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  1. hotboy06 added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    With Janet, it could be anything tbh.  But I'm expecting some smooth rnb and some dance-y grooves.  I still want her to experiment with different sounds.  Nothing trendy like "tropical house" or whatever they are calling it.  I love her rock-ish type songs.
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  2. hotboy06 added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    The sacred time is near.

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  3. hotboy06 added a post in a topic Post When You Hear a Janet Song on the Radio   

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  4. hotboy06 added a post in a topic 2017 Oscar movies challenge!   

    Judi Dench won an Oscar for 8 minutes of screen time.  Yes, Juan was gone by Act II, but I felt he was needed throughout the movie.  I would have loved to see his interaction with Chiron when he was a teenager.  So Mahershala deserved the win because he was missed throughout the movie.  He was calm and not showy like other actors.  You could tell by his facial expressions, his mannerisms, and of course, him being a drug dealer led him to that Oscar. LMAO. 
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  5. hotboy06 added a post in a topic 2017 Oscar movies challenge!   

    Moonlight was great.  Great casting.  I love how all the "Chiron's" resembled each other throughout the movie.  I re-watched it over the weekend and it still gets me.  Juan represented masculinity at his best.  He never passed judgment on Chiron and acted as a father figure.  Most black men would have called him faggot or sissy and left him to the world.  I'm glad they showed a straight black man showing interest in a kid that happened to be gay.  Powerful.
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  6. hotboy06 added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Some of you don't know what hip hop is.  You can't use sales/charts when it comes to rap beef.  Nicki got shethered and she hasn't responded to Remy but can respond to everyone else.  Kim been told yall how Nicki was and Remy just furthered what Kim been saying. 
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  7. hotboy06 added a post in a topic The Legendary Official R I H A L L A H Thread   

    Whew.  HumanitaRIHian Goddess.

    Them students and faculty were LIVING for her. 

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  8. hotboy06 added a post in a topic 2017 Oscar movies challenge!   

    Jimmy was an alright host.  Hey, at least Justin got them stiff ass people out of their chairs..I'm glad they weren't sitting down and pretending to care.
    I'm happy for all the winners.  I guess the Best Actor category was the one to watch.  Denzel will be ok.  Emma had steam going full throttle and Natalie and Elle weren't gonna stop her.  Viola and Masherhala were expected to win.
    Of course the biggest shock of the night had to happen at the end of the telecast.  I was going to bed and then this mess about Best Picture mixup had me up for about another hour.   I even had to delete a shady tweet because I was wrong too! Something is so fishy about this whole ordeal.  Warren looked shocked and I don't think it was staged.  And it couldn't be for ratings because it was the last award of the night.  Moonlight's whole moment was stolen because of some bullshit!   But boy, was it entertaining to see LLL producers thanking everyone and they lost BP.   Class act from Horowitz but he didn't have to snatch the envelope from Warren Beatty like that.  
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  9. hotboy06 added a post in a topic The Grammy's 2017   

    Rihanna didn't win not one fucking grammy for her best album and most nominated era.
    I'm glad she took it in stride because the camera was on her all night.  Continue to use them for ratings!  Although I guess they use everyone for them. LOL.
    Anyway, this was an uneventful celebration.. didn't expect Adele to fucking sweep!  I was sure Sturgill was gonna win because Adele and Bey were gonna split the votes..but Adele is literally a grammy darling who won for a 21 type followup.
    Bruno was the best performer of the night.  He did very good.  A Tribe Called Quest brought it down too!  Chance the Rapper is too cute and had a good performance as well.
    Busta Rhymes shaded tf outta Trump!  
    Outside of Rihanna's gif worthy behavior and Bruno, they could have kept this and made it an hour show.
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  10. hotboy06 added a post in a topic New Picture of Janet in London   

    She's on the phone with the RRHOF president.   
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  11. hotboy06 added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's Photos Apart of Lawsuit   

    It's probably the ICONIC Goddess. era relic photo.
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  12. hotboy06 added a post in a topic Open Conversation: Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Concert   

    Mother Janresa.  St. Janick.  Janet Pius MDCCCXIV.  Creator of life.  Bringer of Death.               
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  13. hotboy06 added a post in a topic Open Conversation: Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Concert   

    DAMN.  I didn't expect her to beat last years numbers tbh.  Wow..that's pretty big.
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  14. hotboy06 added a post in a topic Open Conversation: Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Concert   

    She did very good.  Could have used Paparazzi in the lineup.
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  15. hotboy06 added a post in a topic Beyonce makes me appreciate Janet's seclusion   

    It was executed poorly imo.  Just a simple picture like the one where she is giving Aphrodite in the shell on water would have been good..without the flowers and shit.
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