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    I told you there was a shoot.
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    Yall are taking way too much time to put this up “We thank God for our blessing,” says the star. After Jackson announced in April she was postponing her Unbreakable World Tour in May to focus on “planning” a family with her husband Wissam Al Mana, sources confirmed to PEOPLE the star was expecting her first child. Over the last few months, Jackson has kept a low profile and was last spotted shopping for baby buys at London’s Back in Action furniture store. “She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well,” a source close to the Jackson family previously told PEOPLE. “She actually feels very good about everything.” http://celebritybabies.people.com/2016/10/12/janet-jackson-baby-bump-photo-pregnancy-announcement/?xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag ----------- She looks amazing Her bresteces are HUGE
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    i think she did the photo shoot on the beach, i remember preston posted he was in malibu
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    Janet doesn't need a reason to tour TBH. And the publicity surrounding this "comeback" after her baby will be enough free publicity for her tour
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    It's rather remarkable that she's still getting nominations in her fourth decade of music, and in a category with artists who came out long after her.
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    I won't say she doesn't care about her career, but I think her interest in it is just different from what it used to be. She's a lot more mature now and the need/desire for big numbers is behind her. Although I do feel she could boost her visibility with visuals but because she's kinda let her visuals go they don't get as much love & viewership. All the extra shit about no need for it or promo is bs. If she's a visual artist then that should be continued, especially to spread her message & deeper lyrics at this point. Idc who is tired of hearing it or if it will never change, she needs someone else in Gil's place. I understand age & maturing but there's someone that can get her a happy medium & still be on the same page. I think Janet cares about her career but I don't think she makes it her top priority. I think she uses it at this point to do more meaningful things but when it comes to the music, I'd like to see her revive her visuals. I wonder how it will all play out though, I'm ALWAYS down for new music but I hope she would maximize it.
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    There are no words to describe how this album changed my life... Happy Birthday!!!
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    Yes, you did!!!! You get nothing but respect from me because I believed you all along.
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    All why covered head to toe. Queeeeen
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    Stop being delusional. Promotion comes in various forms & in today's time you absolutely can create compelling visuals for low costs. It's the industry that I work in. So a lot of times, unlike you, I'm speaking from a place of experience. There are COUNTLESS talented videographers who can create projects that look like short films - that would cost less than some of the major name directors Janet has used on this project alone. You sound stupid trying to defend something that no one is attacking. Believe it or not, Janet IS promoting she's just doing it in a minimal way that isn't effective to the way social media is really used. She has damn near been seen more in pregnancy than she was during album time. She could have kept her mystique, spent nearly the same amount of money & got better results. I'm ALLLLL for independent artist, like Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino, Vince Staples, & countless more who are able to still create visuals. You always want to come and talk about what wouldn't help because you think Janet can't get over the hurdle. If she had a truly creative team, it would show in her roll out. It costs Janet more to tour than to do a few short videos. Use a live streaming service to discuss her album from inside the studio - it costs more to have someone record her lyric video in the studio than it would have to go online & give people a link while her & Jimmy cackle telling stories & showing which beats they did. Showing snippets. Not only would her fans be happy she'd be saving. Your "Great Depressed" schtick is so corny & reaffirms your social awkwardness that you've thought was cool for so long.
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    Let's ask the other mothers with children how long it took them to get back to work She can absolutely take her first born on tour if literally every other diva could. From Bey to Britney
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    I agree. At least someone will be promoting her name since she ain't.
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    I agree that most parents wouldn't want newborns on the road, but as far as the husband he has been on the road with her in the past. I think he is influential in her decision making as every husband & wife should be. It's a union for a reason. Nonetheless, Janet does not have the best record in touring within her later years in the eyes of the general public. In my opinion, it would be a much better move for her to create compelling visuals & content then jump right into touring. Make ppl want you again, not just your solid fanbase but the world at large. It would work more in her favor to have more content than just touring. It would also allow her to be home with the child. And i I don't mean some black & white sound stage video. I mean what she is known for. Put that money toward visuals. Rebuild your brand/message. Control the narrative by creating your own dialogue & engagement. So much has fallen short from Unbreakable confessions to the music app for the show - I would rehire for my creative team, & rework her image to the new maturity she's obviously living in. Lastly, this only works if it's new material. If not it's another Greatest Hits tour. It can't be a 2 year old Unbreakable tour.
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    No parent with a moral compass is bringing a newborn on the road with them.
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    if a bitch dont love me ...they dont love themselves
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    I would usually ignore your mentally challenged ways but I'll engage. When did I say visuals equal sales? I said engagement. As for Janet it has been basic editing for the last few videos. Im thinking "past" but you're beliefs center around "past" accolades. You talk about not having anything to prove, it's sad you see GREAT artistry as a sense of proving & not simply achievement and expression. A more impactful way of getting your already crafted message across on a compelling scale. You are such a fucking clown that you literally talk shit you have no clue about, just to be opposing. "Drake doesn't need visuals." Potentially true, yet he was nominated for video of the year. Eminem doesn't need visuals, yet he created them with Rihanna. What pop star has visual appeal, Beyoncé has been capitalizing on visuals. You can live in the last 40 years as if the next 5-10 couldn't be even more compelling if you want - unlike you I think Janet's talent is limitless. Not restricted to her "proven years". You have creators who create iconic work until they die, she has the potential to be no different. It's not about proving, selling, or being an independent artist it's about creativity. Your lack thereof shows why this is a foreign subject to you. Janet comes on the scene claiming she's been listening, yet you want to silence opinions. You're a fucking parasite dude, and your life has to ultimately suck...I feel sorry for you as much as I can't stand you You come on to a forum with the intent to have fellow cult members, it doesn't work like that. I understand you need other humans, such as Janet to validate your existence but some of us are here for Janet & her art. Keep up your target sales & internet trolling.
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    Based on your Trump racism. GTFO
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    He's such an idiot. That's why he's still on ignore and next month it'll be a year. Always thinking he knows better than everyone else. Since when is someone who can barely even walk yet not considered a baby? lol


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