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Everything posted by Bailey.

  1. I just started reading the article from the Washington Post, why in the hell is she going back to Austin, Texas when it was one of her worst attended dates? 4,973 / 10,560 EDIT: Okay she's going back to some of the same cities but she is playing outdoor venues so the Austin gig isnt the same venue as before I'm lovin the new pony tail fly gurl look that jacket is on point get em Janet !!
  2. well I'll be damned, she's determine to send us all into bankruptcy
  3. It's 4/20 everybody!!

    this day has actually become pot smoking day, more weed is sold today than any other day in the year according to pot industry insiders who sell legal marijuana
  4. It's 4/20 everybody!!

    I got a new hookup and she's white and makes edibles and oils and shit.....I'm sooooo stoked
  5. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    I wish to God she had of continued the AFY tour
  6. It's 4/20 everybody!!

    "Jimmy can you turn the 'wake ups' louder in the background please?" .........thank you
  7. Bigger era control or RN1814 and why

    Hell RN got me right off jump MYM and after that the rest is history 14 concerts attended over 6 tours....I lived for every moment during RN era
  8. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    AFY sold over 600k it's first week making it the fastest selling Janet album ever
  9. and Ima bout sick of ya'll flip flop vote changers
  10. Im not sending in no damn vote Ima let this shit get messy, besides I want to see clear transparency in the voting process My Favorite : "Night" Runner Up: "No Sleep"
  11. Actually Janet has performed in Africa, so the only place left is SA. I think the RN world tour speaks for itself in terms of her popularity
  12. that kiss is everything dat's mama's baby
  13. but after 2004 and during though
  14. i'll give you 1986 thus changing my time frame but not until 2004 that year and many after became the dark years
  15. where are the other sisterns they need to come through
  16. Trashe Releases Her Album & it’s predicted to TANK

    the music game is hard as shit now, even veteran acts have a hard time moving copies its more flops than successes now than ever before. She's a cute girl but there are plenty of those, she doesn't really have anything unique enough about her to cross into big numbers and sales
  17. ^^ that moment is a must for her biopic if there ever is one
  18. hell why not one more the audience wont shut up on
  19. watch this....it gives me chills
  20. i would also recommend watching Janet interviews on YT and some of her specials there is a lot there
  21. I mean this thread topic is such a loaded question because there is so much to answer that, like Austin said check that thread out. I mean there are so many stories of artists that love Janet and were inspired by her and they just wanted to meet her and when they did they end up crying and slobbing ...think about that being a living legend people just want to meet so bad