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  1. JD and Janet’s music

    I still believe that 20 yo had a whole lot different sound then what we ended up with. Still feel like that album sonically was going to be a more urban-leaning Confessions on a nursing home by Marthritis.
  2. Ever heard this Janet song before..?

    I wish i didn't click play
  3. What are you listening to?

    WHEW... i can post the whole album. This is what a AOTY sounds like
  4. What are you listening to?

    'Cause you know better, you know, you knowYou know better, you know, you knowYou know better, you know, you knowIt's your teeth in my neck, your teeth in my neck All around we goYour lovin' is like a kaleidoscopeI don't wanna come downKeep spinnin' me 'round and 'round
  5. What are you listening to?

    She Wants my hundred dolla bills She dont want love Get into this album @hotboy06 @Voodoo
  6. Black Panther achieves HUGE milestone.....

    Kinda You know, sometimes you need to double check to see it's a fact or another Ms Bailey production. It just happened that i was reading a thread similar to this on a tennis board you would
  7. Black Panther achieves HUGE milestone.....

    No, I want to go but i keep forgetting it It's another Moonlight, a movie that i really REALLY wanted to see and kept forgetting it
  8. JD and Janet’s music

    JD doesn't know how to work around Janet's voice/Harmonies. Janet needs freedom on her work and JD's sound for the most part "asphyxiates" her input. That's my main complain about his work with Her. You can barely get that Janet input, you often get a generic track that could be sang by any random artist.
  9. Black Panther achieves HUGE milestone.....

    You need to adjust for inflation If you do, Titanic is still bigger. I still haven't seen this movie
  10. New Announcement Coming This Week!

    Hopefully it's about new music but the chance of it being about tour dates is a lot higher. It could be about a single to go with all these festivals
  11. Wasn't this a 2017 interview? But anyway... He is far from being the biggest offender. He gives props all the time to those who inspire him and doesn't just use the sound/culture when it benefits him. This is no Gum Cyrus type of thing. If people want to complain than complain to the grammys and other awards who reward and praise to high heavens the music made by sam smith, Adele etc, while calling the black artists who do the same type of music boring and uninspired.
  12. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    Or "it Won't Stop" nEXT would be cute too but it doesn't feel like a ballad to me.
  13. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    Nope. It would be like memoirs of an imperfect angel, an uneventful album with 2 or 3 stand out tracks. She'd have to dip into a more soulful sound and make it very personal for it to work. Something like Bitter by meshell ndegeocello.
  14. Janet Goes to see H.E.R. on Tour

    She better STAN. Both of them on a track like Every Kind Of Way would be life
  15. Amen All that we've been through Our time has come to rejoice A new agenda's due
  16. The Official Azealia Banks Thread

    This masterpiece gonna be included on fantasea 2 I've been waiting to get my hands on Anna and This
  17. The Official Azealia Banks Thread

    a BAWP yeap
  18. The slow part of the album is what disgusts me tbh. It just drags the whole album down They are boring, lifeless and lack Janet.
  19. New pictures 26/2

    Either she lost more weight or those are some serious skinny Jeans. She looks good, im just tired of the bun
  20. The LIES. The album would have to be packed with FB and RWU to be ahead of it's time.
  21. Who has piercings?

    Perv You are not doing a good job at helping me 👀
  22. Who has piercings?

    😒 But that's what I like about #2. The mandala mixed with sacred geometry and flowers. 🤨 I'm only doing one leg (right one). I want one leg covered with tattoos and the other without any type of ink. I love how that looks . You'd still go for #2?
  23. Who has piercings?

    I'm hijacking this thread cuz i don't want to make a new one just to ask one question. Sue Me i want a full leg tat but im torn between two designs. So which one yall chose? 1 2 I had an appoitment to do the second one but i canceled it like 3 days before it cuz i saw the first one and LOVED IT So... which one? i'm also doing a septum piercing but that's already a sure thing
  24. What are you listening to?

    wew WIG