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  1. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic DENIED-- Slights Against Janet & Omissions of Her Work   

    As we all know, Billboard magazine is a primary offender.  In a recent article written by Gary Trust, they are discussing artists with the most Top 10 hits... 
    Left off of the list was Janet, whom has garnered 28 Hot 100 Top 10 hits... 29 if you are counting We Are The World 25 for Haiti... 
    Here's the list (though many of us on here already know it)... 
    #4 What Have You Done For Me Lately
    #3 Nasty
    #1 When I Think Of You
    #5 Control
    #2 Let's Wait Awhile
    #5 Diamonds (Herb Alpert ft. Janet Jackson & Lisa Keith)
    #1 Miss You Much
    #2 Rhythm Nation
    #1 Escapade
    #4 Alright
    #2 Come Back To Me
    #1 Black Cat
    #1 Love Will Never Do
    #10 The Best Things In Life Are Free (Luther Vandross, Janet Jackson, Bell Biv Devoe an Ralph Tresvant)
    #1 That's The Way Love Goes
    #4 If
    #1 Again
    #10 Because of Love 
    #2 Any Time, Any Place
    #8 You Want This
    #3 Runaway
    #5 Scream (Michael and Janet Jackson)
    #1 Together Again 
    #3 I Get Lonely
    #3 What's It Gonna Be (Busta Rhymes ft. Janet Jackson)
    #1Doesn't Really Matter
    #1 All For You
    #3 Someone To Call My Lover
    #2 We Are The World 25 for Haiti (Artists for Haiti)
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  2. wayneashleymusic added a topic in All About Janet   

    DENIED-- Slights Against Janet & Omissions of Her Work
    I've posted on the subject before, but would like to know what others have seen in terms of members of the media that continue to try and erase Janet's legacy.  If you find blatant omissions of Janet's work, unfounded comments or other subtle forms of shade, post them hear.  If we all know about them, maybe we can all refute them as a community.  
    For those unfamiliar with the issues, this post on The Inquisitr is a good place to start.  
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  3. wayneashleymusic added a topic in All About Janet   

    BBC Interview With Kendall and Taylor
    Kendall Harris and Taylor Hatala discuss going on Tour with Janet.  This was from the Unbreakable World Tour.  It's very sweet, and I appreciate their playlist!!  
    Can't wait to see these young ladies again for the State of the World Tour!!  
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  4. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Can Katy Perry get a Witness??   

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  5. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic The Tour rehearsals have started...   

    Super exciting news for for the Europe fans!! A good friend of mine is moving to London soon and a Janet concert would be a perfect vacation to go see them. 
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  6. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Who is checking for Jay-Z 4:44 Project?   

    I'm a Tidal subscriber, and have been since they started.  It's a great service, especially for those that are into the behind the scenes things with artists.  But Jay-Z already banked a huge chunk of $200 million from Sprint's stake in the service (as did all the other artist- owners like B, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Rihanna, etc.), which is probably a heck of a lot more than he would've made on album sales anyway.  
    Tidal's biggest hurdle right now is the fact that Billboard apparently still ignores its streaming data, though I've heard rumors that is about to change.  If so, I think that would bolster the service.  
    And I'll say it again... the sound quality on Tidal is EPIC!!  But I agree he'd get more overall impact if he releases everything at once.  A smarter choice would be to do BTS stuff, additional tracks, etc. via Tidal as that will still drive hardcore fans to sign up.  
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  7. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic NEW PIX (6/16) - Janet Glowing at Divorce Proceedings   

    Yep... and whether it's hit or miss, we still talk about it, as people have been for over 40 years.  #EarnedIt.  
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  8. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic NEW PIX (6/16) - Janet Glowing at Divorce Proceedings   

    She dresses in a lot of ways which are not meant to generate attention, because right now she doesn't want attention.  I'm sure there's people in London (not super fans, paps or celebrity hounds) that wouldn't recognize her if she's not "dressed up" and/or someone else points it out.  And even for the casual observer that does recognize her, they would have to stop and think for a minute, which is just long enough to get away.  
    I think there's definitely a reason for dressing down when you/re not in "performance mode".  
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  9. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Can Katy Perry get a Witness??   

    Ok so I digress.  The comparisons to Ms. Jackson's work are not warranted.  End of story and I take back the comment.  
    On Katy Perry's Witness, it is most certainly not 'complete shit'.  Some of the songs are quite good, and a hell of a lot more inventive than most of what's coming out today.  At least she's trying to do something.  But even on some of the songs that lack lyrical depth, the production is stellar and they are bops which would be welcome on most any playlist.  
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  10. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic NEW PIX (6/16) - Janet Glowing at Divorce Proceedings   

    Awe Janet looks relieved. I'm almost certain she would've been there to support Jimmy and Terry for #SHOF if not for her court date and custody situation. 
    Sending positive vibes for Janet, Wissam and little Eissa, as I know this can't be easy for them. 
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  11. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Kelly Alexander Interview With Jimmy Jam!   

    Listened back to this interview whil cleaning the house, and this is exactly why I LOVE Jimmy! If you let him talk long enough, all the secrets will be revealed!! When Kelly asks about tour prep, he's talking about the sonic treatments, and almost says what new songs are going to be added!! 
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  12. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Can Katy Perry get a Witness??   

    The album is hit and miss. The title Witness is worth a listen, as are Swish Swish and definitely Pendulum. I think Power and Deja Vu get close to great but don't quite make it. 
    This is not an album that'a going to hit on first listen. And yes I totally agree when I say the era is similar to TVR I'm not saying the albums are similar. Witness isn't as personal, and it lacks the range and focus of TVR, plus the lyrical content isn't as strong (of course that's the case when comparing any Katy Perry album to ANY Janet album). But is taking a huge risk in trying to get woke. 
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  13. wayneashleymusic added a topic in Free Xone   

    Can Katy Perry get a Witness??
    So it took me a minute, but after a couple of listens, I have actually come around to Katy Perry's new album Witness and I understand what she's trying to accomplish. Honestly, I think she really is starting to get WOKE and realizes that the superficial pop princess isn't going to cut it anymore. 
    Witness isn't a perfect album, but it sure is a more bold move than most pop stars at the height of their powers would be willing to take. Ironically, the Witness era bare many similarities to Janet Jackson's The Velvet Rope, which was also misunderstood by 90s era critics for it's overt pushing of boundaries, but is heralded twenty years later as one of the greatest albums in pop music. 
    What do y'all think? 
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  14. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Which Song And Album of Janet's Has the Most Cultural Significance   

    Awesome!!  Well maybe this year we can all submit so LOC takes notice.  
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  15. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Terry Lewis Reflects on Pre-Fame Prince & Crafting Janet Jackson's Early Hits   

    OMG yes this interview is EVERYTHING!!  He gives so much T on Perspective Records/ A&M, why some artists succeeded and failed.  Seriously this is a can't miss series for music fans.  
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