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  1. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Are her boobs real?   

    Yes, Janet has breast implants. I remember reading back when her and Rene were divorcing that she got them done in 1991.
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  2. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic NEW PIX (6/16) - Janet Glowing at Divorce Proceedings   

    Lmao! I can't with you!
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  3. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic NEW PIX (6/16) - Janet Glowing at Divorce Proceedings   

    She looks happy while Wissam looks sad...
    And  this may explain why she couldn't make the ceremony for Jimmy and Terry.
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  4. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Jimmy and Terry Song Writers Hall of Fame....   

    Considering Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are the team that put her on the map and vise verses. She should definitely be there are sent something!!!! This is huge for them and they would definitely be there for her induction. She should definitely be there for them. Those guys are like family to her....hell they seem to be more supportive of her then her own family have been.
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  5. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic MJ fans are dragging Janet in this thread   

    I see this sh*t all the time.  Prince. Org and Lipstick alley come to mind. I used to go back and forth all the time.  But these last few months I do very little. Their opinions won't change and neither will mine.  So it's useless. The only Jackson family member that I side eye is Latoya.  The others I don't really care to drag... For what?  A couple of years ago I saw one MJ stan say Janet should have died instead of MJ.... Bish... I went the fu*k off.... I was so pissed!!!!! 
    And don't let Janet appear on a list above MJ....they will lose their mines.  It doesn't matter that 5 other artist are before him... They only question the reason why Janet is above him. 
    Over on Twitter a video was posted of Selena (not Selena Gomez)  singing "Billie Jean". Selena starts off by saying "It's a song by Janet Jackson's brother". People were really upset because Selena referred to MJ as Janet's brother.... As if Janet isn't always referred to as Michael's sister.  He can get just like she has gotten it. 
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  6. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Janet Coming to Netflix??   

    Well if this is true.....I guess I will be getting Netflix again! I had it a couple of years ago....I didn't get the hype so I had my hubby pull the plug. But if Janet is doing this I will watch. I'm glad she is doing the docu-series and not what Mariah did with Mariah's world.
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  7. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Literally got my Janet wallpaper...   

    This looks like the bathroom at Ms. Tootsies!!!!
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  8. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition   

    Tiny is full of sh*t!!! Lol! Zonique is lazy asf too. 
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  9. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic How Kevin Garnett Almost Missed Out on $126 Million Contract   

    Lol! Kevin loves him some Janet! I remember Jimmy saying that when Kevin would come to his home in Minn. Kevin always wanted to sleep in the room where Janet would sleep when she was in town. 
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  10. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Janet Jackson Is 'Ecstatic' About Celebrating Her First Mother's Day With Son Eissa, Source Says   

    Janet may live in the UK now but she grew up and spent most of her life here in America. So her celebrating Mother's Day in May rather than March makes sense. 
    I've been hearing that Randy actually lives with Janet. The funny thing is that the other Jackson brothers will start touring in Europe in the Summer.  While Janet will start in North America in September.  I wonder why Randy never tours with his brothers.  He seems to be closer to his little sister than his big brothers. Hell he will most likely be paid more money babysitting his little nephew than touring with his brothers.  Anyway I'm glad he is there for Janet. 
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  11. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Paris Desperate To Save Her ‘Total Recluse’ Aunt Janet Amid Divorce Drama   

    This is some bullshit! RadarOnline strikes again. Weren't they the same ones who said that Paris refused to come to Janet's $20 million wedding....only to find out later that Janet was already married. Sorry to say but I think Janet should keep her distance from Paris. Paris not to long ago had that racist ass boyfriend living in the house the Jacksons were raised in. This is the same chick who described the Jacksons as her "colored" family. She is also attention starved. Latoya 2.0 has arrived!!!
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  12. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Baby Eissa: How are you feeling today?   

    3 sleepy as hell....even tho I just took a 2 hour nap. He is adorable!
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  13. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    damn! If the hat it over $300 how much is the outfit and shoes. And he will wear that hat probably this one time only. Rich people....chile.
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  14. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    Well the sh*t sorta pissed me off because he was saying that Janet fans are hippocrates because we were the same ones saying that Mj's kids weren't his bio kids because they appeared to be white so it was our Karma. So I then was explaining to him that Mj kids not looking like him was only one part of the puzzle. I wasn't gonna say anything until I saw another Mj stan come in with the same fu*k sh*t
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  15. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    I just had to get one them together over on Prince. org. He brought the sh*t up about Janet not receiving the same level of backlash that MJ did for his kids appearing to be white. I told him the reason people think that is not only because they don't look like him but because of the other mess surrounding that whole situation. He started the sh*t so I finished it!!! 
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