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  1. Lots of Janet music on last night's Scandal

    Janet is the only artist to have her music played on both grey's anatomy and scandal and shes the only artists to get the whole show scored to her music. I love shonda for that
  2. This is all about Janet. JT was trending and it was mainly because people were dragging him because of Janet and him going back to his Nazi roots.
  3. he will have to. You know they do hella interviews leading up to this because it’s corporate and puts Pepsi on the scene but Janet has been trending for hours and Justin is getting dragged from left to right. This will not end well for him at a time when black women are being disrespected by white men at a high rate
  4. I see Omar. That's all I care about . Her and Shawnette must have really went through it.

    I hope shawnette shows up. I know she has a family to but fingers crossed
  6. Janet Posts New Impromptu Video

    LOL I thought she was pranking them at first but she was serious.
  7. Janet is going to have so much support it's not even funny. I'm just glad she's in a different place now where she doesn't have to hide and she can embrace the love. This story is making her rounds on cable news as well. And you know Justin will try to cover Prince since it's in Minneapolis and princes fans will not be having it.

    I mean I think I'm the only one in here who knew they met so I honestly don't think she cared much before Gil made a big stink about it. You can literally go on YouTube and see all her tours for free so this is not new and with new technology you can sit in the nosebleeds and record in HQ. I think it's great promo even though it's illegal They haven't even stopped in the big cities yet. He's kidding himself if he thinks he can stop people from doing this. People use the dark web to get Tidal access. He should let the legal team handle this.

    I really dont need to provide receipts my track record is flawless but I cant post pics for some reason but this is the link. Ciara is in the pink dress and her name is listed as well https://brettjollydotcom.wordpress.com/tag/yolanda-adams/

    Ciara met Janet years ago at an event in DC. The one where Janet had her back out in that black dress
  11. hashtags work sometimes. The women's march that drew millions all over this country to protest trump was started with a hashtag. The Oscars so white hashtag forced them to add over 30 black actors & actresses to the board so if done correctly a hashtag can take your cause far.
  12. He has no idea the pounding he is going to take. People are tired of the NFL as it is because of their injustice that is why ratings are down. The boycott that was started by black activists is real and it is working. This will continue up until the Super Bowl. Every interview he does will be about Janet. This country is divided as hell right now and he is so blind by his whiteness that he doesn't get it. He may as well be carrying a tiki torch on stage because that is how he will be viewed

    His first interview with MTV made it seem like it was her but then in is interview with Arsenio Hall he made it seem like it was her people when he said she needed to check them. Joe Torry kind of said the same thing in this interview that it was higher ups that kept asking him but Pac thought it was coming from janet. https://mycolumbuspower.com/3020246/joe-torry-spills-the-tea-on-the-alleged-beef-between-2pac-janet-jackson/ I don't believe John Singleton and I'm not sure why he would say that. I do believe Janet was uncomfortable with 2pac which is what Qtip kind of said in this interview on drink champs. Rapper Noreaga is the host and he manages to slide Janet's name in every episode. Which just shows you how connected she was to hip hop. He even threatened to kill justin Timberlake on one podcast. Starts at the 46:40 mark. Tip talks about his cold they he gave her No. The movie was a mess. He had a secret marriage just like Janet and they didn't even include his wife or that he was a really great dancer when he first started out.

    The song is trash and it was blowing up with us not mainstream. Janet took it mainstream.

    I think Janet should stop performing this until Cardboard B gives her credit for going number one on billboard. No one was checking for this song until Janet started playing it each night
  16. Yep. Sounds about right and the rehearsal part too. I can't remember what show it was but Janet had her chest showing in a backstage photo and the next show you saw Wissam there backstage taking photos with fans & Janet had her chest closed back up again.
  17. New Pictures: Janet with Eissa

    he's dripping gay. WTF are they thinking
  18. Wissam seen with Eissa

    I'm not understanding what taking photos outside with Eissa is supposed to do. They are orchestrated but I don't see the point. Janet never goes to the Ivy let alone with a baby. And Wissam is more private than her. Do courts really view that as good parenting if they see nice pictures
  19. New Pictures: Janet with Eissa

    Is that the ivy? I know they have a white fence like that. Why would she go there with him? It's a circus with those paparazzi
  20. E! News Confirms: Janet & Jermaine Are NOT Dating

    I'm not a fan of his but he is fun. He is the total opposite of what she just escaped from so I can see her wanting to have fun with him. Hang out and get that hip hop D.