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    For me, if its true ...we have seen tons of shit that has showed her rise to superstardom.. I would want that aspect of her life to be secondary..and what should be primary is the obstacles and struggles that only US fans know about. Casual Janet fans and non Janet fans dont know this woman was hopping in her car in the middle of the night to go search for her drug addict husband in dangerous areas who would call her to come try to find him cus he's not even coherent enough to kno where he is. Stuff like that would REALLY make a story cus the common person looks at Janet as a beautiful woman who was lucky enough to be born into fame with a silver spoon in her mouth. Alot of ppl dont know stuff like Janet being on tour and needing emergency eye surgery becus she scraped her cornea with a magazine and after her surgery she was in her hotel room suffering and crying through the night of healing while her husband (Rene) was nowhere to be found. I think stuff like this would show how common and relatable her life is despite her name being in bright lights.
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    Selz managed to find a fundraising thing that his family set up last year if anyone wants to donate https://paul-drummond.muchloved.com/
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    I cannot 😂😂😂😂
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    "Everybody for this next song, I want you all to turn on your high beams......remember that special night"
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    I’m hoping it’s more of a mini series. if she’s a part of it, I’d love to see how it turns out. Otherwise, I’ll pass.
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    I’m only 42 cos I’ve been alive that long... I’m still naive as hell, single as hell and immature as hell 😂 Though it freaks me out to think I’m old enough to have a 26 YO... I work and go to church with those youngers lol
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    Who remembers him? Long term member of the forum from London. I just found out that he died last year and I’m annoyed and angry that I didn’t know. I was thinking of him today and thought I’d go to his Facebook to see what he’s been up to and message him but then I saw a lot of rest in peace messages on his wall from April 2019. I literally was speaking to him in March that year and we were trying to meet up. I have no idea what happened but I’m shocked.
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    It’s nuts that we didn’t know - but then how would the fam know to contact us... Paul was such a great guy when I met him with Bu, he was funny and that squirrel whispering thing was crazy lol. There’s been a lot of people disappeared off this forum. I think about Henry quite often.
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    I see why they didn't use it. Cool to hear, though.
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    U need to calm the hell down. Let the roll out happen when it does. They are waiting for the coast to clear. Stop anticipating and juss think logically....it will probably release towards the end of the year or the top of next.Yall always talk about yall want Janet to WIN but yall want her to release shit in the middle of all this mess? That makes no sense. No sir, too many distractions. Ppl worried about how they gone feed their family next week not about no damn albums. We need to look at priorities here. Chill da hell out. Let the dust settle. The album is coming. The world is not ending no time soon i dont think.
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    1. You're not selfish for wanting to enjoy music from your fav. 2. Janet isn't any of those other artists who I dont think has had a huge reception necessarily anyway. 3. If you view the Black Diamond era as a project, its not any different from a ton of projects both musical and motion picture that have been pushed back. 4. Janet's role, or principal in the business is to entertain, she can address the fans, or she could say stay safe and thank the healthcare workers as she has done. In this case it's best to not speak, let the situation handle the PR itself, Janet's been on the camera side saying "sorry u guys" enough Aint a good look sis 5. IMO, I am still very grateful that Black Diamond did not roll out beyond a title, she can save her album and tour ideas for a time when she can maximize her exposure and return on reception/development/production/distribution. .....in conclusion you're not selfish, but we ALL gone wait also Janet has a child to care for, which is her first priority!!
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    James DeBarge turned Janet out while they were married. I bet that version didn't make the album cause of her parents and she didn't wanna send a message like that that young. Just imagine if she would've followed through with songs she really wanted at that age. Madonna's name wouldn't of been the only name thought of and also Janet being black probably would've been banned on many radio stations
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    started "Killing Eve" from the BBC, it's a cat and mouse game of a government agent chasing a female assassin.
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    The headline and the picture is killing me for some reason.
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    My fav Erykah Badu sending a Birthday shout out to my other fav via a WHOLE Instagram post.... MADE MY YEAR!!!!! I knew these hoes were besties....they probably share clothes. #WeirdBlackGirlsMatter #Period
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    I'm powering through Money Heist.
