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    What is Janet's... Best lyrically written song???

    By far it’s “You” - the fact that she spelled Conscience backwards to align with the theme of talking to yourself in the mirror. It being a personal reflection of your inner voice. The whispering intro to the verses which play as a voice in her head/her spirit keeping her in line. It’s literally her smartest & best written & artistic song. There’s some other honorable mentions just because they lyrically have great messages. But “You” is brilliant & she’s never done anything as intricate since.
  2. FreelovesJJ

    Janet in 2019=What Are You Expecting Now???

    Lmao! I’m so vexed. It’s funny how ppl didn’t want that EP - but look what you got instead. Be careful what you ask for. The EP’s role our would have been much better.
  3. It was definitely the best show she had done, up until STOW. Because the set list was unmatched. I loved the theme of it. She was telling some very personal things that I don’t think ppl caught in the good vs. evil. She had an amazing stage. She just killed it. SOTW wins in set list at this point but RWU was an epic show.
  4. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    I’ll just say in performance - it’s not “just clothes” or she would walk up there in sneakers & sweatpants. It’s thematic & I’m sure she chose that for a blend of a “global/tribal” effect. It gave more Islamic chic then anything but IMO & many others it wasn’t flattering. It was distracting. Her Jimmy Fallon look would have really captured the song more. She definitely did a great job & her intro had me HYPE but for a group of fans who love her for her artistic delivery - I don’t think mentioning a part of the art that threw it off (costume) is a complaint. She literally pays ppl for this.
  5. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    I liked the intro a lot. Really liked the production & drums & all. Wish she chose a different outfit...but hey. I love she’s out performing and killing it.
  6. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    Fair, but maybe I should rephrase. She had to build up her touring brand & trust, in general. Just show that she will and does commit to days and pulling it off. Everything will be interesting to see.
  7. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    It’s no disrespect to Janet literally none, but Janet didn’t just “abandon” her international fans. She had to build herself back up amongst the international base - especially to do a large scale arena tour. Now we might see, & MAYBE could have always, seen her do “hot spots”. A couple dates in London, do MAYBE Paris. Hit Japan if she can. Janet would love to have the international dollar as much as the American dollar but I don’t believe the sales were really there.
  8. Where’s what? That he was dating Angie Martinez during this era? If that’s what you’re asking it’s well known but it’s also in her book. She actually fist fought Wendy Williams because she disrespected him on air & at the time they worked for the same radio station. She insinuated that Tip was gay & closeted...while they were together and everyone knew they were together. Angie walked into the studio and beat Wendy’s ass. Literally. But if you’re asking where is it that he was cool with Rene you can hear in the recording him speaking to Rene who seems to be outside the booth. He’s even calling his name - not to mention Rene is in Poetic Justice.
  9. That’s what I’m trying to figure out though what would be the other way she blew up? While being married to Rene who was also in the movie & who seems to be in the studio with them & cool with Tip? They definitely seem to have a vibe but idk.
  10. During the recording of the era, I was guessing but wasn’t sure. Those years there being no social media we only saw her when she released really
  11. I thought she said that because she was husky at the time lol
  12. lol! I’ve always said I never thought they were together. She was with Rene, and it sounds like Tip always knew that & was cool with Rene AND at that time Tip was dating Angie Martinez too. Where’s that?
  13. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    You’re stupid af - the bra line is what could have been a very smart business move for Janet - it’s more residual income & with a brand like hers she could have played off of that for many years and made a lot of money. Your opinion on that is irrelevant because you’ll respond just to be petty. The music being rolled out is a strategy and to say as a fan you don’t care about strategy is because you don’t realize that as a fan - you are a part of the fucking strategy. You are a consumer. Fan is a nice word for consumer. So if the music is for the consumer then there is always a sales strategy. The music is for more than just you Janet is a business with a lot of people attached to her. She has a label and ambitions beyond herself. She would and could be the first form of a proof of concept for any other artists to be developed by her and her team. Not to mention - when it’s all said and done we’ll have another convo. You think you don’t care & you think it doesn’t matter but that’s with you not realizing the potential of what could be created.
  14. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    You’re so fucking obtuse it’s ridiculous. The point of bringing up things that didn’t happen is to explain shit is often planned in Janet’s camp that doesn’t always pan out. It has nothing to do with how “good” or “bad” of an idea it is. You’re unaware of the intended strategy for an EP so you’re so against the shit that every time it comes up you police the statements with negative responses. You just MIGHT get your album without the EP & IF you do, I’m betting you will have gotten a lesser roll out & strategy.
  15. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    So, hypothetically, lets say the direction has changed from EP to LP - it would not be because an EP is a waste of time. It also isn’t because she has enough material to release an album. She ALWAYS over records material. Then they decide what stays and what goes. If you don’t think MFN was tested before she dropped it to get an opinion on if it would do better than other stuff she has recorded you’re naive. Not to mention she has songs better than MFN on ice right now. MFN was recorded in the FIRST half of the SOTW tour. It’s actually about a year old. If you’re a fan of Janet you know there have been GREAT ideas that didn’t pan out...for whatever reason from lingerie lines to productions. If you get an album before an EP, I’m willing to bet the initial strategy for the EP will not be fully executed for an entire album & that’ll be kinda unfortunate.
  16. FreelovesJJ

