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  1. Amy added a post in a topic Janet’s At Kendrick Lamar’s Concert in LA   

    she took a hit because she was blacklisted and made an example of not because of her artistic quality
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  2. Amy added a post in a topic Gil's Talks Tour With ET   

    all these years and dates are just making me feel OLD 😩 I bought my first Janet cd when I was 9/10 
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  3. Amy added a post in a topic Janet’s At Kendrick Lamar’s Concert in LA   

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  4. Amy added a post in a topic Sigh...Mary J. Blige owes millions in back taxes   

    Ouch, that's sad news. I haven't read anything about her divorce but what was her accountant doing to let it get this bad???
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  5. Amy added a post in a topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA!!   

    but Janet's already had her birthday? 
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  6. Amy added a topic in All About Janet   

    Janet Jackson's Makeup Artist Spills on What Looks We Can Expect at Her Upcoming Tour
    Back on the road again! Janet Jackson's longtime makeup artist, Preston Meneses, dishes to Stylish about the singer's upcoming looks for her State of the World tour and how excited she is to see her fans again. 
    "We're ready to hit the stage!" Meneses exclusively tells Stylish. While Jackson is still in rehearsal mode, he is helping her get prepared for what he explains is "a show that no one should miss."
    "We've been playing around with a few looks and I think we've narrowed them down to two," he says. "Depending on what we choose, you guys will get something really beautiful."
    Meneses, who has worked with the "Rhythm Nation" singer for 11 years explains, "When we come together, it’s like working with my sister. It’s actually easy and it’s fun. We joke around a lot and Janet is so beautiful, so it’s easy to change her (look) anyway. She’s actually one of the most versatile beauties I’ve ever worked with.”
    To make sure Jackson, 51, looks picture perfect, he says, "I think we’re more into character names, so we just come up with character names or what we’re feeling on that day and what we’re not and then we just take it from there. We feed off of each other. She definitely has her input and so do I, so it’s a collaboration."
    As far as how Jackson is feeling lately, Meneses dishes, "Janet is in great spirits. She’s just been super happy and kind of light, so I think you’re gonna just see her glow on stage." 
    "It's one thing to do everyday makeup and it's another thing to do stage makeup. When we get ready for the stage it’s full on glam, so you know, it’s kind of in her character and when we see her get into full glam it’s so exciting!" he reveals. 
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  7. Amy added a topic in All About Janet   

    something looks like it's happening
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  8. Amy added a post in a topic Governor of Virginia declares State of Emergency due to voilence of White Supremacists. Gaga, Cher, and other celebs go in on Trump on twitter.   

    And you can bet 99% of them are Trump supporters. This should have been shut down the moment they caught a whiff that something was going on.
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    ❤ this song, it's one of my all time favourites.
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  10. Amy added a topic in All About Janet   

    EXCLUSIVE: Inside Janet Jackson's Grueling Rehearsals, 65-Pound Weight Loss
    Janet Jackson is working hard to guarantee her upcoming tour will be "perfection," a source close to the Jackson family tells ET. 
    On Monday, the 51-year-old singer showed off her slim post-baby body on Twitter, sharing a pic of herself in rehearsals. Our source says Jackson's been rehearsing "almost 15, 16 hours" a day in preparation for her State of the World tour, which kicks off in Lafayette, Louisiana, on Sept. 7.
    "It's a grueling schedule but she is up to the task," the source says. "She wants to blow the crowd away. She will be perfection like her brother, Michael. She's all about the showmanship."
    Clearly, Jackson is looking in shape since she gave birth to son Eissa in January.
    "She has lost more than 65 pounds and has her pre-baby body back and then some," our source says. "It's possible that she could lose another 10 pounds before the start of the tour." 
    As for spending time back in Los Angeles after living in London, England -- where her estranged husband, Wissam Al Mana is based -- the source says Jackson is loving being closer to her family. 
    "She's happy to be back in the states in L.A. where she learned about music and performing with her brothers, and it was important for her to give this experience to her son," the source shares. "She wants baby Eissa to know her family." 
    Jackson hasn't been shy about being out and about in L.A. She and Eissa visited Kitross Kids, a children's store on Robertson Blvd., on Saturday, a second source tells ET. They played with colorful baby toys while in the store, and the source noted that the singer looked to be in incredible shape. 
    "Janet was in great spirits," the source says. "She was a very doting mother. She looked amazing. She's slimmed down and ready for her tour." 
    As for 7-month-old Eissa being on the road with Jackson, our original source says it won't be an issue. 
    "Eissa is an easy baby," the source says. "He'll be a great roadie!"
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    I would say it is old. I don't think her hair is that long yet.
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  12. Amy added a post in a topic Janet on Spotify   

