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    The Executors /Estate will always have control of the cash, even after the kids are adults because MJ's will not turn over all their cash until they are 30 I think. They don't need to control her, they have the control already. If Katherine is not in good health, don't you think she should step down? Why do you think her kids don't want her to step down? Hmmmmmmm? We all know that if by some miracle, the brothers and sisters got a hold of that money, they would be broke by 2014. Under the leadership of the current executors, the estate has grown by leaps and bounds. You think Randy and the crew can do that? Why are all these adults letting the kids play them like fools? All Katherine had to do was call the kids, and answer he phone. If she needs to have no contact with the kids, she is in no shape to have custody.
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    They can still get that done, just not in the house. They may decide to go to a hospital or something for that. I don't blame them for doing this, after all the stuff that's gone on in the past few days, I don't trust any of those involved in the mess. I also think Janet is hurting her reputation by aligning with her shady ass brothers. Randy and Jermain have kids with the same trashbox, and they expect MJ estate to pay their bills? How does that make since. If they are truly concerned about their mothers health, then ask her to step down 100%. They will NEVER do that, because they need those monthly checks she's bringing in. MJ apparently told them he would redo his will because of their support during his pedo trials, but I think he lied to them. If this will is thrown out, the one before is similar, and also cuts them out 100%, so they should just move on and get fucking jobs/tour state fairs, or do whatever it takes to make a living.
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    How anyone thinking that it's acceptable for the estate to be able to dictate what goes on in Katherine's home is illogical. She can't decide who works for her, who comes to visit her or who she doesn't want around her. What if Trent is shady and the executors are stressing her out or being shady? Now the people who ate against them can't even visit their own family home. I said it before and i'll say it again - Janet go get your mother and put her somewhere where she is free and isn't being controlled. It's worrying how much power these people have.
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    As far as the military side of it,, Lupe is so out the loop. Every country doesn't share the same beliefs as the US. Not to mention special agents are working behind the scenes to prevent a strike. If one is needed (meaning that the adults there [man or woman] refuse to help out), then one will happen. It does suck that the little children there are involved, but so were the ones where when 9/11 hit...he didn't say anything about that. America (unlike a lot of countries) runs and acts on guilt, and there's none needed on our aspect of it since we don't go attack people first.
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    now it's starting to make sense... as long as the estate can control Katie... they can control the kids... which means they can control the $$$
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    That's because if they control her they control MJ's kids.
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    This has to be the most painful thing to happen to a family. Hope this brings an end to the drama with both of them. All this time fighting in court only makes things worse.


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