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  1. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic ET EXCLUSIVE: EXCLUSIVE: Janet Moves Back to LA With Son to Be Near Family, Working on Documentary   

    Wow if true, that is so beautiful!!  

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  2. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic According to Gil: Janet, Beyonce, Missy, Solange and Katy Perry...   

    Oh OOPS!!  Thank you for correcting me!!  
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  3. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic According to Gil: Janet, Beyonce, Missy, Solange and Katy Perry...   

     The QUEEN with Prince Steven Randall (Randy) 
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  4. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic According to Gil: Janet, Beyonce, Missy, Solange and Katy Perry...   

    I love the pic Missy shared of Janet, Katy Perry, Gil and others.  So glad they all had fun and got to celebrate Missy's triumphant return to the stage.  
    So many QUEENS!!!  
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  5. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in LA   

    It would've been, but that also wouldn't be Janet.  
    Of all the Jacksons, she's always been the one to live her life in the open and not try to shroud herself in secrecy, even if she also has been intensely private.  But Janet has said in several interviews that she views celebrity very differently from her brother Michael.  I remember some interview from the 90s where she wouldn't speak for her brother about his skin changes, but she did say "I wish Michael would be more open about it."  
    With regards to her baby son, I think Janet is keenly aware that cameras and photos will happen sometimes.  Of course the other side to that... it's exactly how she grew up as well.    
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  6. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Madonna's Son Dances To Rhythm Nation (VIDEO)   

    Well it seems to be a rather substantive event, and only certain artists have been brave enough to tackle social issues in their music.  
    To use Madge's music would've seemed... what is the word??  
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  7. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's new song samples Jodeci's Freeki'N You   

    There's no "likely" about it. 5 seconds of that Vocal tells you that this had to be from the Discipline era. Jimmy and Terry would've produced NONE of that. Such a thin, wispy, flat-line sound... they've never done that to Janet, which in my opinion is a very good thing. 
    Don't me wrong, I like some songs on Discipline, but not the way They treated Janet's vocals for most of it (Feedback, Can't B Good being thankful exceptions).
    Even during Unbreakable's most transparent vocal moments (singing the line 'a baby girl without a home' in Shoulda Known Better, ex.) Jimmy, Terry and Janet bring so much more contrast to her vocals than anything she did in the late aughts. 
    To quote Aretha Franklin, AIN'T NO WAY that's the new song if she's recording it with Jimmy and Terry. 
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  8. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet and Eissa   

    Janet Damita Jo Benjamin Button Jackson.  MS. Jackson, if ya N-A-S-T-Y!!!!  
    Watch her end up on Gil's Insta just to put us in hives!!  
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  9. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic She's back in the US   

    I was wondering why Gil was still in the states.  Always assumed he would head over to London.  
    I hear new music around the bend!!  
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  10. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Janet Jackson Still Got It, Mariah Carey Singing Like Your Grandma   

    Because there's a high probability that this is what Muva would do.  
    Rule #1-- respect other females of color, b/c there's enough other people in the media trying to tear them down.
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  11. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Janet Jackson Still Got It, Mariah Carey Singing Like Your Grandma   

    I'll bring the comments, and may even copy and paste them to this blog...  
    Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson are two females of color that ruled music for a long span of time.  And that's really the absolute end of the comparison.  Personally, I've always been more "into" Janet's work over Mariah's, but to hate on her like this is just really unfair.  That's energy that would be better served telling people getting more people WOKE on Janet's accomplishments.  
    At the end of the day, Mariah Carey made some incredible records during the absolute peak of her instrument.  In my opinion, she made very smart decisions at the peak of her career to record and continue to rack up a TON of hits and sales, rather than launch extravagant tours around the planet.  When she toured in the 90s, it was very limited.  As a result, she kept demand for her work high.  But the downside to all of those incredible recordings made at the peak of her voice is that audience can't expect her to sing at 47 the way she did at 27.  It's just not going to happen with her rep.  At the end of the day, artists do what they can do, when they can do it, and once done and recorded that work lasts forever.  
    Jimmy Jam has said that there 2 types superstar singers:  those which aspire to sing like (or live vicariously through their incredible voice) and those with which we sing along.  Janet's always been pretty firmly in the latter, and that is much to her credit in the ability to write songs with such wide appeal.  But amazingly enough, Janet, Jimmy and Terry not only made a ton of songs with timeless melody and lyric, but they also happened to make songs that are mostly easier on the vocal range.  
    A quick example is Nasty... recorded when Ms. Jackson was just 19 years old.  To evoke the appropriate attitude, the song is WAY DOWN at the bottom of Janet's range at the time (F3 to A4 for those of us music people).  But 30 years later, Nasty stays firmly in her range because that's where her voice has matured.  From hearing THE Empress in New Orleans, she literally sounds better singing this song than she did on the original record. The same can be said for Come Back To Me, If, TTWLG, WHYDFML, Together Again... like 90 percent of her songs, really. Whether they knew it or not at the time, what they did was absolute genius from a longevity perspective.  
    Of course another BIG reason that Janet's rep is more easily singable is because it's designed for dance... a lot of shorter, rhythmic notes in range where you can move and sing simultaneously.  She's never gonna do a lot of stuff that doesn't involve her dancers (power ballad, etc.).  
    So for all these reasons and more, Janet's rep just has more staying power than Mariah's.  But that wouldn't stop me from going to a Mariah show, because I'm glad to go, listen, and sing along in those sections that may no longer be able to carry.  
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  12. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic [PAPARAZZI] Wissam + Eissa in London   

