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  1. jarrylf added a post in a topic Are her boobs real?   

    I've never been able to tell, like she did them smart (if she did), the way they move and hang doesn't look fake to me, like they've always  seemed droopyish, and like most women with real ones a push up bra goes a long way and does alot and has for multiple eras. BUT the right boob job (going 1 size up) can do that, and I've seen it done and have met women who I thought didn't have the job done that did. When it comes to this topic on this women I legit don't have a side in this one.
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  2. jarrylf added a post in a topic Can Katy Perry get a Witness??   

    Best thing about everything in this album is the production..........that's not gooooood, disappointed.
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  3. jarrylf added a post in a topic NEW PIX (6/16) - Janet Glowing at Divorce Proceedings   



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  4. jarrylf added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    RIGHT??!?!?! It's as simple as just HER voice!
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  5. jarrylf added a post in a topic MJ fans are dragging Janet in this thread   

    Yea what's new? Theres many who hate his entire family (same case for Janfans, there's some who dislike everyone but her too), everyone has a opinion, and storming comments of a article more than likely will have no change in either side of opinions. It's a easy case to be made that Janet is more talented or better at things, but it's largely opinion because it all boils down to they're 2 very different artists with similariities, but bigger differences. Our minds are made up, their minds are made up, engaging would only be wasting time & energy. 
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  6. jarrylf added a post in a topic American Idol is Back!   

    It has, truth is AI was irrelevant before The Voice even hit the scene, you see once the winners of Idol became neiche genre artists (country, R&B, Broadway) and not like Kelly, a well rounded genre chameleon pop artist they lost what the show promised, The Voice swooped in, and really what they do smart, they don't really advertise that you'll be a idol or icon or....well...successful necissarily lol, they're about winning the damn competition, getting your prize, and getting a fanbase to support you as a likely independant artist. I've been watching since season 1, and I can say they have had contestants that based on talent, originality and originality should be huge names, but what I love is it's about making you a good artist and giving you a spotlight for 3months. Vs. with Idol its much more of a cluster fuck because of the MASSIVE success they had early on, and once that stopped happening, they never bounced back, sure no show has beat them, but the way Idol kept/keep having to pull new tricks out of tired hats every season...they should've ended with Simon....in that fantastic final show where Janet blessed the stage. Even then it was 2yrs later than they should've quit (Hell they really should've ended when Paula left). But yea the Voice gives me new indie artists to feel excited about.
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  7. jarrylf added a post in a topic Janet Coming to Netflix??   

    Reserving excitement until a confirmation like....


    Fuck the debate lol, it's a fun rumor, it's 1 I don't mind the public going with, and spreading as quickly as it has
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  8. jarrylf added a post in a topic Jackson Family 50th??   

    *heads up, tho theyre her family, Jackson family stuff that isnt directly about/involve  her still goes to FreeXone*
    Eh, they acknowlege Steeltown the same way Janet acknowledges JJ & DS, so I wouldnt get my hopes up, not ruling it out but considering they really acknowlege their success years that 50th stuff will come 2019, same way 40th did in 09, they acknowlege Diana Ross presents the Jackson5 as their debut
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  9. jarrylf added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    Yup, and casual fans were loving them, the reaction to Pop's Up was my favorite
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  10. jarrylf added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    I wish, I really do. I'm grateful for the unreleased tracks that we have, but truth is she keeps a  EXTREME lock on that shit for real, I agree with what someone said a long time ago, I'd bet she's aware of every available "unreleased" track, and if she's not I'm positive JDJ is. But yea I'm curious about these songs alternate incarnations and their creations, like I've been obsessing over the alternate Escapade track, I WANT MORE OF THIS my God, and it wouldn't surprise me (ESPECIALLY back in the day) if there's lots of alternates like this
    Her brothers alternate PYT has also captured my heart for real
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  11. jarrylf added a topic in Free Xone   

    Suicide Bomb attack at Ariana Grande's Manchester show
    1 man likely carried out suicide attack at Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 and injuring 59
    A suicide bomber was likely behind the deadly explosion in Manchester, England on Monday that killed 22 people and injured 59 others who were attending an Ariana Grande concert at one of Europe’s largest arenas.
    Greater Manchester Police said they were called to the Manchester Arena in England just before 10:35 p.m. local time on Monday. Authorities are telling people to avoid the area.
    The incident is being treated as a "terrorist incident until police know otherwise," police said.
    The attack was likely carried out by "one man” using an "improvised explosive device,” police said. The person died at the scene.
    "We believe the attacker was carrying an improvised explosive device which he detonated, causing this atrocity," Ian Hopkins, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, said at a press conference early Tuesday. "Our priority is to work with the national counter-terrorism policing network to establish more details about the individual who carried out this attack."
    U.S. law enforcement officials have been informed that the leading theory is that the Manchester Arena incident was the work of a suicide bomber, though they caution that this is preliminary information, according to a senior law enforcement official briefed on the investigation.
    The wounded are being treated at six different hospitals, Hopkins said at the press conference. "We're doing all that we can ... as we gather information about what happened," he said, asking people to remain vigilant.
    The explosion happened inside of the arena’s foyer area after the concert finished, according to witnesses, who reported hearing a loud bang as they exited the arena. The venue holds about 21,000 people and is one of Europe’s largest indoor arenas, according to its website.
    Bu is unable to reach this site at the time, but he asked me to let you guys know that he is fine, this is where he lives, and happened right next to where he works, so I'm feeling for my friend right now, I hate this shit so much, I like all of us I'm sure are glad he's OK, and my thoughts and prayers with those who are fighting for their lives and the ones who lost theirs.
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  12. jarrylf added a post in a topic The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition   

    He did good, and I loved Alicia getting her life!
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  13. jarrylf added a post in a topic For the Third Time, Katy Perry Releases New Single feat. Nicki Minaj   

    True & True 
    *sips in 2 yrs younger*
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  14. jarrylf added a post in a topic For the Third Time, Katy Perry Releases New Single feat. Nicki Minaj   

    Starting shit thats contradictary to who & what you are as usual. Geez Bailey we get it, you're mad that nobody likes or respects you. Move on already, you're coming off as more pathetic than usual and that's saying alot 
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  15. jarrylf added a post in a topic For the Third Time, Katy Perry Releases New Single feat. Nicki Minaj   

    it's not good, and responding to a Taylor track from 3yrs ago? This was doa, she needs to shelve this era,
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