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    vote for Janet

    I demand a recount.
  2. THROB

    Janet at JFK airport

    She’s is the most beautiful woman in pop.
  3. THROB

    Janet at JFK airport

    Please be true
  4. THROB

    Janet at JFK airport

    She’s somcute here.
  5. THROB

    Janet at JFK airport

    Yeah, but of course I would also keep a watch on Janet even if she was staying in and binging on Netflix.
  6. THROB

    Janet at JFK airport

    Oh my bad. I hope she’s does go to the Grammys of course.
  7. THROB

    Janet at JFK airport

    Wait aren’t the Grammys in LA...? If she was doing the Grammys she would not have landed in NYC.
  8. THROB

    Janet in London

    Thanks for the 411
  9. THROB

    Janet in London

    Is he her new boyfriend?
  10. I don’t buy his side of the story, I wish Janet would set the story straight once and for all
  11. I’m worried for Janet and her child. Wissam seems like a horrible person.
  12. THROB

    My SOTW Tour Video Blog

    I just watched all your videos. Keep it up
  13. THROB

    #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    My body is ready for new Janet music
  14. THROB


    since when is Madonna “in her late sixties”?
  15. THROB

    #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    I’m so ready for some new Janet bops.
  16. THROB

    Janet at Out100 Event

    She has alaways been a great ally for the gay community.
  17. THROB

    what time has she been appearing on stage?

    She started the show just after 8:40 in Toronto. Have fun at the show @kaeh1213. Prepare to be slayed.
  18. THROB

    The Re-Introduce Yourself Thread

    I’m new here. I live for Janet. Thought I’d say hello. also, is it true Janet herself lurks on this message board?
  19. I see what u mean Joe. I personally see no harm in her making an appearance. Janet could really make a good impression at the superbowl. Let’s not forget that Janet Is the best live entertainer left in this world. Nobody can perform the way she does. She could win the general public over again with this performance. She could literally have the world eating out of her hands once more. Maybe even headline her own halftime show in the future when she is ready to release her next album.