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  1. LawdToday added a post in a topic Janet Demos   

    iconic hjkhgjkhgjk
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  2. LawdToday added a post in a topic Rhythm Nation on "The Voice" Finale   

    That choreo is really amazing help
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  3. LawdToday added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    buy me a ticket and I'll fly out there <3
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  4. LawdToday added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    Also PRESSED I'm not in St. Louis anymore that venue was perfect. So small. Great view anywhere. 
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  5. LawdToday added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    She is going to the Hollywood bowl but I feel weird having my first Janet concert in an outdoor venue. Is that crazy?
    I think I'll just see her in Anaheim. 
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  6. LawdToday added a post in a topic Paris Desperate To Save Her ‘Total Recluse’ Aunt Janet Amid Divorce Drama   

    every time i see that cap I crack tf upppppp
    what a great twitter moment
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  7. LawdToday added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Proof? Not being shady I just am curious if she really owns her masters.
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  8. LawdToday added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    It honestly may have to do with label drama. Most vintage Virgin artists/releases are missing on Vevo/Official Youtube. 
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  9. LawdToday added a post in a topic Doesn't Really Matter is a Marvel of Modern Pop Songwriting   

    Before he come in here to troll, fuck ya Austin !
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  10. LawdToday added a topic in All About Janet   

    Doesn't Really Matter is a Marvel of Modern Pop Songwriting
    Think of your favorite pop song (not by Janet). Now think of the song structure and the parts that make it great. Nice melody? Simple lyrics? Typical song structure.
    Now let's get to Doesn't Really Matter by Janet Jackson and have your mind blown on what a pop song is supposed to sound like.
    (excuse any typos it is 5 am lololol)

    Now lets give DRM some context because it's important. The new millennium is approaching and so is a new sound in pop music. Janet is coming off her most introspective album to date which left a heavy cloud over the Janet brand. The Velvet Rope is full of moody urban sounds and intense lyrical content in a sea full of happy-go-lucky teeny-bopper garbage and because of this the album suffered to sell as well as previous efforts.
    Janet has an amazing (?) opportunity to be in the sequel to the Nutty Professor. The perfect platform to launch her new uplifting pop sound! Janet goes to the producers to suggest she be apart of the soundtrack and OF COURSE they oblige! 
    Now let's take a gander at the SOUND that is ruling radio rn:
    This Max Martin sound was a complete 180 sonically of what Janet was making on TVR. Queen had to step it up to ASSERT her dominance over these little kids. Now, Janet being the mf star she was could have went to Max Martin herself for an easy Bonafide hit. Nah. Janet is a Loyal Taurean Queen. She enlists her longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis to replicate this sound and show Max how it should be done.
    The Song
    Let's get into this shall we? I present to you, Doesn't Really Matter.
    As a faithful Janet listener in 1999, I'm sure this was a breath of fresh air when you heard it. Immediately, Janet's soft coos over the eastern asian elements (that would later define All For You) put you in a state of bliss.
    Now, I say this is a marvel of modern pop songwriting not because of subject matter. A person telling their lover that their appearance doesn't mean a thing; it's about theor inner beauty. It's simple. Borderline corny even? But it works.
    Let's breakdown the song structure. It seems pretty normal from the first minute or so. 
    Intro - Verse - Pre-Chorus - Chorus... Post-Chorus?
    Now WAIT! What song you know has a post-chorus? Is that even a thing? The part of the song I'm referring to:
    Interesting. Perfect set-up for the second verse. Let's continue:
    2nd Verse - Pre-Chorus - Chorus - Post-Chorus - Bridge (Yasssss) - Pre-Chorus - Chorus...
    Now this is where the modern pop song would end, but wait... Janet has more for us?
    *KEY CHANGE* Chorus... WAIT. Is this a new refrain???
    It sure the fuck isssss!
    W O W. Mind blown! But why?? It came from a creative conflict during the early stages of the song. The melody was set, but Janet came up with the Doesn't Really Matter concept and refrain, while Jimmy came up with the Nutty Nutty Nutty my love for you. Janet loved the idea and incorporated it into the song as a second refrain. Genius. 
    Finally, as our wig is in orbit from the songwriting miracle she just unleashed upon us, the song goes into a euphoric chant of lovestruck "Oh's" as a counter-melody tpo the refrain tro which she then stacks it under the final chorus of the song which leads us into the outro.
    "I'm Always doing that *chuckle*" she exclaims as the last strand of hair from our scalp is yanked off to the beat of the song's end. 
    As with ANY Janet x JJ&TL collaboration, the mix of background vocals, harmonies, sounds etc. really make the song. I really wish we had stems of this masterpiece so we could really dissect how intricate this song really is. For now, all we have is this fan mix of filtered vocals. Second best. 
    Final Thoughts
    The lyrics, song structure, and intricate workings of the song all work in unison. These elements all mix to create the perfect mood. Euphoric, irresistible, and undeniable. The concept is simple but it's perfectly embellished. With so many factors at play, it would be easy for a song like this to sound noisy and all over the place, but under the direction of an artist like Janet, it sounds perfect. True genius! Janet shattered the Max Martin sound and showed she wasn't going to be some washed up diva who's last hit would be in the 90s. This was the perfect entrance into the new millennium for a woman who has such a sonically diverse catalog. Another notch on the belt. This small hit (3 weeks at #1 ain't too shabby?) set the stage for All For You to be the massive success it was. 
     All of this Brilliance for a shitty soundtrack feature ? Only Janet. (and to think we didn't even touch on the iconic video??)
    Another chapter in the Genius of Janet Jackson!
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  11. LawdToday added a post in a topic JANET SPOTTED @ BRUNO MARS CONCERT IN LONDON!   

    Bruno Mars is a tribute act lmao
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  12. LawdToday added a post in a topic Paris Desperate To Save Her ‘Total Recluse’ Aunt Janet Amid Divorce Drama   

    don't let them pls.
    is so iconic Sdfghjfdghjkgfdghj
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  13. LawdToday added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    I just felt that a lot of their production on Unbreakable sounded cheap... and that is never good! Leads to a poor shelf life. 
    JJ & TL were master chameleons of genre and have always been able keep up with the times sonically. Which is why I'm ??? at the way some of the tracks came out.
    The tracks with superb production (Unbreakable, Night, Dammn Baby) they had co-producers who essentially did the song lmao
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  14. LawdToday added a post in a topic Janet on Spotify   

    Been like that since the beginning of spotify tbh
    It's an amazing song and definitely is the mold for any progressive R&B Track. Just suck they didn't see the genius when it came out! 
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  15. LawdToday added a post in a topic Janet on Spotify   

    He really is wild ghjkgfhjkhgfhjk
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