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    OMG 😱🖤💎 I can totally see this as one of the pictures from the Black Diamond booklet tbh.
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    Honestly, that's part of my problem with it. It feels like its a thing for fans to brag about
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    they sold around 1000 copies to get that number 1, as Janet fans we need to do better and look less pressed BUT I'm not a hater so if you want a number 1 on Itunes, go get it
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    couldn't we do one of her favorite charities? I've bought all her albums, some several times
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    I'm not doing it. I bought Damita Jo on itunes 3 yrs ago and Rhythm Nation again like 2yrs ago lol.
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    No. Just reschedule the tour. Has Janet even been rehearsing?
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    thats my go to age too!
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    Often not, depends on situation...at work if asked i definetly lie I feel there is too much expectation at certain ages. I guess maybe that's my issue. Certain situations where its unlikely I'm gonna see the person again I will just tell them.
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    I agree, she would probably have lots of stories to tell which could draw people into her. But I'm pretty sure she would not be willing to talk about those past times, some of them she isn't even legally allowed to talk about. I don't think she would want to hurt anyone, and always when the truth gets to be told someone gets hurt... The only way I see this getting her blessing is that it focuses on her career and maybe single-motherhood...
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    Which is why i said the movie should focus on the aspect of her real life off the stage. I really think it would draw ppl into her
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    I didn’t know all that!!! My god!!! 😱😨🤯😖
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    Wow. I didn't even know this!
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    more news media is reporting this project is in its beginning stages, so with that said, I support Janet and really hope its something she is proud of
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    I hope so cause it’s May n the tour was suppose to start next month!!! Clearly she HAS to announce something cause this tour either ain’t happening or is being pushed back until the fall 2020/most likely Winter 2021!!! 🤔
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    Janet and Jermaine are on good terms these days. They really loved each other and letting out the Jermaine years would mean letting out the entire 2001-2009 era. And we all know some major things happened in these years...
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    I believe a new comer would go over the best, anyone else will just be compared IMO
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    I would love to see a Janet movie. But she would deserve a big production movie, not just a tv broadcast. Anyway. I think the movie should be about certain times of her life. She's had such an eventful life so far that I think it would be too much to tell the story of her whole life and have many different actresses portaying her, max two different leads, preferably one. I think it could be about her amazing rise to a megastar from the shadow of her brother(s). How she ended up becoming basically the most successful one of the family while still living a relatively normal life. What made her stood out of the rest. Ppl would love to know more about her personal affairs but that's not going to happen. I know a few actresses who look like her a bit, but still none of them match Janet's natural beauty. We would need someone absolutely gorgeous and talented newcomer.
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    she loved that man, spent 8 years together, he was there during the SB, MJ passing, during the Virgin albums to fill her contract
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    Janet's story is so unique and there's so much to tell... I'm totally okay with a biopic now instead of one in 10 or 20 years. It could be focused on her rise to stardom, but i'd love to see more insights in her private life and how she was treated... The Superbowl aftermath would be interesting as well and how she had to fight for her career. A lot of people don't really know that.
