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  1. she has this awful song with Iggy, Dianna Ross should sue her for suhca shitty remake and let's not forget that rick James song
  2. Dee

    *Wakes up from Coma*

    How that fuck have y'all been? what and who's new? where have I been? Dealing with and living my life sorry Angie and my fellow mods had to take some time off
  3. I'm still upset with her ghetto ass hope everything she thinks about flops chante Moore voice-----> (rite now I'm just bitter)
  4. Dee

    *Wakes up from Coma*

    Hey guys
  5. Dee

    Happy Birthday Angie and Dee!

    Thanks guys im hella late but ive been working and partying all week long
  6. Dee

    Anyone know where Dee is?

    @shemar read down yess
  7. Dee

    Anyone know where Dee is?

    Hey guys i mostly peek in and see whats going on or i just lurk Little biil nick jr will never put your show back on the air what are you gonna do?
  8. Dee

    Anyone know where Dee is?

    Im here, the sorry i work the graveyard shift so all my sleeping is done in the a.m
  9. Dee

    I met JoeJoe on Sunday

    I like meeting people from the jj community
  10. I like that thier morning show is stomping sHot97 into the ground and hulk master flex cant deal, people love to hate charla
  11. Dee

    instagram anyone?

    why is your name jizz on joejoe? opps lol
  12. Dee

    instagram anyone?

    I followed joe and leslie
  13. Dee

    Macklemore feat. Mary Lambert - Same Love

    I love it i get all emo listening to it
  14. Dee

    Miss Blatin. I will be in you city Friday...

    We need to visit trey in N.Y again anddd you still havent came to philly yet
  15. Dee

    Cher Goes In On Wendy Williams

    i agree
  16. Should of hired diddy like wendy told him
  17. Dee

    Iyanla: Fix My Life DMX

    I almost couldnt watch
  18. No more newports and bic lighters for that hussy
  19. She used to be the outkast of the family I remeber her getting arrested for writeing bad checks she was on this other show iyanla had
  20. The great and powerful oz I loved all 3 witches
  21. Dee

    Janet is FUCKING married!

    Im glad theres no wedding Jermaine wont be able to steal stuff from wissams house