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  1. MorganR added a post in a topic The Tour rehearsals have started...   

    It seems official that Kyndall and Taylor (The 2 younger girls) are returning for the State Of The World tour. 
    Gil's most recent tweet mentions both of the girls and the State Of The World Tour hashtag:
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  2. MorganR added a post in a topic New Kelly Alexander Interview With Jimmy Jam!   

    The Janet talk starts around 14:00 in the video.
    Essentially a summary of what Jimmy Jam talks about for those of you who don't want to listen or don't have time to listen to the interview:
    - He says Janet is his and Terry's muse and he can't think about Janet without having a song pop into his head
    - His favorite Janet song is "That's The Way Love Goes" and talks about the writing process with Janet (he's mentioned this story before)
    - And his other favorite Janet songs are "Lonely", "Empty", and "No Sleeep"
    - He says obviously working with Janet is different than working with other artists because they've worked on albums vs. others where him & Terry might just work on a song or songs
    - He plans to go to multiple tour dates on the State of The World Tour like he did on the Unbreakable Tour.
    - He says since he has known Janet for over 30 years he knows even if they have short exchanges when they communicate him and Janet appreciate/enjoy being around each other. 
    - He says they are in the brainstorming stage of the tour (obviously wasn't going to go in detail about what changes are going to be made/not made)
    - He says he feels like one of the "Luckiest Uncles in The World" because he is always getting a Facetime around 2:00 am his time from Janet and she always has Eissa in her lap. 
    -He says Eissa is "the most beautiful baby he has seen in his life" and Eissa is always happy. And says Janet is also giddy and happy with Eissa. He says it is inspirational to see that there is a whole new added element/a whole other meaning to Janet now that she is a parent.
    - He mentions George Michael and recording the song "Monkey" and how George wanted it to have elements in terms of sound of the Cool Summer Mixes of Janet's "Nasty" and "Diamonds". And says Janet & George were fans of each other's music.
    - He says to his knowledge there isn't a Janet & George Michael song even though there have been rumors of one. 
    - He said that he thinks Janet and him did see George in concert. And that he and Janet like seeing concerts together and mentions how they saw J.Cole back in 2015 in LA and how Jimmy hooked Janet up with Bruno Mars tickets overseas recently. He says Janet likes seeing other's works because as he says "Inspiration breeds Inspiration"
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  3. MorganR added a post in a topic Extra footage of the Dammn Baby MV   

    That actually isn't extra footage from the Damnn Baby video. It is a video of  2 of the behind the scenes videos released by Janet's team spliced together by one of Taylor Hatala's (one of the Unbreakable era dancers) fans. The first 25 seconds was behind the scenes released through Rolling Stone and the rest of the video is behind the scenes that  was released through Live Nation.
    Here are the Behind The Scenes videos released by Janet's Team:
    Live Nation: http://onenation.livenation.com/blog/janet-jackson-takes-you-behind-the-scenes-of-dammn-baby?st=twitter
    Rolling Stone:
    Associated Press:
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  4. MorganR added a post in a topic NEW Eissa Pics! (4/24/17)   


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  5. MorganR added a post in a topic Janet puts her Malibu house up for sale   

    Well Janet has always gone through times where she isn't in California for months at a time yet she has always had house there. Selling the beach house makes sense though since it isn't kid friendly. I mean just a few things that are noticeably not kid friendly based on the pictures of the house: low hanging lights, short railings, sliding doors,  a lot of glass, and easy access to the pool.  I imagine if Janet is going to get another house in California it will already be constructed/can be constructed more kid friendly before she moves in compared to the beach house which would need to undergo many changes to be made more kid friendly.
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  6. MorganR added a post in a topic Songwriters Hall of Fame - Jimmy & Terry INDUCTED!   

    Wissam also went to Unbreakable tour rehearsals (before and after the tour started many of the different dancers said that).  He along with Janet gifted the tour team Macbooks during one of the rehearsals before the Unbreakable tour started (You can see on a DJ Aktive Instagram picture on a small card on the bag the Macbooks were in said  - From: Wissam & Janet ). He went to an event in Tunisia with Janet back in 2010 where she was honored. He went to an amFAR event where Janet spoke.  He went to the debut of the Unbreakable Diamonds collection (granted that was in Dubai but still he went)
    Also I mean if we really want to get technical fashion shows were apart of Janet's life before Wissam. So even though he works with many of these fashion companies of the many fashion shows they have attended over the years they've been together it isn't surprising she attends the shows. I mean she was attending fashion shows/had known many of the designers for years before her & Wissam were together.
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  7. MorganR added a post in a topic Janet Called Gil on Instagram live & left a message for those who watched   

    I've watched Gil's Instagram Live sessions and he said Janet is going to share pictures of Eissa on her own terms. Gil hasn't gone in detail about any plans regarding music videos or the tour just subtly mentioned both because he knows things he says regarding them are going to be shared on forums. Gil has gone in more detail regarding stories/opinions about past tours, different Janet songs, etc.
    Gil did talk about Eissa a lot during his most recent Instagram Live. Gil said Eissa has the biggest smile, has Janet's eyes & cheeks, and Wissam's ears & lips. He also said Eissa is always hungry.  He said Katherine loves her some baby Eissa. He still can't believe Janet is a mom. He said Janet always has Eissa right there with her when Janet & him have their Facetime meetings (which are multiple times a week). Gil also said Janet loves being a mother and seems she is in her own little world with baby Eissa.
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  8. MorganR added a post in a topic Janet Called Gil on Instagram live & left a message for those who watched   

    Janet didn't call Gil during Instagram Live but texted Gil while he was on Instagram Live. He said he was on Instagram Live and that Janet asked on the text how the fans were. Then she texted back that she missed the fans. She later went on again to text she misses and loves the fans very much. Gil talked about Janet and Eissa for awhile yesterday on Instagram Live.
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  9. MorganR added a post in a topic New Picture of Janet in London   

    2 more pictures of Janet in London 

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  10. MorganR added a topic in All About Janet   

    New Picture of Janet in London

    Katherine and Rebbie are there as well

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  11. MorganR added a post in a topic The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition   

    Women dancing to "Nasty" at the Women's March today in Washington, D.C.
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  12. MorganR added a post in a topic The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition   

    Janet's "Together Again" was performed on Idols South Africa
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