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  1. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread   

    Janet was recently featured on Very Smart Brothers/The Root's list for The 10 Best 'Brown Liquor' Songs of All-Time. (It's an obscure list, but I thought it'd be worth posting)
    In the author's words a brown liquor song is qualified by:
    1) a pronounced bass line;
    2) this bass line must be contrasted with an ethereal harmony; and
    3) the sonic tension between these juxtapositions must evoke a mood that is either libidinous or mournful in nature.
    6. “Anything” by Janet Jackson
    This is the definitive Janet Jackson slow jam. Per Son of Baldwin, “Anything was Janet channeling her best Isley Brothers. ... You can hear it in her phrasings. Listen to the way she says ‘I’ for example. She puts that stank on it and turns it into ‘Yi.’ That’s a classic Ron Isley interpretation, made specifically for the bedroom. Janet updated it by adding her trademark honey-harmonies (a phrase coined by writer Danyel Smith to describe the sound of ‘I Get Lonely’) in the background. Smooth AF. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis added that hypnotic pulse and there you have it: folks ready to give up “Anything” in the act of lovemaking.”
    I suggest you pair this with Basil Hayden … neat.
    Link: http://verysmartbrothas.theroot.com/the-10-best-brown-liquor-songs-of-all-time-1797871056
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  2. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Janet’s At Kendrick Lamar’s Concert in LA   

    "Nothing" was a mistake. 
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  3. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic According to Gil: Janet, Beyonce, Missy, Solange and Katy Perry...   

    It would be perfect if Janet got to her Damita Jo weight. I always felt that was her body at its best overall. AFY era weight would be far too hard for her to keep in check and I don't think she needs that much stress. I think what's most likely is that we'll get Janet at a weight similar to her 2010 American Idol appearance, which I'd be fine with.
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  4. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Rhythm Nation on "The Voice" Finale   

    It's great that he won. Since we're talking about Rhythm Nation, has anyone else noticed that its video along with Miss You Much's are not available on YouTube?
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  5. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Mama J!   

    I hope she's spending her birthday well with Eissa.
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  6. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    How do you guys think the tickets are doing overall?
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  7. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Janet song you want live!   

    I chose Twenty Foreplay, but I'd also like STCML and Empty. 
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  8. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Building the Perfect Janet EP   

    I've always wanted Janet to do more with jazz. She's stated before that one of her favorite genres is Brazilian Jazz so I'm surprised she hasn't really done much in the genre. 
    The jazz heavy songs that Janet does have like SIT, MLITR, and even FBB are great and I'd like to see her try to expand on this.
    I've listened to some songs in a sub genre of jazz called electronic-jazz, and Janet could do something great there, I think. (Sorry for this ramble)
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  9. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic ICYMI: NEW MUSIC SOON!   

    What interview is this from?
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  10. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Tour Opener: An Artist/Group or DJ?   

    LegendToya is far too busy to accompany Janet on this tour.
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  11. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Janet's Best Dance Breaks   

    I must say that more needs to be said about "You." The routine she did for that song on the VR tour is definitely one of her best-- in fact, I'd put it somewhere in top 10 at least. The dancers dressed up with masks on both sides of their heads was quite the clever idea from Tina, Janet and co. The costumes, along with the routine, really highlight the song's themes and atmosphere.
    ... And don't even get me started on that breakdown... It's a shame the song wasn't a bigger hit. I understand that it was important to promote the tour with a video, but "You" really deserved something more creative, I think.
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  12. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    I remember way back around '07-08 several channels had her videos uploaded and they all got taken down. About 2 years ago, a fan account named 'JanetVIDEOS' had almost all of her videos uploaded in very good quality, and many of those videos raked in views in the hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) rather quickly before the channel was also deleted for copyright. 
    It's definitely safe to say that none of this is a priority for her (and this has been happening slowly over the past 8-10+ years).
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  13. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Janet on Spotify   

    The original version of "Got Till It's Gone" has grown on me over the years, but I believe that the best version of the song is the Mellow Mix.
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  14. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Sherri Shepherd stanning .....   

