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  1. dlite added a post in a topic Are her boobs real?   

    yall are clearly not women
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  2. dlite added a post in a topic Are her boobs real?   

    her boobs are real, its very obvious in that sun bathing video.
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  3. dlite added a post in a topic NEW PIX (6/16) - Janet Glowing at Divorce Proceedings   

    ok i thought that was her, she must have relocated to london as well because she's always with janet. i thought it was said she is actually her cousin?
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  4. dlite added a post in a topic NEW PIX (6/16) - Janet Glowing at Divorce Proceedings   

    i thought that was the long time assistant jessica lmao
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  5. dlite added a post in a topic Post When You Hear a Janet Song on the Radio   

    some remixed version of no sleeep at the mall in the adidas store.
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  6. dlite added a post in a topic Jimmy and Terry Song Writers Hall of Fame....   

    i mean the tour is still months off and she's getting herself ready for the stage, this event wasnt about her so her not being there is not a big deal. i doubt people would be buying tickets based on her showing up to a ceremony that wasnt even televised.
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  7. dlite added a post in a topic Jimmy and Terry Song Writers Hall of Fame....   

    it has nothing to do with his age. she would need wissam's permission to take him out of the country and considering they are in the middle of divorce it would probably need to be done legally through the courts....also eissa may not even have a passport yet.
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  8. dlite added a post in a topic Jimmy and Terry Song Writers Hall of Fame....   

    im sure they understand she's not gonna leave her baby overseas to travel to nyc, perhaps she will send a message via video. 
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  9. dlite added a post in a topic Terry Lewis Reflects on Pre-Fame Prince & Crafting Janet Jackson's Early Hits   

    prince was never supposed to have that track, he was jealous of jimmy and terry's success when that album came out. there is an interview jimmy did with questlove and he talks about it, he said prince actually rode past his house and threw a copy of control out the window of his car. whydfml wasa track they made for their own album for their group called 'the secret' , they never did release anything.
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  10. dlite added a post in a topic Terry Lewis Reflects on Pre-Fame Prince & Crafting Janet Jackson's Early Hits   

    there were no lyrics, it was just the track
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  11. dlite added a post in a topic New Kelly Alexander Interview With Jimmy Jam!   

    johnny gill
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  12. dlite added a post in a topic ET : Janet down 50lbs   

    there is alot to sort out with them, they cant just say we getting divorced and file papers. most couple seperate first, there is always a chance to work things out and not get divorced. some couple do counseling. janet and wissam have a young baby so they have to work out his custody situation, shes about to tour so they have to work out the legalities dealing with the baby traveling. it took years before janet and rene's divorce was finalized and their situation was messy. janet and wissam seems to be getting along with no drama, they say they still love each other so its not impossible for them to decide to work on their marriage, 
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  13. dlite added a post in a topic Name A Time Janet Said The Word "Love"...   

    on her last video announcing the tour.
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  14. dlite added a post in a topic Janet Coming to Netflix??   

    janet has the most bipolar fan base ever. first there was bitching because she wasnt doing promo, wasnt seen, too private,ect. now there is potentially a chance we will get to see her in different aspects of her life for 10 episodes and some fans are complaining 'its too much' , smh.
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  15. dlite added a post in a topic Janet Receives Over 100 Roses and Orchids From Wissam   

    janet's camp has been feeding et and wissam has been feeding daily mail.
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