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  1. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition

    I don't understand you all. lol I just don't get what you hear....
  2. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition

    Should Have Known Better. I already got my knock off list - but Dream Maker is one of the albums best tracks, by far.
  3. When I wrote that Janet was trending at number one.
  4. This symbolizes Janet's official return to public grace.
  5. This moment is not about JT she's using her pull. She is trending more than the Super Bowl itself. She absolutely should stand in her glory after being black balled, banned, disgraced, financially punished - Janet used to hit back through music: Scream, You Aint Right, Truth. This all about Janet so she would be capitalizing off the love given to her. This is free marketing, it's being picked up by other celebrities, major publications, globally. If Janet does that the conversation would be about how she snatched the narrative, got justice 14 years later, & why she's still a legend & iconic.
  6. No that would be smart marketing. She would be capitalizing on all her digital impressions. If you are being celebrated give them something to consume. It would also drive the tickets of her next performances. People are looking for Janet go to them. This is free promotion. The video would go viral & people (black twitter) specifically would create memes, conversation, she's already been picked up by celebs & the Shade Room. This would be brilliant.
  7. She did & one thing is for sure - she's making new music.
  8. This is epic and a long time coming. Also, Janet would have the dopest capitalization if she dropped a BANGER video and song. A song about them trying to break you but triumph & the video is hard hitting and edgy. She would win. Drop it RIGHT at halftime.
  9. This is very dope! Her headlining festivals is a smart move that allows her to get the younger crowd's attention while also keep working without touring. Touring is grueling and can over saturate a market if she weren't to hit Europe and abroad. This keeps her making money in the states.
  10. CONFIRMED: Janet Jackson to Headline 2018 Essence Festival

    Very rarely are there ever reports of violence with this event that has been going on for over 15 years. It brings a very nice and fun crowd. They spend too much money to be not enjoying themselves. It's a great event.
  11. CONFIRMED: Janet Jackson to Headline 2018 Essence Festival

    It's July 4th weekend. This is such a good look for Janet because with the new music and year she's about to have Essence is her crowd. It also will bring her back into the fold. We're going to be hearing and seeing from her. There's a lot she's working on.
  12. Janet at JFK airport

    She might be in town for a specific event surrounding the Grammys. I very HIGHLY doubt Janet is presenting the award to Tina - I don't see that. Janet & Tina do not have that type of relationship where that would be impactful. After a multi year hiatus she's comes back to present Tina? Nah I doubt it. But there are other awards people are getting around the Grammys events before the Grammy show.
  13. Janet at JFK airport

    Right, BUT Janet definitely flys commercial. Especially for international flights.
  14. Nasty Shirt

    On sale until Sunday, a lot of fans from Atlanta asked me for it at the party & concert here you go: http://bit.ly/MsJackson
  15. Janet at JFK airport

    Baby girl is FINE!!!!! Why she look like she just out here by herself???
  16. JANET at the Essence Music Festival 2018?

    I was at the Atlanta show, but again I ask - when do you think between no & later that she is going to announce the new tour dates? Unless Janet is coming out at the Super Bowl which I pray she doesn't...I'd like to know when you think she's going to drop new dates & if you think she's picking up the exact same show?
  17. JANET at the Essence Music Festival 2018?

    If you think she's still going to tour when do you think she's going to announce it? Do you think she's going to pick up the show and do the same one overseas? Also, you know the team that worked with her have already started booking other gigs right?
  18. No one owes an explanation for the obvious. Janet has a right to handle the things that happened to her however she pleases and everyone is entitled to see it for what it is to them and feel how they do.
  19. My Little Theory....

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT WANT JANET TO DO THE SUPER BOWL WITH JUSTIN! I also would be HIGHLY disappointed if she did! Now that that's out way - I know many fans speculate (more so hope) Janet is extending the tour to overseas and the rumored documentary (that has not been confirmed) coming out at some point - but what if Janet does a surprise appearance at the Super Bowl & that's how she launches the next leg of her tour and/or music? Its kinda tradition whoever does the Super Bowl they are usually going on tour after & the SB is the launching pad for their newest work. It would. Also create a heavy buzz around her. I don't want it done this way, and although I can't see Janet doing awhole tour speaking against white supremacy & allowing white privilege to bring her back to the stage...it will be interesting to see what or if she's planning anything.
  20. My Little Theory....

    In my opinion Justin should not be the key to her closure. He shouldn't be the one who gets to give her "her moment". He doesn't deserve that and neither does she. They should have gone to HER, but with all the racism and prejudice going on right now in the NFL they don't deserve her being open to them.
  21. Something new

    I think the goal with this era was to mix other eras. Honestly I didn't like the white liner under her eye during the UB era. But I guess the best is when she looks the most natural to me. VR & Janet era vibe.
  22. Something new

    I always feel the make up makes her look older and at times the design can be kinda draggish - and her make up looks BEST when she is smiling. She's a beautiful woman seriously. Naturally so.
  23. She looks really good. Janet with no make up always looks younger and even better.

    Whoever she's texting is important lol.