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  1. Looks like I'll be seeing her front row!
  2. Favorite- Night Runner Up- Dammn Baby
  3. Ever heard this Janet song before..?

    oooh Lord! I never heard this song before and i'm glad she did nothing with it. I wanna know who told her it was ok to even attempt to sing like that. I know she whispers on songs but that was like below whispering. No ma'am.
  4. New Announcement Coming This Week!

    It needs to be touring dates for overseas. Get your fandom back gul. Also funny how both her and Nicki have announcements this week.
  5. Another Festival with Janet...

    Well i'll be in SF the weekend of 4/20. Let me know if you got fb or instagram and i'll hit you up on there to see if you're out anytime i'm out and we all can take a shot or drink lol
  6. Another Festival with Janet...

    Also i'm trying to buy a ticket just for Saturday. I don't want a damn 3 day pass. I don't see an option for just 1 day. I wonder if I have to get it at the entrance
  7. Another Festival with Janet...

    Florence & The Machine are really good. DJ Snake is cool too. Boy i'm always in SF but I don't ever see you there lol. I be at the Mix, Toadhall, and Midnight Sun. Haven't been in the Cafe in a minute. I think I went back in December or November of last year.
  8. No Joke: Janet TOUR Coming September 2018

    Yeah the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco altogether has attendances that can reach up to 200,000 bringing in 40,000-60,000 attendees a day. Either way Janet's gonna be peforming in front of stadium sized crowds.
  9. y'all some hoes. Anyway Black Pigeon
  10. True! I was about to quote those same lyrics. Those are the exact parts where Janet is actually singing and not just talking lol. As far as rustic, Vibeology is saying songs like "The Great Forever", "Truth", "You Ain't Right", "You", and others.
  11. True she definitely sounds best in her higher notes. TMA when she sings higher it's great. Especially when she goes to her "Take me awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay froooooooooom heeeeeeeeeeeeere"
  12. I guess i'll vote for Take Me Away although I loooooooooooove the guitar riff at the end but during the verses Janet's voice sounds kinda rusty. Her vocals in 2 B Loved are on point. She still sounds young and fresh.
  13. Some thangs you may of not known about the Goddess known as Storm Powers and abilities * Storm has the psionic ability to harness and manipulate the natural forces that govern an atmosphere. Her ability to do this has been described as shifting her perception and viewing her surrounding in the form of colorful, constantly changing energy patterns, rather than solid matter. These energy patterns can be "molded" by Storm's will, as a sculptress sculpts her clay. This control reaches as far as the atmosphere itself and possibly beyond. Ororo has displayed several feats on a global and even cosmic scale(when referring to her feats in space). Storm is limited to what the planet's natural resources can produce, she is not limited to natural occurrences. She also chooses to abide by her own mental restraints, this is done to keep the ecosystem safe from unstable weather occurrences. These mental restraints/rules can broken when she sees fit, and the repercussions dealt with later. Storm has been described as becoming one with the elements she manipulates. She has also been described as commanding the forces that pattern weather. This gives her a somewhat “direct control” over the main elements that pattern weather, such as wind and lightning, and gives her the ability to channel singular weather effects that are associated in a weather pattern. This has also granted her the ability to create effects that haven't occurred naturally on the planet. An example of this can be pointed out when she produced atmospheric pressure more intense then the pressure on the surface of Jupiter. But has also explained that these unnatural effects will cause repercussions in other parts of the world. For example, making rain in a dry area will take away natural moisture somewhere else. This will cause an uneven balance and create something far more worse then one could expect. This is likely why she has to manipulate weather patterns for miles in order to sustain order once she does display her powers. These effects happen instantly and before she is consciously aware she is doing it, due in part by her telepathic/empathic link to these energies/nature. Storm's abilities on earth relate mostly to weather manipulation on a molecular and atomic scale. She can create and manipulate massive storms of all kinds. Summon and control lightning from a benign sky, manifest blizzards instantly, and control winds with precise movement to even bare herself aloft. She has even displayed control over heat and water droplets. Her powers are so direct that she can even feel and directly manipulate elements in a person's body. For example, she has described that she can feel a person breath every whim of oxygen into their lungs, and with a thought, stop this air flow by simply denying the person's lungs to breath in the air she controls. She has also manipulated the air pressure in a person's inner ear to distract them, and can see the neurons in the human body from brain to muscle to action, to know when a person is about to strike. This has been described as giving her a crucial edge in any battle. Storm is connected to the entire planet or atmosphere she is “on” or “in” and can feel all the elements in harmony. She can sense dieing plants, the gravitational pull of the tides from the moon. Sense incorrect weather patterns such as hurricanes moving in the wrong form, or sense objects or people cutting through the atmosphere. This however has been a nag to her at times and she has discovered the ability to filter out these effects to keep her sane. Another nag is that these energies that Storm