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    I'm another refugee, thank you so much for granting me asylum.
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    I'm gonna go to his show and complain about there being no dancing and say it's not a show. I might as well just listen to his albums.
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    yes Mikel's an idiot. I've clocked him a few times over there before I got banned and so have other members there. Oh yes it was a horrible place. It's like you better tread carefully or you'll get banned. How you gonna ban die hard fans for disagreeing with you? You couldn't disagree or say anything remotely negative about anyone around her especially Gil since Mikel seems to of fucked him or something. Hell you can't even talk about Janet's cook or you'll be banned. He was such an ass and he felt he could talk to you any kind of way and when you gave it back to him the way he gave it to you he couldn't handle. I got banned when he quoted me when I was talking to someone else and said something like "For fucks sake!" so I quoted him back saying "Well for fuck's sake! blah blah blah" and he couldn't handle it and banned me. I always said if I saw him in person i'd let him know what a bitch he is. Make sure Mikel knows if his raggedy ass shows up here it's on and the other mod too
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    I'll just tell your neighbor to turn off his Wi-Fi and you won't be able to drag shit.
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    Hmm Janet released an album in October and everyone was talking about it and loving it, and her tour has been owning. Raise your hand if you knew Elton released an album this month? He's being a bitch for promo, that's his move. How sad.
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    Go tell the others to come here and that they won't get banned for not like the color of Janet's next outfit. We debate here and argue but we're like a family and unless you flat out continuously bash Janet there's no reason you have to worry about being banned. Oh and we suspend people before banning. We believe in 2nd chances.
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    Let's put your politics to the test. What's your view on refugees now? DON'T LET THEM IN.
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    hey I started on Xone many many years ago came here and stayed... so welcome
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    First, let me say I adore Elton John's music/talent and always will. He's a living legend. That being said, I just think he's a bit off here. If Janet was pulling a Britney and literally mouthing an entire concert, while I'd still think it was harsh and pretty rude, I'd have to somewhat agree with his comments. However, that's just not the case. Janet clearly is singing live throughout most of this and all her previous concerts. The only exception I can think of is maybe her verse in Scream (I think this is because it is hard on her softer voice to push/"scream" like that). In Rhythm Nation, there is clearly a loud backing track, but you can certainly hear her live voice in it. That song is a powerful one and the extra layers of vocals is probably necessary. I honestly can't think of anything else in the show that is lipped. Can anyone else? Also, let me point out that Gaga, as incredibly talented as she is vocally, also often sings along to pre-recorded vocals during her dance numbers. It's not lip syncing. It's just a dance performance. I have no issue with some recorded vocals being included as long as the live vocals come through too. I don't think it's fair to call foul on that.
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    I mean I could be petty and throw my Lion King DVD (the only music of his I use) away but then I'd be as childish as Elton.
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    Same, I love alot of his work (the older work naturally), but in my opinion, though I find someone sitting at a piano or standing at a mic for 2 hours entertaining, IMO what Janet does lipsynced or live is more of a show or performances than what he & most vocalist period do. But I'm not twisted in what he said, he could say worse, it's clear it's for promo cause ain't nobody talking about his new music (even now), its just old desperation.
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    and even after Angie said she would give it time before she made a decision, the night one old member came on here saying he wanted it shut down immediately because he hates us, Angie said she wasnt shutting shit down
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    I really like this album. Anti, Rated R and TTT (for the ratchness) are my favs. I can't stand Loud and the Right songs completely ruin UN for me.
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    Also, worry about YOUR fandom. Another person's opinions shouldn't have any bearing on someone you claim to have been a fan of for decades. Whether someone is a fan or not SHOULDN'T stop you from being a fan. And if it does then my thoughts and prayers go out to you. 'Tis all.
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    You're such a fucking bitch.
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    She does seem polarising. Right, president. That sounds a lot less absurd.
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    You don't have to like it. Don't worry, he's still the CEO of pop or whatever.
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    Whether low ticket sales or production, a postponement only adds to the mess of this era.
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    Meanwhile other artists are continuously adding stadium dates to their tour to meet ticket demand.
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