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  1. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition   

    MonsterNavy posted this on ATRL
    A lot of receipts in this thread too
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  2. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic More Janet Shade on Billboard's New Chart??   

    I did find that omission very glaring. Idk how a song that was #1 for 10 weeks doesn't rank. Even if it's based on how these R&B songs performed on the Hot 100, both songs peaked at #2, while "Right Here" was on the chart for 22 weeks, only two weeks longer than ATAP.
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  3. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic "Call On Me" Video in HD..?   

    I have all the videos in pretty good quality. I'm not uploading them cuz I don't want my account deleted lol. And I keep trying to tell ya'll she doesn't care about this stuff. One of these days ya'll will start to believe me. 
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  4. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Charts Thread   

    16 Control
    Janet Jackson  76 Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814
    Janet Jackson  http://www.billboard.com/charts/greatest-r-b-hip-hop-albums 
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  5. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic Janet's Top 5 Live Performances! (Video) Agree?!   

    Right, so there's no right or wrong answer. See where we've arrived? 
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  6. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic Janet's Top 5 Live Performances! (Video) Agree?!   

    Stating an interpretation of the storytelling component of a pierce of choreography is not "over thought" (which is two words btw). The choreography represents a statement of control, period. It's not a matter of disagreeing, it's a matter of your negligible knowledge of the art of dance. This is why you've gotta read those links so that you'll be able to have an intelligent conversation on this topic. 
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  7. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic Janet's Top 5 Live Performances! (Video) Agree?!   

    Well this is all the more reason why you should have a similar analysis of the AI performance versus reducing the performance to a "strut" or "strutting", as you deemed it. The performance of the song is very similar to the video, the choreography is just different. But the style of dance, the concept/storytelling, and the organization? All the same. 
    And plz don't belittle "Honey". That video pushed the boundaries of movement in contemporary dance, and set a new precedent for breakdowns in video and live choreography. 
    Here's some more links where you can learn so the next time you have this discussion you'll have an idea of what you're talking about:
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  8. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic Janet's Top 5 Live Performances! (Video) Agree?!   

    Well you can't speak for others and their interpretation of the performance. Don't attribute your ignorance to others. But in the meantime, definitely check out that link and read up on the performance aspect of dance so that you can have a healthier discussion about this topic.
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  9. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic Janet's Top 5 Live Performances! (Video) Agree?!   

    Oh dear. You called my description of the performance "over thinking", but proceeded to provide an analysis of another Janet performance in the following paragraph. It would be a safe assumption to conclude that your knowledge of dance is minimal, correct?  Dance is form of expression (aka "art") whose interpretation of it is based on its audience, hence why it's called "art". There's no right or wrong answer. This AI performance is similar to SOTW @ RN1814 Tour in that she's telling a story of society's issues, the same way she personified violence with WA @ Vogue VH1, the female imagination with "If", and her zealous approach in RN. These are driving concepts of her choreography, and the dance has to match the message of the music, or the dance is ineffective, and outright pointless. You can learn more about it here. 
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  10. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic "Call On Me" Video in HD..?   

    Never mind it's copyrighted. Can't post it. 
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  11. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic "Call On Me" Video in HD..?   

    Janet-Journey should have it. If not I have a good version on my computer. I can send it to you when I get home. 
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  12. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic Janet's Top 5 Live Performances! (Video) Agree?!   

    The whole performance of "Nasty" was a story of Janet being in control (no pun intended) of her relationships, and telling guys to act right if they want a chance.
    Basically all the guys are vying for Janet's attention, and their steps reflect that - they lean back as she comes through, they take turns going up to her showing their moves, the shirts coming off, they follow her as she traverses the stage. Look carefully at the dancer in the white shirt at 5:25 next to Janet. Notice around 6:02 she's dissatisfied and she pushes the guys away. Go to 6:05. The guys are on one side, and Janet on the other because she's getting a good look at all of them and scoping out which one she wants. Then around 6:35 she lines them up to choose, she points to the ground to make the guy fall and steps on the guys back to show she's in control (again no pun intended). End the end, the guys were all nasty, so she didn't choose one (she was over them after the "Ms. Jackson if you're nasty" line). 
    And aside from the storytelling, look how organized the routine is (Jazz style start to finish). Genius choice of style because Jazz dance was born from African-American rhythms that would later influence the New Jack Swing sound of "Nasty", and because Jazz dance often features paired dancing (male-female). This is easily one of her best performances to date, top 10 if you ask me. 
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  13. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic Janet's Top 5 Live Performances! (Video) Agree?!   

    Two vastly ddifferent perspectives, clearly,  because all of which you described is part of the storytelling of the routine. 
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  14. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic Janet's Top 5 Live Performances! (Video) Agree?!   

    Must be watching two different performances then. 
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  15. Mr. Wonder added a post in a topic Janet's Top 5 Live Performances! (Video) Agree?!   

    The AI performance is an perfect example of her knowledge of how to fully use a stage, storytelling and organization in choreography, and flexibility in dance.
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