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  1. Dal added a post in a topic Trump: Our National Disgrace. Transgender People Can't Serve in U.S. Military in 'Any Capacity'   

    Just out of curiosity, are there any trans folks actively on this board?
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  2. Dal added a post in a topic Jenna Dewan-Tatum Talks Janet With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)   

    I mostly agree.. tho I do think he can be funny, but seldomly so when it's off the cuff.. he's funny with characters and skits that are pre-written..
    but the thing I dislike MOST about Fallon is whenever he interviews people.. he fake laughs at EVERYthing and it comes off so completely insincere and forced that it can be uncomfortable to watch 
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  3. Dal added a post in a topic Trump: Our National Disgrace. Transgender People Can't Serve in U.S. Military in 'Any Capacity'   

    71 year old man-child, to be exact...
    ...the same man-child who was a multiple drafter dodger because of "bone spurs" in his heel 🙄 
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  4. Dal added a post in a topic NEW "All For You" Remix (includes unheard vocals)   

    I didn't say there were "new" vocals.. I specifically put "unheard" because of exactly what you said 👍🏼 
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  5. Dal added a topic in All About Janet   

  6. Dal added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Season 7 Starts TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!   

    my wife wanted to see it cuz she thought unsullied meant they cut off their whole dick n balls but I had to explain to her that it just meant they had been castrated (balls only), so it was near impossible for them to get hard or even be sexually aroused at all.. but yea I lowkey thought they was bouta show it too.. but the girl was baaad afuuuh.. like straight up sexy 🔥 🔥...bush n all
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  7. Dal added a topic in All About Janet   

    "Dammn Baby" JimmyCon Remix 🔥
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  8. Dal added a topic in All About Janet   

  9. Dal added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Season 7 Starts TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!   

    Did y'all see dude eat that bushy pussy..? She bad af tho I would've also!
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  10. Dal added a post in a topic "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!   

    agreed! WW (and Batman) were the best things about BvS... 
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  11. Dal added a post in a topic "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!   

    Idgaf about any reshoots.. let Joss do what he does, he's a talented director and writer (which is what he was originally brought onboard for) and the footage speaks for itself, the movie looks EPIC!
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  12. Dal added a post in a topic The VIDEO VANGUARD AWARD .....   

    yea def been great, thanks! We don't have another cruise video coming anytime soon, but I still have a few trips to Disneyland that we documented just waiting to be editors and uploaded.. a few concert vids that we took to share.. some local videos we made with the fam that also need to be put together for our YouTube channel.. so hopefully you subscribed to us (Hawes FamTV).. thanks again! 👌🏼 
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  13. Dal added a post in a topic The VIDEO VANGUARD AWARD .....   

    I think if Janet showed up solely to present missy the vanguard award then that would be justifiable.. ain't nobody saying she should be seated giving reaction shots to the latest Miley Cyrus performance or anything like that.. and ur right, not a whole lotta iconic artists are making appearances at the VMAs lately, but it wouldn't hurt.. it's not like Janet would lose fans if she did that, merely gain a new young fan or two potentially..
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  14. Dal added a post in a topic The VIDEO VANGUARD AWARD .....   

    Missy deserves it and Janet should be the one to present it to her 
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  15. Dal added a post in a topic "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!   

    I. Can't. Wait!!!! That 4mintrailer got my dick all kinds of hard!!! 
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