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  1. Kishi added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    Yes, ran into Will. He had a blast in VIP and sat about two rows ahead of me with his friends. 
    So strange, I was going to wear the same thing he was wearing, but I can't stand shopping during the holiday season and decided against it, but we ended up wearing the same shirt!
    Yes, Rhythm Nation is DEMANDING. You really gotta stretch those limbs first! That choreography uses every since muscle and tissue and bone in the body!
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  2. Kishi added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I had an amazing nice time. 

    My mother and her boyfriend, relatives, and friends were all so happy to see Janet. Many of them were seeing her for the first time and/or waiting for 2 years to see the show. 

    We were in section 4 row A (so technically 8th row). I went with Stephen and sat in the same row as my co-workers. Got to see many familiar JanFam faces from Janet Xone, Myspace, and Facebook. 

    I met Joey, Farrenton, and Alex (got a picture with her) in the lobby.

    During Nasty, she had NERD & Rihanna's Lemon mixed in.

    During All Nite, I was doing the choreography and during the tick tock movement towards the end, Janet was looking at me doing the same moves!!

    Fort Lauderdale made me proud. Very high energy crowd. 

    Deborah Cox lives in Fort Lauderdale and was in the audience. Gorgeous!

    The jumping in Together Again and the choreography for Rhythm Nation have me wore out and tore up!

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  3. Kishi added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in Miami   

    Wow. Today is the day yall. Purchased the ticket in August 2015 and it's finally happening!!
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  4. Kishi added a post in a topic My SOTW Tour Video Blog   

    I took a break from the tour blogs, but just uploaded a more personal blog about the tour and why it's so important to me. Enjoy!
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  5. Kishi added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I need STCML so much!!!!!
    Pray she does it next Monday.
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  6. Kishi added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I hope its going overseas. 56 dates is enough for USA and Canada, unless shes going to Montreal and other cities she missed/canceled.
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  7. Kishi added a post in a topic Everybody on the floor   

    And there are plenty of people who like it and want to see it. Regardless of whether it's a hit or not a must have. She's always performed the same hits on every tour, it's nice to have some variety.
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  8. Kishi added a post in a topic Everybody on the floor   

    And? I like it. Don't care about the audience, I am there for Janet. Most of them just want to sit down anyways. 
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  9. Kishi added a post in a topic Everybody on the floor   

    It's a bop. One of my favorites live.
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  10. Kishi added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    It's kinda accurate though. Janet's shows always have me sore, sweaty, tired, emotional, and worn out after.
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  11. Kishi added a post in a topic Janet on Spotify   

    It increased a little bit since the tour, but not by much.
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  12. Kishi added a post in a topic Janet on Spotify   

    November 20, 2017 update
    That’s The Way Love Goes - 27,380,695
    Together Again (album version) - 18,163,521
    Got Til Its Gone (album version) - 17,180,123
    All For You (album version) - 16,925,716
    Scream (album version) - 13,300,737
    Any Time, Any Place (album version) - 10,453,924
    No Sleeep (w/ J Cole) - 9,383,610 
    I Get Lonely (album version) - 9,211,218
    BURNITUP! - 8,362,941
    Nasty - 6,577,781
    No Sleep (solo) - 6,501,089
    Escapade - 6,156,532
    Again - 5,865,583
    If - 5,713,545
    When I Think Of You - 4,856,341
    Rhythm Nation (album version) - 3,889,710
    Miss You Much - 3,888,926
    Call On Me - 3,806,826
    Let’s Wait Awhile (album version) - 3,706,048
    Alright (remix version) - 3,194,515
    Feedback (greatest hits version) - 3,096,115
    Go Deep - 3,043,094
    Dammn Baby - 3,016,942
    Someone To Call My Lover (album version) - 2,933,147
    All For You (greatest hits version) - 2,842,929
    Together Again (greatest hits version) - 2,818,346
    Unbreakable - 2,759,490
    All Nite (Don’t Stop) - 2,693,478
    The Pleasure Principle (album version) - 2,487,556
    Come Back To Me - 2,377,023
    Doesn’t Really Matter (album version) - 2,321,970
    Love Will Never Do (Without You) (album version) - 2,304,399
    What Have You Done For Me Lately (greatest hits version) - 2,222,572
    Control - 2,204,613
    Feedback (album version) - 2,167,980
    Funny How Time Flies - 2,156,479
    What Have You Done For Me Lately (album version) - 2,106,159 
    Doesn’t Really Matter (greatest hits version) - 1,979,296
    Every Time - 1,943,783
    Runaway - 1,841,071
    Black Cat - 1,736,485
    So Excited - 1,710,905
    The Great Forever - 1,440,981
    You Want This - 1,430,674
    Got Til Its Gone (greatest hits version) - 1,406,736
    Son Of A Gun - 1,380,889
    My Baby - 1,334,808
    Rock With U - 1,319,389
    Velvet Rope - 1,293,263
    Love Will Never Do (Without You) (greatest hits version) - 1,218,029
    Because Of Love - 1,158,049
    Where Are You Now - 1,083,196
    Someday Is Tonight - 1,072,578
    Shoulda Known Better - 1,064,711
    Would You Mind - 1,063,082
    Rope Burn - 1,009,655
    Alright (album version) - 985,584
    Night - 974,463
    Trust A Try - 906,158
    Throb - 869,144
    Someone To Call My Lover (greatest hits version) - 849,551
    Whoops Now - 845,350
    2 B Loved - 809,210
    Broken Hearts Heal - 797,964
    Make Me - 760,670
    No Sleep (Afsheen Remix) - 757,930
    I Want You - 754,404
    You - 738,843
    Dream Maker/Euphoria - 727,565
    After You Fall - 731,102
    Any Time Any Place (R Kelly Remix) - 730,117
    Let’s Wait Awhile (greatest hits version) - 730,635
    Scream (greatest hits version) - 724,142
    Anything - 711,460
    Take Me Away - 688,753
    Promise - 682,090
    I Get Lonely (greatest hits version) - 678,225
    When We Oooo - 661,630
    What About - 637,354
    Rhythm Nation (greatest hits version) - 631,443
    My Need - 621,618
    R&B Junkie - 620,594
    Lesson Learned - 605,978
    Black Eagle - 586,423
    LUV - 585,521
    Feels So Right - 585,051
    Tonight’s The Night - 571,602
    Empty - 567,334
    This Time - 565,302
    Come On Get Up - 536,224
    So Much Betta - 513,644
    Well Traveled - 507,679
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  13. Kishi added a post in a topic Abuse! Abandonment! Forced Imprisonment! Inside Janet’s $250 Million Divorce Battle   

    Thank you for sharing this. I got a good laugh!
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  14. Kishi added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    Yasss my hometown brought the legends out!
    I need this Maxwell and Janet collaboration. I want it to make me wet and drip down legs!!!
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  15. Kishi added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Rocco!   

    I don't pay this section much attention until this week. I've been all about the tour.
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