    Janet Jackson Still in Studio

    Yup seems things have changed but it could have been amazing to see the original ideas.
  17. FreelovesJJ

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    I just have to say I am so happy to see this board run by a Black Woman. It makes a difference in the allowance of discourse and contextualizes conversations perfectly. Bernie did not daily lose in the primary there were tactics used against him by Clinton unethically to ensure that loss. Nonetheless, as terrible as it has ended up for others - Trump’s victory felt like a long coming karma. Not just to Hilary but also to America in general. The best aspect of having Trump in office is the white liberal claims of post-racial & expensively progressive society being revealed as lies. I think if Hilary won ppl would have went back to silent & felt blindly safe. Having no accountability of her or what is going on in Washington. While trump is a walking cancer cell to humanity - we do live in a time where topics are so polarized that nuances are thrown out the window. Any time you have a varied thought you are labeled - where some type of phobic or bigot or any other marginalizing title. For me, I PERSONALLY feel it is in the best interest of the black race to strengthen the home front - through financial unity, political power, economic growth, & ownership before infusing their power/representation as a backbone to other groups. It’s one of the reasons our movements, neighborhoods, & resources get hijacked & overshadowed. Give sympathy for sure but it is not impractical to think there needs to be grander movement of cultural unity to ensure a larger impact.
  18. FreelovesJJ

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    That person doesn’t care about facts. They had a point they wanted to prove.
  19. FreelovesJJ

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    That’s an assumption about all of those women, and could be true about some of those women. I don’t know them anymore than you do. You’re conflating issues & to a degree I can get WHEN a white woman votes for Trump & votes for the innocence of a murdering cop to dissolve ourselves of care for them... but that’s when that happens. As of now, it’s all an assumption & where they stand for those who have been sexually assaulted & raped there’s no excuse or “ok” thing about that.
  20. FreelovesJJ

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    That’s not what’s being said and honestly I don’t have a problem with Janet taking a stance. At all. It’s what I love her for. Can’t Be Stopped is one of my favorite tracks by Janet. I think the only difference is her speech at the Soul Train awards in 04 which was ALL about womanhood and empowering women with a specification toward being a woman of color vs. a very clean all lives matter speech. Not saying she should be a separatist - it’s just the same message delivered with a double stance.
  21. FreelovesJJ

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    She does perform that on stage and there’s no doubt about that & she also performs themes about misogyny on stage.
  22. FreelovesJJ

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    Very interesting statement. Before you get attacked I want to engage this. Personally, while I think Janet has literally made a footprint for all the current “hot topic” issues currently - in the most recent years, she has not directly been as vocal out her own mouth for things like Black Lives Matter. In her interviews she makes black culture a priority & speaks from a genuine space on its defense, respect & recognition...but right now, and maybe even more so based on where her personal life is - women rights AND black women at that is a personal position for her. I get it might feel a little more comforting to Black women who feel even MORE marginalized to hear Janet echo - women & add the specification black women to her stance. I can get that.
  23. FreelovesJJ

    3 Deep Cuts Janet Needs to Perform Live!

    I’m not a fan of Can’t B Good but SloLove & Lonely I’ll take any day! Even Take Care but I don’t need it but wouldn’t mind. She’s damn near given me every track I’ve asked for live! Literally.
  24. FreelovesJJ

    Ye Ali Says He’s Working On A Janet Jackson Song

    No matter what Janet says in interviews she knows exactly what it’s going to be. She knows when it’s coming and MANY projects are a “work in progress” often up to the week before they release
  25. FreelovesJJ

    The Other News Thread

    It’s funny that you go up for Janet yet this entire era with everything she’s said and done you’ve been a complete contrarian to. You didn’t even know what the fuck the breakfast club was, like MANY of the people here, but it has millions of followers and advit supporters. You literally think your fucking small ass bubble is a reflection of what people are collectively experiencing. There are artists who a whole group of people don’t listen to yet they sell out stadiums. Markets can be abundant & diverse According to Janet RnB will never die and it is her genre. “It is “our” music” according to Janet herself. So if I’m far up their musical asses what the fuck is she? She’s mentioned them in about as many interviews as she has Jimmy & Terry. Not only as ppl she supports but people she would love to work with. She has even taken her time to PERSONALLY go to HER concert. You OBVIOUSLY don’t listen bc you would know Daniel Cesaer isn’t making much sexual music. Its not my opinion that’s smug it’s that when dealing with a condescending ass hole you have to talk to them at their level. You have complained since this entire process started. You take shots at everything & still you don’t get how an EP can be working in Janet’s favor, again due to your bubble, so you call it a waste. Fuck outta here.