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  1. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Live Nation Sued Over Unbreakable tour   

    They really think she wasn't trying to get pregnant when she launched the tour. Obviously her pregnancy wasn't done naturally. Much preparation most likely went into her getting pregnant. That's what makes the way she handles this so bad. But some fans think it was out of her hands. She really got them good.
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  2. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Live Nation Sued Over Unbreakable tour   

    I wouldn't be surprised tbh. They already gave her a second chance after the RWU tour, only for this to happen. She'll most likely fulfill her obligations, but she's too much of a risk going forward. Things just can't go smooth with her like other artists for some reason. Like, why can't she just finish a tour as planned? Why is there ALWAYS something preventing her from doing that? Fans point fingers everywhere except at her for that. Interesting.
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  3. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Touring Europe would've been ideal, but marketing and self-promotion has never been her strong suit.
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  4. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    And how convenient that was. That's probably when they ditched her.
    FYI: Your insults and abrasive language won't make you appear intimidating or any less foolish than you always do. You just look hilariously unhinged. Something to keep in mind.
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  5. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Well, I'm a fan and sales matter to me, as well as other fans. There goes your logic again. How will you change your statement again?
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  6. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Sigh. Now we're bringing Madonna once again into the equation? This is why Janet fans never prosper and why Janet's career is where it is. Focusing on the wrong things and people. But now that you mention Madonna, maybe Janet should do the same. I mean, Madonna got a $170 million grossing tour out of it. Looks like a better deal than what the silent treatment got Janet. What was it? $15 million gross from 33 shows? Yeah, maybe Janet should be "desperate."
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  7. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    They're on a map? Where on the map? I can't locate them. And you're probably right. They probably are proud of her. That's why I can't for them to give us that 2 year plan for Unbreakable they said they were gonna give us two years ago!
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  8. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    So it wasn't about sales, but making money? I thought Janet Jackson didn't need that? That's what the recent informative JanetsLegacyMatters video said.
    I never said it was a main priority for her. Your fellow Janet fans are the ones who said sales didn't matter at all, even though Janet has clearly done things to contradict that. So you basically proved how foolish they sound. Thanks for agreeing with me!
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  9. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    You mean like bundling albums with t-shirts just to chart? This sounds familiar.
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  10. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    230k is more than they expected? Yikes! Shows how much faith they had in her.
    Usher is not her peer, Paula hasn't released an album since 1995, Whitney is no longer here, even still her last album sold more than Janet's last 4 globally and Rebel Heart outsold Unbreakable three times over worldwide. I'll give you Mariah, but not by much, and she's had way more success than Janet has these last 15 years, so I'd toe that line.
    And as far as streams, I can compare those to that of her contemporaries, and she's behind them all. So there's that.
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  11. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Yeah, Janet doesn't care about sales. That's why she bundled her album with merchandise and tour tickets just to chart.
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  12. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    The album debuted at #1, but has only sold a little over 230k in the US and bombed completely outside of the US. And the only reason the album sold that much was because of the ticket bundling. Let's not act like that album was successful. It wasn't. Yes, it gave Janet her 7th #1 album, and gave her 4 decades of #1 albums. That's a great achievement and a testament to her longevity. But commercially speaking, it was not a success by any means. Both the album and tour needs to be salvaged because both flopped. And let's also not act like "No Sleep" was this big hit. It did well on ONE chart, which was a small, niche chart. It wasn't a mainstream R&B or Pop hit. 
    You're right, there was no promotion, not a single interview. And that's why it debuted at #1 and was a free fall afterwards. You all need to stop using a #1 album as the end all, be all. There are albums today that sell 50k and debut at #1, does that make it successful? I'd rather have an album debut at #20 and actually get a certification, than an album that debuts at #1 and not even sell 300k. And you're saying there was people that didn't even know she had an album out, what would be different this time? At least last time there was some buzz as it was her first album in seven years. Now there is literally no buzz for a new Janet Jackson album. Majority of people are more interested in her giving birth at 50 and her divorce. No one's talking about wanting new music outside of her fan base. Which is why if she wants to release new music, have it be on a re-release for an album that deserved more attention.
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  13. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    A new album will most likely flop. There's no buzz for a new Janet album. No sense in releasing a new album she'll most likely not promote. A few new tracks on a re-release will suffice.
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  14. Impactnet. added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    She should re-release the album with new tracks to have it chart again. Since it's an independent release and she's bundling the cd with merchandise, it'll make sense to re-release it back into the public's consciousness while on tour. The album will easily chart every week like it was doing before she postponed. That would salvage the era and would be a better look if she toured with a re-release instead of just a 2-year-old album.
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  15. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    I believe they were the first ones to break that Janet and Wissam were separating. Most fans didn't believe it because they have a reputation for fabricating. Then it quickly started spreading and other sites started posting it, even reputable ones. Then TMZ posted it and it was pretty much confirmed because they rarely are wrong.
    MSN is also reporting it and they definitely have some credibility.
    Edit: WELP, looks like my show has been rescheduled for October 26th! Tickets on sale this Friday!
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  16. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Well maybe old people need to love Janet, then maybe she'd be as successful as Celine is right now. Just a thought.
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  17. Impactnet. added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