    Whoops Now is one of my favourites it reminds me of being a kid listening to my Design of a Decade album.
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  13. Amy added a post in a topic [PICTURE] Janet spotted this weekend   

    the scarf and trousers she has worn before but her hat visor is new and her shoes I don't remember her wearing before although Wissam has similar. Also when she has been in London previously she has worn a sweater or something baggy over the top. 
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  14. Amy added a post in a topic [PICTURE] Janet spotted this weekend   

    This is taken in London but it isn't from Saturday as Radar Online posted it in an article on Friday. I didn't post it here as I am dubious as to how recent it is. She has always been bundled up in London so you can't judge it by her size either.
    Either way I just wish she wouldn't wear her hair through her hat like that. I am not a fan of that look.
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  15. Amy added a post in a topic Usher regains popluar vote with Carpool Karoake   

    We NEED a Janet Jackson carpool karaoke.
    (with Eissa in the backseat )
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  16. Amy added a post in a topic According to Gil: Janet, Beyonce, Missy, Solange and Katy Perry...   

    Hell no!! She was far too thin then, she looked ILL at times. Anything but that.
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  17. Amy added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread   

    The list was compiled by http://Www.npr.org if anyone wants to complain. They acknowledge Rhythm Nation, Janet. and The Velvet Rope so why not include them?
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  18. Amy added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread   

    The 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women
    17. Janet Jackson
    Control (A&M, 1986)
    There would be no Rhythm Nation, Janet, or Velvet Rope without Control. This was the breakout album for then-19-year-old Janet Jackson, who until then was fondly known as Michael Jackson's little sister, Penny from Good Times and Willis' girlfriend on Diff'rent Strokes. She fired her dad as her manager, got with producers Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam from The Time, and made an album that clearly said "I'm a grown-ass woman," in case anyone was confused. The album, released February 1986, took on important issues such as sexual harassment, safe sex and abstinence, and we sang right along with her, making hits out of "What Have You Don't For Me Lately," "Nasty," "Control," "When I Think Of You," "Let's Wait Awhile" and "Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)." But Janet did something especially pivotal with the video for "Pleasure Principle," another single from the album. She walked alone into an empty loft with kneepads on, kicked over a chair, cabbage-patched and clarified for those in the cheap seats that she was as great a performer as her big brother: "Ba-by you can't hold me down! Ba-by you can't hold me dow-ow-own!" —Tanya Ballard Brown (NPR Staff)
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  19. Amy added a post in a topic ET EXCLUSIVE: EXCLUSIVE: Janet Moves Back to LA With Son to Be Near Family, Working on Documentary   

    A family friend has come out to say, Jackson has returned to California for her business ventures and to be closer to home.
    The spy said: “Los Angeles has always been home for Janet and she is enjoying having her family so close. It is especially important to her because she wants her son to have a close relationship with her mother and family. Everyone is so happy to have her back home [in L.A.]”
    The same source revealed that Eissa has made his mother complete and she has no plans to leave him behind when she goes on tour.
    In the upcoming months, Jackson will be embarking on a new tour called “State Of The World” and her baby will be by her side.
    The tipster shared: “Janet is the happiest she has ever been in life, baby Eissa has really made her complete, and she is the most amazing mother. At first, Janet really struggled with fatigue, but she is fully recovered now, and back to pre-baby energy levels, and her ‘baby brain’ seems to have faded as well.”
    Another source revealed the former couple is in a good place and Al Mana has agreed to let his son live in America for the next six months.
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  20. Amy added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in LA   

    Thanks, but I am posting on an ipad so I don't have a mouse.
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  21. Amy added a post in a topic New Pictures of Janet & Eissa in LA   

    Another new one that doesn't seem to have made it onto Instagram yet. (Still don't know why I can't post pictures like the rest of you)
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