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  1. Blue added a post in a topic Fergie: Double Duchess   

    This album  screams late and repetitive.  It's the exact same feeling i have with Nelly's Spirit indestructible and Gwen's latest.

    At least Nelly learned from IS and went after a new sound with The Ride. 

    As for DD, i only love Hungry, the rest is just either forgettable or just ok... aka this album is a bit crap. 
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  2. Blue added a post in a topic iPhone 8   

    oi? Not with an android system mam. Nougat doesn't seem to be that GREAT either. I have a s7 edge collecting dust because i just can't with android.
    Samsung is a freaking pain in the ass when you have to use the warranty. I work for a Cell phone company and trust and believe our biggest headaches are samsung related. 
    I know that's why i want something to leak. I'm impatient but im a sucker for cell phones with big screens.
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  3. Blue added a post in a topic iPhone 8   

    I need them to leak the visual of this cuz s8+ is smiling at me   I absolutely hate android but that freaking screen is gorgeous X_X 
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  4. Blue added a post in a topic American Horror Story: Coven/Murder House crossover   

    This gonna be campy as SHIT isn't it ?! 
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  5. Blue added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Around the time Iggy was #1 ??

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  6. Blue added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   


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  7. Blue added a post in a topic Nintendo Switch: Fastest selling Nintendo console ever   

    Where the FUK is my Tennis game at? 

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  8. Blue added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    And yet
    Foxy is a walking contradiction. Foxy has been trying to get in the biz for a few minutes now. Tried to reunite with Kim  and got extra salty when Kim said no.
    I like Inga  but she's just another opportunist. 
    These are new times but Ol'girl had the time to diss/shade Banks, this a different era but Ol'girl had the time to come for 3 pop figures who wont clap back... .This a different time and era YET niki has the time to like shady comments about Remy and sending texts to radio hosts calling them fake cuz they are supporting Remy and not her etc. Just doesn't have the time to actually address the one who directly diss her. 
    She did good though cuz Remy is about that life and Niki should be careful BUT some of you are reaching with amputated arms. She got shook and scared took the L and moved on with her life. And that's what she should be doing beause like i said Remy ain't the one. 
    It might hurt her hip hop appeal but at the end of the day the ones supporting her are the pop fans who don't care about none of this and it's ok. 

    2 of the best diss tracks of all time <3 <3

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  9. Blue added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    I like the beat on track two but it's not as ruthless as the first one so it's just meh for me. 
    But ha SALES.. HA SALEZZZ!1!!! 

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  10. Blue added a post in a topic "Call On Me" Video in HD..?   

    Oh But I know that she doesn't care  If she did she would have them Diamond plaques for RN, Janet and Control plastered all over Issa's nursing room by now.
    It makes no freaking sense. Her team don't care about uploading the videos but will delete them with a quickness if someone else does. It's freaking stupid.
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  11. Blue added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Us reuniting @ this burial service.Is this what people feel on Valentines day? 
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  12. Blue added a post in a topic "Call On Me" Video in HD..?   

    how the FUCK we still don't have all her videos on the official Vevo account? HTF didn't her team fix this during the UB month era? We can't even find quality videos of Runaway, STCML etc. It's frustrating tbh.
    She has to be the legend with the least quality video streaming out there  
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  13. Blue added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    WHEW what a blissful couple of days  
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  14. Blue added a post in a topic Katy Perry Releases First Single, "Chained to the Rhythm"   

    Chained To The Toys"R"us Demographic is awful, it goes nowhere. It's not doing that well (for her standards) on ichoons and radio payola is what might save the song. 
    Good thing the Shammys are around the corner and she can use those pristine and celestial performing skills to help the song If she doesn't get overshadowed by Toucanne and Beyonsue.

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  15. Blue added a post in a topic iPhone 8   

    It wasn't but its not stopping ppl form getting the 7   I didn't get the 7 cuz it's pointless when you have one of the 6 so the 8 or X needs to be on point design wise cuz im getting it  
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  16. Blue added a post in a topic The Most Talented Female MC of all time just dropped a new song/video   

    Im tired of the trap trend but i love this song and video. Just want her to drop an album packed with WTF and not I'm Better.
    He works extremely well with Missy and Pink. I think that both of them being fearless and willing to go THERE kinda lits a fire under his ass. With Janet he is very hit and miss.
    For me, Janet works best with the likes of Francis Lawrence and Mark Romanek. People whose work kinda feels like a fashion photography fim rather then a music video. 
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  17. Blue added a post in a topic iPhone 8   

    That pic has been around since forever. I love that design and want it to look like that but i doubt it. 
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  18. Blue added a post in a topic Janet and George Michael duet soon to be released   

    I feel like i've heard this before. It sounds SOOO familiar 
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  19. Blue added a post in a topic The Official Lady Gaga Thread   

    did the Nosebowl tracking list leak yet or nah? 

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  20. Blue added a post in a topic Rumour: Kim planning to divorce Kanye?   

    He extended their 15 mins of fame, payed put her on the cover of Vogue and gave her ugly sister a modeling career... It's not happening anytime soon.

    She'll divorce him as soon as the media stops paying attention to his antics and he becomes a non factor media wise.
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  21. Blue added a post in a topic Sooo Janet was snubbed by the Grammys   

    YAAAASSSSS...Arrived early for the fuckery... Lemme go grab me a seat real quick

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  22. Blue added a post in a topic Nintendo Switch: Fastest selling Nintendo console ever   

    My dislike for Jimmy Fallon just keeps getting stronger and stronger,
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  23. Blue added a post in a topic Grammys 2017 nominations revealed   

    How the fuck wasn't Skeleton Tree nominated for AOTY? And no Blackstar?! This is a freaking joke man... A popularity contest really... And they want us to take this seriously? HA!
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  24. Blue added a post in a topic Sooo Janet was snubbed by the Grammys   

    Got what they deserve tbh. They trolled the nominations last year so idc.
    Even fucking MYA got a nomination... "Can't blame nobody but yew"
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  25. Blue added a post in a topic [UPDATE] Kanye has been hospitalised   

    2016 just wont QUIT. 
    Kanye about to become the new Britney.
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