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    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Yeah I read a few reviews too the Times review made that point also. The dilemma they will have now story wise is focusing on June now after all this. I mean really the ho had 3 opportunities to escape now. I get the need to want to save Hannah. But, there's ALOT that crossed lines that finale. What in the world excuses can she have when she goes back? All those Martha's that took risks to get her out with the baby and she rolls back in there? Id be livid. I mean yeah we can assume the baby gets out maybe but damn. Maybe they can continue the redemption of Serena and she can back June up I guess. But, what about baby daddy? He was literally holding the commander hostage clearly helping the escape. He got to run don't he? Commander has gotten increasingly crazy too, that explosion must have fried his brain. That scene in the kitchen with June where he was saying he still want to try again if she behave. I mean it was just MENACING and the tension you could read it all over her face like she could barely contain that "go fuck yourself". This shit deserves Emmy's the acting is just crazy good. The lip trembles, the emotions you see just looking at their faces.
  2. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Chile Aunt Lydia deserved every bit of that asswhooopin. She chained those girls up, had them raped, maimed. Took eyeballs, fingers, tounges. Serena is not fixta trick me into feeling sorry for her. That triflin bitch saw what her low sperm count husband was doing long before June had to set her ass straight. She allowed him to get that far gone. She reminds me of Melania she's super complicit in the situation but then you want some sympathy? Im supposed to feel bad you lost a finger after you allowed June to be raped and used like a broodmare? Threatened her daughter to keep her "in line" and only allowed her back in the house to keep the breastmilk close? Nah Next season though what in the world. Clearly a lot more bitches in Gilead are not happy than we thought. The wives may be deterred a little by what happened to Serena....but the Marthas were ready to run that underground railroad child. They know this shit is going off the rails
  3. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Its just tew many emotions from that finale. when she reached all the way back to 1987 and slapped the dogshit outta the commander When Emily stuck that hateful bitch and kicked the absolute shit outta her I got all of my life. That end though ….
  4. Drake breaks Beatles historic record Yesterday" a longstanding record from The Beatles felt the sting of a "Scorpion." Drake's "Scorpion" album set a record by posting seven simultaneous singles on Billboards Top 10. That toppled The Beatles record of five singles set in 1964. Billboard notes the band remains "the only act to monopolize the Hot 100's entire top five in a week." Drake's rankings are as follows: "Nice for What" at No. 1; "Nonstop" at No. 2; "God's Plan" at No. 4; "In My Feelings" at No. 6; "I'm Upset" at No. 7; "Emotionless" at No. 8; and "Don't Matter to Me," featuring Michael Jackson, at No. 9. And that's not his only success. The rapper broke his own record of most singles charting in the Hot 100 with 27 -- including all 25 tracks from "Scorpion." All of this comes on the heels of Drake also notching a streaming record. His record label Republic Records announced this week that "Scorpion," Drake's fifth album, has crossed the one billion mark in total streams - a first for an album in its first week. Over on the Billboard charts Drake also surpassed the late Michael Jackson as the artist with the most Hot 100 Top 10s in his career among solo males. Drake currently has a career total of 31 to Jackson's 30 with the late King of Pop's 30th being his appearance on Drake's new single, "Don't Matter to Me." CNN
  5. It is ALMOST OVER finally. This has been one LONG drawn out dogfight of a campaign. It seems like we have been hearing about "emails", and random pussys being grabbed for years now. I have had to damn near cuss out co workers, unfriend Facebook "friends" that shown their true colors during this divisive embarrassing campaign. At the end of the day we should have better candidates than both of these we are presented with obviously. But we have what we have and here we are at the end. I already put in for Wednesday and Thursday off next week cause I know I'm gonna have to go off on some bitches at work either way it pans out Tuesday night. If you haven't voted yet and can vote do it! Unless its for Trump then stay your ass at the house!
  6. This is why voting mattered. this idiot getting another supreme court judge. which is going to push the court to the right. LGBT issues, abortion, civil rights. This idiot will leave a legacy for generations now
  7. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    The last episode had me tearing up. S2 is intense. June be going through it!
  8. Jean blocked the psychic nanites that were controlling Storm. Then she borrowed Tchalla's and Trinary's mind linked them together and used Panthers genius intellect and did psychic surgery to remove them from Storm.
  9. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Episode 3 of Luke Cage season 2. Pretty good so far
  10. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    May the Lord Open!
  11. kidfresh832

    BREAKING: Beyoncé + Jay-Z Released Joint Album via TIDAL

    When I saw the clips of them revealing the new album and video at the end of the concert they just had I thought. You know after those fans excitement winds down I would be fucking PISSED. If the next show had all new songs and shit.
  12. kidfresh832

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    This album is boring as fuck. People will blame other albums overshadowing her in the end. But, this is boring period. She needs better material and direction I mean I don't know what to say for her really.
  13. kidfresh832

    BREAKING: Beyoncé + Jay-Z Released Joint Album via TIDAL

    Elsewhere, Beyonce throws shade at Spotify. Not only is she a shareholder in Tidal (as well as being married to its owner), she passed up millions of dollars by giving the company exclusive streaming rights to her 2016 album “Lemonade.” She references this in the lyrics to “Nice”: “Patiently waiting for my demise/ 
Cause my success can’t be quantified/ 
If I gave two f—s about streaming numbers/ 
Would have put ‘Lemonade’ up on Spotify/ 
F— you, f— you.”
  14. kidfresh832

    BREAKING: Beyoncé + Jay-Z Released Joint Album via TIDAL

    She just told you she doesn't care lol. She rented the freaking Lourve she got coins.
  15. kidfresh832

    BREAKING: Beyoncé + Jay-Z Released Joint Album via TIDAL

    I love how she called out all the bitches whining about when she puts her shit on other streaming services. She's not stupid she knows she would have had way higher charting everything if she put it out everywhere. She don't care she doing what she want.
  16. kidfresh832

    The Official Beyoncé Thread

    New Joint album out Everything is Love
  17. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Along with the trailer Joe posted. It is sort of a dystopian future where fertility around the world is seriously declining. There's a hostile takeover in the US. Fertile women are forced to serve these masters of the new regime, called handmaids. Their only purpose is to have babies for the top families. You basically let them rape you impregnate you they take the baby as their gift. These people used to be doctors, writers, whatever normal Americans. But in this new society Men are the leaders. Women support them raise the children, keep the households. Some resist and get sent to the nuclear wastelands where its radioactive and eventually die. Really good acting and writing. It kind of shows what would happen if nutcase religious fanatics actually did take over.
  18. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    The promoting suicide angle it sounds like your friends are taking is wrong I think. They clearly in each episode have disclaimers and links and numbers to get help if you are feeling depressed etc. I think they tackle those issues pretty frankly. it isn't glorified. They literally show what happens AFTER the suicide, or attempt. How if devastates families and communities, people left behind. In that way the show is good. But, I do think some suicides like some of these school shooters especially that kill themselves after etc are cries for attention. Look at that Parkland shooter he even made videos about wanting to be infamous. He just didn't end up having the balls to follow through and kill himself in the end.
  19. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Series finale of Sense 8 on Netflix now
  20. kidfresh832

    #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    U know you aint ready!
  21. kidfresh832

    Janet post picture in the studio!

    She knew just what to get me today!
  22. kidfresh832

    ABC has cancelled "Roseanne" after racist rant from star

    She blamed it on tweeting while on Ambien. The makers of the drug dragged her on twitter Shady Dictionary.com had to join in