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  1. janetDAYZ added a topic in Free Xone   

    ...this year is suppose to go to Ms. Xtina Aguilera. Apparently they ran out of popular acts to give it to ( which i said would happen) to help the ratings. Should have definitely went to Missy if we're back on the "merit" scale and not about popularity. Xtina doesnt derserve this in no shape or form. MTV's angle now seems to be .."lets honor the popular hasbeens of the TRL age"  Backstreet Boys will be next year, mark my word. A mess. 
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  2. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic Madonna's Son Dances To Rhythm Nation (VIDEO)   

    And the thing with Madonna is that you cant take her seriously. Pretty much every single artist she has shaded, she has also said positive things about them as well. Even Madonna herself has said she is a WALKING CONTRADICTION. She has alot more respect for people than it come off as cus its almost like she wouldnt be "Madonna" if she didnt say something smart or derogatory. Its synonymous to who she is. Almost like a caricature of herself
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  3. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic What's Your Favorite Tour Opening/Intro..?!   

    i didnt mind the photo thing she did at the beginning... I actually kinda liked it..but idk..the curtain rising was juss kinda..idk...maybe once the curtain came up and it went completely dark then a spotlight was on her maybe it would have been more dramatic! I think the lighting behind the idea of what she was tryna do is what killed it. 
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  4. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic What's Your Favorite Tour Opening/Intro..?!   

    THANK YOU!!!!! 
    nobody has even mentioned the RN opening. Its possibly the strongest opening she's ever had. Over the years I learned to really sink my teeth into it. Its something about that opening that speaks to me unlike her other ones. She didnt need pyros or no other effects goin on likeshe did with other opening. Her silhouette and stance was so profound!!!! 
    janet. was exhilarating. Her most exciting opening.
    Tvr? Was not a big fan of the opening. Two screens separate and an explosion. I mean...thats just so bland to me. It never jumped out to me AT ALL.
    A4U ...omg her WORST opening everrrrrr. A curtain coming up... ? No
    Rock? Pretty dope. I like how it was like a magic trick..with her just appearing after the two J's crossed and a cloud of smoke. 
    Unbreakable is unique cus like someone else said its so different than her rest. Its almost like her most "mature" opening...if that makes sense. 
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  5. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic Hold Up...Did Ya'll Know Paula Abdul is touring? in 2017?   

    You late. This tour was announced a long time ago. Shes not a headliner ONLY an opening act. So its nothing impressive 
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  6. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic Britney Spears in talks to perform SB Half Time Show   

    Btw a Pepsi exec confirmed Britney IS NOT doing SB. 
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  7. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic Britney Spears in talks to perform SB Half Time Show   

    YOU DONT EVEN BELIEVE. WHAT YOU JUST SAID  ...Britney is still giving the same level of performing as the Vma performance aka disaster. Stop kidding yourself. The former "performer" we once knew is gone
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  8. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic Britney Spears in talks to perform SB Half Time Show   

    Why on earth would her team allow this knowing good and well her performance skills these dayz arent quite ......up to par ..like....AT ALL 
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  9. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic THIS .IS. A. MUST. SEE. FOR. EVERY. SINGLE. JANET. FAN.   

    or u could send me the audio as well lol ineed it asap
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  10. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic THIS .IS. A. MUST. SEE. FOR. EVERY. SINGLE. JANET. FAN.   

    can u pm me the audio when you do, pleaze
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  11. janetDAYZ added a topic in All About Janet   

    This is NOT just another Janet tribute. 
    This is the most INCREDIBLE SHIT IVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME ..AND THEY HONORED THE HELL OUTTA JANET. I cant begin to imagine the ton of work it took to pull this together
    TRUST ME when i say you have never seen nothing like it. It moved me as a die-hard Janet fan.
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  12. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic Thought's on MJ's "Invincible" album..?   

    Vince doesnt sound dated???? 
    Gots to be fuckin kidding. Thats one of his most dated sounding albums. Its only like 2 or 3 songs that are timeless on the album. 
    Overall the album was always kind of ....um...i had mixed feelings. Like "Heaven Can Wait" was a gem to the 10th power but then you have complete garbage like 2000 Watts . like..that is tge weirdest track ive ever heard in my life. So the album is like his best and his worst all on one album. 
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    So is it gonna be the SAME show as Unbreakable or.......?
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  14. janetDAYZ added a post in a topic ICYMI: Bow Wow Caught Lying on Social Media   

    He keeps making himself a target for ppl to go in on him. 
    Just like when he be announcing how he is retiring from being a rapper. Lol Ha! This is like year 5 of ppl slaughtering him on socoal media 
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