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  1. JoeJoe added a post in a topic DNA test confirm that James Debarge is NOT the father of Tiffany Whtye... Chile...   

    and for his dumb ass to even go there. He knew damn well he wasn't her damn daddy
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  2. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

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  3. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Looks like Remy took another L when she guest starred on "Empire" the other night. Hot ass mess lol. She's just not good at all which is why she never has and never will blow up.
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  4. JoeJoe added a post in a topic The last movie you saw at home/cinema - MOST POPULAR THREAD 2013/14   

    I saw Logan and I give it an A+ and trust and believe i've been tired of Wolverine shoved down our throats years and years. I became sick of him but this movie was just good from beginning to end. I think being rated R is what did it. It showed more personality and depth of his character although he and Xavier are old in this movie. Speaking of Xavier, i've never seen his powers put on display like this. This man could even kill Jean if he wanted to.
    Also I just saw "Get Out" and I can definitely understand why rotten tomatoes gave it an 99% rating. It's good all around also and i'm happy this is a success or Jordan Peele from the Key and Peele comedy show who are known for their Mad TV skits. Budget for it was only $4.5 million and it's already made over $110 million. 
    Both movies are a definite buy on dvd.
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  5. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Breaking News!!! Remy is still flopping while Nicki is breaking records with no album out
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  6. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

  7. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Official "X-Men" Thread X-Men: Apocalypse in theatres this weekend!!! Already $100 million overseas   

    Are you sure it's really better than Arrow? Arrow is my shit lol. I think anything can be better than Supergirl. Did you see Logan? It was a really good movie and trust me normally i'd be sick of Wolverine cause they throw him down our throats so much but this one was really good. It showed Xavier's powers in a more awesome way than ever. Hell his brain was declared a Mass weapon of destruction in the movie.
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  8. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Remy's career has been dead on arrival so why hasn't any of her numbers gone up? Y'all stuck in the past. Let me put it like this. Remy was out before Nicki wasn't she? Why wasn't she selling like the other girls? Why wasn't she on top like Kim, Foxy, Queen Latifah, or anyone else. For fucks say Khia's ugly ratchet ass even had her album go Gold  but yet Remy still sits uncertified and she's been in the industry or over a decade. In fact when Remy released her first album Nicki was still releasing mix tapes and hadn't blown up yet. Remy had plenty of time to reach that pinnacle that Nicki is on but she was never good enough. Nicki's mixtapes got her more attention than Remy having Big Pun and the Terror Squad to help get her to a bigger status. That ain't Nicki fault. Then Nicki didn't release anything for 2 years and Remy still couldn't do anything. You say Nicki sells cause she's pop but Kim, Foxy, and Queen sold with their street/hood rap. Why can't Remy? Oh it's cause she just ain't good enough and never will be. 
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  9. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Janet puts her Malibu house up for sale   

    The interior of the house looks great as well as the patio but the pool area is just a no lol.
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  10. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Looks like Remy Nah's diss ain't doing nothing for her meanwhile Nicki's "Pink Friday" which came out in 2010 went up in sales 81% and "Pink Print" went up 79%.
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  11. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    The overuse of this emoticon in this thread is hilarious . Anyway where is Remy now? Nicki is booked and doing shows without an album and Remy is home still trying to figure out how to pay off the rest of her restitution
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  12. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Waiting on you Remy? She can make more money doing this that she will the rest of her career if she succeeds. Hell this money is more than her networth lol
    Minaj then offered Remy half a million dollars if she could accomplish the following: 1) drop a hit within 72 hours and 2) book a show and interview without referencing her "shETHER" target.
    "Now I got a countdown of my own for Shenehneh. U got 72 hours to drop a hit and I'll give you half a million dollars if u can book ANY show or interview w/o mentioning the Queen name." 
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  13. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    She's global baby! Haters can only dream of it. Also none of those songs are pop.

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  14. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Boy bye! You continue putting words in my mouth as if it makes it true. Nowhere did I mention sales. You're the one who mentioned sales. Until I see the word "sales" in my quotes that you originally quoted the first time then you're response is invalid. Nicki's verse on "Monster" kills anything Remy Nah, Remy Flop, or whatever you wanna call her has ever done. Everybody on here knows you've never liked Nicki since her arrival so as i've said before you're gonna find any and everything you can say to dismiss her. Oh and it doesn't look like she's dead in the hip hop world to me. A flop dissing someone on a record doesn't mean they killed somebody's career. You should know better than to even say something like that. Tupac dissed Kim bad as fuck with his diss but does that mean he killed her career? Like I said even without sales Nicki >>>>>>>>>>>> Remy. Before this diss you and no one else gave a damn about Remy. Remy dissed other female rappers but you didn't care then did you? You only care now cause it's against Nicki lol. Not Nicki's fault she can cross over. Hell Nicki's Pinkprint album was mostly hip hop and it still outsold anything Remy has ever done. Remy can't compete and her bars always sucked.

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  15. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    where again? Nothing you quoted mentioned sales. Try again. Nicki >>>>>>>>>>> Remy means exactly that. Sales don't have to be mentioned which they weren't anyway. 
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