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  1. JoeJoe added a post in a topic NEW Eissa Pics! (4/24/17)   

    Awe cute little stinky man!!! Looks like he'll have Janet's lips cause Wissam ain't got none.
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  2. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Live Nation Sued Over Unbreakable tour   

    Yup. That's the case for most companies 
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  3. JoeJoe added a post in a topic What TV Shows Are You Into Now?   

    I missed the episode with Rihanna! I heard it was good. I'm gonna have to try to find the name of that episode cause I heard she did a really good job.
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  4. JoeJoe added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Yup and she still could be ruling over there but idk about now cause so many said they were never buying another ticket to her show after what she did. Hopefully the baby makes them change their minds.
    Exactly! I've been saying this since 2004! International territories embrace our favorite music superstars more than we do. Janet should've left us alone until we got our act together. Get your international fanbase back girly! lol
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  5. JoeJoe added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Exactly! Janet could've gone on plenty of shows, done radio interviews, or just perform at an event where she doesn't even have to give an interview just in case she wasn't wanting to talk about her personal life. As for the baby you're right, that's more important, but she should've done that first instead of even going on tour. I've been saying that since the beginning. It's not cute to get fans riled up and exited you're going on tour but secretly you're knowing you are working on a family and as soon as you find out you're pregnant then you're gonna stop. Don't even announce a tour until you get yourself situated. Fans have been waiting for her for 6yrs to see her tour again and those fans overseas have probably been waiting for a decade or more.I think she will release a duet with Beyonce (possibly about motherhood)

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  6. JoeJoe added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Janet was only Blacklisted in America. Nothing was stopping her from going overseas. Internationally no one cared what happened during the superbowl. They saw the Queen tear that stage down with a great performance. Her concert tickets would've sold out immediately after the superbowl. Anybody would be crazy to think otherwise.
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  7. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Let's all hold hands and pray that Janet completes this tour
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  8. JoeJoe added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    well postpone. People can respect it and still be upset and people should respect that fans have the right to be upset just like Janet had the right to "postpone". You can't just be like "Oh well fuck them". All fans shouldn't be expected to react the same way. We can't pretend Janet has 0 part of her now well known reputation for cancelling and postponing tours. I understand the baby thing but she should've toured for Damita Jo and 20 Y.O.. If Madonnasaur old ass can pull off complete tours then Janet definitely can being she's younger and better at performing.
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  9. JoeJoe added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    good reviews doesn't stop anything from flopping. In my opinion she didn't flop in the U.S. but she definitely flopped outside of that. I like this album much better than TVR. I just hope her fans embrace her again because she's lost a lot of fans due to her cancelling on people who were ready to embrace her again after being gone for so long. Especially the overseas fans. IDGAF about the US fans but the fans overseas I would hope embrace her again even after what she did.
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  10. JoeJoe added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    If she doesn't promote her music and stop letting her legacy fade cause trust me it definitely has been fading and not cause of the superbowl. It's part of her own doing continuously playing hide and seek. I love this woman and I don't like seeing her just let her legacy fade like she's been doing since she got with wissam. You can attend Paris fashion shows but not promote your album? I wanna her to shine this time. It was so embarrassing me talking to people about how I went to her show and people were like "Oh I didn't know she had new music out" or "Oh I didn't know she was touring." SMH
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  11. JoeJoe added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    you and the other 90% of Janet fans
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  12. JoeJoe added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    I just find it sad that Unbreakable didn't get the proper promotion due to Janet herself. I think it's one of her best albums and it's her highest scoring album on Metacritic. To sit there and let it disappear the way it did is annoying to me. Anyway I can't wait to see her front row again. Janet you better promote this new music. Shit last time you didn't do anything. No tv shows, no live performances outside of the tour, no interviews, and a huge mistake on your part was not doing the Iheartmusic festival. That was just
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  13. JoeJoe added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    I really don't care how you feel lol. Anyway why not show her baby instead of having paparazzi trying to go crazy and snap pics themselves like they did when Michael tried hiding his kids. She posted her baby pic in her home but why did Wissam post his. Nobody cares about him.
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  14. JoeJoe added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    Janet took a pic with her baby in the privacy of her own home, not a pic of her holding the baby in the park where anyone could see him.
    Yup. Wissam was trippin'. That baby was like 

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  15. JoeJoe added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    Thank you. I don't know anybody who'd do as much as have a moving company with trucks move their stuff from the home they were living in with their husband just for publicity. I do however think Wissam's photo is staged. He did that right after Janet posted her pic of her and the baby. IDK why he decided to do it.
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