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  1. dlite added a post in a topic Groupon Deal: State of The World Tour Tickets   

    i bought groupon tickets for jayz in brooklyn
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  2. dlite added a post in a topic Gil's Talks Tour With ET   

    what do yall mean by staged? its just a pic of her and gil at rehearsals looking at something.
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  3. dlite added a post in a topic Gil's Talks Tour With ET   

    well gil is directly involved in every aspect of the show while preston does make up.
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  4. dlite added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread   

    Damita jo is r&b bliss, there are only 6 songs i legit like on afy.
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  5. dlite added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread   

    1.RN, 2A. Unbreakable, 2B. Velvet rope, 3. Control, 4. Janet., 5.Damita Jo, 6. All 4 u....so its her 6th best but technically 7th since #2 is tied.
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  6. dlite added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread   

    all for u is like her 7th best album
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  7. dlite added a post in a topic According to Gil: Janet, Beyonce, Missy, Solange and Katy Perry...   

    mona was part of violator management, their roster include her longtime friends like missy and busta, as well as her ex boyfriend qtip.
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  8. dlite added a post in a topic ET EXCLUSIVE: EXCLUSIVE: Janet Moves Back to LA With Son to Be Near Family, Working on Documentary   

    how are yall sure thats janet's house? gil was at her house on that same balcony a few days ago. realtors usually let it be known when its a celeb house.
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  9. dlite added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet and Eissa   

    but why would he lie about that? he was talking about his own bad eyesight and somebody mentioned janet's glasses, he said something along the lines of she's even more blind than him, he was jokingly saying she has bad eye sight. shit i have terrible eye sight and should wear my glasses all the time but i dont, there is nothing messy about what he said millions of people need glasses.
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  10. dlite added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet and Eissa   

    gil said she's damn near blind lol she need them.
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  11. dlite added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet and Eissa   

    Eissa is adorable and he looks huge with janet carrying him. he's gonna get even cuter when his little curls grows in, he got that one big curl right in the middle now lol.
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  12. dlite added a post in a topic [PAPARAZZI] Wissam + Eissa in London   

    what are you even talking about? janet dont need to use the baby for no roll out, she is a celebrity with fans who wanted to see her baby.  we saw a few pics of pregnant janet out and about, we saw a pic of janet pushing the baby in a stroller without even actually seeing the baby, then she posted his pic on her social media for her fans. the pics of her with the baby at the park was before they announced the split, i dont see how you are comparing those pics to wissam having the baby on display for the paps. if janet wanted to use the baby for some kinda buzz as you say she would of had him on the video with her when she announced the tour, she posted one picture and thats it. wissam sits on a bench with the baby looking totally detached while the daily mail snaps pictures. why would janet need a press company to show her fans her baby? she posted a pic on social media ,that was enough. wissam is not use to dealing with the press, he's behaving  like other attention whoring parants.
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  13. dlite added a post in a topic [PAPARAZZI] Wissam + Eissa in London   

    the difference is she dont have her infant out on display for the paps. she posted a picture of her baby on her own social media like every other mother does, wissam could have posted a pic on his site but he chooses to use the tabloids. when was you seeing pics of wissam before the split?  he even had the paps at his house while toys and shit was being carried in. this man claims to be more private than janet, he protected his own privacy and there is no way the tabloids would know when and where he will have the baby unless they are being told. for some reason he thinks that having these staged pictures somehow makes him look like a good father but its not, he is being called out for exploiting that baby.
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  14. dlite added a post in a topic [PAPARAZZI] Wissam + Eissa in London   

    then you see him walking down the street holding the baby, its like he have the nanny bring him to public places and takes him out of his stroller just to walk around and sit on the bench for photo ops.
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  15. dlite added a post in a topic [PAPARAZZI] Wissam + Eissa in London   

    the uk passed a law that young children faces has to be blurred unless the parent consents to show them. wissam obviously stages these photo ops and consented to them showing the baby's face in those other pap photos, janet probably got the court to put a stop to it.
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