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  1. Illi

    The Official Beyoncé Thread

    It wouldn't have mattered either way.
  2. Illi

    Janet snaps on Twitter

    But has Janet ever directly interacted with him? And did she already address it in her Billboard speech?
  3. Next stop....RIAA. One could hope....
  4. Eh, the only place where I am hearing major complaints is over at the Xone.
  5. But are the tour and festivals projects?
  6. Illi

    FYE Festival Canceled

    I was saying that the articles didn't really emphasize that. But like I said, you can look how that other festivals are shaping up.
  7. Illi

    FYE Festival Canceled

    That's my point. That's her main demo and she performed there already, so nothing won't likely really happen there outside of her control. I just don't want Janet taking heat from the fallout if it isn't warranted, but most articles I've read haven't really emphasized her being a major part of the festival.
  8. Illi

    FYE Festival Canceled

    But you can't blame her this time. I think the problem was that the founder was going through some sexual assault/harassment allegations hence the festival struggling. Hopefully Janet can just book another date. Also, if you think her demand or lack thereof is an issue, you can also see how the other festivals are shaping up. Essence is probably gonna be OK though.
  9. Illi

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    It's one of those songs that you have to "find" for it to grow on you. At first listen it seems like the beats, the song, and the ad libs run together and it comes off as a lot of noise. But once you see where the song is going, it's not too bad, it's pretty forgettable though. And who told her to do that to her lips?????
  10. There was a behind the scenes of the open auditions that aired on HBO last night.
  11. Like You Don't Love Me
  12. I mean I'll be pleasantly surprised if she does this, but I don't know why people think she's gonna patronize the media or something of that manner anytime soon. So yeah, the festivals are promoting the tour and since the tour is only a handful of cities, it seems like a launching pad for something else.
  13. I think Janet's playing chess not checkers. I think she is trying to be more ambitious about her projects and that will take more strategic execution.
  14. I think she is trying to promote a more production-driven show that appeals more to the GP. And it helps that she has the festivals to drive sales. Otherwise, I don't me much of a point doing more US shows, especially some that didn't do so great.
  15. Illi

    Janet Looking for Dancers

    I know some fans would like to get to the meat, but I think this is a very fun way to get fans engaged in the process while she is getting everything together.
  16. Illi

    JD and Janet’s music

    Her moving to Island Def Jam and ultimately recording Discipline soon after the ink dried was a bad attempt at a quick rebound from Virgin. It's not directly due to SB, but that was a part of the domino effect.
  17. Illi

    JD and Janet’s music

    I was trying to make the point Black Eagle made. Those two albums were clearly produced to be quick fixes, hence the lack of heart and direction then the failure.
  18. Illi

    JD and Janet’s music

    Eh, the fact that she was recording more frequently after that legitimizes JJATL's point.
  19. Illi

    What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    I mean IL grew on me a little, but some fans say it should have been a single. Bish whet?
  20. Illi

    What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    You know what, I change my opinion w/ CTBL. Though still forgettable, it's a cute little bop. But it's not a ballad, more mid tempo.
  21. Illi

    What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    I think IWY is decent. I don't see fans calling it some masterpiece or underrated gem though. If there's one song the fans overhype of DJ, it's Island Life. CTBL is just simply forgettable.
  22. Illi

    What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    I kinda agree with you on IGL. But it seems like some music critics want to categorize it that way. Eh. I thought IWY was one of the highlights of DJ but I didn't really think it made for a strong single.