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    Get to look at the queen as I brush my teeth
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    It was AMAZING! She cried during What About. I LIVED for her performing GTIG. And there was nothing but love in the air even with people I didn’t know. When the Again instrumental came on everybody in the front was singing and some broke out into tears. It was beautiful. I will say though that logistically, it was a HOT mess trying to get in. I made it in time but the lines were unorganized and i walked half a mile away to get into a shorter line. I made it just in time for her to start, but it took a lot of people a lot of time to get in. I don’t put that on Janet but on the venue. It’s been eight years since I’ve been to the Hollywood Bowl and they need to figure it out because it’s was like that when I saw Maxwell. Janet was just PHENOMENAL. She is everything. #lifereceived
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    Honestly??? The Body That Loves You took me tf out. I was NOT expecting that. That is my song. Elevator jam. The crowd was so fucking dead. I was the only one standing in my section. The aunties surrounding me were SHOOK that I knew every song and all the lyrics DSFGHJFDSFGHJGFDGHJKL; "Janet needs to hire you!!" Girl. Black Eagle was the funniest. My stan circle friends know that is my song. So when it came on, Of COURSE know one knew it. Y'all know how ambient the song is. Imagine a dead quiet ass arena and my gay ass yelling "ONCE YOU KNOW, YOU CAN'T NOT KNOW YASSSSS" Everyone in the sections surrounding me had to do a double take aSDFGHDSADFGH. I was living and they couldn't take. The setlist made it clear. This is strictly for the fans. and thats not even some stan copout. She dgaf about how the tour does as far as sales. She doing this for us and I'm very glad she upped the production and catered the whole show to us! The tour book is pretty nice too. Last minute ofc, but some great bts pics and proof that she is recording again (with JJ&TL). I kinda wanna go again. I really wish I was with the other fans on the floor but y'all like 10 years older than me and have salaries so never happening. But I was the only one lit in my vicinity! But BLESSED to FINALLY see her live. I am so happy! S/o to Groupon!!!
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    For those of you too lazy to click the link, this photo pretty much sums up the video.
  5. 11 points
    Ya'll all know damn well ya'll want Janet to have a successful tour. Please cut the act.
  6. 11 points
    Y'all are getting the same show you got last year with Daamn Baby and the State of the World instrumental during band/dancer intros being thrown in and you all shall deal.
  7. 10 points
    This is still blowing my fucking mind. ??? So unexpected and so sudden. Y'all have to admit this "era" or whatever you wanna call it has been Janet at her absolute MOST RANDOM like...ever
  8. 10 points
    First Bruno now Kendrick. She better be attending her own.
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    The Janet talk starts around 14:00 in the video. Essentially a summary of what Jimmy Jam talks about for those of you who don't want to listen or don't have time to listen to the interview: - He says Janet is his and Terry's muse and he can't think about Janet without having a song pop into his head - His favorite Janet song is "That's The Way Love Goes" and talks about the writing process with Janet (he's mentioned this story before) - And his other favorite Janet songs are "Lonely", "Empty", and "No Sleeep" - He says obviously working with Janet is different than working with other artists because they've worked on albums vs. others where him & Terry might just work on a song or songs - He plans to go to multiple tour dates on the State of The World Tour like he did on the Unbreakable Tour. - He says since he has known Janet for over 30 years he knows even if they have short exchanges when they communicate him and Janet appreciate/enjoy being around each other. - He says they are in the brainstorming stage of the tour (obviously wasn't going to go in detail about what changes are going to be made/not made) - He says he feels like one of the "Luckiest Uncles in The World" because he is always getting a Facetime around 2:00 am his time from Janet and she always has Eissa in her lap. -He says Eissa is "the most beautiful baby he has seen in his life" and Eissa is always happy. And says Janet is also giddy and happy with Eissa. He says it is inspirational to see that there is a whole new added element/a whole other meaning to Janet now that she is a parent. - He mentions George Michael and recording the song "Monkey" and how George wanted it to have elements in terms of sound of the Cool Summer Mixes of Janet's "Nasty" and "Diamonds". And says Janet & George were fans of each other's music. - He says to his knowledge there isn't a Janet & George Michael song even though there have been rumors of one. - He said that he thinks Janet and him did see George in concert. And that he and Janet like seeing concerts together and mentions how they saw J.Cole back in 2015 in LA and how Jimmy hooked Janet up with Bruno Mars tickets overseas recently. He says Janet likes seeing other's works because as he says "Inspiration breeds Inspiration"
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    Finally coming down ... Philly show was mindblowing, floor seat 10 rows away from the stage. #BROOKLYN was outright speechless row 6. The way Janet murdered that staged, played with the crowd. I would love to hear new music as a reflection of her current space.. Phil and NY, I was shot by her offical camera man. Joey is funny and gil was a cunt but oh well lol . NEWARK, the crowd was lack luster but the dancers showed out and little John is so nice .. take a look at this Custom Made Jacket i rocked https://www.instagram.com/p/BblD25QnZ49/
