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    Just like how they removed the original purpose of that channel?!?! 😳😱💀
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    I have way too many interests, some of them include spirituality, dance, music, travel, reading.
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    Continuing @JanetFan4EVA Setlist for 20 YO Tour I wouldve added ACT 1 intro All Nite Just A Little While So Excited(Remix) Together Again(Remix similar to AMAS) ACT 2 (LWNDWY (Prelude)) Show Me Anytime Anyplace Strawberry Bounce Get It Out Me "All Nite" "So Excited" "Just A Little While" "Together Again(Remix similar to AMAS)" "This Body" (Video Interlude) "Get it Out Me" "Love Will Never Do Without You Prelude" "Show Me" "Pleasure Principle "R&B Junkie"/"Control Medley "Feel It Boy: (Video Interlude) "Island Life" "Enjoy" "If" "The Funny Song" "Someone To Call My Lover" "I Want You" "Career Recap" (Instrumental Interlude) "SloLove" "Alright" "All For You" "Call On Me"
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    The actor who was lead on RN section of this number ate the choreography.
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    right like where did it come from lol
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    I've always said Janet sounded very convincing on "Tonight's The Night". Sis didn't change a word until she threw in the boy at the end. Her mind.
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    Gotta admit!!! This was another Janet filled year for her career!!! Wrapping up SOTW, R&RHF Induction, celebrating Rhythm Nation’s 30th Anniversary, etc. Not bad at all!!! We can only hope 2020 has so much more in store!!! Hey that rhymed!!! 😳😱🤪👍
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    This got me pretty hyped. They're working on the next single. I'd say a release within 4 months.
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    Janet is a genre bender and always has been. She is one of the few acts that's mainstream that is about the art first...I hate it when people refer to her as a Queen of Pop or Empress of Pop...she is so much more...she doesn't even move like a Pop Queen if you think about it...she ain't attached her name to no damn makeup, she ain't got no clothing line and she ain't out here trying to milk a holiday season for all it's worth....and yes that was shade ...I ain't mad at any of the girls getting their bag but Janet looks, disappears and stays to herself like an indie artist. That's why I fucks with her. Periodt Leave that Pop title to these other hoes. And I'm done!


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