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  1. Kishi added a post in a topic 10 times Michael Jackson was inspired by Janet   

    I love this article, thanks!
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  2. Kishi added a post in a topic DNA test confirm that James Debarge is NOT the father of Tiffany Whtye... Chile...   

    So, was anyone surprised?
    This story literally has no truth to it, yet it's managed to survive decades!
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  3. Kishi added a post in a topic If you were Janet for a day....   

    I'd put out a video that says "Hello guys. It's been a while. I know you've missed me. And I've missed you too. I want to share something with you. And it'll be worth the wait. I've got something in store for you. June 1st. See you soon!"
    I know the entire fanbase would be shook and the media would be all over it.
    Come June 1st, she'll do an exclusive talking about motherhood, marriage, music, and restarting the tour with festival dates worldwide first and then arena/theater dates later.
    A man can dream...
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  4. Kishi added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    No lie, I'm mad at everyone that's trying to discredit Remy Ma and act like she didn't annihilate Nicki. I can't with y'all. Agree to disagree, but Nicki lost this and you all need to accept it. My last response to this topic, thanks.
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  5. Kishi added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    I've been hearing about this secret child since I was younger. What bothers me most isn't just the fact that people believe Janet has hidden a child for 30 years, but it's the fact that people keep bringing up James and Janet's marriage. They split in 1985 and it's now 2017, why are we still talking about it?
    Janet has moved on and so should everyone else. Let her be happy and live. Because that wasn't a healthy relationship, so why should people keep on bringing it up? It's over.
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  6. Kishi added a post in a topic The Legendary Official R I H A L L A H Thread   

    I'm so proud of her! *streams Kiss It Better*
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  7. Kishi added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    So...I'm on Team Remy. Just because the lyrics are fucking great. Plus she doesn't use antics and gimmicks.
    Nicki's first and third albums are great. But her personality and mouth are off putting. 
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  8. Kishi added a post in a topic **The OFFICIAL Real Housewives Of Atlanta THREAD**   

    Kandi's friendships with Porsha and Phaedra had a steep decline before ending. 
    While I think Phaedra and Kandi can still work things out, Porsha and Kandi are done for now. 
    I can see how Kandi feels like Porsha is coming for her, which is true. Porsha literally has no reason to be dogging Kandi out, but she's been doing it every chance she can. 
    I do think Kandi overreacts a lot though.
    Porsha's not that serious or even a threat. And she's clearly lying about Todd cheating and Kandi have a 7 year relationship with a woman.
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  9. Kishi added a post in a topic Open Conversation: Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Concert   

    I don't know how many dates they'll add, but the demand is insane. Looks like she'll be doing short legs in each market into 2018.
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  10. Kishi added a post in a topic Open Conversation: Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Concert   

    I enjoyed the halftime show. It's probably her most polished live television performance.
    Can't wait to see her, even though the tickets are sold out.
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  11. Kishi added a post in a topic **The OFFICIAL Real Housewives Of Atlanta THREAD**   

    Kandi is giving me every single type of life this season. Cuss them heffas out!
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  12. Kishi added a topic in All About Janet   

    Janet on Spotify
    She has 42 songs with 1 million streams. 
    That's The Way Love Goes - 19.6 million 
    Got Til It's Gone - 13.6 million
    Together Again - 12.4 million
    All For You - 11.6 million
    Scream - 8.3 million
    No Sleeep (w/ J Cole) - 7.2 million
    Any Time, Any Place - 6.9 million 
    I Get Lonely - 6.8 million
    BURNITUP! - 6.4 million
    No Sleep (w/o J Cole) - 5.8 million
    Again - 4.5 million
    Nasty - 4.5 million
    If - 4.4 million
    Escapade - 4.3 million
    When I Think Of You - 3.5 million
    Miss You Much - 2.8 million
    Call On Me - 2.8 million
    Rhythm Nation - 2.7 million
    Let's Wait Awhile - 2.6 million
    Doesn't Really Matter - 2.5 million
    Unbreakable - 2.4 million
    Go Deep - 2.3 million
    Dammn Baby - 2.2 million
    All Nite - 2.1 million
    Someone To Call My Lover - 2 million
    Come Back To Me - 1.7 million
    Love Will Never Do - 1.6 million
    Control - 1.6 million
    Funny How Time Flies - 1.5 million
    The Pleasure Principle - 1.5 million
    Feedback - 1.4 million
    Every Time - 1.4 million
    So Excited - 1.3 million
    The Great Forever - 1.2 million
    What Have You Done For Me Lately - 1.2 million
    Black Cat - 1.2 million
    My Baby - 1.1 million
    Runaway - 1.1 million
    Son Of A Gun - 1.1 million
    Velvet Rope - 1 million
    You Want This - 1 million
    Rock With U - 1 million
    Janet songs near the 1 million mark on Spotify...
    Shoulda Known Better (900k)
    Because Of Love (800k)
    Someday Is Tonight (800k)
    Night (800k)
    Where Are You Now (700k)
    Rope Burn (700k)
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  13. Kishi added a post in a topic Pick The Next Single from Unbreakable With Video Concept   

    2 B Loved and Take Me Away
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  14. Kishi added a post in a topic Do you have a deep dark secret?   

    Thanks, but I wish that were true. A picture can only represent one moment in a day, when there's 24 hours in reality.
    I'm still grieving the loss of my sister. I'm also dealing with stress at work and recovering from neck and hip injuries. I get pissed off easily. I choose not to show those things online because my life isn't a show. I love to share my passions, but I don't share my frustrations and complications.
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