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  1. Beat added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    Woo y'all can come out now.
    No longer do you have to pretend his big-nosed ass was cute beyond a quick once-and-done glance. No longer do you have to pretend to be happy for her while she cancels yet another tour. No longer do you have to pretend like you give a fuck about anything but another album. 
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  2. Beat added a post in a topic Twenty Foreplay   

    The album version is heavenly. The single edit, even with the extra verse, is neutered. It took everything that was special about it about it and turned it into average bland 90s R&B.
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  3. Beat added a post in a topic What Janet album took the longest to grow on you?   

    Discipline is trash from beginning to end as a Janet album, but it's enjoyable enough if you ignore that it was from someone who is supposed to be so involved in her craft and puts out albums that are "about where she is at that point in her life". For me, it will never grow to be anything beyond a collection of songs by a great artist who was on a creative break at that moment.
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  4. Beat added a post in a topic Damn baby instrumental   

    I had the opposite reaction. I love the song, but repeat plays really lend themselves to the realization that the vocals are really kind of irritating. The male voice refrain is annoying, and Janet's garbled verses are a shame. This is kind of her worst vocal production since the dire Weekend, and that's a shame because the lyrics are great.
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  5. Beat added a post in a topic Janet tweets about Tito   

    I would be irked that she's promoting her siblings when they don't reciprocate, but since their promo would be worthless anyway, I guess it's a mute point.
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  6. Beat added a post in a topic After you Fall (GMDZ Classic Mix) #UnbreakableBRASIL   

    I kind of classified this song as "un-remixable" like some of her other ballads or midtempos. The I Want You remixes were total off-tempo garbage and the only decent remix of With U I ever heard was an unofficial one by the long-lost Juanki. This is actually kind of cute though.
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  7. Beat added a post in a topic James DeBarge Slanders Janet [again]   

    LOL. Any rumor out there about Janet silencing people is automatically invalid since this deluded crackhead comes out every few years with the same bullshit. If she wanted to shut people up, this fool would have been eliminated 20 years ago.
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  8. Beat added a post in a topic What was..   

    Last GREAT video? Probably SOAG. It had a concept and an aesthetic that worked all around, and that's something that's been missing for a long time.
    JALW was dumb.
    IWY was pointless.
    AN(DS) was lackluster.
    COM was wasted money.
    So Excited was AN(DS) 2.0. Trash.
    Feedback was absolute garbage save for the last 20 seconds. The only thing saving it from being her worst video ever is that sequence, which was obviously better than Nothing.
    RWU was okay. The flooreography is utter nonsense, and there's that drag queen lookalike that fools you in the 360 orgy shot, but it's cute for a low-budget video.
    Make Me was cute, not great.
    Nothing was nothing.
    No Sleeep had moments but it was basically crap.
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  9. Beat added a post in a topic Secret video filmed?   

    They recycled her parts into a Sidekick.
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  10. Beat added a post in a topic everyone hates 20 y.o   

    Plenty of NOs has some songs that are pretty close to genuine Janet. Direplan is just mediocre trash all the way through. 
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  11. Beat added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Sales Thread   

    It's true that Janet is uninterested in this stuff but since artists don't apply for certifications, labels do, this is one thing she can't be blamed for. Universal has no vested interest in paying for certifications for artists that are no longer signed to any of the labels under their umbrella.
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  12. Beat added a post in a topic Is Parris Goebel Directing Janet's Next Video?   

    Hopefully it's not for BUI. That ship has sailed.
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  13. Beat added a post in a topic Burnitup! Remixes   

    I actually like all of these mixes. We're a long way from the flawless 90s house remixes of the janet. and TVR eras, but these are actually the first set of remixes in a long time that I can actually use. AFY era mixes were spotty at best. Damita Jo had some nice JALW mixes, but the only good All Nite mixes were basically just extended versions, and I Want You was incapable of being decently remixed. 20 had a few cute mixes of COM, but everything else was trash. All Feedback remixes were basically officially-commissioned noise, and I don't remember even hearing a Rock With U remix. That said, if the Naughty Boy remix is really what they intend to use as the single version in the UK, as certain rumors would have it, that is a huge misstep. That version is going absolutely nowhere in that market.
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  14. Beat added a post in a topic "How Janet Jackson took control again with Jam and Lewis"   

    On the other hand, this has been her most fulfilling era TO ME since All For You, because no amount of interviews focusing on the same few questions, 20 magazine covers, or "video diaries" could make up for the fact that after two weeks the newness of the music wore off and I realized that none of those albums felt like genuine extensions of Janet's artistry. Y'all can stan for SloLove, Enjoy, and whatever generic trash you liked from Discipline, but none of it felt completely right. As much as I love watching/reading a Janet interview, I'll take a solid album over 100 interviews and a low-budget video any day.
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