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  1. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Well we can all agree to disagree, but the facts around Unbreakable up to this point are clear.  It's a great album, it hit number 1, brought Janet back in form with her earlier, more impactful work, and gave her a great excuse to go back on tour.  I recall a great Forbes article about this (written after Madonna's Rebel Heart release but before Unbreakable came out) which summed things up well... 
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  2. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Ok SOMETHING is seriously up.  A bunch of new clips just appeared on the Janet Jackson- topic YouTube channel, and the sound quality is EPIC on the new tracks.  It almost sounds like it was mastered for YouTube/ digital listening.  
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  3. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Bruno Mars' 24K Magic is old skool with only 9 tracks.  
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  4. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    "Salvage the era"?  Are you talking about the tour, or the album?  Unbreakable went to Number 1 and gave Janet her 40 Hot 100 hit and longest running Number 1 on any genre chart with No Sleep.  Sure it wasn't a million-seller but let's not get confused and say the album wasn't successful.  
    But let's be clear about chart expectations going forward.  Now that all of the charts rely so heavily on streaming, it's going to be tough for artists like Janet to have the chart success that you see from folks like Ariana Grande or Harry Styles.  Janet's fans don't spend every waking moment on social media trying to boost her YouTube and Spotify plays.  On today's Billboard charts, that's how you get to "Number 1" absent a monumental sales week.  
    And even when limited to Streaming, there's a lot of inequality built into the Billboard Charts.  Remember how the Dammn Baby video took over Facebook, yet it missed the Hot 100 entirely?  It's because it's YouTube views were low, and Billboard doesn't count Facebook video views into it's streaming data.  The only plays that matter to them are Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and a few other services.  They don't count Tidal either.  
    Unbreakable is my favorite Janet album, and I personally would love to see a re-release.  But don't expect it to garner some huge chart position.  From that front, Janet would be better off doing an album or an EP, then combine with a new video and some lead-up promotion.  
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  5. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Hey I shared my opinion and I am glad to be challenged on it.  I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong!!  The fact that Unbreakable album and tour received essentially zero in promotion, and the album still went to number 1 with respectable sales is saying something.  
    After I got back from Unbreakable New Orleans, I came in to the office with the tour book from the show, and was looking at it over my lunch break.  One of my co-workers came by and was like "wait, that's Janet Jackson, right?"  and I told her yes and that I had gone to her concert the day before.  She basically flipped out at the fact that Janet was on tour again.  
    Maybe promotion really is the key.  At least enough so that every possible fan knows that the shows are happening.  
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  6. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Just some honesty hour here... 

    As we all know, Janet SHOULD be selling out large stadiums and arenas like Madonna, Cher, etc. because that's the level of superstar/icon/trailblazer that she is.  But when you suffer a decade long blacklist from radio and tv, it really impeded her ability to keep that relationship going, and grow new fans for the next generation.  
    All of that said, the few dates Janet did do for Unbreakable prove that she can support a great tour.  If she launches a similar format to Unbreakable (small core of dancers, less elaborate sets, etc.) and just trade out for some smaller venues (5,000-10,000 seats per city, upsize in select locations), she'll have a very successful tour, and make more than enough money to cover costs and turn a profit.  
    I went to the Unbreakable tour in New Orleans (driving in from Houston) and the Smoothie King Center was about 90 percent full... at least 15,000 fans there.  In a smaller venue, she'd sell out all of the initial shows, and maybe even consider multiple dates in each city, which cuts down on back to back travel.  

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  7. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Ebony Article Calls Out "Gold Digger" comments   

    I'm using #JanFamClapsBACK on twitter if anyone cares to join  :D  
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  8. wayneashleymusic added a topic in All About Janet   

    Ebony Article Calls Out "Gold Digger" comments
    Read and share on your social media.   
    When we hear about a famous Black woman going through a separation, breakup, or divorce, we reflexively aim to scrutinize what could be her transgressions.
    Instead of looking at Ciara as a survivor of an unhealthy relationship, she’s framed as a callous gold digger. Instead of looking at Halle Berry as a woman who has unfortunately suffered through inadequate relationships, she’s framed as an intrinsically flawed woman with an inability to appropriately discern potential partners. And now, Janet Jackson, coming off of her recently failed marriage to Wissam Al-Mana, is being excoriated as a greedy, loveless, parasite because things didn’t work out.
    Also glad to see that BET might have come to its senses, thanks to the #JanFam.  They went and posted a bunch of Clap Backs... 
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  9. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    OMG the Gold Digger crap just spread like wildfire.  I mean, really people do y'all not pay attention at all??  I mean how many ways has Janet tried to change herself to be with Wissam?? I mean there's no question that she truly loved/ loves him.  I agree with FreelovesJJ, the only things that could end something that deep would have to be family related.  
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  10. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Janet spotted out!   

    This wasn't orchestrated... it was VERY orchestrated.  But good for them both, to have (hopefully) went through some of the toughest things in private, and now getting it out so that the public won't be able to hound them about it.  
    With new pics come new questions... like WHO IS BOBBY TAYLOR?!?!  LOL
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  11. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    From People Magazine... http://people.com/music/janet-jackson-wissam-al-mana-separate-shortly-after-son-birth-different-worlds/  
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  12. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Post When You Hear a Janet Song on the Radio   

    What Have You Done For Me Lately!!  
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  13. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    Whatever happened, I'm just praying for Janet, Eissa, Wissam and the whole family.  None of this can be easy for them.  And all this Twitter BS about a Pre Nup is not based on facts.  Shameful how quick people are to label Janet as a "golddigger" and "hustler" when they have no clue about her private affairs. What they don't understand??  Society has always been quick to turn against a successful black female when things go wrong.  
    A New Agenda is OVER Due!!  
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  14. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    Was done after the "Wendy said" part here.  
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  15. wayneashleymusic added a topic in All About Janet   

    E! News: The Intensely Private World of Janet Jackson
    An article about Janet... 
    Link to the whole thing... http://www.eonline.com/news/840490/the-intensely-private-world-of-janet-jackson-why-she-traded-fame-for-a-quiet-family-life  
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