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    And boom goes the dynamite!!!! By the way thing are going down, Christina will only be scene as a mere staple of her time. Kinda like Cyndi Lauper, Tears for Fears, The Go Gos, etc. of the 80s.
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    As soon as i read quiet Storm Lil' Kim came to mind and i started to rap her verse Anything alone >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    I fucking lost it. OMG... The "slow dance" scene got me misty too. I watched it twice and it didn't lose its potency one bit. And yes for her nappy fro and cherub cheeks! And her flexing her lil guns lol....too friggin cute.
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    eggs.act.ly...she had my heart in her hands the whole movie and that ending scene where she holds back the tears in her eyes and then just lets the tears flow....chile.... AND SHE IS SOOO DAMN ADORABLE, that nappy afro was giving me all kinds of life.
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    YES. Thats exactly how I felt watching it. So many emotions... that last half hour, I was a teary mess. For her to have been 6 and play that role with such conviction is just incredible. She did a phenomenal job and really carried the movie. I haven't seen the other performances to determine if she should win, but she damn sure deserves that nomination...and I'd be over the moon if she won.
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    This is clearly a discussion... let us have our discussion in Xtina's thread.. that's what it's for isn't it? Or is just to post news and videos to music videos and pretend that we live in this perfect world where your favorite flops on JANET JACKSON'S FORUM matter KG© I don't like her but I have all of her albums and appreciate them... same with Brandy... that doesn't make them less of a flop.. i'm not delusional like most fans... I know what's up You CLEARLY don't know what you're talking about when it comes to P!nk... I stan for the best.. you throwing insults trying to "upset me" isn't going to diminish P!nk... She's the best performer America has who actually sings live.. Is P!nk 100% perfect? No.. I'm not delusional.. Is she the best there was, best there is, best there ever could be? No! but is she better than the late 90s-now bitches... by far http://pmchollywoodl...20726115258.jpg *I didn't post it bc I don't want to be deemed as a troll*
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    truth.com It's clear you don't like Christina or Brandy so just let it go. Where has P!nk been original? The bad girl dyke lookin' image has been done plenty of times. He knew exactly what you were saying it didn't go over his head. This is what they always do to block out any positives given to Christina. Pretty much it's a no win situation for Christina no matter what she did in the past nor what she does in the future. I don't recall Christina being dissed by Legends like Beyonce has by Etta James and others. They didn't call on Beyonce to do a tribute to Aretha they called on the blue-eyed blonde bitch who got more soul in her damn finger than Beyonce. Let's not! Christina has never been ugly so just stop with that shit right now trying to indicate that without make-up she don't look good. Some could say the same for Miss Britney or P!nk. Let's not. By the way here's a video of Christina all natural with very little make-up if any.
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    Beast of the Southern Wild. WOW!!! I didn't know I could go through so many emotions while watching a film. Quvenslayne needs to win every award she is up for.
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    :shifty: :shifty: :shifty: :shifty:
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    Well think about it...they wouldn't be so desperate if technology didn't allow ppl to steal music. but thats the price we pay for advanced tech...someone gets the bad end of the stick.
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    I'm not much of a Bee fan ..I'm all about FACTS. I'm not biased.
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    Here I am!!! The voice of reality and reason. Now I don't particularly care for beyonce or Christina. I have no biases. Beyonce = Superstar. Christina = Fading star. Neither are legends. Only a superstar can be a legend. And they only qualify for legend ship once their star is on the decline be people recognise them for their huge and undoubted contributions. Unless Christina achieves more success she won't be a legend. She will be someone who was quite popular once
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    If I have my way, I'll be getting some Cuban peen soon.
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    Anyone can look at clips of Christina when she dances and see she has the ability also that her style does even still set her apart. Cut it out. Whether you like it or not is the opinion. Not the fact she can and does. The point I was making obviously went over your head. Typical. You're free to make that bet, just as we are that she can if she put the effort in. Regardless, she toured, it was a success, end of story. Okie dokie.
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    The mods really need to do something about this evident trolling. Either clean this shit up or get rid of the official threads. Stunt queens for real.
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    Me too! I need to see Purple Rain and I Wanna Be Your Lover live. And Adore
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    All Nite, all day and night, had it been the lead single and performed at the superbowl with no Timberlake............nobody can convince me that song wouldnt've went to #1.
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    There's a difference between arguing opinions and arguing over facts. Learn it.
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    Beyonce already is a legend. I mean the girl has been called on to do 3, COUNT'EM, 3 presidential inaugurations. if that aint legend I don't know what is. Am i a huge fan of hers? NO. But the girl is a legend. And so is Britney. Love the or hate them, it is what it is. Haters need to deal. I know I have.
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    I wouldn't want to be around them tragic kneegrows either.
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    Well this is the last season if they make it to the finale they will be lucky. A whole bunch of the cast will die by the end so I guess we enjoy the small victories.
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