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  1. I remain a JT fan, but I'll just say I'm looking forward to it. The lead single Filthy is ok, but nothing I'm going to rush around to get. And I wish his camp would stop referring to it as some brand new sound because it's not.
  2. Kelly Alexander-- tomorrow!!

    Another ominous tweet from Kelly Alexander. Could this be a long-awaited interview??
  3. ET: Janet Headed to London for Xmas; Possibly Tour Europe/Asia

    *Holds up Unbreakable CD copies and album. PUT IT OUT SO I CAN BUY IT!!!! But seriously lol... DVD/ itunes it, and give fans the choice. Load it up with the show, BTS footage, cuts of all the songs performed from different dates. True fans would be HERE for it!!
  4. ET: Janet Headed to London for Xmas; Possibly Tour Europe/Asia

    I really do think that she and her team don't want to do that until they have all the dates and her personal situation worked out. But one thing's for sure... the Europe leg of the tour should be easier for Janet in some ways because she'll be closer to her home base of London. For the family and fans' sake, let's hope they can all work things out in short order. In the meantime, let's also hope for some sort of SOTW DVD or Documentary which would help to sustain interest in the tour!!

    OMG can somebody that's good with video PLEASE capture from 8:50-9:07 of this?? That's the part where Guero is dancing to if, then a pair of hands (Alex) just APPEAR and grab his crotch!! That shit will go viral.
  6. Island Life Line Dance

    Hey #JanFam!! Does anyone know the #IslandLife line dance? Have we ever seen anyone do this at #SOTW? Would be great to get some JanFam to learn it, post some videos and maybe start doing it at the show.
  7. Island Life Line Dance

    OMG how on earth did I miss this???
  8. New Jimmy Jam interview

    It literally could've been done in preparation for her original show, and they waited to run it until now, with a few updates. I'm not seeing a problem here.

    When she wears the black outfit, she can dance some at the end. The centerpiece of her white and denim outfit is those custom Louboutin denim boots she's wearing... RED BOTTOMS. So no surprise that she doesn't dance much in those.
  10. Kelly Alexander-- tomorrow!!

    I don't know... seems like the camp is getting ready to announce something. And Kelly would be the perfect host to shepherd said announcement. Whoever it is, I'm a gonna tune in!!! #StartPlanningBitches #GilSaidItNotMe


    Who knows?? All I know is that Janet is amazing. The fact that she's doing so much... both touring and taking care of Lil E is incredible to me. And hey... awards season is just getting started. I'm sure some big things are coming up for Ms. Jackson and the JanFam.
  13. Kelly Alexander-- tomorrow!!

    Something is happening Thursday...

    I get the arguments against Janet playing bigger venues, but she's in a precarious position when it comes to touring. Janet is a global superstar... she's got fans in every market. But figuring our how many fans will show to a concert is never an easy task, especially for an artist that has been out of the spotlight, or has a spotty record of consistently performing dates. Is it possible to have a massive "sell-out" run by playing a bunch of theaters?? Sure, but that means a ton more shows per market and a more taxing time on the artist and performers, for smaller albeit enthusiastic crowds. The other option? Go for arenas and even if you can't sell out, power through the show and keep your commitments. Then the next time, fans will know that the tour is happening, because they heard from their friends how EPIC you were the last time. As long as you can make enough to cover your operating costs, this is the strategy that tends to be the best. What I love about SOTW is that it is about as lean and mean as an artist of Janet's caliber could get away with on a tour, yet it totally does the job. She's not spending tons of money on elaborate sets, a bunch of costume changes or pyro/ effects. Which means those savings can be applied to other areas. How much is Janet spending on operating expenses?? My rough estimate based on what some of the more expensive arena tours tend to cost... 10k to secure the date for a venue, 20-40k to rent the venue on performance day 20k to pay for the venue's staff. 100k per performance = pay, living costs for the tour staff 30-50k some sort of cut to LiveNation, possibly paid beforehand to guarantee the tour. Total operating expenses = $200k So if that rough estimate were true, that means that the venues where ticket sales were lower would still be net money makers for Janet, even if they didn't make a bunch. It's quite possible that Janet cleared $100k or more profit from a show where the house was 50% full. At the same time, she gets a chance to test out her best performing markets JUST IN CASE there is a tour re-vamp around new music for 2018. I suspect that if there is an international SOTW leg in early 2018, it might be followed up by a 20-30 date trek around North America which would see near full to sold out at every venue.
  15. #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    Oooh LAWD this bish bout to put me on meds!! #JJ12
  16. Janet at Out100 Event

