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  1. Dal added a post in a topic Lord baby Jesus IDK what's going on between the Rock and Tyrese but the Rock just went the fuck in!!!   

    Lately they been always trying to promote those shitty ass Fast & Furious movies with some fake beef between some of the co-stars.. the last time wasn’t it between Dwayne and Vin..?
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  2. Dal added a post in a topic PopWrapped: JANET WILL JOIN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR 2018 SB HALFTIME SHOW!   

    I’m missing somethin.. what does em’s freestyle have to do with this..?
    and I posted it because it’s an entertainment news article that wasn’t already posted and that says Janet is performing at the Super Bowl..
    I didn’t post it to endorse its accuracy.. if people don’t believe it (and it very well may be fake), then that’s the part that’s up for discussion, along with the contents of the article..
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  3. Dal added a topic in All About Janet   

    Rumors have been circulating for weeks, that Justin Timberlake will once again headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2018, and PopWrapped can exclusively confirm that the rumors are indeed true. Both the NFL and Timberlake are expected to make the official announcement in the coming days. I spoke to several sources, familiar with the deal, who tell me, “The deal is done. The ink is dry.” also stating “Timberlake is not only one of the biggest stars in the world, but has also become a legacy artist since his last Super Bowl performance. He was the first choice to headline.” This will be Timberlake's third Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. He appeared with *NSYNC in 2001 and as a solo artist, with Janet Jackson in 2004.

    Perhaps the biggest news we obtained, was that Janet Jackson will indeed be joining him. If you'll remember in 2004, the NFL, and many Americans were in uproar, after Timberlake exposed Jackson's bare breast, at the end of the performance. The incident, which was later dubbed as the “Nipplegate,” caused such backlash, Jackson was blacklisted from performing again. It also quickly prompted the FCC to institute a permanent, five-second delay on all live broadcasts. Following the performance, Timberlake and Jackson publicly apologized for the scandal, although many speculated that the entire incident was a planned publicity stunt. Timberlake exited the scandal relatively unscathed, while Janet absorbed a tremendous amount of heat, perhaps unfairly. In the past, Timberlake admitted that he “could’ve handled it better,” and then a few more years later: “I wish I had supported Janet more.”

    Our insider noted, “...Justin's a smart guy. He doesn't want to be crucified for letting Janet take all the heat for the 'breast issue.' It's been almost fifteen years. He's not a kid anymore. Justin has a tremendous amount of respect for Janet, and has always felt bad about how everything went down. There are so many safeguards to ensure that kind of issue could never happen again.” When asked about other possible collaborators, including Nelly and *NSYNC, I was told “Nelly is out, for obvious reasons,” and that ”Justin isn't really interested in another *NSYNC performance, right now. It's just not practical. Bottom line, he only has 12-minutes to deliver. The only strong request that Timberlake had was regarding Janet. It was definitely not an easy sell. Justin has vowed that there will be zero controversy.”

    It's worth noting, that since rumors began circulating that Timberlake would once again be featured on the Halftime show, the internet has loudly, and often angrily pointed out the difference in the way Jackson has been punished for the infamous 2004 incident. Not everyone is so keen on the idea on a Janet Jackson feature, however. Dallas Cowboys legend, Michael Irvin definitely wasn't a fan of the idea. When asked by TMZ, how he felt about Jackson joining Timberlake, he curtly stated, “I don't think so.”

    With Timberlake's new record lurking just around the corner, a Super Bowl Halftime performance seems like a smart move for everyone involved. What do you think of this news? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to like PopWrapped on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
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  4. Dal added a post in a topic Eminem, a rare white artist speaks out for his black fans   

    bruh I wish he would do that halftime gig!
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  5. Dal added a post in a topic Janet & Eissa at Disney   

    nobody said it’s hard to see/picture/imagine/envision/synonym... it’s just unconfirmed, that’s all..
    like I said in this thread already, something’s coming
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  6. Dal added a post in a topic Janet & Eissa at Disney   

    agreed 👌🏼 
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  7. Dal added a post in a topic Janet & Eissa at Disney   

    that’s great.. I’m sure it’s coming and it’s exciting... 
    yet still officially unconfirmed...
    looking forward to an official announcement hopefully soon!
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  8. Dal added a post in a topic Janet & Eissa at Disney   

