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  1. Blue added a post in a topic The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition   

    She's pretty amazing. Her eps and mixtape are top notch but this debut album is just on another lvl.
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  2. Blue added a post in a topic The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition   

    This album always felt like an alternative version of TVR for me.
    Guess i was right
    LOVE how some of these AOTY debuts are inspired by her.
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  3. Blue added a post in a topic Any Tinashe Fans?   

    SCREAMING. Show me a Ciara album that's better than Aquarius, Nightride, In Case You Die etc.? I like Ciara but pulease. 
    Sounds like the only thing you've heard about Tinashe's are the singles and never really listened to any of her albums.
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  4. Blue added a post in a topic New MICHAEL JACKSON Album Coming 9/29...?!   

    Xscape was an ok to good album but i dont see the purpose of releasing this one. A playlist on AM or Spotify can give us all those songs. Without the new mixes ok but still.
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  5. Blue added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Rocco!   

    Whatsapp me the location 

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  6. Blue added a post in a topic TLC to Release Album in June 2017   

    The highs on fanmail >>>3D but to me 3D is kinda easier to digest simply because it's a smaller and more commercial album 
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  7. Blue added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Rocco!   

    Im LATE but happy bday  
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  8. Blue added a post in a topic TLC to Release Album in June 2017   

    Gonna check it out then.
    People hate 3D and i actually enjoy that album so let's see how this goes
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  9. Blue added a post in a topic Any Tinashe Fans?   

    I love her and i've been here since she was a nobody but nope.
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  10. Blue added a post in a topic TLC to Release Album in June 2017   

    Is it any good? I havent played it cuz i really dislike WayBack
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  11. Blue added a post in a topic Any Tinashe Fans?   

    Even those she's been releasing music that sucks ass lately i still love her.

    I think that she is just trying to get rid of her label by releasing garbage cuz ain't no fucking WAY someone who released masterpieces like Nightride, Aquarius and the numerous mixtapes, is ok with Light The Night Up.
    It's clear as day that her label is trying to force her to go pop.
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  12. Blue added a post in a topic Fergie: Double Duchess   

    This album  screams late and repetitive.  It's the exact same feeling i have with Nelly's Spirit indestructible and Gwen's latest.

    At least Nelly learned from IS and went after a new sound with The Ride. 

    As for DD, i only love Hungry, the rest is just either forgettable or just ok... aka this album is a bit crap. 
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  13. Blue added a post in a topic iPhone 8   

    oi? Not with an android system mam. Nougat doesn't seem to be that GREAT either. I have a s7 edge collecting dust because i just can't with android.
    Samsung is a freaking pain in the ass when you have to use the warranty. I work for a Cell phone company and trust and believe our biggest headaches are samsung related. 
    I know that's why i want something to leak. I'm impatient but im a sucker for cell phones with big screens.
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  14. Blue added a post in a topic iPhone 8   

    I need them to leak the visual of this cuz s8+ is smiling at me   I absolutely hate android but that freaking screen is gorgeous X_X 
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  15. Blue added a post in a topic American Horror Story: Coven/Murder House crossover   

    This gonna be campy as SHIT isn't it ?! 
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