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  1. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I was also front row at the SF Unbreakable show.. the one on the 13th.. wbu
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  2. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    she legit should’ve had her own Halftime show period but fkn MTV always over saturated all of the HT shows they produced.. even Aerosmith should’ve had their own show but instead they had to perform with *NSYNC and fucking Nelly 🤦🏻‍♂️ 
    really just fuck MTV in general
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  3. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    my baby should’ve absolutely been a single and early in the project too! I’ve always thought this
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  4. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I’ve always felt that she made ANDS her biggest “B-side” single in the sense that it wasn’t getting any type of radio AirPlay almost anywhere and BET was the only channel that sort of had it in rotation sometimes... and the only reason most casual/non-fans are even aware of the song is because of how many times she performed that thing on every show in every time slot that she could think of.. after all those performances and interviews the song never took off like maybe she thought it would, but IWY actually charted a little I think, and that was because radio stations were playing that pretty steadily, but I think it was partially because Kanye West was known to have produced that song and he was getting big that year so that helped.. plus the fact that it’s just a better song out of the two, she’s actually singing real intelligible lyrics and using different octaves.. plus the add-libs were great on IWY and nowhere to be found on ANDS.. so idk what’re I was going with this anymore but there it all is 
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  5. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    no to moist.. sure it’s one step better than warmth,  but he two of them go hand in hand imo... plus I’m one of those people who oddly doesn’t like the word “moist” in general.. like, for me, I like pussy when it’s wet...ain’t never been no girl ever tell me that they’re moist... ugh..
    but with those bottom three albums (not counting JJ/DS) my fav tracks are Feedback, Luv, RWU, Curtains, DITM, Take care, L2L, ENJOY (!!), island life, STWY and country (haha naw jp fuck that)
    ..so yea there’s def some legit pieces of gold corn sprinkled throughout her shittiest shit
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  6. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    I agree about Warmth/Moist ...I criiiiiinge...
    but without counting JJ and DS, Discipline is her least good album, 20YO is the 2nd least good album, and DJ is her 3rd least good album..
    all the albums listed above still contain a handful of gems, but yes, thematically speaking, musically speaking, lyrically speaking... those three are definitely her weakest efforts to date
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  7. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    DJ wasn’t bad.. not her best but def not her worst.. from my recollection, Confessions was a better R&B album at the time and DJ didn’t live up to what it could’ve been, mostly due to the SB fallout and lack of radio play..
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  8. Dal added a post in a topic New Song? (VIDEO)   

    yea I don’t like rollercoaster very much.. never did.. don’t like her yelp add-libs and her drowned out vocals.. sounds too frantic and all over the place (like a rollerco—.....ooooh..)
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  9. Dal added a post in a topic New Song? (VIDEO)   

    plus, I’ve always felt like he brought a more updated “Jackson” sound to his tracks he did with Janet. I think partially because he worked so extensively with Mike, and considering they both were hugely influenced by him from the jump, made it a more natural progression/transition going from JJ/TL to Darkchild (as opposed to, say, JD to Darkchild).
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  10. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    glad for you that you finally got to see her
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  11. Dal added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    So she’s performing STCML now..?!
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  12. Dal added a post in a topic "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!   

    yea I’m hoping for an extended cut when it comes out on Blu-ray.. they did that with BvS and Suicide Squad already, and WW also had an extra scene on the Blu-ray (it was basically a post-credits scene).. 
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  13. Dal added a post in a topic Help find the photographer   

    Harry P. Ness
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  14. Dal added a post in a topic New Song? (VIDEO)   