    I'm seeing the resemblance pretty strong, save for the skin color.... 
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  13. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic [PAPARAZZI] Wissam + Eissa in London   

    I'm just glad Eissa inherited mama's nose and ears.  
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  14. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Which Song And Album of Janet's Has the Most Cultural Significance   

    Totally agree that The Knowledge was significant.  Many of her fans during the RN era quoted that song as having changed their lives.  
    But the only reason I would put Rhythm Nation (song) above The Knowledge is because it wasn't a single.  Rhythm Nation video is a part of world iconography.  
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  15. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Janet Jackson Father Joe Jackson was in a Car Accident   

    Glad to hear that Joe is ok!!  
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  16. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic DENIED-- Slights Against Janet & Omissions of Her Work   

    On Billboard's latest ChartBeat podcast, Gary Trust states that Janet Jackson is counted with 27 Top 10 hits.  It's safe to assume that @Impactnet. is correct that Diamonds is not counted as it pre-dates both the SoundScan era and (one assumes) when Billboard began to recognize features.  
    They never manage to disappoint with the shade, saying that Janet's time hitting the top of the charts is over, and that she could never reach 30 Top 10 hits.  Starts around 9 minutes.  It sure would be amazing if Ms. Jackson, Jimmy and Terry could prove them wrong.
    Discussion starts around the 7 minute mark... 
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  17. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Billboard: The 100 Greatest Pop Songs of 1997   

    I was 15 when GTIG came out... it was my first true exposure to Janet, and when I became a true fan.  I remember watching the GTIG video and just being amazed at seeing so many beautiful representations of blackness.  It astonished me that Janet, for all her wealth and success, could feel so strongly connected to her people and her heritage.  
    I ran out and bought The Velvet Rope, and BOY was I in for a shock!!  I sat in my room listened to the whole album non-stop, then went in again.  
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  18. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic DENIED-- Slights Against Janet & Omissions of Her Work   

    Thanks for pointing out Billboard's selective and inconsistent recollection of Hot 100 history.  To not credit Ms. Keith on Making Love in the Rain (or Diamonds), yet to have somehow updated the chart on Diamonds to show Janet as a feature is not cool.  From the actual album cover, Janet and Lisa should be credited as featured artists for BOTH tracks.  If chart rules evolve, that should be reflected equally.  
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  19. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic DENIED-- Slights Against Janet & Omissions of Her Work   

    I already explained the qualifier for WATW 25.  
    And I can guarantee you that by their own calculation, Billboard is including hits as a featured artist for everyone listed.  As a lead artist, Rihanna only has 22 Top 10 hits.  But her count expands when her features are included.  
    But if you need to check Billboard yourself, here's the receipt...  
    Don't ya know... RECEIPTS are a guy's best friend!! 
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  20. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic The Tour rehearsals have started...   

