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  1. FreelovesJJ added a topic in All About Janet   

    Atlanta - Closing Night
    Question for everyone - 
    How many people are coming to Atlanta for closing night?
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  2. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    Agreed and he has more than Janet has. So him being out with the child would be considered much more low key. 
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  3. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    That's honestly just an excuse fans use to dissolve Janet of the same equal judgment. Janet ABSOLUTELY knows a different world of avoiding paps. She does it artfully. She avoided cameras for literally years. She's talked about going to the movies and ppl never being able to tell she's been there. She grew up in this world so she also very skillfully knows how to maneuver through it. 
    Her publicity moves are the equivalent of Wissam. Not to mention he's probably ALWAYS been out & about but it wasn't until Janet that he would be stalked for it. He was just an unknown billionaire. Before Janet he would have been a completely unassuming man out pacing with his son & quite honestly to the average person - he still is. You don't see any paparazzi rushing or crowding him like they do Janet. He's ALWAYS without visible security. Fans analyze it to be more because they know him & who he is...whoever walked by him didn't look at him twice. The guy even said - nobody on my Snapchat will know who this is...
    Matter of fact, look how everyone is treating him in the vicinity. If that was Janet do you think it would be the same? It's probably more normal for him to be out chilling in plain sight than it would be a megastar like Janet (unfortunately)
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  4. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    You DO know when Janet is spotted out  with Eissa from the lead up of her in the park with him in the stroller to him & her randomly standing on the corner waiting for her lunch meeting to arrive to the store photos - it's ALL purposeful & planned. I don't understand fans trying to demonize Wissam for doing exactly what Janetnis doing. 
    Janet has ALWAYS been private. Now she's being more "public" but Wissam & Janet are not so far a part in their privacy ideals. Maybe because he's married to a megastar when he's in public now it's more documented. He could have always had equal amounts of time in the public but paps didn't hound him. Do you ever see pictures of Mark Zuckerberg just out and about? That doesn't mean he barely goes out it just means the paps don't care. 
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  5. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    My point exactly. Also the fact that Wissam is willing to travel around the world for his, despite being publicly embarrassed by the mother that in itself shows a dedication to his child. 
    And the fact that Janet let's the reigns loose for it means she knows beyond all the personal shit he loves his child. She trusts that enough to let it be. Fans might not agree but when adults have disagreements there's usually 3 sides to the story. Both people's side and the truth. Honestly, there could have been times where Janet was COMPLETELY wrong & Wissam was COMPLETELY wrong and times where they just didn't communicate effectively. Instead of immediately seeing him as the villain - I think that's their business. Janet could be playing chess and taking jabs but she knows he loves his son enough to be there for him. No matter what. 
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  6. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    There's absolutely nothing to be concerned about lol, if Janet can parade Eissa around for the paps then Wissam taking him on a public walk is not a big deal. Janet doesn't seem worried. Despite the public chess they seem to be playing with each other Eissa is Wissams child & he has as much of a right to him as Janet does. Glad to see he's not being deprived of his fatherhood. Makes me respect Janet even more. 
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  7. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    More condescending shit. Fuck outta here dude. You're the equivalent of Norm playing dumb about shit. If you don't realize respect is not disrespecting people's religious beliefs by trivializing & belittling them then you lack basic skills. 
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  8. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    It's not a discussion about religion it's about respect. I never said any religious affiliation I have. Yet the troll imposed his assumptions on me for calling him out on being disrespectful to anyone with a faith based belief. It's purely about respect. 
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  9. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    Janet called herself a Christian. You don't want to believe it because the person you damn near worship would ultimately worship ideologies you disagree with. Yet another instance where you've been wrong. Just shut the fuck and try being humane. 
    The fact you can't see that you all are disrespectful to others is dead ass sickening. You call some ppl great minds because yours might be too feeble to explore & challenge on your own. Nonetheless fuck off ive made my point whether you care or not. I'm sure bitchness in you will feel a need to respond. 
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  10. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    No one is talking about the Goddess bull shit, that's your obsessive prerogative. The condescending reference is Santa for adults. You're trivializing a VERY nuanced ideology by clustering them together for one specific narrative. I DID not specify which religious and/or spiritual practice that applies to. God, which Janet OPENLY believes in, conceptually translates in many different languages & practices. 
    According to Randy, who Janet undoubtedly authorized to give the insight on her relationship as well as stated in her book True You, Janet is Christian. Scientific facts morph over time & vary based on whose scientific discovery you quote. Fuck off the high horse & stop being a fucking virus. 
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  11. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    I just wonder how much you both would consistently be condescending to Janet about her religious preferences if sitting in her presence. How often would you belittle her mentality and/or experiences? How much would you shun her perspective unwarranted for the sake of solely being a dick? How much would you brush off her ideology just the fuck because?
    I'd absolutely love to see you keep the same energy for the one you support, it's not about disagreeing or what you do or don't believe it's the fact you consistently jab ppl's beliefs. If I came on here and said "trans people are all psychologically insane" or "gay people are just perverse hurt little boys trapped in adult bodies" it would be unacceptable. 
    Respect is in approach not agreement. 
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  12. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    It didn't have to be. You made a statement, multiple times before, that come off condescending to others you've been addressed. Period. "Kick back" is does not change that I directly let it be known. 
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  13. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    You didn't have to. The statement was specific to your post. 
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  14. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    Maybe it's a way of keeping a buzz around her name & it's definitely in LA at the Ivy. The Ivy is known for having paps out there - so if you go it's anticipated you'll see them. Now, maybe she does love the food there but it's a playground for media attention. 
    She knows how to avoid cameras so this is always on purpose. Interesting nonetheless. 
    Also while everyone has the entitlement to their opinion the condescending jabs at religious beliefs that @Dal & the troll take is disrespectful & old honestly. I don't see anyone evangelizing & ministering on this forum - not to mention the person you follow is a firm faith driven person, yet when "blessings" or God comes up - belittling the ideology is lame. 
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  15. FreelovesJJ added a post in a topic Katy Perry performing WHYDFML on new tour (VIDEO)   

    It's always nice to see Janet getting love. Period. Probably thought about it after they met at Missy's show. 
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