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  1. Happy Birthday GAME

    happy birthday
  2. It is ALMOST OVER finally. This has been one LONG drawn out dogfight of a campaign. It seems like we have been hearing about "emails", and random pussys being grabbed for years now. I have had to damn near cuss out co workers, unfriend Facebook "friends" that shown their true colors during this divisive embarrassing campaign. At the end of the day we should have better candidates than both of these we are presented with obviously. But we have what we have and here we are at the end. I already put in for Wednesday and Thursday off next week cause I know I'm gonna have to go off on some bitches at work either way it pans out Tuesday night. If you haven't voted yet and can vote do it! Unless its for Trump then stay your ass at the house!
  3. His general approval rating has been in the low to mid 30s the entire presidency. But most say his GOP approval rating specifically stays highish 80ish percent is what I have been hearing. Which is the excuse people give that the GOP doesn't more strongly stand up to him. Because, he took over their base and they need his supporters to not be mad so they can keep the majority and maybe stumble some of their bullshit policies through.
  4. After plenty of teasing and quite a bit of waiting,Taylor Swift has finally given fans the gift they've been wanting for three years...That's right, ladies, gents and Swifties all around the world, #TS6 is here! The singer revealed on Wednesday she will this year release her sixth studio album, Reputation, her first major record in three years. Reputation is set for release on Nov. 10, according to her Instagram. She also revealed that the first single from the record will be released Thursday night. She also revealed its cover art. It features a black and white photo of Taylor dressed casually in a loose-fitting shirt and sporting wet hair, dark lipstick and a chain choker while standing amid a backdrop of fake newspaper headlines and articles, all containing repeats of two words, "Taylor Swift." It comes hours after the singer released the third in a series of three videos making up a larger one of a slithering snake—an animal her critics have often associated with her over the years, and days after she purged all of her social media accounts. As is the trend among artists these days, the 27-year-old songstress went what has since become known as the Beyoncé route and opted not to tease any new music beforehand or otherwise promise that something special was in the works. Not only did Swift go into hiding for most of the year so far, staying out of the public eye and off social media, she also hasn't released a new album since 2014's 1989, which dropped on Oct. 27, 2014. Her last single, the Zayn Malik collaboration "I Don't Wanna Live Forever," appeared on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack and was released in December. E!
  5. Don Lemon went off last night on his show he didn't even come to play start off the show calling trump racist. He gave no fucks. Kicked the apologists off the show and everything. Twitter was hilarious and had him trending.
  6. You may be familiar with the Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC years — all bleached curls and boy band harmonies — or the JT of his SexyBack reinvention,“Suit and Tie” incarnation, or family-friendly “Can’t Stop the Feeling” dad pop. But 2018 ushers in a new era for Timberlake: now, we will know him as a Man of the Woods. That’s the title of his upcoming album, out Feb. 2, which will be followed two days later by his big Super Bowl halftime performance. In a new trailer for the album, his first since 2013, Timberlake goes back to his roots — literally. “This album is really inspired by my son, my wife, my family, but more so than any other album I’ve ever written, where I’m from. And it’s personal,” he voices over some atmospheric chords and footage of him brooding in frosty cornfields and half-submerged in a glassy river. (Timberlake hails from Memphis.) “It feels like mountains, trees, campfires,” a female voice also intones, before we get a snippet of a more upbeat tune. “I feel like it’s so earthy,” Timberlake notes. “It’s just where you’re at in your life right now,” adds another contributor, none other than Pharrell Williams. (Williams is also quoted calling a song “a smash,” giving at least one part of Timberlake’s project his official stamp of approval.) While this version of Timberlake may be a surprise to those accustomed to his cosmopolitan vibe of years past, he’s been laying the groundwork for a rustic Americana identity for a while now: just look to his William Rast clothing line of old-school denim and leather for an early hint. The first song off of Man of the Woods will drop Friday. Time
  7. Child Emma ain't got NO dignity left. They go ask that heffa if she has seen Jean and she's like mm hmm child. I knew that bitch was back. They like girl whurr she at? She said that ho up in New Mexico. Cause sometimes when me and Scott used to be fucking he would let it leak that was where him and Jean had epic sex on a mountain and it was so good he would dream about it sometimes while I would be twerking on that dick. Biiiiiii... she ain't got no kinda fucks left to give she just admit she can't hang with Jeansus in the bedroom either and can't keep her man's full attention.
  8. I read the book after seeing the movie. And they cut out a lot of the ending for the film, but the actual gay stuff was pretty accurate to the book. The book actually has them age and interact through the years. I can see why they cut it though because it wasn't necessary in the movie. They don't "do anything" again after Arnie left, but they always had feelings for each other as they moved on to old age etc. The book was a little more graphic on the sex in terms of Elio talks about how he wanted Oliver inside him most of the book. Then after he got dicked down his butt was so sore he could hardly sit or ride his bike. Sweet I mean the D musta been good cause he wanted it for decades after.
  9. P!nk To Sing National Anthem @ Super Bowl