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    Yall forgive me but Quarantine has given me a good amount of time on my hands. A good amount of hits will be left off but at least she can always have dates where she surprisingly add them to the setlist(which I doubt because she likes her setlists to be fixed) I'm using the Metamorphosis Show as a template (and I added 20 mins for the two encore performances) (Songs that are in brackets are basically using the song lengths of these performances that were on the Meta show) Act 1 Resilence Intro “Dream Maker”/Euphoria Interlude(Empty) “New Song”("Trust a Try"/"You") (extemely dance heavy) “New Song (20 Part 2 (Interlude)/"What Have You Done for Me Lately"/"Control") Pledge (interlude)/"Rhythm Nation"(special performance) Act 2 “New Song”("Nasty"/"The Pleasure Principle"/"When I Think of You") Act 3 New Album Song Interlude(Are You (short film)/Morning (interlude)) "Shoulda Known Better"(TTWLG/GTIG/"Come Back to Me")1/”New Song”2 "China Love" “The Great Forever”(modern contemporary routine)(”"Together Again"/"All for You") Act 4 "Love U 4 Life" Interlude(Ruff Interlude) “New Song”("Moist"/"Any Time, Any Place") "I Get Lonely" "That's The Way Love Goes" (sexy solo jazz rendition) 1 “Together Again”(Deeper Remix) 2 “I Want You"(“Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)"/"Let's Wait Awhile") Act 5 Dancehall ClubSet(Dancehall VJ Video Interlude contains excerpts from "Runaway", "Got til It’s Gone", "When I Think Of You", "Miss You Much", "So Excited", "Together Again" and "Just A Little While") “New Song”/”All Nite"(Go Deep" (Timbaland remix)/"Come On Get Up"/"Rock with U") “Call On Me”("Throb") Feel It Boy/Love Me Love Me"(All Nite Interlude) Act 6 “New Album Song Interlude”(contains elements of Throb and Free Xone)(RN Interlude) Night/Rockwitu Mashup(contains elements of Slolove)("State of the World"/"The Knowledge") “New Song”(Let's Dance (interlude)/"Miss You Much"/"Love Will Never Do (Without You)") “Alright”1/”Escapade”2("Alright"/"Escapade"/"Black Cat") Act 7 New Song Act 8 "Feedback"(meta version) "If"1/Diamonds(contains Diamonds Are Girl’s Best Friend by Normani and Megan Thee Stallion)/Nasty Girl(Vanity 6)/Nasty (contains elements of some current song)2 “BURNITUP”("R&B Junkie"/"The Best Things in Life Are Free")(UPDATE CHOREO AND PRODUCTION) Encore Pleasure Principle ("So Excited"/"Made for Now") "Can't Be Stopped Intro/“Made For Now”/”Throb” (8 min performance) Young Love/All For You(contains elements of Say So and Glow Of Love cover)/Gon B Alright(contains elements of Funky Big Band/Control/Miss You Much/R&B Junkie)(13 min performance) 1 Only performed in early performances 2 Only performed halfway through the tour beginning on the European Leg
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    Ive thought about this for years, and let me start with some points IMO: 1. Janet's story aint over, so even now a biopic would be kinda premature, my only reservation I dont want her story NOT told because no one's interested, and that's all timing. Lena Horne who? To this generation of kids out here. 2. I dont see a single female that would play Janet convincingly, through all the different eras, different looks, and "size" one of the hallmarks of Janet's "brand" has always been her looks, which is why Janet when acting has its issues because kinda hard not to see her and think JANET. 3. Depends on the script. If you can pull off another "What's Love Got to Do With It" I would be in, that movie was well produced. 4. I'd rather Janet do her memoirs or autobiography, she tends to be more candid in print. If a biopic were green lit, I wonder how much more would she be willing to tell? I mean if we hear about the key to the animal cages, or not keeping a journal so my songs are my journal, I will scream in the theater "stop" run up in front of the movie screen and scream "Give me a beat!" *thinking about Voodoo*
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    I feel like this is only coming thru now as ive reached my 40s. Its helps that I look 10 -12 years younger, which use to bug me. Now I embrace it and use to my advantage.
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    Oh it definitely will! If it's anything like the Rhythm Nation 30th anniversary show I went to then it for sure made up for the lack of dancing. Best show i've seen in person since TVR in my honest opinion.
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    JD knows damn well he cheated.
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    Usher should be as big as Beyonce...should have had a better team instead he was busy marrying an overbearing cougar, releasing the same mediocre music and giving people herpes. I hate to say it but people are about as excited to see Usher as they are Ginuwine. He should come out as bisexual or at least pretend to be just to get a new audience that will really support him. Being Queer is in at the moment and scandal sales. I heard his new album is supposed to be confession 2, what an aptly time to admit to being a butt pirate...get money sis!
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    I use Fenty so I always keep it cute x For real! It’s been 84 years realness


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