    wtf does “paranoia” have to do with anything..? 👀 
    exercising caution doesn’t equal being paranoid..
    what happened to her lingerie line? What happened with her years old producing deal with Lionsgate? or that bound-to-be-dreadful duet with that one signer..? And those are all things she herself commented on and confirmed herself, more or less..
    Norman, you yourself are one of the biggest proponents on this board for her “from my lips” motto..
    just because folks are being filmed and interviewed doesn’t equal actual factual confirmation in any sense of the word..
    And although I too said “something’s coming” when commenting on the cameraman trailing her, it’s still an unconfirmed project...
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  9. Dal added a post in a topic Janet & Eissa at Disney   

    yea true but that still isn’t a confirmation in my view.. it’s possible that the end goal is to get a deal with Netflix, but it could very well be that Janet is self-funding the camera crew and ends up using the footage for a DVD extra or online video exclusive, etc.. until Netflix or Janet comes out and officially announced a Netflix deal then I’ll be weary of getting too excited about it..
    I mean, when someone on here says the Netflix show is “confirmed” then I wanna know that’s it’s actually confirmed.....and it’s not yet 🤷🏻‍♂️
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  10. Dal added a post in a topic Janet & Eissa at Disney   

    by whom from Netflix and/or Janet’s camp officially confirmed for the docuseries..? I heard of an anonymous source with details but nothing was ever officially announced, was it?
    Fill me if idk
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  11. Dal added a post in a topic Janet & Eissa at Disney   

    Notice how there’s a cameraman filming everything still, you can spot him behind Janet and Ciara on the Small World boat ride.. something’s coming eventually.
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  12. Dal added a post in a topic New MICHAEL JACKSON Album Coming 9/29...?!   

    this is only their 4th posthumous release, with only 2 of those releases containing previously unheard music... def not the 11th haha
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  13. Dal added a post in a topic New Pictures:Janet at her official After Party in LA   

    is her hand on her tit..? 👀 
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  14. Dal added a post in a topic "Halloween Movies" Which ones have you seen lately?   

    they’re just movies 😂 you’re missing out but I get it
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  15. Dal added a post in a topic "Halloween Movies" Which ones have you seen lately?   

    I was hyped to see it even though the trailers did suck ass.. but I love all four of those women and think they’re all hilarious, and was excited to take my daughter to a movie like that.. after watching it the first day it was out in theaters, I gave it a solid B.. It was for sure funny (Chris Hemsworth stole every scene) and the story wasn’t bad, plus the action was the best out of all three GB movies (in the original movies they would just stand in one spot and shoot at the ghosts), I just wished it was rated R.. I mean I prolly wouldn’t have taken my daughter to see it since she’s only 8yo, but I think I would’ve laughed harder cuz when the movie is more vulgar and they can say “fuck” a lot then it’s funnier for me.. I mean in the original GB Dan Akroyd gets his dick sucked by a ghost lol
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  16. Dal added a post in a topic "Halloween Movies" Which ones have you seen lately?   

    You guys should check out “Lights Out”... I went into it with pretty low expectations and it surprised me, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
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  17. Dal added a post in a topic New Pictures:Janet reunites with many former dancers   

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  18. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I read somewhere that Beyonce was indeed there, but no actual confirmation or pics yet
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  19. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I had no clue! Hadn’t been in that section in a few days.. good lookin out 👌🏼 
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  20. Dal added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Dal!!!   

    my bad folks! I haven’t visited the free-zone section in a while..
    but thanks for all the birthday messages!!
    this is definitely one of the more interesting forums I visit on the regular.. there be hella intense arguing on this shit but at the end of the day everyone seems like they’d be pretty chill in person too, even that one guy.. ✌🏼 
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  21. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    Anybody find a good video of Scream?? I only saw it on periscope but it was dope.. she did the refrain part before the main chorus (“...you try to cope with every lie...”) and she’s never done that before.. plus, she either re-recorded those scream vocals (again) or she was singing it live cuz those were brand new!
    btw the addition of Scream is officially the first setlist change of the tour so far!
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  22. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    “Rhythm Nation” is trending on twitter 
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  23. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

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  24. Dal added a post in a topic New Pictures:Janet reunites with many former dancers   

    hot damn some epic shit bouta go down.. I fkn wish I was going to that show instead
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