    Should be amazing.
  10. 3/13/2018 — Toronto, ON — Air Canada Centre 3/18/2018 — Washington, DC — Capital One Arena 3/21/2018 — New York, NY — Madison Square Garden 3/25/2018 — Newark, NJ — Prudential Center 3/27/2018 — Chicago, IL — United Center 3/31/2018 — Cleveland, OH — Quicken Loans Arena 4/2/2018 — Detroit, MI — Little Caesars Arena 4/4/2018 — Boston, MA — TD Garden 4/8/2018 — Montreal, QC — Bell Centre 4/12/2018 — Salt Lake City, UT — Vivint Smart Home Arena 4/14/2018 — Las Vegas, NV — T-Mobile Arena 4/24/2018 — San Jose, CA — SAP Center 4/28/2018 — Los Angeles, CA — The Forum 5/2/2018 — Phoenix, AZ — Talking Stick Resort Arena 5/5/2018 — Tulsa, OK — BOK Center 5/7/2018 — Columbus, OH — Nationwide Arena 5/9/2018 — Nashville, TN — Bridgestone Arena 5/11/2018 — Atlanta, GA — Infinite Energy Arena 5/14/2018 — Orlando, FL — Amway Center 5/15/2018 — Tampa, FL — Amalie Arena 5/18/2018 — Miami, FL — American Airlines Arena 5/19/2018 — Ft. Lauderdale, FL — BB&T Center 5/23/2018 — Houston, TX — Toyota Center 5/27/2018 — Dallas, TX — American Airlines Center 5/30/2018 — Memphis, TN — FedEx Forum
  11. He was the robot dancing in the video. Its just the motion capture work
  12. Storm was the only one to say this is Jean returning, she know her bestie. Everyone else just thinks its another Phoenix event maybe not necessarily Jean returning. All the teams scattered to important Xmen event locations worldwide. Only good thing that came out of that tired story was young ice man forcing Bobby to admit he likes dick and come out. Now hes gay as fuck and Shadowcat is his official fag hag. And he's already a potential gay homewrecker. Rictor comes on to him at the mansion and says he and Shatterstar are on a "break" if he wants to hook up. Even Daken is sniffing around being passive aggressive trying to get a relatively fresh piece of that icy ass.
  13. 2017, how was your year ?

