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  1. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Janet puts her Malibu house up for sale   

    If I lived in California, I'd schedule a tour of the home, despite having no intention to buy.
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  2. Impactnet. added a post in a topic "Call On Me" Video in HD..?   

    Her VEVO is a disaster for an artist of her caliber and one with such a rich videography. But as Mr. Wonder stated, she doesn't care, so we shouldn't either. In regards to Call on Me, she looks gorgeous in it, but it's underwhelming considering how much money was spent on it. She's spent way less on videos that had much more going on than just beauty shots. I understand the plot she was going for, but it was extremely underdeveloped. And it being directed by Hype Williams made it even more disappointing. Then again, by 2006, he was starting to lose his touch. His 90's and early 2000's work>>>
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  3. Impactnet. added a post in a topic The Grammy's 2017   

    It's called growth. All artists do it. The Janet of Control is not the same Janet of All For You. Janet got much more elaborate and excessive with her music and live shows as she grew as an artist. And the praise accompanied it. Stop acting like it's a problem when Beyoncé does it. And yes, you are intimidated. You're intimidated that she's only gotten bigger over the years and even more powerful. Power intimidates most to begin with, it's human nature, but a powerful woman is lethal. 
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  4. Impactnet. added a post in a topic The Grammy's 2017   

    You clearly do give a fuck, which is why you responded to my comment. And I bet you'll further prove how little fucks you give by replying to this comment as well, either way I win.
    The only reason Beyoncé comes across as "pretentious" to you is because she intimidates you. The only reason you have a problem with others calling her a Queen and her appearing on stage as the Queen she is, is because she intimidates you. All of this is because she. intimidates. YOU. The fact that she needs to humble herself just to make you feel better proves how fraudulent you are. Don't worry though, you aren't the only one who feels this way. Beyoncé just has that effect on people, including some on this very forum. And don't try to alter your statement by saying "the number of writers on a song." Point is, neither she or Janet solely writes their music. Writing your own music is not a prerequisite for getting a Grammy, nor does solely writing your music suddenly make your music better. If that were the case, Aretha Franklin wouldn't have the 18 grammies that she has. The irony of all of this is you're calling Beyoncé pretentious, when you're the one who looks pretentious by mentioning the number of writers Beyoncé has on her songs and trying to discredit her for it. At the end of the day, Beyoncé is involved in the creation of all her music and she makes good music, which is the most important thing.
    And FYI, just because it's an opinion, it doesn't absolve it from being flawed. Case in Point.
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  5. Impactnet. added a post in a topic The Grammy's 2017   

    She has to humble herself to make him feel better because he feels inferior.
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  6. Impactnet. added a post in a topic The Grammy's 2017   

    If you actually watched the performance you'd know she didn't smile because she was singing two songs about a relationship that was strained and needed resolve. Why would she smile? And if you actually paid attention to the performance, you'd see that she was lamenting a relationship through spoken word and in the end she did smile because she reached a resolution. That was the point of the performance and album. When a relationship is strained, work to fix it. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. The performance is by far one of her best in storytelling. And I don't see why people or Beyoncé thinking she's a queen bothers you so much. For some, calling yourself a queen is self-empowering. Maybe you should compliment yourself seeing as how self-conscious you appear toward others receiving praise. Saying Beyoncé hasn't written a song by herself is funny considering you're on a Janet forum, (and no, Black Cat was not solely written by Janet.) Adele also has producers for all of her songs, therefore she has not solely written anything by herself either. That still doesn't stop any of them from being greats artists. Criticizing Beyoncé for not singing live is also laughable coming from a Janet fan, as well as considering the fact that Adele did sing live last night and we all saw how that went. Beyoncé can wipe the floor with Adele vocally, without question. And you paying to see someone you don't consider a great artist not once, but TWICE is foolish on your part and completely dismantles your already flawed logic.
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  7. Impactnet. added a post in a topic The Official Beyoncé Thread   

    And your logic suggests that Adele will win simply because it sold the most, when history shows that isn't always the case. Case in Point: Beck.
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  8. Impactnet. added a post in a topic The Official Beyoncé Thread   

    But you're not completely right. There are numerous instances of albums winning Album of the Year without being big sellers. And let's not act like majority of the albums that have won Album of the Year weren't critically-acclaimed.
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  9. Impactnet. added a post in a topic The Official Beyoncé Thread   

    She just keeps proving why she's the greatest performer of her generation.
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  10. Impactnet. added a post in a topic The Official Beyoncé Thread   

    Yeah, that's why Beck won AOTY in 2015, because his album was so popular.
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  11. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Beyonce makes me appreciate Janet's seclusion   

    Lemonade has sold 2.5 million worldwide. Your figures are US sales. 20 Y.O. didn't even sell 700k in the US, and definitely not 1.5 million worldwide. And comparing an album selling 1.5 million in 2006 to one selling the same amount in 2016 is foolish. 2006 was a completely different sales climate and before digital and streaming took over. 1.5 million is a flop for someone as big as Janet and an even bigger one considering most of her contemporaries were selling much more. Context is key.
    Then why aren't threads made on here when other celebs do pregnancy shoots? Do you all love those or something? Why is it that when Beyoncé does it, it warrants a thread in the main discussion? This is why you all look like haters. This has never been done with any other celeb, yet it's done with Beyoncé.
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  12. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Beyonce makes me appreciate Janet's seclusion   

    So this is just about Beyoncé promoting Beyoncé? Ok. With that established, all artists promote themselves, including Janet. So if that's tacky, all artists are tacky.
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  13. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Beyonce makes me appreciate Janet's seclusion   

    For one, you don't know how Blue felt during that shoot. Secondly, Blue is a child. She has no say in where or how she takes pics. Just like when you were a child and your mom made you take pics and you did so with no questions asked. Stop using Blue as a scapegoat. You know her being in that shoot isn't the problem you all are having. You all just don't like Beyoncé and you just hate whenever she gets attention that isn't negative, which is most of the time. And what product is Beyoncé promoting? Her unborn twins are not a product. Janet, on the other hand, was promoting a product when she did those spreads, 20 Y.O. Judging by the sales, it didn't help much, but that's neither here nor there.
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  14. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Beyonce makes me appreciate Janet's seclusion   

    So basically you're upset that Beyoncé's photo has gotten a great reception and lots of attention? Got it.
    No, 20 Y.O.'s pics were more tacky and served no purpose. She was just flaunting her body because she wanted to sell sex and wasn't shaped like a minivan like she was the year prior. Nude pregnancy shoot have been around for ages and there is nothing wrong with a pregnant woman showing her nude body. And you have to be completely naive to think Blue hasn't seen her mother nude hundreds of times. She sucked on her breast for god's sake. You act as if Blue will be traumatized by this or something. It's extremely hypocritical for Janet fans to object to a woman showing her body, given the fact that your favorite artist was blacklisted for a naked body part. And this hypocrisy on Superbowl Sunday makes it even more laughable.
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  15. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Beyonce makes me appreciate Janet's seclusion   

    The hypocrisy is real. Beyoncé doing this pregnancy shoot is tacky, yet Janet fans don't say the same of those 20 Y.O. magazine spreads of her basically nude.
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