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  1. jarrylf added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I hear you on that boo.....
    Cause if she does a dancer reunion again this tour.....& Im not there....ill feel all kinds of fake mad for a min lol
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  2. jarrylf added a post in a topic Bruno Mars tweets about Janet collab   

    Janet also recorded with Luther, plus tho Bruno can saaang, he is becoming more known these days for vocals on dance songs that are similar to Janets in Nasty & WHYDFML & Scream & The Escapade alternate vocal
    If they do a ballad thatd be a Janet & Elton thing, but if they do a funky dance song itll SLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY the fuck outta life lol 
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  3. jarrylf added a post in a topic Everybody on the floor   

    All thats definitely true. And she clearly loves performing it, like I love her energy performing it like she goes in on it, and it always shows on her face. And part of my love of it is the way she performs it.
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  4. jarrylf added a post in a topic Walk on Water feat. Beyoncé - Eminem   

    Yea cause it's not a bad song at all and not on either of their parts, but it's forgettable, it doesn't pop from either of them, Rih would've gave it that pop
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  5. jarrylf added a post in a topic Walk on Water feat. Beyoncé - Eminem   

    It'd be better if he got Rihanna instead, they vibe better, this doesn't blend well the way most of his duets do.
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  6. jarrylf added a post in a topic How many true friends would you say you have?   

    Shoot real talk as a bisexual too I'm definitely attracted to every one of my friends (besties, and other) and it's mutual (with the gay ones, the some  of the female ones & the bi ones) but we all have boundaries with it and about it. some we do the fun flirtations....2 we went a bit further, it doesn't change anything unless it actually does, and to be a bestie or good friend to me you gotta be open & honest & respectful, so if flirtation or even full on sex with a friend causes any of us to have feelings that go further it's something we'd discuss, and we have, and in 1 case tried dating, but realized early on the friendship works better than actually dating each other. 
    Bottom line in this thread & on this topic, I hate 1 size fits all "rules" about friends & friendships like  "nobody can be friends with someone their attracted to", "couples shouldn't be friends with single people", "couples shouldn't have best friends that aren't each other", "you can never be just friends with someone you've been intimate with before", "you can never be friends with a ex", "when you're friends with a couple if they break up you have to choose sides", "you can't be friends with too many people". I'm sorry I don't have a subscription to that bullshit, my friends are my friends for reasons & understandings decided & understood by us, not anyone else. If any of that works for anybody else, that's cute for you, carry on, but don't expect me to abide by that shit.
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  7. jarrylf added a post in a topic Slayer Swift coming for your coins!: Taylor Swift Announces New Album—Reputation   

    700K.........ON THE 1ST FUCKIN DAY...........DAYMN
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  8. jarrylf added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    That's a decent group of names, but what about Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan,  Sheila E. & Jody Watley ? They have continuously been on tour for the last 30 years seemingly and with the exception of Diana, none of their numbers have ever been brag worthy. The 4 names you listed are acceptions, not standards by any means. Point remains, Janet's numbers aren't "embarrassing", they would be if she had the promo tour before the tour the same way all of the women you named do (hell even some of the ones I did)
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  9. jarrylf added a post in a topic How many true friends would you say you have?   

    2 besties & 10 good friends (aka people who I love & adore & have each others back but we either dont see or talk to each other enough to be besties, but if we did its clear we would be)
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  10. jarrylf added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    Fact. The only way numbers would be "embarassing" is if she was working her ass off popping up on TV & Radio to promote the tour, and even then most female legends over 50 (any ethnicity or music genre) would kill for those numbers.
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  11. jarrylf added a post in a topic PopWrapped: JANET WILL JOIN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR 2018 SB HALFTIME SHOW!   

    The fact that this was a major story & discussion on major shows & major websites make it a bit obvious you got it backwards, the bubble is for those trying to ignore the whole dirty situation. And the fact is, the only reason anyone at all talks about this is because of Janet that's all the public cares about here.
    And the common consensus is that if shes not involved or not publicly apologized to or mentioned in the right way, this will suck & nobody will be here for it. She is dominating his spotlight in the worst ways for him.
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  12. jarrylf added a post in a topic PopWrapped: JANET WILL JOIN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR 2018 SB HALFTIME SHOW!   

    She probably wouldn't choose those words, but the fact that she's discussed her unfair treatment, as unfair treatment and what she's had to overcome, whether or not she sees herself as that, she's acknowledged she was unfairly treated = Victim
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  13. jarrylf added a post in a topic PopWrapped: JANET WILL JOIN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR 2018 SB HALFTIME SHOW!   

    BItches betta get comfortable with this conversation being everywhere

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  14. jarrylf added a post in a topic PopWrapped: JANET WILL JOIN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR 2018 SB HALFTIME SHOW!   

    Exactly, things that are ONLY big or only HUGE with JUST Janfans don't make it to all major news outlets for over 2 days in a row, trending is nice, but that's not where this stays, it's been discussed for 3 days on all media plaforms. Yea what's great is the overall consensus is if she's not in it, involved or acknowleged, it's not right. He could legitimately face backlash without her, because when the show is him by himself and when it's over and everyone wakes up, the narrative will change to "he & the NFL used  her as bait to draw people into that snoozefest". Essentially that's also what's going on, they're dangling her name as bait for views. 
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  15. jarrylf added a post in a topic PopWrapped: JANET WILL JOIN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR 2018 SB HALFTIME SHOW!   

    The social media thing isn't why most Janfans are stating it's huge, it's because it's been a major topic on most entertainment news sites. Everytime this is discussed in the media (which is alot this week, and which will continue until the day) it's still going to be talked about in a HUGE way. And most are reporting it like it is a scandal, that he needs her for a good show, or he needs to acknowlege her , and or that she's more deserving than him, that's the general consensus and that's what's being reported all around.
    Yea he's gonna perform and if he has someone it'll be like Katy where nobody will care about him, if he doesn't it'll be like his VMA thing where everyone forgot about it after a week, but what you're neglecting is that the NFL is basically using him & this to deflect from their own scandal, and that's basically being discussed too, and that in itself if he pulls another "all lives matter" statement can also be enough to keep this incident in the news again, we all know he's dumb & tone deaf enough to do it. 
    We can pretend that social media doesn't have impact (which it does) when you can stop pretending this isnt anything bigger than social media talk or that it will die down, when in fact, as previously stated, everytime this makes the news it will be just like this until more is done.
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