    Huge raise and promotion and now on the companies bonus plan so I could end up making 6 figures now depending how bonuses go down. Won a free $4000 bed from the local furniture store in the Astros winning promotion. And I never win anything so that was awesome. Still have a job for now even though Oil industry jobs are in constant shaky ground the last couple years. Making sure I focused on savings and being prudent with investments. Survived Harvey didn't take too much damage personally. But I did donate a lot to charity this year because a lot of people needed a lot of help locally and in the country in general. Became much more woke politically, and active this year donating and being far more informed on what is going on in the country. I just feel like a lot of us are too blasé about things in general and not having our voices heard as we should. Overall I can't complain too much. And next year their are definitely targets and goals I would like to continue to work towards. Hopefully make way for more personal goals next year since last couple years have been professional goals.
  14. That wasn't Rachel. That was young Jean, Beast went back in time to get the original 05. And they are still around. It doesn't seem like they are the actual originals though since this one died. Rachel is there feeling weak and bleeding from her nose in the first issue though. She had to be taken back to the Blackbird at the scene of the floating children. All the X teams were dispatched to 3 different sights that had significance in Jeans life.
  15. Yass The return of Jeansus has the whole X community shook. Children mysteriously floating in holy reverence and she is with several other currently dead bitches who she might bless with new life.
  16. Just watched it and I also give it a B. My cousin kept harassing me about it all holiday season so I watched it. Bright B+ I liked this Netflix movie starring Will Smith. It was interesting, I was left interested in the world and wanting to see more. They could easily do a series and have it work even without Will. Call me by Your name B+ I enjoyed this. Based on the novel of the same name. Its about an American who goes to work/study in a small Italian city. And has a cute little relationship with his mentor's son over a summer. It has an innocence to it I found cute and the flavor of exotic love affair in a secluded little town. It isn't cliché gay movie which I like. IT B I finally watched this remake and I mean I enjoyed it. It wasn't scary scary but it was entertaining
  17. "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!

    I know Robin was killed by the Joker. That's straight from the comics. Alfred clearly says he's been at this for 20 years in JL and they even make the joke about Penguin like he's gone for good. That's a writing and production issue imo. Why would you want to limit yourself like that at the start of the joint franchise? Batman has the best villains in all of Super hero continuity and you already threw away some of the best storylines. Same as not mentioning where Dick is or any of the other Bat Family when you are desperate for help. That's separate from the ACTUAL JL movie though. But it is indicative of terrible decision making that plagues the entire WB movie franchise. The writers and producers KEEP making awful decisions with their characters like they don't know what to do with them. Here's a hint they have survived DECADES in print, TV shows, animated movies. They don't have to abandon all that, its stupid. Write what works, make the actors focus on that and they will be fine. If your foundation going into these movies is so shaky and fucked up starting with terrible writing its only going to get messier. When you add in multiple directors and tens of millions in reshoots and new directions of the story. Over and over again its the same thing. They did it with Superman returns then in MOS, they aren't confident so they do the terrible BVS instead of MOS 2. Wonder Woman worked because they had a good foundation and a good director that made it work. She didn't make Diana dark and brooding because that's "cool" she was a powerhouse strong woman who could easily be seen as one of the Trinity.
  18. "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!

    Immortalseed has a 720p with a few Korean subtitles. I'm glad I didn't pay for this mess I would have been mad. It isn't blu ray but its good enough copy
  19. "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!

    Finally got to watch it just now and its a C at Best. There was not enough Superman AT ALL. I mean he was resurrected early enough that there should have been a lot more of him. But they had to spend entirely too much time "introducing us" to Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash. Aquaman - Yeah he hot but there was too much "dude bro" shit for me in his characterization. I liked Mera in her one scene wanted to see more. Flash - Barry I knew from the trailers I probably wouldn't like this characterization of him either. He's much smarter and more well rounded than he's portrayed here I just didn't like it. Even Batman is portrayed as old grizzled been at this for 20 years. I mean where's the rest of the Bat family if he's been at it this long Dick should be Nightwing by now and he should be on Tim Drake as Robin or even Damian by now. No mention of them when you need all this help is just weird It all looked hashed together and poorly executed for something this expensive. I don't honestly see how anyone could give this anything but an average grade. It wasn't as bad as Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman but those are low bars.
  20. Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senator Race

    https://twitter.com/AprilDRyan/status/940956590907195393 LOL twitter is hilarious today.
  21. Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senator Race

    This is what happens though when people actually come out to vote.