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  1. God added a post in a topic JANET WELCOMES SON NAMED EISSA!!!!   

    So happy for her  
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  2. God added a post in a topic Just a Lyrical Masterpiece   

    There's a lot of humor in "Just a Little While" that I think is lost on a lot of people. That a song exists with those backing vocalists singing, in perfect harmony, "I'm ready to get it baby if you've got it to dish out!" is absolutely hysterical; like, how can you not laugh?
    It really is a fun song but it just wasn't the kind of single she needed or could get away with releasing as an easy hit at the time. I think that's partly the reason it's been so unfairly maligned over the years. Not to mention the video, which I didn't even know existed until 2006, was complete garbage.
    But anyway I'm all for "Just a Little While" finally getting the love it deserves so let's keep this going!
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  3. God added a post in a topic The Official Lady Gaga Thread   

    Yikes @ the snippet, it sounds like something straight out of Born That Way. Genuinely hope it works.
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  4. God added a post in a topic The Glory Thread - Official Thread of Britney - Album Peaks @ #3   

    I haven't actually had a chance to listen the whole thing but I've liked the few songs I've heard so far. She set the bar embarrassingly low with Britney Jean so I can't imagine disliking this album more.
    kl;dfshlks;s you're the WORST
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  5. God added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Season 6 Official thread   

    I hope it wasn't just because I went into it with low expectations but this season was fantastic. Nearly everything about it was executed masterfully. All of the boring side stories have ended and now we're finally left to watch the main players finish each other off  next year, that is.  
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  6. God added a post in a topic Singles Rate: 2004   

    Y'all did Ashlee SO wrong.
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  7. God added a post in a topic Singles Rate: 2004   

    I hadn't even thought about a lot of these songs since 2004.  
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  8. God added a post in a topic Guy eats Chipotle for a year and gets buff   

    Oh he's not bad
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  9. God added a post in a topic What Janet album took the longest to grow on you?   

    At least a decade  Damita Jo took far longer for me though, which would be my answer.
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  10. God added a post in a topic Singles Rate: 2002   

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  11. God added a post in a topic Lena Horne....DEAD AT 92! 💀   

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  12. God added a post in a topic Alicia Keys New Song "In Common" (iTunes Now)   

    I'm really loving this. She desperately needed to change her sound and I hope it works in her favor.
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  13. God added a post in a topic Singles Rate: 2002   

    Not me giving Jimmy Eat World its highest score  
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  14. God added a post in a topic Singles Rate: 2001 (Winner Announced!)   

    Wow I missed out [2] Beyond here for an '80s series though.
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