    Madonna has kind of toned things down, but for Madonna that's probably not saying much (see her live performance of "Holy Water" and her 2016 Met Gala outfit).
    I neither want nor expect Janet to come on stage grinding on audience members (the gimmick was tired by the AFY tour tbh), or showing off excessive amounts of skin. It's unnecessary at this point and we've already seen her body shown off & exposed at its peak; if anyone wants that Janet, the photos and songs will always be there to return to.
    On the other hand, I think most can agree that her Unbreakable tour outfits were just ... I'd like for Janet to be balanced, so to speak. She can still be sexy while fully clothed. Her all white jumpsuit during the UCAP tour and her black suit during the VR tour are proof of that. If she wore stylish, sexy, but still classy costumes on stage, (mostly) everyone would be happy.
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  15. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   


    It's unacceptable that Janet has allowed her YouTube to be run the way that it is. An artist of her grandeur should put an effort into having all of her classic music videos uploaded on the most popular video sharing site, but Janet hasn't. Most of her videos aren't uploaded and the ones that are on YouTube are blocked in quite a few countries.
    This is basic stuff that Janet could get done (probably) without having to put much work in herself.
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  16. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Live Nation Sued Over Unbreakable tour   

    That's the thing: pregnancies (especially at Janet's age) are usually taken into consideration and planned beforehand. Why would Janet go on tour if "planning a family" with Wissam was on her (and his) mind in any capacity? We're all happy Janet's a mother, but that doesn't change the fact that the timing of it all makes her look bad, and puts her in an awkward position regarding her future touring prospects.
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  17. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    The recently uploaded videos on Janet's topic aren't available when I click on them (I live in Canada btw). On the topic of Janet's YouTube presence, she really needs to work on having her videos uploaded and available to view in as many countries as possible.
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  18. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    I couldn't even get through that video. 
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  19. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Nintendo Switch: Fastest selling Nintendo console ever   

    It sounds as though voice chat will be tied to a smart phone app for the Switch. 
    Who thought that was a good idea? 
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  20. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Mike Andrews - dancer from TVR tour has passed away   

    Do we know how he passed?
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  21. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Nintendo Switch: Fastest selling Nintendo console ever   

    I definitely agree that they need a new Metroid game. They haven't released a good one since 2007. Having a new Mega Man is dependent on Capcom, but judging by the fact that Mega Man X was revealed for the new Marvel vs. Capcom game, the Blue Bomber might have some hope for a good comeback.
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  22. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic Nintendo Switch: Fastest selling Nintendo console ever   

    The reveal presentation was kinda lacking IMO. Zelda looks good, Mario looks good, and other games like Xenoblade 2 look interesting. Still, the odds are against them, I think.
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  23. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic JANET WELCOMES SON NAMED EISSA!!!!   

    The Queen gave birth to a little King! YAS!!!

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  24. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a topic in All About Janet   

    From People:
    It’s a boy!
    Janet Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana welcomed their first child, a son, on Tuesday, Jan. 3, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.
    “Janet Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana are thrilled to welcome their new son Eissa Al Mana into the world,” her rep says in a statement.
    “Janet had a stress-free healthy delivery and is resting comfortably.”
    Jackson married Qatari businessman Al Mana in 2012, and news of their first child’s impending arrival was reported in May. Speculation first began when the singer postponed her Unbreakable World Tour so, as she said in a video posted to Twitter in early April, she and Al Mana could focus on their family.
    “We’re in the second leg of the tour, and there actually has been a sudden change,” she said in the clip. “I thought it was important that you be the first to know.
    “My husband and I are planning our family,” she continued. “So I’m going to have to delay the tour.”
    In October, the singer shared a baby bump photo exclusively with PEOPLE, saying, “We thank God for our blessing.”

    Though Jackson has been fairly quiet regarding her pregnancy, she was spotted running errands for baby supplies at London’s Back in Action furniture store in September. And while she was out and about, Jackson kept her baby bump under wraps in sweatpants, a black sweater and a matching scarf.
    Soon after the sighting, a source close to the Jackson family told PEOPLE Jackson was eager to become a mom for the first time.
    “She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well,” the source said in September. “She actually feels very good about everything.”
    Janet Jackson Is ‘Super Excited’ About Expecting Her First Child at 50
    Her older brother Jermaine Jackson has also shared a few details of his youngest sister’s pregnancy journey.
    “She’ll be a great mother because she is very tough, very strict,” Jermaine, 61, who has nine children of his own, said in May. “But I tell her, ‘If you need any parenting skills or baby skills, let me know because I’m the best diaper changer there is on this planet, still to this day.’ ”
    Link to the original article: http://people.com/babies/janet-jackson-welcomes-son-eissa/?xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag
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  25. VelvetKnowledge1814 added a post in a topic BN: George Michael Died of Natural Causes   

    His people are saying he died of heart failure. I wonder what brought it on though
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