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  1. trackboy added a post in a topic Atlanta - Closing Night   

    Im thinking I might need to be in the building for it!
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  2. trackboy added a post in a topic PopWrapped: JANET WILL JOIN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR 2018 SB HALFTIME SHOW!   

    I would revolt if this happens. I hate Timberfake.
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  3. trackboy added a post in a topic Justin Timberlake in Talks for Super Bowl Halftime Show 2018   

    Wouldn't be the first racist thing the NFL has done. Wouldn't be the first shady act Justin has done.  Wouldn't be the first opportunistic move by Jay-Z.
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  4. trackboy added a post in a topic Janet’s At Kendrick Lamar’s Concert in LA   

    Was so sad when I heard she went to the concert. She was down the street from me twice last month and I missed her both times. UGHHHH
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  5. trackboy added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I'd pay $500 if I was maybe in the first 5 rows or so but V is like what row 24 or 25? Tuh. I don't do anything but first several rows floor seats because last Janet concert I was in like row 8 but this big 6'8 guy was in front of me the whole time so I had to really move to try and see. Seems like I'm better trying to gun for that side stage.
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  6. trackboy added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    Is it more worth it to just do standard admission. I just test runned Atlanta and the VIP packages were giving me like row v for $500 and I cannot sit in row v for half a stack.
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  7. trackboy added a post in a topic It's 4/20 everybody!!   

    For the older members of this forum - has weed always been this popular?  Im trying to pinpoint when it transcended. 
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  8. trackboy added a post in a topic Paris Desperate To Save Her ‘Total Recluse’ Aunt Janet Amid Divorce Drama   

    Paris was turning up at the Met Gala with her "best friend" 
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  9. trackboy added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    Umm what? We haven't even tore the city down yet. 
    I hope to be attending both the Los Angeles and Atlanta dates. 
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  10. trackboy added a post in a topic Anybody ever gone to Mardi Gras?   

    I've been and also been to New Orleans for non-mardi gras as well. It is quite fun.  As you mentioned, you can go to New Orleans and just eat the amazing food and be content with your life. (Although, you can probably do this on a non-mardi gras - weekend and save yourself money on travel expenses). But Mardi Gras, you will never see as many people on Bourbon street and you will see a lot of flashing but it surprisingly wasn't as much as I thought - perhaps because I was more focused on my own turn up.
    During the day there are a ton of parades that you can go to to take in the culture.
    I mean it's a lot of fun. I would recommend a trip to New Orleans always!
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  11. trackboy added a post in a topic How to Get Away With Murder season 2   

    LOVE IT!
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  12. trackboy added a post in a topic It's Scorpio Season! Zodiac Signs as Beautiful Words:   

    I absolutely love being a libra.  I don't think I am infatuated with people though. Nor do I really put a lot of stock in relationships.  I'm a little bit too selfish with my time at the moment. 
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  13. trackboy added a post in a topic She's Got To Go! God Don't Make No Garbage! Don't Come For Janet!   

    It's not that serious.  He clearly doesn't think Janet is trash because he's on an unofficial board talking about her, presumably brought the album and presumably brought concert tickets. 
    Janet needs to get well and slay and needs to take as much time off as needed to ensure that this is not a recurring theme.
    Gil being Gil I think caused these reschedules/cancels to be worse by insinuating that her medical excuses were fake.
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  14. trackboy added a post in a topic Billboards glowing review of the LA show   

    Slay my girl, slay!
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