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  1. JD and Janet’s music

    20 YO was a reaction to the underperformance of Damita Jo. Discipline was a reaction to Janet wanting to escape Virgin after 20 YO and start fresh with a new label. These were reactionary albums, not albums she made because she wanted to make them. That’s why they failed. Virgin wanted JD because of the success he was having with Usher and Mariah. But JD did not fit Janet’s style at all. If Damita Jo would’ve been more successful, I guarantee neither 20 YO or Discipline would’ve happened.
  2. More new photos in London

    As many shopping outings as she does, one would think she would have a more extensive wardrobe.
  3. Janet's team talk with Sway!

    No. The late-80’s and 90’s dancers matter. They were able to execute some of the most difficult choreography that can be given to a dancer. These new dancers lack so much of their technical and expressive skills.
  4. Janet's team talk with Sway!

    She really thinks we’ve cared about any of her dancers beyond the 90’s.

    Good review. Ended Consequence of Sound.
  6. The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    That AMA performance was not a tribute. It was promo for Number Ones.
  7. Kelly Alexander-- tomorrow!!

    He’s the only one, aside from Janet, that would actually make these interviews interesting. Actually Janet said she was contractually obligated not to speak about their relationship, per Rene’s request. She’s just extremely private, so the deal was just fine for her. So really she could be sued if she talked about him.

    You and I both know she is not doing any festivals or promo for that matter. I agree that it’s a good idea as well, but we all know it won’t happen.

    She needs new music before she goes overseas. Considering how she’s doing in North America, I foresee her doing much worse internationally. There’s no buzz for her at the moment and she needs to create anticipation. At the very least, she needs to release a new single.

    #InductMrWonder So you track my online movements? Funny, I don’t even know who you are, yet somehow, you know me. And you call ME the shadow?

    I am not Mr. Wonder. We do not share the same perspectives or opinions on everything. No, 80% is not a sell out to me. 100%is, and Janet hasn’t achieved that.

    But no shows have sold out.

    Austin is the fourth biggest city in Texas and the capital of Texas. How is it random? And Vegas wasn’t gonna be a sellout even before the mass shooting. Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. That show should’ve sold out as soon as tickets were put on sale. It’s not even a big arena she played. Not being able to sell 8,000 tickets in Vegas after tickets were on sale for 5 months is terrible and embarrassing for an artist of her stature.

    What about Austin’s gross then? Was that a random city as well? Or the other major cities like Las Vegas she couldn’t even sell out?
  15. #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    From her A&R person for Rhythm Nation Records. https://instagram.com/p/BbTvX3FhzQR/
  16. TMZ: “No Sleeep” Vid Shoot Wrecks Home

    Not surprising given how extravagant and big budget the video looked.

    If she were actually selling out every show, there would be multiple comments or threads on here of fans bragging about it. But since she isn’t, they’re gonna fume over you posting her box score numbers like this.
  18. SOTW tour in UK/Europe

    I never said she had an easy pregnancy. I said she was on vacation. On vacation from her job, meaning a break. Vacation [vey-key-shuh n, vuh-]nouna period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday:~Dictionary.com The tour was suspended so she could rest during her pregnancy. Isn’t that what she said? “Doctor’s orders.” You all are reaching for the stars with the dramatics. “Sexist!” “Ignorant!” Give me a break. Sis was chilling for a year.
  19. SOTW tour in UK/Europe

    “But she couldn’t tour or work.” So basically she was doing nothing, just like I said originally. Thanks for proving my point. I sound stupid yet you’re the one using terms incorrectly for the sake of attempting to sound educated? The irony.
  20. SOTW tour in UK/Europe

    Dispense of the drama. Janet was not bed-ridden her entire pregnancy, if that was even true. There are several pictures of her baby shopping in London while heavily pregnant. And let’s stop acting like being pregnant somehow made her an invalid. Millions of women still have to work a 9-5 while being 9 months pregnant. Janet had servants, drivers and a multi-million dollar house to just lay around and eat all day in. She had it easier than most women do. Sitting around pregnant all day is not the same as the grind of touring around the country. Stop being dense. Compared to what she’s doing now, 2016 was a vacation for her.
  21. SOTW tour in UK/Europe

    After the promo tour she did in 2015.
  22. SOTW tour in UK/Europe

    Long grueling tours? She’s only been on tour for like 2 months and just had an entire year and a half off basically doing nothing. Dozens of artists tour well into their 70’s. 51 is not old. And she’s in good shape which helps with her stamina and not tire as quickly. With breaks in between she can definitely do a couple more legs with 10-15 dates each if she wanted.
  23. Billboard Top 10 Janet Songs: Critic’s Picks

    I don't agree with this ranking, but at least it wasn't predictable. I was expecting either "Together Again" or "Rhythm Nation" to be #1, yet neither even made the list.
  24. Janet & Eissa at Disney

    They reportedly met backstage at her Seattle show last month.