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    Janet's opening song for her Vegas show was "Empty" .....that was not a coincidence. "China Love" was in the show.. That was not coincidence...these all have been album tracks that the janfam community have been praising and janet was listening to her fans and started putting these fan fav album tracks in her show. Unbreakable album is a great album but doesnt carry as much history as her previous albums in the janfam community bc its her newest project. All of this is so obvious...how could you have missed it? The "Unbreakable" album juss doesnt carry as much weight...we havent been in love with it long enough for it to just yet.
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    Just saw her tonight at Sydney (now my second time seeing her). A M A Z I N G My roomie who came with me (first time seeing her) literally said ‘that is the best thing I have ever seen on stage’.
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    That funeral look should have been the whole spread, don't @ me....that is some high fashion for that ass
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    That’s not exactly the same as directing them to ask the same questions for 30 years. You can control the narrative and tell them what angles are ok, and have an adult conversation. There’s so much to discuss - What was your sons first words? Who do you feel he looks like and takes after? After being in the game so long, where do you pull inspiration from for your tour designs & projects? Are there any new musical elements you want to explore? How do you stay engaged after you’ve set the bar so high for yourself and others? What does success from this side of the game look like? fuck those animal cages lol
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    These vocalists sound weird af singing Janet. It's like they over sing.
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    Wow she really stans Janet! She's been covering "If" for years and now this
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    If they were to collab....mountains would move, skies would fall, Game would be allowed back into the forum!!! 😫😭😭😭💀💀💀
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    In the 90s it would've been a cute side project but traditional rock is basically dead.Would be more interested in a guitar driven song on a hypothetical new album.
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    Rock IS not even Rock anymore....an alternative album delving into trip hop, industrial sounds and acid jazz would suffice for me....but Janet is not in the space to make a moody alternative album. She really thinks that Hawaii song is the cat's meow...Chile. Upbeat dance Janet is here to stay
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    These LOOKS.......I need a moment....😨😰🥵🤯😫😭!!!! Jesus, that money she’s been making touring/performing the past two years is seriously paying off!!! This shoot looks tooooo glamorous and eventful to be all for nothing, what is going on and what does momma have in store!!!?? 🥵🥵🥵😍😫
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    Idk, based on her most recent set lists, she’s almost erased it outside of NS. When I saw her in Sydney the other day she didn’t perform any songs off it and it seems that’s been the case with other gigs. Does she associate it too closely with Wissam or something? It’s a great album (and still her last + most fresh) so it’s a shame she’s paying it dust.
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    Drag race is so fun! I went to DragCon in LA this year, was so fun! Got to meet Raja and see the other queens.
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    Random thought: My baby has been touring non stop trying to get these coins for her new album...sis just wants to sit down somewhere and be with her child, I have never seen my baby this chubby on stage but I get it...she is tired and she ain't trying to be lean right now, let my good sis sit down somewhere though because this happy idgaf weight is holding her back from hitting them 8 counts properly.👀
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    I don’t think so!!! I think Janet was and STILL is very proud of that album for MANY reasons. Honestly, the only thing I can think of is that Janet and her team are marketing her classic hits with these set lists as to remind people of her amazing catalogue. Remember, Janet’s been trying to reclaim her worldwide fans with this relentless touring/performing back to back schedule she’s been on since 2017!!! I think she’s keeping Unbreakable and its singles for an official world tour to support new music (maybe next year at this point?! Who knows?!? 😳😫🤔) I think we haven’t heard the last of her performing “No Sleeep”, “BURNITUP!” and “Dammn Baby” as well as more from Unbreakable just yet! 😉👍🙂
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    Soul Train Awards opened with a Janet medley.
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    I love this openness that’s happening right now. I’m also confused because I don’t know what to do it because I’m not used to it lol. She’s singing, smiling, smizing, posing, and dancing. I love it so much. I’m just so happy for her because she seems happy.
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    Rose Short covers WHYDFML on The Voice. And you know, it's actually really good.
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    Janet has been showing out over in Australia!!!!! She hasnt been tgis active social mediawise since what...the Unbreakable era??
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    I don’t like her makeup in those pictures.
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    Individually they are only one sound, but layered on top of each other they make the complete song. Of course when you have the stems you can rearrange all the elements and create a total different record. No one does that anymore though. This generation just adds a rap verse and call its a remix ?
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    I was a Madonna stan.
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    No he didn't. He had no idea TA had leaked. I helped him out by giving him YAR to prove himself. Got a few things in return that I didn't have. The guy who he traded with is not exactly a nice person, and doesn't keep his end of the bargain. I almost got scammed by him a few days back. As for leaks, yeah they fking suck. Mainly cause Janet could've done something cool with them at one point but now they're out there, so I've stopped trading and holding on to the ones even those who pay for the stems are looking for. Ya'll can have MYM and stuff but the rarities stay locked up lol.
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    Stumbled upon this news item today. It's Jimmy confirming a album of theirs which will have Janet on it. I know this has been in the works for years but it may seeing the light of day soon https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/09/23/janet-jackson-new-song-jimmy-jam-interview/


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