are connected to, are also connected to her emotions, and will cause havoc from any intense ones. Therefor, Storm has to maintain a large degree of self control. One thing that can get Storm to lose control is her claustrophobia. The reminder of the tragic death of her parents and the feeling of being encased under rubble for days, has left quite a scar on Ororo, and she has yet to overcome these extreme emotions. Once her Claustrophobia occurs, Storm loses complete control over her powers and at one time, created a massive continental size storm that spanned across the northern sea borders. The energies Storm manipulate can be displayed in omnidirectional paths and channeled through her body parts. For example, Storm has shot lightning from her eyes, hands, and feet or can breath out fire and ice. None of the weather that Storm manipulates can directly harm her, as her body compensates to accommodate extreme conditions. The atmosphere close to her body, like heat and air pressure, are also automatically altered for her to survive. Therefor Storm is immune to her power manifestations but can be harmed or injured if another “person” or “being” with elemental powers attacks her. She is also resistant to elemental attacks, as she has displayed some resistance to elemental attacks such as lightning from Thor's hammer or a fire blast from Legion. Another thing to note with Storm's power is her incredibly powerful will. This gives Storm the ability to disperse powerful tempests the size of even a hemisphere without strain. Storm has over powered other elemental being with direct control over the elements she can manipulate, such as Amelia Voght or Hydro-Man. She has even robbed a herald made of pure electrical energy and used it against her. Her will is so strong that she was even able to summon the full power of the millions of stars and planets in the galactic core and host godlike beings such as the abstract being Eternity and The Panther God Bast, in her consciousness. A feat which could drive almost anyone insane without a strong spirit. Her indomitable will has also been strong enough to ward off even the most powerful telepathic mind control. Storm has some form of electrical shielding in her brain that disrupts telepathic probes from telepaths as powerful as The Shadow King, Professor Xavier and even Jean Grey passively. Her elemental control over electrical forces has also granted her the ability to increase these energies, which can become very violent toward unwanted telepathic intruders. She has successfully killed a psychic being(Bogan) with this ability and has completely blocked others by creating “wild weather” which can disrupt psychic energy and send unbearable psychic backlash to it wielders. Abilities: Storm is a master lock pick, thief, pickpocket, and escape artist. She is a superb hand-to-hand fighter due to her training under Achmed El Gibar and Wolverine.
  14. Yeah I love Polaris in it too. She was willing to kill bitches lol. Nah I wasn't gonna even try to get into Inhumans because I know the real reason they were pushed to the forefront of Marvel. Nobody was checking for them before then. Hell I hadn't even heard of them until about 2yrs ago. Boy I heard all the bad shit about the show. Everything from the horrible wigs to the cheap graphics lol. They were only here to get rid of the X-Men because of Marvel and Fox's fighting bullshit they had going on. Marvel was like well we're gonna try and kill off the X-Men cause we don't want you bitches at Fox making anymore money off of us since you won't give them back. That's why they tried to push wack ass Inhumans in the public's faces and we weren't here for it. There ain't no substitute for the X-Men baby!
  15. All y'all gon get slapped voting for Take Me Away and 2 B Loved before some damn Black Pigeon. Yeah the song is meaningful but it's not anywhere near a song something you just listen to out of the blue. Who would have that in their normal playlist when relaxing, hosting friends/family, driving in the car, or anything else. You have to be in a certain mood to listen to that. Y'all in here playing.
  16. Lord I hope they don't fuck up these new X-Men movies. Bryan Singer is gone so we have hope. Y'all should really watch the show about Prof X's son called "Legion". It's good but the show "The Gifted" on fox about the X-Men is awesome! They have "Blink" from "Days of Future Past" in it, Magneto's daughter "Polaris". Both shows were renewed for a 2nd season.
  17. Well they better reshoot that shit. They had to go back and reshoot Deadpool 2 cause of all the shitty reviews the test audience gave it. I wouldn't say female driven movies. I mean Lara Croft in Tomb Raider just came out and it bombed. Budget was $94 million and in it's 2nd weekend it's total is only $41 million. I will say it's doing great overseas though. IDK wassup with the American audience but overseas it made $167 million so total is $213 for now. I'm sure there's gonna be a sequel. I think it's cause of Black Panther's effect which is now the highest grossing super-hero film in America ever.
  18. Did you know they had to go and do reshoots because of how bad the reviews were for the original screening of the movie?
  19. I don't care about what the press is saying. I care about what Black people are saying and a lot are saying what this topic is about. PERIOD. I don't dislike Bruno and he's very talented but if he been doing this his whole career then it wouldn't make sense for Black people to just now start calling him out. Obviously he's doing something and we're noticing so they're calling him out.
  20. Thank you! That's why I used JT's name. Bruno did the same thing as JT but only JT gets to be called out for appropriation but not Bruno? I bet if Bruno was white they'd agree with the thread topic. I ain't got time
  21. Janet Goes to see H.E.R. on Tour

    There's definitely a reason why Janet has yet to take a pic with Bey lol