    Well, anyway...  
    It just needs to be said that album sales are a tough thing to do today with the exception of a precious few folks.  People just experience music differently.  
    Take your a titan seller like Beyonce as an example  Anyone wanna guesstimate her cut of sales from Lemonade??    
    2,500,000 units sold at an avg of $10 per  unit equals $25,000,000
    Pay 40% of that to Sony for distribution costs:  $15,000,000 remains
    Pay 30% of that to the TON of co-writers (63 co-writers on Lemonade, compared just 8 for Janet's Unbreakable):  $10,000,000 remains
    Pay 20% of that for other associated costs:  Parkwood Entertainment makes roughly $8,000,000 in sales from 2,500,000 units.   
    Everyone is wondering about Jay-Z's new album not doing well on the charts because it's a Tidal exclusive, but he already made hundreds of millions from Tidal, including his most recent deal with Sprint.  How much could he possibly make by trying to stoke album sales??  Next to nothing when compared to revenue from touring and merch.  
    As for Janet, a decent tour will more than cover costs for anything she wants to undertake from new music.  But she could also stand to make a lot of money by offering more in terms of merch.  UWT's choices were pretty limited in that department.  
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  21. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic The Tour rehearsals have started...   

    But what even are "great numbers" in the music industry today??  You have number 1 albums almost every week that were far lower than Unbreakable's 1st week sales (hello Halsey 76k sales, how's it going Lorde 82k sales, and even Queen Mary J. Blige78k sales +streaming).  Then you have the rare exception, handful of folks (Adele, Taylor Swift, Beyonce) that can move a sizable number of units.  And then you have rappers that do ok in sales, but people just stream the heck out of their songs so they stay high on the charts.  An album/ new music is basically an excuse to go on tour and reconnect with fans.  From what I can tell, that's all Janet really wants to do. 
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  22. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic DENIED-- Slights Against Janet & Omissions of Her Work   

    It has to do with one thing... after the Superbowl, she became the scapegoat for indecency in the 2004 election campaign.  Ever since then, the media and much of the music industry has hung her out to dry.  And Janet has been around... she just hasn't been around at their beckoned call because she knows most of them aren't going to give her a fair shake anyway.  
    Beyonce hasn't sat for a proper interview or called into a radio station in 5 years either, but she's a name that is on everyone's lips (which I have no problem with BTW).  But the difference is her career has not yet been tarnished by the media.  So she's following a similar path to Janet and making things about her fans.  

    But as a fan of Janet, it's not cool with me to let these shady moments pass by, so I'm going to point it out.  
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  23. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Look What Wal-Mart is Selling!   

    The 11 by 17 pictures are like $8.  These prices are for the Canvass Art.  
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  24. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic DENIED-- Slights Against Janet & Omissions of Her Work   

    As we all know, Billboard magazine is a primary offender.  In a recent article written by Gary Trust, they are discussing artists with the most Top 10 hits... 
    Left off of the list was Janet, whom has garnered 28 Hot 100 Top 10 hits... 29 if you are counting We Are The World 25 for Haiti... 
    Here's the list (though many of us on here already know it)... 
    #4 What Have You Done For Me Lately
    #3 Nasty
    #1 When I Think Of You
    #5 Control
    #2 Let's Wait Awhile
    #5 Diamonds (Herb Alpert ft. Janet Jackson & Lisa Keith)
    #1 Miss You Much
    #2 Rhythm Nation
    #1 Escapade
    #4 Alright
    #2 Come Back To Me
    #1 Black Cat
    #1 Love Will Never Do
    #10 The Best Things In Life Are Free (Luther Vandross, Janet Jackson, Bell Biv Devoe an Ralph Tresvant)
    #1 That's The Way Love Goes
    #4 If
    #1 Again
    #10 Because of Love 
    #2 Any Time, Any Place
    #8 You Want This
    #3 Runaway
    #5 Scream (Michael and Janet Jackson)
    #1 Together Again 
    #3 I Get Lonely
    #3 What's It Gonna Be (Busta Rhymes ft. Janet Jackson)
    #1Doesn't Really Matter
    #1 All For You
    #3 Someone To Call My Lover
    #2 We Are The World 25 for Haiti (Artists for Haiti)
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  25. wayneashleymusic added a topic in All About Janet   

    DENIED-- Slights Against Janet & Omissions of Her Work
    I've posted on the subject before, but would like to know what others have seen in terms of members of the media that continue to try and erase Janet's legacy.  If you find blatant omissions of Janet's work, unfounded comments or other subtle forms of shade, post them hear.  If we all know about them, maybe we can all refute them as a community.  
    For those unfamiliar with the issues, this post on The Inquisitr is a good place to start.  
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