    Me too
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  15. Dal added a post in a topic New Song? (VIDEO)   

    fine whatever I’d agree it’s probably in her lower half of single sure.. but I still think it could’ve played way better than it ultimately did.. those harmonies alone bro, smooth as butter, and catchy as hell too.. I liked Closer also so it’s coo..
    but as for feedback, I highly (and yes I’m lit af rn) disagree.. 
    FEEDBACK had Hot 100 #1 written ALLLL over it.. it was as close to a perfect dance/pop/radio song that has ever existed.. there are some “hooks” in that track, it’s like it was written to be a HIT with surgical precision...all of that technically speaking..
    in terms of how it sounded, it was current and still sounded inventive.. it had an almost European/foreign vibe to the arrangement that was newer and fresh for the US radio.. it doesn’t even sound dated yet.. guaranteed if Rihanna put that song out it would’ve hit the top..
    My feelings as to why it didn’t even make the Top 10 is a couple of things.. the video was lowkey divisive, I loved it, but I know of people saying it was too slow or she should’ve danced from the start.. I remember even since TRL always played like one minute of the videos on the countdown that when FB played they’d almost never actually get to the dance part lol.. 
    also, she waited until album release day to perform it when it had already peaked at #19 by then.. of she did only like 2 or 3 tv performances a month leading up to Discipline release then I feel it would’ve pushed FB way higher..
    i just type a shit ton so I’m bouta hit theis bowl ✌🏼 
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  16. Dal added a post in a topic Bruno Mars tweets about Janet collab   

    true 👍🏼 
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  17. Dal added a post in a topic New Song? (VIDEO)   

    you stoopid.. RWU is by far NOT her worst single to date.. remember Nothing? Or Whoops Now? Or Call On Me? Or hell even SOAG..?
    i actually like RWU quite a bit.. and you must remember that right around the same time it was released as a single was the same time that Ne-Yo’s Closer was released also.. both very similar tracks and one became a huge hit while the other never did anything.. I believe if she either wasn’t an older woman at the time, or if she hadn’t been banned from radio for so long by that point that RWU would’ve been another success for her..at least Top 40 as FB had just previously finally gotten her back into the Top 20 (should’ve easily been #1 but wuttyagunado)..
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  18. Dal added a post in a topic Bruno Mars tweets about Janet collab   

    she was also publically willing to work with Mariah years ago... although I’ve always felt that the reason their collab never materialized was because her and Mariah and JD couldn’t come up with a song where Mariah wasn’t going to outshine Janet vocally.. I guess it could be the same with Bruno, but I think Mariah would’ve loooved to outdo janet on a song together, whereas Bruno would potentially be willing to fall back a little more than he normally does so that they both shine equally (considering he’s a fan and loves the shit out of her).
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  19. Dal added a post in a topic Bruno Mars tweets about Janet collab   

    didn’t stop her from working with Mike or Elton or Luther (or Khia...haha)... albeit those collabs were ages ago but still
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  20. Dal added a post in a topic "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!   

    I think in the original cut of the film, before rewrites and reshoots occurred, Superman was going to be “evil” for much longer than he ended up being in the final film.. if you remember back to BvS when Bruce Wayne had his “knightmare” about the dystopian future with evil Superman ruling everything with the parademons and the human soldiers with the Superman symbol on their arms, I think that was going to come to fruition in the original JL movie.. with the Flash having told Bruce Wayne (from the future) when he woke up that he was “always right about him” and that “Lois Lane is the key” was going to play a larger factor into how JL was actually going to be... but then we got what we got and that’s why I’m hoping for an extended version once it hits Blu-ray 
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  21. Dal added a post in a topic "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!   

    riiight?! There’s a lot missing from what was in the trailers.. before Whedon got hired this was going to be a much different movie
    I didn’t care much for how they brought Superman back, but definitely one of my favorite scenes in the entire movie is when Superman was fighting the other JL members.. omg when Superman’s eye turned towards Flash running at him in slowmo I was LMAO!
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  22. Dal added a topic in All About Janet   

    Bruno Mars tweets about Janet collab
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  23. Dal added a post in a topic "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!   

    it is all over the place a little.. the villain is lame like I said and some of Barry’s lol lines didn’t land properly.. and yea I’m wondering how they’re going to explain Clark Kent returning, but nowhere in the movie did it confirm he’s indeed back at work at the Daily Planet.. but I liked a lot more about it than what I didn’t like..
    and bitch I didn’t send nobody.. actin like I called the Uber for you n shit.. you didn’t like the movie? Oh well shit happens move on now
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  24. Dal added a post in a topic The Avengers...   

    Can. Not. Wait. 
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  25. Dal added a topic in All About Janet   

    New Song? (VIDEO)
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