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  1. JoeJoe added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I love it!!! After L.A. she's gonna be headed to Fresno Sunday where i'll be seeing her and my Janet fan friend David. Then 9 days later i'm seeing her again lol
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  2. JoeJoe added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    I came from where tf I wanted to and said what I said. That's pretty much it. Maybe you should go back into your safe space if you can't handle what other people's religious beliefs. IDGAF about Game and I think you know that. He was just an example of an idiot. You said "dumb ideas" referring to believing in Jesus, therefore calling people who believe in him dumb. I won't be responding to this anymore. Game is getting too much life from it. Enjoy your night
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  3. JoeJoe added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    Exactly and looks who's in the middle of such fuckery once again smh
    Wow i'm not gonna call you names but for you to call someone believing in Jesus dumb is beyond ignorant. I thought Game was the only ignorant one on here to try talking out his ass and judge people but maybe he's not. What they believe in is their business but for you to judge them for it I just can't. Everybody doesn't have to follow y'alls mindset. I'm sure y'all have family who believe in Jesus so I guess you feel the same about them.
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  4. JoeJoe added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    Eissa's so cute! I see Gil back there trying to get Eissa's attention and Eissa ain't got time lol
    Honestly I don't see this as a way of promoting the tour. It's just her out in regular clothes with her baby. I see it as her just letting people know she's back but from a regular non fan I don't see how anybody would know she's on tour from this.
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  5. JoeJoe added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I hope everyone who's on this board and has twitter is retweeting this
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  6. JoeJoe added a post in a topic E! News Confirms: Janet & Jermaine Are NOT Dating   

    I said when her and JD were together Wissam was in the same pics. I never said JD was in pics with Janet and Wissam. Did you not see, on this same page you're quoting me on, Amy confirm that the pics i'm talking about were real? She's seen them too  
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  7. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Katy Perry performing WHYDFML on new tour (VIDEO)   

    I like that she's introducing Janet to her fans but if you gonna do Janet I need you to do it right boo
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  8. JoeJoe added a post in a topic E! News Confirms: Janet & Jermaine Are NOT Dating   

    The story was from them but the pics were indeed real. Wissam is indeed in some of the pics Janet and JD were in. Also Janet has looked worse than i've ever seen her at anytime of her existence. We all know she's one of the most beautiful women to exist but baby this must've been when he started cheating cause Lord

    She looked a hot mess and a half 

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  9. JoeJoe added a post in a topic E! News Confirms: Janet & Jermaine Are NOT Dating   

    Hmm I think they still love each other and always will. I doubt Janet will get back with him. It's always been weird to me how Wissam was hanging around Janet and JD while they were dating. Next thing you know JD cheats and Janet is with Wissam and having his baby. I'm trying to find some pics that were posted online a while back when Janet and Wissam first started dating. I think the pics were on this forum and/or other Janet forums but it was of Janet and JD at events like fashion shows and Wissam was there too in the background of the pics or just a few feet away from them both. Makes you think.
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  10. JoeJoe added a post in a topic New Janet/Jimmy/Terry Documentary..?!   

    It sure is from that album. On the other Janet boards it's loved as well
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  11. JoeJoe added a post in a topic The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition   

    Yeah we were clockin' her ass all over twitter and instagram. I be letting hoes have it when it comes to Janet. So Keyshia's response pretty much showed that her ass was lying and that she indeed did listen to Janet.
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  12. JoeJoe added a post in a topic New Janet/Jimmy/Terry Documentary..?!   

    Hell fuck no! lol the title track "Unbreakable", "Night", and "Well Traveled" are the best. I'll even throw "Take Me Away" in there.

    Oh it's damn good. Her vocals are perfection on that song and you know it 
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  13. JoeJoe added a post in a topic New Janet/Jimmy/Terry Documentary..?!   

    Oh ok these damn Janet song abbreviations lol. 
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  14. JoeJoe added a post in a topic New Janet/Jimmy/Terry Documentary..?!   

    hmm I do like Better Days. I think her vocals are crisp and clear on "Feels So Right". Not one mistake in her singing. Kinda of like "I Get Lonely", crisp and clean. Nothing in either of those tracks sound 
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  15. JoeJoe added a post in a topic Referral for Janet Front Row   

    try 62,000 now lol. Anyway i'm posting my link here
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