just chooses to express it in a different way. What she has decided to do is show a little bit of her talent at a time. See, if she were to show all of her talent at one time like Lady Gaga and Beyonce, people would get bored with her; so she rations her talent out in bits and pieces to keep people interested. She gives one barely sufficient live performance every 8 months to keep people interested and ensure her longevity. She definitely has the capacity to be the best entertainer in the world; she just chooses to be mediocre because she’s humble, unlike some artists.
    What some pressed stan bases fail to understand is that Rihanna is only 24 years old, she’s only had 8 years in the industry, 7 albums, dozens of singles and hundreds of TV performances and tour dates; she’s basically a new and inexperienced artist --- she has time to get better.
    youmadwebad # brap # itake6thgrademathbutiminthe12grade Impact/Achievements
    Rihanna is a global superstar. She's a fashion icon, hair icon, shoe icon, earring icon, pantyhose icon, bra icon, she's so iconic and impactful and global and iconicful and other words I heard the Monsters and The Beyhive use and if it's good enough for Gaga and Beyonce then damn it, it's good enough for Rihanna.
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  24. God added a post in a topic Angie, registration should have been put on hold...   

    I guess I'm a newbie again.
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