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  1. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic DNA test confirm that James Debarge is NOT the father of Tiffany Whtye... Chile...   

    He got paid.  That was probably the most money he has gotten in years..... 
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  2. BlackCat1989 added a topic in All About Janet   

    DNA test confirm that James Debarge is NOT the father of Tiffany Whtye... Chile...
    Lmao!  I know we all knew but this is just hilarious to me.  But I'll bet these results won't get around as much as the lie did.  That Debarge mother is a damn mess!  The lengths this woman has went through. Oh and Inside Edition owes Janet a huge apologize but I doubt she will get it or a mention of these results.  The ladies of The Talk even discussed this yesterday. 
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  3. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    Bunny said that there have been about 10-12 girls claiming to be Janet's. So yeah, Janet's  Will will need to be in order. When this chick said she is the heir to Janet's legacy you just knew what it was about. Who talks like that about a living person.
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  4. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    Yeah, I knew it was a scam. Mama D's relatives out here saying the girl took advantage of her when it was Mama D who has taken advantage of this girl. While I was on Twitter another girl who knows Tiffany told me that Tiffany has always been strange and she is lying about Janet being her mother. The boyfriend said that they are greedy and need money. 
    I wonder if RadarOnline will actually post those results. Because the story they posted today is saying that Janet has a daughter but it's not Tiffany. 
    James was recorded saying if they had a daughter he would have made sure he was in her life. And I'm like I guess you would have considering who the mother is. Mind you his other daughter has said that he wasn't present for majority of her life. Janet was the best thing that happened to this family. She keeps a check in their pockets. Mama D, Bunny, and Kristinia have all been on I.E. in the last couple of months due to Janet. Nothing to do with themselves.
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  5. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    Yeah, it did. She left the part out about the abortion tho. 
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  6. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic If you were Janet for a day....   

    I'd kiss and stare at my baby boy all day. This would be the most important thing in my life right now.
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  7. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    Bunny Debarge is supposed to be on Inside Edition today apologizing to Janet.....I guess everybody gotta get on TV to discuss this now. 
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  8. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    I don't care how nice she was. She is still out here trying to use Janet as a come up. Janet has absolutely nothing to do with her. She is still on the shit list. Whatever went on between James and Janet was between them.
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  9. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    James is "hurt" but that didn't stop his ass from going on Growing up hip hop saying some of the same mess that his mother was saying. And Bunny is right this story has been abused but by the Debarge family.  The Jacksons NEVER speak on this.  It's always the Debarges.  They have used this story to profit off of Janet for over 3 decades.  Which is sad considering the fact that they have their own legacy in the music industry.  But the only time I hear about them is when it's pertaining to Janet and this story. James needs to get his life together the people closest to him have always said that he never got over the break up between him and Janet. He's been stuck for over 30 years even his other kids can't get through to him.  Leave Janet alone because clearly she moved on along time ago..... 
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  10. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic What TV Shows Are You Into Now?   

    I could never get into Scandal...I never liked the fact that Olivia's smart beautiful ass was always reduced to the President's side chick... I just don't see the hype. 
    I like HTGAWM but the constant going back in forth through time turned me off.
    The Walking Dead is still currently my favorite. But it's also started to bore me a bit.
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  11. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Trump: Our National Disgrace. FBI Director confirms investigation involving Trump/Russia   

    lmao! I dislike Trump with a passion but that muthafu*ker is entertaining as hell. I'm watching his ass live right now talking about fake news. He shading the hell out of CNN, Hillary and Don L. These news anchors love this mess....it gives them something to talk about each and every day and night.
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  12. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Trump: Our National Disgrace. FBI Director confirms investigation involving Trump/Russia   

    They gonna end up letting all of sh*t leak. I look at the news everyday and still can't believe Trump is the President.
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  13. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic New Picture of Janet in London   

    lmao! You ain't sh*t!! I hope Janet is taking care of business concerning Ms. Katherine. It pisses me off that Trent's ass is abusing her.
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  14. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's Photos Apart of Lawsuit   

    I saw this on my goggle alert this morning.  I wanted to read the rest but they wanted me to sign up.  So I was like hell naw. I would like to see the pics they are talking about.  I love Janet,  The X-files,  and Xena! 
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  15. BlackCat1989 added a post in a topic Beyonce makes me appreciate Janet's seclusion   

    Well I am one of those fans who found those nude spreads Janet did in the 20 Y.NO era distasteful and tacky. Janet could have kept that entire era to herself.
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