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  1. JD and Janet’s music

    there is nothing innovative about jd, he basically makes beats, thats not janet's lane she experiments with different sounds and genres. 20 yo was all about his ego, janet was totally detached from that project. when i saw jd say in a interview he had to encourage her to make the album i knew it was a wrap. discipline was a huge stepup from 20yo, there are some clear 'janet' jams on that album. i liked her with darkchild and neyo, of course nothing is better than her with jimmy/terry.
  2. Book shopping for Eissa

    you obviously dont have kids.
  3. Janet and Randy in London

    thats probably the neighborhood they live in since they are walking, london seems to be like nyc, you see celebs all the time and pretty much leaves them alone.
  4. she always thanks her fans, she even thanked the fans for nice comments during her appearence for that missy tribute. she thanked the fans for supporting the tour and she just thanked the fans the night before the superbowl for all the support.
  5. ET: JD Puts Rekindled Relationship Rumors to Rest

    dont sleep on johnny gil, i know the rumors but he says he's straight and in a old wendy interview with new edition he implied they had been intimate. he's been spending alot of time with her and is now over in london. far as jd, he's clearly lying to avoid sharing personal info, and lmao@ him saying he knows her better than 'the dude she married', that was kinda petty.
  6. New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in Miami

    gil said janet will not be posting any pictures of eissa and she hasnt, all the pics we've seen of him has been out in public. janet has only posted one pic of her son and that was his very first pic at 3months old. how can wissam have a problem with the baby's pictures being posted when he clearly calls the pap everytime he takes him to the park, and since his pics all came from the daily mail and the face wasnt blurred he gave permission for them to post the baby. from everybody's account janet is a hands on mother, so it would be unreasonable to think her baby would never be seen out and about with her.
  7. thats not a released picture of eissa, somebody snapped a pic of her out with him, she cant control that.
  8. Everybody on the floor

    damita jo >>>>all 4 you. and i love that she has 3 dj songs on the sotw setlist.
  9. Janet's team talk with Sway!

    there's really no benefit in doing interviews these days, artists can just post whatever they want fans to know on their own social media, and they get to control the narrative. I really like janet's touring crew and how they are out here getting their shine, they always rep janet in a positive way. far as janet is concerned i believe that Q&A with those Gary, Indiana kids is the closest we gonna get to her speaking until the documentary.
  10. her tour manager's name is Adiane Biondo her ig is theoriginallioness. she seems to be very experienced and has worked with many artists, ive been following her since the unbreakable tour.
  11. Janet & Eissa at Disney

    janet been knew ciara, bow wow did an interview on vlad tv and said janet was the one who encouraged him to ask ciara out because she was such a sweet girl. did yall forget janet spent years with jd who is like bowow daddy and ciara was his girlfriend?
  12. All the current dancers in the industry has the same style, they all come out of the same studios that you see on youtube. these kids are not very technical so some of janet's old choreo dont go over well with them, i guess thats why she had to make changes. notice rhythm nation last night with the og's and janet, the precision was on point. i like the jtribe dancers, they are just a product of their time.
  13. RN makes the most sense and its the only iconic routine every group of dancers has performed on tour. As for her family, her brothers are overseas except randy , toya and rebbie might be there and a few nephews and nieces, her parent will most likely be there , mj kids can stay where they are.
  14. i think tony just told a story about their experience, i dont think he was saying it happened recently. janet has been in london after having eissa and she has a new trainer, she returned to the states for the first time when we saw her and eissa at the airport in ny.
  15. JanFam... How in the hell......

    yup it happens everywhere. gil was ranting on twitter lastnight about the front row fans filming instead of enjoying the show, he said janet buys the first 2 rows and give those tickets to fans(those are the upgrade tickets), they want those fans to be hyped not filming on their phones.
  16. Wissam seen with Eissa

    umm shouldnt janet be able to go out to eat where ever she want? the reason yall are implying that she's using her infant son for some kind of publicity that i have no idea would prove is because you all expected her to keep eissa hiden, before we saw him fans were saying things like 'we wont see him until pre school' or whatever. janet is a proud new mother and she didnt hide her baby but yall be in here acting like eissa is all over the place like asahd khalid, she showed him at 3 months old, then we didnt get to see him again until 3 months later when she arrived in the us. of course we would see them at the airport in nyc, then we saw the baby on 2 outtings with his mother. he's been on tour and we just saw him almost another 3 months later . the courts dont give a shit about no pictures, they are only concerned with whats best for the child.
  17. Wissam seen with Eissa

    those are not the same clothes, that looks like a onesie,he had on long pants and a denim shirt in the pics with janet. I doubt janet personally delivered the baby to him, even when they were in london it appeared the nanny brought the baby to him and stayed while he visited. she probably stays away from him, especially since randy said he was still bothering her while she's on tour.
  18. E! News Confirms: Janet & Jermaine Are NOT Dating

    they sure was together lastnight because gil and jd both posted on their inssta stories from nobu restaurant in malibu. janet flying in to la on her day off to let the baby see his grandma and to have a little rebound sex with a familiar penis.
  19. E! News Confirms: Janet & Jermaine Are NOT Dating

    jd was not in those pictures with janet and wissam, it was gil sitting between them. after she left him jd followed her to italy and was seen at a party trying to get her back as she ignored him, the next day she was seen with wissam.
  20. PEOPLE: Janet was verbally abused by Wissam

    A story like that would crush wissam and hurt his business since surrogacy is against muslim law.

    if its part of the performance why would she stop? she's doing it for a purpose, the whole 'what about' is a performance piece.

    How can yall tell fans not to speculate when Janet is the one who created the speculation? Trust she knew what would happen by performing 'what about' for the first time in 20 years while going through a divorce. The visuals, her saying 'dont let anyone control you' and crying while saying 'this is me' do yall really think she didnt know what would happen?

    Randy is not Eissa's baby sitter, he is a protective big brother and he's there for his sister. A security guard at the venue in Houston saw baby eissa in his little car stroller with his TWO nannies. Randy is also the one who took that random white lady back stage to meet janet in Austin, he's her ride or die , her real day one.

    wow a group of youngsters on the internet who flood pages with bees has you intimidated? I never have words with her fans because i kinda like beyonce but they certainly dont scare me, janet has done everything she's done and some.