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  1. msboz added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    Anyone going to the Fresno show?  It;s only a 2.5 drive from me and it lands on a sunday funday.  Def thinking about adding that date to my SOTW tour stops 
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  2. msboz added a post in a topic SOTW Tour - fan made Stage Concept & Setlist   

    Cool Concept.  I like it
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  3. msboz added a post in a topic A Career Kaleidoscope (VIDEO MegaMix)   

    Dal you mutha fucka!!!   That was so good.  Wow.  I am sharing this to everyone.  Well done. Spectacular job my friend. 
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  4. msboz added a post in a topic Groupon Deal: State of The World Tour Tickets   

    I'm seriously considering it.  Kayak says the airfare will drop by next week.  Do you already got tickets for that show ?
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  5. msboz added a post in a topic Groupon Deal: State of The World Tour Tickets   

    Damn I wanna check out the Houston show since its on a weekend but airfare is pretty expensive.  So who needs a date and a sleepover buddy? 
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  6. msboz added a post in a topic Gil's Talks Tour With ET   

    This really gets my mussy moist. 
    C'mon skinny Janet, costume changes, and different set list!
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  7. msboz added a post in a topic Janet Jackson's Makeup Artist Spills on What Looks We Can Expect at Her Upcoming Tour   

    I'm still thirsty for these "looks"
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  8. msboz added a post in a topic New Instagram post from Preston of Janet   

    Omg. She is the real flawless. Omg serving it. 
    Not sure if it's brand new. She def gonna have a whole new weave for the state of the world era 
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  9. msboz added a post in a topic Madonna's Son Dances To Rhythm Nation (VIDEO)   

    lol I totally. lol'd out loud when I read this. So true lol
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  10. msboz added a post in a topic Janet Jackson Still Got It, Mariah Carey Singing Like Your Grandma   

    What a biased ridiculously written article  and waste of my time.  Why the need to tear Mariah down to bring Janet up?  Fucking classless.  I am a huge Janet fan more than Mariah...but Mariah deserves respect at least, even if you ain't a fan. She paid her dues and paved the way in her own right as well.  Why people compare old mariah to today makes no sense to me.....the same can be said for Janet.  No one is going to be as good as they once were...SMH at these bitter queens starting these pointless fan wars
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  11. msboz added a post in a topic Janet featured in Kevin Aucoin documentary in September   

    That's awesome.  He was so one of a kind.  I loved his make up books, which featured Janet in a few photo shoots.  I also remember reading some article about him and he was asked who looks the best without any of his make up.  And he said Janet. She is just so natural and beautiful
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  12. msboz added a post in a topic Are her boobs real?   

    She got them done cmon now! 
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  13. msboz added a post in a topic MJ fans are dragging Janet in this thread   

    Fans of any of the Jacksons are pretty nuts
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  14. msboz added a post in a topic ET : Janet down 50lbs   

    Gurls.... they are both powerful rich celebrities with very big brands,  Reputation and privacy comes first. Not only to them, but for the sake and well being of their son.    The speculation you guys are doing is really not necessary and very much too extra.  Whatever differences they may have, we will never know and her netflix series won't show any of that at all.  If Wissam is even in this series,  it will be as a co parent, no drama will ever be filmed and he will be shown in a good light. Why would Janet wanna drag the father of her child thru the dirt,  Just cuz they didn't work out doesn't mean there is drama.  In a lot of divorces the parents actually get along better then they did when they were married.   I'm sure the legalities are already being worked out if not finalized.  
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  15. msboz added a post in a topic ET : Janet down 50lbs   

    I believe this is all good marketing. I can see the headlines now. Janet : new mom, divorced, back on tour, back in top shape, new documentary. Genius. 
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  16. msboz added a topic in All About Janet   

    ET : Janet down 50lbs
    She is working it according to ET.  Come thru BAAAAWWWWDEEEEE
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  17. msboz added a post in a topic Janet Coming to Netflix??   

    For real.  Not to mention a lot them write and reason like they have no education past the 6th grade.  As much entertainment I get from reading a lot of this mess, it also makes me a bit sad for them.   Remember kids its nice to laugh but don't be the joke.  Get over, get better....  so anyways
     I think this Netflix documentary is true.  A lot of Janet stans from FB and the xone that are usually in the know are posting about this.  Very smart move on her part in my opinion.  
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  18. msboz added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    I think the show will be very similar in terms of the set list.  I think a few songs may be added or swithced around or even replaced if anything.  I'm expecting the difference in this tour would  be the overall look as in costumes and stage designs.  I think shes gonna have a different grand entrance.  One of my favs ever is when she did the MJ tribute for Scream and she came out the shattered glass doors. 
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  19. msboz added a post in a topic Janet Receives Over 100 Roses and Orchids From Wissam   

    But doesn't her team dictate what to say to certain media outlets ?
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  20. msboz added a post in a topic Janet Receives Over 100 Roses and Orchids From Wissam   

    "She'll be coming out full force and unrestricted," the source said. "Janet will begin rigorously dieting. She wants to look her best for herself and her fans."
    Her team really keeps reiterating this.  This is what really is getting me all excited to see the show.  What do you guys think this will mean?   Sexuality? Costume changes?  The body?  all of the above and more?  Gurl, my nerve!

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  21. msboz added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    its a real nice venue and a nice drive up.  Id say its a bit smaller than shoreline.  Where are your seats? I got sec 107 row n
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  22. msboz added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    I should have kept my ticket for concord...they were better seats,  Oh well...So I'll be going to concord, Hollywood and Vegas.  The bonus thing about Vegas is that ill go see Britney on Friday night.  This is like gay sports.  Divas are the teams.
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  23. msboz added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    I did use the browser to buy my tickets.  Laptop and phone
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  24. msboz added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    How are you guys getting out of the queue? Just keep searching and searching. Lord I have no patience. I want really good seats in Vegas. I was considering Reno as well cuz I was able to get ga admission in the pit
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  25. msboz added a post in a topic ICYMI: NEW MUSIC SOON!   

    I would gag if Janet performed strawberry bounce on this tour like she did on SNL 
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