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  1. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Janet's team talk with Sway!   

    I'm sorry but i'm not watching this. If Janet can't talk to the fans herself then I don't need to see her crew talking about her ongoings unless it's Jimmy or Terry.

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  2. JoeJoe added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    Was he really that rude to tell fans to stop asking or was that you adding your own 2 cents in?  
    They ain't gon ever learn. He doesn't know everything like they think he does. Remember a few months before Janet released the "Unbreakable" album Gil stated he hadn't seen or talked to Janet in a while.
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  3. JoeJoe added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread   

    I wanna see the full list cause if they only have this 1 Janet performance on the list then I know the top 10 is gonna be bullshit. Even her "Control" performance was much better than her 2009 performance.
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  4. JoeJoe added a post in a topic "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!   

    You just gave a spoiler! I'm not even reading the rest until I see the movie. Next time put "SPOILERS" before you start typing 

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  5. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Abuse! Abandonment! Forced Imprisonment! Inside Janet’s $250 Million Divorce Battle   

    I've noticed her hands look aged but that's part of life but yeah I saw that collapsed nose and some Janet hater decided to bring that shit to the Hollywood Tea && Gossip fb group and we lit that ass up.
     I died laughing. I was like "that's petty as fuck!" lol
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  6. JoeJoe added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I've been saying that since Maxwell dropped his first cd. I was in love with it and always wanted him and Janet to make an R&B smash together
    The blue jeans and white top looks better lol. She's definitely singing "Dammn Baby" live. You can hear it at the :43 second mark
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  7. JoeJoe added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I know Naomi's ass better not be sitting her rich ass in some halfway nosebleed seats to see Janet. Anyway I'm hearing the Brooklyn Barclay's Center was sold out. Capacity 18,000.
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  8. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Rocco!   

    awe that was so cute Kishi. I love how you're a month behind but still came in to say HB
    Boy where you even live other than in a milkshake. I just read your profile and you is sooooooooo nasty  
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  9. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Janet at Out100 Event   

    IDK if it's common or not but I used to be able to look at only about 5 and just be ready to go but nah it's certain things I need to see and certain positions. I won't give too much detail but I don't get turned on by somebody bending over and getting f****d anymore. 
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  10. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Janet at Out100 Event   

    I don't and I never have. I watch stuff on my laptop from time to time and i'm picky. I can literally look through 20 videos before I find one that actually turns me on.
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  11. JoeJoe added a post in a topic It's 4/20 everybody!!   

    legal in cali too. I think you can grow up to 4 plants too
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  12. JoeJoe added a post in a topic How many true friends would you say you have?   

    Yup you are 100% correct. He has hurt and disappointed me.The thing is i've already had talks with him about this matter more than once. I don't want any "best friends" who every time they're talking to someone they push their real friends to the side. Nope I refuse to deal with it. His ex never pushed his friends aside when he was dating Diego. In fact they would all hang out together. I've told Diego the same exact words i'm saying now about not pushing friends to the side because who's gonna be there when it's all said and done. I'm done talking to him about the same thing over and over again so it's best for me to just demote him to "good friend" that way I can't be disappointed anymore. Nando actually texted me yesterday asking if my fb post was about Diego and I told him it's about Diego and 1 other friend. He said "Yeah Diego asked me if the post was about him." I told him not to tell Diego, he'll just have to figure it out. It's clear he knows it's about him.
    Oh my you're bold   The boldest thing i've done was purposefully look at their crotch at let them see me doing it. With 2 others i've lifted up their shirt to look at their crotch. They would laugh cause they couldn't believe I just did that. These are str8 friends by the way lol. I think i'd get too shy to do all of what you as far asking them about their sexual fantasies and stuff unless I have a bit of alcohol.
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  13. JoeJoe added a post in a topic How many true friends would you say you have?   

    I agree. I think as we get older the bolder we get with expressing ourselves. Diego and I are the opposite. We are both texters lol. We've literally texted each other for hours. I only talk on the phone with certain people. One is my Aunt and the other is my sister. A lot of times it's just not anything worthy of calling anybody to chat about. I realized recently that apparently i'm not  as much of a priority to Diego especially us living that close. If you have time to hit up everybody else and hang out with them especially out of town then i'm not much of a best friend to you as I thought I was. Now i'm comfortable with it. I've always told my close friends i'm fine if we don't hang out all the time but at least try to keep in contact. I found myself always being the one reaching out to spend time. We used to hang out and he'd vent to me about things and i'd listen and give advice. IDK what's change but after seeing for myself he actually does have time but chooses to kick it with others and not one of his so called best friends I was through. I totally agree with the only keeping in touch through text or online. Only way that would work for me is if you're out of state and of course we'd talk a few times on the phone.
    Nando, Diego, and I used to always group text. Well last week Nando who lives almost 2hrs away made another attempt for Diego to hang out with us and even told Diego that Andrew(Diego's ex) is welcome to join. He invited Andrew cause Diego's been hanging out with him lately and I guess he figured that would finally get Diego to come and hang out with us. Well I jumped in and added "Boy Diego doesn't even hang out with us so what makes you think Andrew will?" Well later on Diego hits me up solo chat and asks how my week is going and then asked if I wanna go out and have a drink. I ignored him and didn't respond til the next day. I'm way too smart for that buddy. You only offered to hang out after all this time because of what I said in group chat. If you feel like you're pressured to hang out then you can keep it boo cause I don't want it. I still love you but I see where we stand and I don't have time. Pretty sad I feel closer to Nando than I do Diego and i've been knowing Diego for 10yrs and only been hanging out with Nando not even a year yet although i've kept in contact with Nando for about 2-3yrs. I told him i'm fine with going on our group trips like we've always done with us 3 but that I will no longer make effort to invite Diego.
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  14. JoeJoe added a post in a topic How many true friends would you say you have?   

    You and I are alike in that way. I'm attracted to a lot of my male friends and i'd never tell them "no sex, no friendship." Funny thing is that i've told a few of my str8 friends i'm attracted to them. Well i've actually said it in a dirtier way to some of them lol. Some laugh, some flirt back, and of course you get some who give you the "If I were gay" or "If I swung that way". As for the communication thing, I'm a texter and I don't like talking on the phone but I do expect effective communication and for us to at least hang out sometimes. Catch a movie or go have some drinks and/or food or just simply hang out at one another's place. Now my friend Diego lives about a 5-8 minute drive down the street from me. I haven't seen him since August 26th but he's been going other places like SF and movies with other people. There's no reason why we live in the same town and literally a few minutes from each other and we haven't hung out in going on 3 months. 
    Diego claims i'm one of his best friends but I don't want any best friends like that. I've literally hung out more with my other friends Nando and Larry who both live about 2hrs away from me. That's pretty sad and the older I get the less time I have for b.s. like that. I no longer consider him one of my best friends. He's now just a good friend. This way I won't keep being disappointed by him.
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