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  18. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Frankly, Unbreakable flopped. The album was already out of people's minds months after release because she did nothing to keep it in people's minds. Therefore, no one will care about the accompanying album when the tour resumes. Janet is a legacy act, and most people don't go see her based on her new music. They go for the catalog, so Unbreakable can be 10 years old and people will still go because they aren't going to hear songs from that album to begin with. It's not our jobs to tell her how she should resume the tour. She is a veteran artist with a PR team, a poor one, but a team nonetheless. That's their job to figure out, logistically, how they should go about resuming the tour. Just resume it.
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  19. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Yes, it is an ultimatum. Either fulfill your commitments or go away. But officially cancel and give people their money back before you go.
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  20. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    For one, Janet is not guaranteed success in Vegas. Selling a 5,000 seat arena every other night is not that simple. Britney nor Mariah were able to do it and they're arguably more popular than Janet is right now. Secondly, you're saying she should skip finishing this tour internationally to re-build her brand in Vegas? Whatever success she has in Vegas won't have any bearing on her international audience. It's basically two different worlds. And what you're saying has already been done. Wasn't the point of UCAP to re-build her fan base to be able to do arenas? That was 6 years ago, now she has to re-build again? Why is that necessary? An artist of her caliber should not have to keep going to the drawing board like this, nor should she have such an inconsistent touring legacy. And it still isn't fair to fans. You're basically saying European fans can continue to wait until Janet gets it together. What makes you think they're going to want to still support after she re-brands herself after being taken for granted in such a way? You're saying I should think from a business angle, and I am. Continuing to ignore a part of the world you've only toured once in almost 20 years is not good business, no matter how you try to spin it.
    She's been given enough breaks. That's why she gets to do this, because you all let her. Have you paid attention to her career the last 15 years? Any other artist would be dragged after doing what she's done. Just a WEEK before she announced she was starting her family, she was sending out videos to the European countries she was looking forward to visiting. She knew long in advance she was planning a family, therefore, it was extremely poor the way she handled that. Now she deserves another break? No, she needs to fulfill her commitments. And once again, I have no problem with Janet living her life, but don't release an album and put tickets on sale, then decide you want to live your life. It doesn't work like that.
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  21. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    No, if Janet wants to do a Vegas residency down the line, fine, but she needs to complete this tour. She's canceled too many times. US dates were postponed TWICE, now you all want her to just cancel altogether? It's been even worse for Europe. They didn't see her on the All For You Tour, Rockwitchu Tour and now you all want her to just ditch this tour to do some Vegas residency that may not even do well either? It isn't fair for fans who've been extremely loyal and patient with her the last 15 years. Janet's track record with fans this last decade has been tumultuous to say the least. The fact that she still has fans willing to support her after basically shitting on them for all these years says something. And returning the favor by basically canceling again and forcing fans to spend more money to travel and see you in one city is an awful idea and I can't believe there are fans here who would want that. Janet needs to stop being coddled and allowed to get away with putting tickets on sale and canceling without any repercussions.  You all can go to Vegas to see her if you want, won't be me. And I'm sure other fans feel the same way.
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  22. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Most of the dates being released are between September and December, that's at least 5 months away. That's plenty of time for her to get in shape. She's already slimming down. Even though she's older, it won't take her that long to lose the weight, and it's not as if she's gonna be All For You weight. It'll most likely be the same weight she had last year. And it's not as if she's building a new show. It's highly likely that the choreography and staging will be the some, with some modifications here and there. She can workout and rehearse at the same time. She's always done that. If she plans on resuming the tour this year, it would be in her best interest to release dates as soon as possible for them to sell. So right now would be a good time to do so. Especially considering her name is in the news right now.
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  23. Impactnet. added a post in a topic Janet puts her Malibu house up for sale   

    If I lived in California, I'd schedule a tour of the home, despite having no intention to buy.
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  24. Impactnet. added a post in a topic "Call On Me" Video in HD..?   

    Her VEVO is a disaster for an artist of her caliber and one with such a rich videography. But as Mr. Wonder stated, she doesn't care, so we shouldn't either. In regards to Call on Me, she looks gorgeous in it, but it's underwhelming considering how much money was spent on it. She's spent way less on videos that had much more going on than just beauty shots. I understand the plot she was going for, but it was extremely underdeveloped. And it being directed by Hype Williams made it even more disappointing. Then again, by 2006, he was starting to lose his touch. His 90's and early 2000's work>>>
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