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  1. kidfresh832 added a post in a topic "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!   

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  2. kidfresh832 added a post in a topic Usher settles lawsuit with stylist for 1.1 million after allegedly giving her herpes   

    That alone doesn't get you 180 million.  He would have to have investments and production money coming in.  He can probably do some STD endorsement deals though pay some of these gals off.
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  3. kidfresh832 added a post in a topic "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!   

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  4. kidfresh832 added a topic in Free Xone   

    American Horror Story: Cult
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  5. kidfresh832 added a post in a topic The Avengers...   

  6. kidfresh832 added a post in a topic Usher settles lawsuit with stylist for 1.1 million after allegedly giving her herpes   

    I don't feel bad for him.  If he is knowingly slinging dick around and getting women infected and not telling them he's nasty and deserves to get punished.
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  7. kidfresh832 added a topic in Free Xone   

  8. kidfresh832 added a post in a topic Trump: Our National Disgrace. Sean Spicer resigns he's over Trumps bs!   

    I filled out another DNC questionare they sent me on what policies and positions they should be focusing on.  And what are the most important things that should be on election platforms in 2018 and 2020.  
    They cannot fall into this run against Trump only thing.  Or speak too much on Russia.  Yeah Russia is important and there's a lot of shady shit.  But, it isn't that important to the voters they need to get back on their side. They need to focus on actual policy.  Republicans made a HUGE mistake obstructing Obama for 7 years then not being ready to govern when they did get control of everything.  Its not going to be "easy" to get control of Congress and the White House in the next 2 elections despite the obvious ineptitude of GOP.  Fox News etc is POWERFUL to the red states they follow it religiously, they watch Hannity etc like they are actual News people not opinion based Trump buttlickers.  Even with all the scandals and shit with Fox and how crazy their shows and comments look to us, their viewers are HARDCORE and it is still number 1 here.
    Dems have to have actual REAL policies right off the bat to counter the do nothing GOP.  They cant make the same mistakes and have to expect GOP to not work with them obviously.  We also have internal divisions still on leadership and things like should we go all the way left and push for Single payer healthcare now like every other developed country?
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  9. kidfresh832 added a post in a topic Trump: Our National Disgrace. Sean Spicer resigns he's over Trumps bs!   

    So after defeat now he is spinning all over the place.  They tried to make just Repeal and Replace later happen and that shit tanked fast
    Oop can't do that shit either
    You have all 3 branches of government and you bitches have been whining and promising a better plan for 7 years oh yeah you own it
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  10. kidfresh832 added a post in a topic Madonna called Whitney Houston "mediocre"   

    There is a lot of irony in the letter.  Sharon Stone is not a career path to emulate now.  And Whitney turned out to have a dark, drug addled end.
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  11. kidfresh832 added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Season 7 Starts TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!   

    It was VERY graphic and seemed to go on forever I think they were challenging the audience not to gag with him.
    The Ed Sheerhan scene is getting dragged all over the internet.  I didn't realize people had such a problem with it.  it wasn't that bad.  it was on CNN and FoxNews about how disappointing it was for people.
    I think its just hate for "mainstream artists" getting a role for no reason
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  12. kidfresh832 added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Season 7 Starts TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!   

    I need Bran to get a raven to John and Sansa immediately that he's coming with receipts.  I don't trust Sansa AT ALL.  I know that bitch is gonna turn on John and I will NOT have it.
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