    The Entertainment Tonight report coming through with super clear video. GAWD she is stunning. http://www.etonline.com/janet-jackson-speaks-her-heart-edgy-jumpsuit-accepts-music-icon-award-out100-gala-watch-90833
  17. #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    I've been wondering much of the same!! One of the best sources for potential clues is an interview Kelly Alexander did with Jimmy Jam. A few reminders-- a. When asked about the tour preparation, Jimmy did go out of his way to say that they and Janet don't have to "gear up" for a project. They just go in the studio, and make it happen. "Nowadays we just kind of hit the ground running". b. Then Jimmy talks about getting late night calls from Janet and Eissa. He remarks that Janet's newfound place as a parent "inspires what I think are great musical ideas, hopefully the come out that way." c. Kelly follows up, asking if there is time for new music along with the tour. Jimmy says "Will we have time? Yes because we make time... we know what to do, we know how to do it... there's no learning curve or anything like that anymore." The interview was published back in June. Very subtle, but definitely indicating that some new music is ready to drop.
  18. Janets Tour Manager / Management for State of the World?

    Not sure who the official manager is, but I learn a lot from Jareiq Kabara's IG. He's the President of Rhythm Nation Records... https://www.instagram.com/jqlondon/?hl=en
  19. SOTW tour in UK/Europe

    I was looking up and I seriously hope Janet is considering taking this tour to Europe and beyond. It's easy to forget how huge Janet is in countries like Japan and South Africa. I was just looking at this today. Here are Janet's Number 1 hits in Japan (a total of 8)... TTWLG, GTIG, Together Again, Doesn't Really Matter, All For You, STCML, Just A Little While, Feedback Number 1 hits in South Africa (a total of 9)... Let's Wait Awhile, Miss You Much, Come Back To Me, SOTW, TTWLG, If, GTIG, Together Again, All For You Surely someone in her camp is thinking about all of this. Why would Janet do put all of this incredible work into SOTW and not want to take it around the globe. It's a global message!! And BTW... can anyone on here confirm whether or not Scream was a Number 1 hit in South Africa?? I can't find the info anywhere.
  20. Janet returns to Gary, Indiana

    As a lifelong fan of Janet and the whole Jackson family, this means so much to me. It's not that they simply avoid doing interviews. They are not celebrities just locked away in some tower, but they actually give THOUGHT to their public appearances. The Jacksons have always been huge proponents of black media. Anyone ever notice that it was rare for Janet to miss a Soul Train Awards show or Essence? Yet how many times did she show at the Grammys? Anyone remember her first public appearance in 2015?? It was at the BET awards. And now, Janet and Randy are shining the world spotlight on their hometown of Gary, and inspiring young people to reach higher. It means so much more than just "another interview" could.
  21. From the Star Tribune: http://www.startribune.com/super-bowl-organizers-plan-ice-stage-walk-in-snow-globe-and-northern-lights-show-in-minneapolis/453625783/#1
  22. So it's possible that Janet just says forget the halftime show, and performs a free concert (or some other big event in the area) during Super Bowl week?? For those unfamiliar with recent Super Bowls, Super Bowl Live is a big chunk of the week's worth of festivities that lead up to the game. In Houston earlier this year Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, The Chainsmokers and a bunch of other big bands all performed at this place called Club Nomadic the week before the game. Solange performed at Super Bowl Live, which is a free concert series.
  23. The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

    Taraji P. Henson and Jussie Smollett giving LIFE!! They're going to the Chicago show tonight!!!
  24. I am not "them" I am an individual with my own opinions and abilities to interpolate, none of which have anything to do with you. And i've already said on other threads here that i have no beef with Justin Timberlake himself, as he is a product of the same system of privilege and structural racism/ sexism under which we all live, and under which African-American females are continually short changed. I posted the link to the NFL's "ban" "rule out" or whatever the fuck you want to call it because it is pertinent to the conversation. The spokeperson's comments did not say. "One of the names we've ruled out", it said "the ONLY name we've ruled out is Janet Jackson." And that was a full 10 years after her last appearance... you know the same appearance that happened to be left out of the NFL's Super Bowl 50 halftime montage, which had clips from ALL the other performances. Interpolate that however you want. But know that it cannot and shall not invalidate my opinion.