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    She's not in any position to judge anyone's sense of fashion or style.
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    You know it amazes me how you guys can go on and on arguing about nothing!!! 😳
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    After watching that R Kelly docu-series.... I'm just glad I stan an unproblematic black icon, bad fashions and all. Whew chile. #YallWon
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    Preach keep ya head down Janet.. keep trucking
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    hopefully she doesn't get mixed up into the drama
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    This ain't the first time Michael wanted to work with people who Janet worked with. Back in the late 80s/ early 90s he tried to steal Jimmy and Terry from Janet
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    Yet here we are again talking about Janet's fashion. Chile...
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    It's just like the Wade Robinson case, when Wade's career was poppin (being 1 of the biggest choreographers for a period of time, even danced with Janet at the 09 VMA's), he took the stand under oath in defense of MJ, did a ton of documentaries pro MJ. But when his career and money dried up all the sudden he remembers things differently and goes after millions. These 2 guys are the same, took the stand in defense, now..... I been saying for 15yrs, NO MJ accuser has credibility if they have a big number attached to what they want. I'll doubt his innocence when Macully Culkin, Emanuel Lewis, or Cory Feldman (who adamantly declares MJ was 1 of the few adults in his life who wasn't abusing him physically or sexually or any other way, and has been a HUGE whistleblower in recent years about people doing this behind the scenes). Until then it's never been a smoking gun on this issue, and so many people wish so badly it was. This is different than R.Kelly, Mike's only guilty of being this easy a target. It actually amazes me the parallels between the 2 and how people try to mark them the same. Robert did what he did in plain sight (even as far as getting married to a 15 year old) and his career grew, vs. Michael got publically accused and his career suffered ever since. Also Mike taking Babyface from Jermaine was retaliation, Babyface produced Jermaine's diss track against Mike, and Mike uphanded Jermaine effortlessly and easily. Plus threatened to sue if he didn't change the lyrics to Word To The Badd for the album version. Jermaine & Mike were always off & on in terms of how they got along, Jermaine was consistently the boldest of the brothers in expressing what he did and didn't like or want up until the end. Jermaine's forever in 9th place of my Jackson rankings (hell 10th if we counting Joh'Vonnie)
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    oh i was pissed I open the door and there he is chating with his assistent telling her that the movie with sandra bullock on netflix ends like ... and i was like
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    Bird Box! So overhyped but great movie none the less! B+
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    http://monitorlatino.com/los-1-america-latina-3-38/ [Janet Jackson &] Daddy Yankee sweeps this week in the Top20 General monitorLATINO Mexico and is that his theme in collaboration with Janet Jackson, "Made for now" Latin version goes up to the first place of the Chart, in addition to also lead the Anglo Chart and the Hot Song General monitorLATINO Mexico.
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    Let’s make the Yuletide gay.
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    I’m an Uber driver and I often play the all for you album for passengers. The elderly and middle-aged white ladies love SOAG and DRM
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    No tea no shade but new music isn’t bringing Janet an audience for touring. A lot of great acts are out here touring off hits they already have. Aside from her core fan base, neither radio nor the general public are checking for new music from established older acts like Janet. Europe will require some humble pie to do
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    You'd have to be fooling yourself to say anything other than RN.
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    'Scream' was pretty iconic. Other artist are still out here imitating it
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    I read somewhere that he had a crush on his own mama
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    I wish Janet could look at some of her fans and judge their sense of fashion the way u guys judge her’s maybe as a Jimmy Kimmel skit or summin
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    JD has to realize that crew wasn't all that even at the time so aint nobody checking for them now for real He talks like he knows so much about the industry yet in a few responses in this thread we took the entire gig apart and why it wont sell
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    exposure? I think she tried that with the European MFN promo, she has waaayyyy more work to do in Europe. I want her to figure out her first South American gig too .....Janet the journey has much work to go and a lot of digging in your heels and saying this is what will be
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    non-fans are going to remember RN and say RN ...it's Iconic as hell but when fans like me, watch PP, ...chile
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