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  1. dlite added a post in a topic Janet Receives Over 100 Roses and Orchids From Wissam   

    janet's camp has been feeding et and wissam has been feeding daily mail.
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  2. dlite added a post in a topic Janet Receives Over 100 Roses and Orchids From Wissam   

    wissam was lurking through janet's email since she forgot to change the password, and he saw a 'hey big head'  email from jd.
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  3. dlite added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD   

    how is it a greatest hits when most fans never got to see the last tour and she only performed a hand full of songs from that album?
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  4. dlite added a post in a topic Live Nation Sued Over Unbreakable tour   

    its very possible she intended on having the baby after the tour, however nature doesnt always work according to plans, especially at her age. what if she was starting menopause? she did say there was a sudden change and she had to do it now. so while im sure they planned and talked about having a family, there could have been something medical related that changed the timing.
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  5. dlite added a post in a topic Live Nation Sued Over Unbreakable tour   

    real easy for a man to say, especially since you all can have children anytime without that pesky thing called getting pregnant. im sure janet didnt wake up one day and say fuck everybody im gonna get pregnant.
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  6. dlite added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    a huge segment of janet fans are not on social media, alot of people went to the tour based on her legacy not because of the new album. more people know about janet's recent personal affairs than her latest album. this is a great time to re-release her great album, if she post a video of her and eissa with music from unbreakable playing it would get more attention than any music video she could put out.
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  7. dlite added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    she should absolutely re-release unbreakable. the album is great and too many people dont know it exist. even nosleeep that was a #1 adult r&b song is not widely known, a few months ago when jcole put something out i saw people posting his nosleeep verse saying janet was on a jcole song, they had no idea it was a 2 year old janet song. i use to watch all the periscope videos of the tour and fans at the show didnt know she had a new album out. while unbreakable is 2 years old to her fans it would be like a new album to the general public.
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  8. dlite added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    yall keep saying you dont believe it because janet is private, she's still private which is why she's trying to control the narrative. wissam was not a secret, they announced to the world they were married and janet publicly refered to him as 'my husband', he's not the type to be hiden in the background, he's a businessman with his own life. there was no way for them to keep their split a secret, especially with a baby. instead of letting the tabloids create their own story the couple put it out themselves and they are trying to show they are moving along and co-parenting without drama.
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  9. dlite added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    they are clearly not living together, which is why the baby has to be brought to his dad for visits. the photo ops was to show a united front and appear amicable so the media would leave them alone. the media only want messy drama, which is why they are now focused on the melo/lala split that has cheating and side babies involved.
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  10. dlite added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    she dont need to go to vegas, she should do the tour. fans are always mad at her but once she show thats she 100% committed they will come around. now that she's free she need to reconnect with her fans,become a little more visable, hell use the baby show us cute mommy pics. all the fans who bought 3rd party tickets still have them, of course they were pissed but once she comes back they will be ok. most of us that got refunds are ready to re-purchase. 
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  11. dlite added a post in a topic New pics of Janet out with the baby in a stroller!   

    gil has been working with janet the last couple months on plans for the tour, they have facetime meetings everyday.
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  12. dlite added a post in a topic Wissam being shady on his website?   

    wissam is a hypocrite. he openly dated janet for years while she was still doing her, and nobody believes they wasnt having sex before marriage. his early pre-marriage interviews he never mentioned religion to the point some fans wondered if he was even a practicing muslim. they get married and janet pretty much disappears, his post-marriage interviews he claims to be super religious and his faith is so important he even refuses to do business with companies unless they respect his islamic culture. i believe this dude did a complete change on janet and she tried to adapt but the baby changed things, she probably objected to some of his child rearing beliefs.
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  13. dlite added a post in a topic New pics of Janet out with the baby in a stroller!   

    i know yall dont think joey is gone. maybe he's home its not like janet has been out in public lately. joey has been seen with her in london while she was pregnant.
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  14. dlite added a post in a topic Ebony Article Calls Out "Gold Digger" comments   

    im still trying to figure out why everybody is all up in her marital affairs. anybody with common sense knows that prenup story is bogus but if it was true how does that make her a golddigger? janet cant draw up a prenup for wissam's assets he would of had to come up with those terms and sign it, if he was stupid enough to make that kind of arrangement was janet supposed to say ' no, thats ok" even if she dont need it?  she made all the compromises in that marriage, she uprooted her life, adapted to his culture and religion,alianated her own fans and had a whole baby at age 50, the way i see it his ass owes her.
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  15. dlite added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    they are basing this golddigger bs off that fake prenup story from back when they announced they were married. nobody knows whats in their prenup or if they even have one. wissam is a businessman, he would be a jackass to agree to pay 500 million regardless how long married.
    they are also counting 5years and 2 months because she announced the marriage in february 2013, so they are assuming they got married in february 2012 smh.  
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  16. dlite added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    they have obviously been living apart for awhile considering the baby visited daddy at his house and janet is house hunting for her and her son. this didnt just happen over the weekend, it just got out to the press. now that i think about it gil never mentioned wissam during his live chats when he would talk about jan and eissa, also when those pics came out of janet shopping 3 weeks after giving birth one of those blogs said she was a single mother, of course nobody paid any attention to them. we actually dont know how long they have been seperated, it could have been before she gave birth.
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  17. dlite added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    the original story in the daily mail was very neutral, it was the story from page six written by stacy brown that added the controlling stuff and the stuff about katherine. the original story just said they decided it wasnt working, the baby would live with his mother in london and they will co-parent.
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  18. dlite added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    maybe someone from wissam's camp spilled the beans, why is janet being blamed for everything.
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  19. dlite added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    if this is true the baby is most likely the issue. there is probably a conflict between the two of them on how their child should be raised.wissam seems very liberal and we know he's westernized, but now he has a son and its very likely his views concerning him are alot more strict. also remember janet is very hormonal at this time, the smallest things are likely to tick her off. i'm just hoping janet is ok and her and the baby will be fine. 
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  20. dlite added a post in a topic DNA test confirm that James Debarge is NOT the father of Tiffany Whtye... Chile...   

    at some point james and his mother are gonna claim that Eissa might be his child....wait for it.
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  21. dlite added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    Tiffany removed most of her fb posts but if you type in her name her posts from last year comes up. she appears to have been a Janet stan, she was so worried during the cancer rumors and praying for her, then she was upset over the tour being cancelled after the family planning video. She didnt start the Janet is her mother stuff until it was confirmed Janet was pregnant with Eissa.
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  22. dlite added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    james has young kids thats currently in the system. the family should be trying to help them instead of living in fantasy land over a jackson kid.
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  23. dlite added a post in a topic If you were Janet for a day....   

    how you gonna do all this in one day? 
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  24. dlite added a post in a topic Janet puts her Malibu house up for sale   

    many decades ago their father started a company, he built it into a huge middle eastern corporation. when he died his 3 sons took over and continued to build the family business, thats where their money comes from, same as most billionaires of the world. we know that he's not a sheik because he is not part of qatar's royal family, i think knowing that info is alot different from getting his birthday wrong. also wissam has done interviews discussing his life, he is the son of a businessman ,he is not a sheik.
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  25. dlite added a post in a topic Janet puts her Malibu house up for sale   

    wissam is not a sheik, he's a wealthy businessman who happens to be arab.
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