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    Oh yes we should. I know right before she releases Black Diamond it would be nice to get it trending on twitter. Maybe some of the stan accounts could help us out. I know for the Beyhive with Black Is King we got "Beyonce is coming" trending. We could get her name trending and encourage everyone to buy 2 copies at the same time. I'll def be apart of it
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    Me too 😭 We NEED to make it happen! Janet will most likely get that #1 regardless, but if we can start a campaign for all fans to buy 2 copies we will succeed 100%. 💁🏻‍♂️😂
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    I think it’s an old picture. Regardless, it’s good to see her.
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    “Black Diamond” NEEDS to b her 8th #1 and make that 5 consecutive decades (80s-2020s) 😭😭😭👍💀👀🤦🏾‍♂️
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    Unbreakable is somewhere between 300k and 400k, so no.
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    Cute! I can see Aimetoons did the drawing. I love her work.
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    I have other stuff from the Miss Janet fan club
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    That puzzle is so old school!
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    Same here! Its pretty brutal at times, but was great viewing. Makes you question alot. Dont expext laughs like CG if you do watch it.
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    guys her website needs to change to the black diamond brand
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    If anyone has acapellas, acapella clips, multitrack or stems, let me know. I have a few more. And I would like to remix even more this fall. If anyone can put me in touch with Janet's team, to get the official ones, even better... I have a huge remix idea for Luv and Trust A Try. Here are my Janet mashup remixes so far: https://www.mixcloud.com/seven702/j/ Playlist: Discipline (seven702 vs aaron jerome hype lounge mix) Pleasure Principle (seven702 quiet storm 2007 mix) Truly (seven702 vs losin my head lounged out mix) China Love (seven702 pop rocks mix) Rollercoaster - seven702 mix idea State of the World (seven702 demo) So Excited ft Khia (seven702 vs aaron lacrate S.E.X. mix) Would You Mind (seven702 2008 mix) Rope Burn (seven702 after midnight lounge mix) Daybreak (seven702 nrg mix demo) Lonely - (seven702 mix) Curtains (seven702 vs spinna mix) So Much Betta (seven702 mix sample) Enjoy (seven702 mix) Livin In A World (seven702 vs 60 Channels mix) With U (seven702 vs kwame stimulated sunrise mix) Roll Witchu (seven702 vs kenny meez bmore club mix) Warmth (seven702 mix) Velvet Rope (seven702 synergy mix) Call On Me (seven702 mix) Take Care (seven702 lounged out mix) With U ft. Common (seven702 Y.O. mix) Bonus: Curtains (seven702 vs spinna filter dub) Take care.
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    this pic just appeared under the news section on Google but there wasn't any story attached, I only put it here because its one of a very few HD pics from this time frame.
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    Parasite - forgot i watched it two weeks ago, but its an A-
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    the summer is popping if you out here in dez streets I just heard GTIG LOUD as hell bumping from a truck with the windows down driving by as I walked back from the store, I mean PUMPA BOO! PUMPA!.........dat shit was LOUD!!
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    The Perfection - B- Bizarre, implausible but i watched to the end so 🤷‍♀️
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    As a long time hard core fan, I can try to tell you somethings as I believe them to be and if you add them up it all makes sense: 1. Janet is a mother, that's her first priority. 2. Janet's a great legend act and she's done more than many will ever do, having said that her best days are past her now. 3. Some Janet fans truly expect these long drawn out album promo campaigns with 4 music videos and singles. Refer to #2 4. Did you know there was a global pandemic? That thing stopped a ton of projects in progress. For example, Janet was making the rounds early this year, she did The View, Jimmy Fallon, announced a new tour with a new album. I don't think Janet's NOT doing when she can be bothered. Speaking of when you've done as much as Janet you've earned the right to do it on your time. 5. So much got cancelled and pushed back, I saw Wonder Woman promo Doritos bags at Walmart, problem there is WW2 didn't happen yesterday I was at the store and looked at the Sunday paper, it was thin as hell, Sunday Newspapers are usually bulky with ads etc. I was told by someone they dont even have a TV guide in them anymore because new shows aren't being rolled out.
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    "Everybody for this next song, I want you all to turn on your high beams......remember that special night"
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    FYI, here in Australia the album is #48 on the main album chart and #7 on R&B albums.
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    There's no need to put accomplishments quotation. Let's be real. They don't have the singing voice, tour success, or record sales (Confessions) as Usher. Stage presence or dancing capabilities. Not to mention he has 9 #1 hot 100s all as the leading artist.
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    Britney is white. And MTV adores her. They don't have that same respect for Usher. Same way they don't have the same respect for Missy.
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    He is in there with Missy, TLC, and Busta when it comes to not getting that Vanguard award. He should have recieved that over a decade ago... easily. And I have never seen a tribute to him. I know us Janet fans go on about her not getting the praise she deserves. But when you look at some of these other artists. They don't get half the praise Janet has gotten. I remember a couple years back. Usher fans were trying to get MTV to do a Icon special for him. The way they did for Janet. It fell on death ears. Also it doesn't help that he had that herpes scandal. My daughters only know him as the guy with the herpes. Everytime I listen to Let it burn...they always burst out laughing. And I can't do shit but laugh with them.😩😩


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