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  1. DasSad added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in LA   

    you should be concerned too. If not your rooting for another failed tour.  And you're right it is on her. And you don't have to say don't buy a ticket because people aren't buying tickets. 
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  2. DasSad added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in LA   

    yeah it's nice to see him a lot but there will come a time when she says I want my privacy and you've pretty much opened the door already for all to intrude. Everyone knows you only go to the Ivy if you want to be seen. 
    Im not sure what this is for. I would rather see her doing an interview or some type of promo than walking with the baby. These photos are not going to sell tickets. 
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  3. DasSad added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Season 7 Starts TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!   

    Lol I had no idea what was going on at first.  I could not have lived back then. Arya is that bitch. Slayed the whole damn castle and walked over their corpses.  
    And queen mormont during that meeting   she shut that lord down quick 
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  4. DasSad added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's new song samples Jodeci's Freeki'N You   

    people under the age of 18 are minors. Some of them boys look young and even the old looking ones you can't tell. Just because they aren't playing in the sand box doesn't mean they aren't kids. 
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  5. DasSad added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's new song samples Jodeci's Freeki'N You   

    That's assuming they are adults and the only one that's knowing is him. That a pervert.  
    it's past due.
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  6. DasSad added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's new song samples Jodeci's Freeki'N You   

    so you're ok with that but you take issues with  MJ hanging with boys. 
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  7. DasSad added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's new song samples Jodeci's Freeki'N You   

    I would definitely warn my friend to fully vet any Muslim man his culture and how he sees you in his future and if it involved my friend changing themselves to please that man I would tell them to run. 
    he follows strangers and films them from behind. That's stalking and hopefully he never runs into some homophobe then he'll be screaming hate crime when he was the one stalking 
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  8. DasSad added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's new song samples Jodeci's Freeki'N You   

    you would have thought he converted himself trying to school people on the culture when we were making fun of her tour outfit. Talking about how beautiful burqas are. If he was a real friend and not such a yes man a a kiss ass he could have warned her about Wissam instead of letting her damage her career further.  This tour may flop too and it's all because of how she is now after marrying him. 
    and it's dangerous because you don't know if the people you are filming are of age. God forbid he films some manly looking teenager and gets caught.  It will be Janet who will be sued and blamed 
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  9. DasSad added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's new song samples Jodeci's Freeki'N You   

    that's interesting that he was upset about someone recording him in an open forum when he himself films people without their permission on his IG live with the hashtag trade 
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  10. DasSad added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's new song samples Jodeci's Freeki'N You   

    hopefully now that she's in the states she can start doing something. It would be a huge mistake to use the same formula from last time where she stayed hidden and silent.  They can at least do some small promo on social media.  
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  11. DasSad added a post in a topic THIS .IS. A. MUST. SEE. FOR. EVERY. SINGLE. JANET. FAN.   

    they really did. I love that mix and would have like to have seen something like this used for her BET tribute. They went from her start to present. That burn it up mix was dope and the If breakdown part.  I didn't understand the choreography  I'm ripping this audio 
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  12. DasSad added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet and Eissa   

    That's a cute kid. 
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  13. DasSad added a post in a topic Janet Jackson Still Got It, Mariah Carey Singing Like Your Grandma   

    They are both in the same boat. Two older artists trying to find their way in this new world. They both have flopped since coming back and both of their tours have been a mess or ended in mess. 
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  14. DasSad added a post in a topic [PAPARAZZI] Wissam + Eissa in London   

    I dont understand going to the park to sit.  You can do that in your back yard. 
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  15. DasSad added a post in a topic DENIED-- Slights Against Janet & Omissions of Her Work   

    we can't continue to use the Super Bowl as an excuse. No one listens to radio anymore so her songs not being played mean nothing now. People don't watch videos on TV anymore so her being banned from MTV is not an issue. The incapability of being able to take advantage of this free and open market which technology has provided is a large part of the blame. 
    The media and the public welcomed her with open arms when she announced her comeback and that was not taken advantage of. 
    Beyonce may not speak but she keeps her fans in the loop and keeps her name out there whether through product placement or social media. We get 3rd party information from producers and dancers
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