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    So I just got in from the Baltimore show. This is her third best tour behind TVR and RWU respectively. I got there around 7:45 and the DJ was playing PYHO, I was kinda shocked. There was some jackass in the audience screaming to the DJ to play MJ, and I'm just like ugh. DJ played the Kaytranada remix of "If" and everyone seemed to like it. Then the DJ played "Remember The Time" and a bunch of other J5/MJ songs, and I was just over it and ready for the show to start. So Janet came out around 8:30. Delievered. The first half of the show just punched - hit after hit, just full energy nonstop. It might have been where I was sitting, but the music was too loud. I couldn't really hear Janet singing, but that didn't really matter. It's one thing to see Janet dance in videos, but to see it live is a vastly different experience. Her technical prowess through dance is truly unmatched. Her agility, coordination, and flexibility are still very sharp considering that she's 51. With a bit more control and energy, she could give DJ/20YO level of greatness. The way she communicates ideas through movement is surreal. One thing that really stood out to me is that I notice a lot of legacy acts typically rely on the nostalgia of their music to carry their performances. The performance is that great, but the music is still good and people love the song(s). So they can kinda get away with giving a so-so performance. I feel like a lot of Janet's music is in a transition point to where she's not just performing hits, but she's performing bona fide classics. So Janet keeps the songs fresh by delivering new choreography, while keeping elements of the original routines in the performance. For example, the way she ends TTWLG. She keeps the little side step and the snaps with the "collapse" at the end, yet everything else is new choreography. I always have reservations about Janet doing AN(DS), but she murked that shit. Agility was just immaculate. Same with "Nasty", dear GAWD. MURKED that shit. Same with the AFY breakdown. "What About" is the reason why Janet is incontestably the greatest female entertainer ever. The storytelling of that performance is very hard to watch. And yes, I did get teary eyed. I think Janet needs a bit of improvement in areas where she's altered choreography, like "If", for example. I think she should focus more on showmanship - having dancers on stage telling us a story through movement. The second verse choreo is kinda "eh", if you get what I'm talking about. Same kinda with the new songs she did for the first time. She's gotta present them better, esp since it's the first time these songs are being performed. Like "Island Life". It was great that she did it, but she just sat on the steps the whole time. It was like "Okay, I guess ". So basically, the greatness of the show lies in Janet keeping the show fresh by bringing new choreography to the songs, changing the set list, while maintaining elements that define "Janet Jackson". With more production (better wardrobe, visuals, etc), the show could've been so much better. I might need to re-watch the RN and janet. Tours, but as it stands, for me it's her best tour following TVR and RWU. I think I can now unmute Janet on Twitter, and raise my status from "casual listener" to "familiar with her work fan".
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    So the Detroit show was either sold out or very close to it, lots of folks showed up to see Janet. The crowd was again like a UN meeting lots of different nationalities and races, young and old. I had a nice center section seat, and I say it was nice because of the stage setup, there's a lot to see and enjoy but if you are off to either side of the stage you dont get the full impact of the stage lay out because the three projection screens have the two in front and the one that sits in the middle is further back. Now on this crowd, these people were out of control, trying to jump seats to where they saw empty spots on the floor, only to have security escort them out. I saw one guy that he got into some kinda argument with security, and security keep coming back to him for some reason, that was until the cops came and they took his ass away. I dont know what folks were thinking, but security was amped up and out in full force, they cracked down on camera phones hard core, if you were on the floor filming and within reach, security made it a point to stop anyone they could from filming, hadn't seen that happen at any show ever! They did not play over the phones. The crowd was jam packed and I noticed the sound system was louder and pounding harder than the previous show in Toledo. Janet did thank the crowd for showing so much love because it was a bigger capacity venue and folks really showed up and showed out. So many women wearing different Janet "looks" it was really cool that so many planned out to show the love. I noticed a few things that were different, since it is Halloween, the band at some point put on masks and were behind Janet playing and she had no idea they were wearing Halloween masks. At one point the kid dancers came out in Halloween M&M costumes soooo cute. I also noticed this time performing What About, Janet immediately got emotional almost crying at the start of the song, and she got herself together but that segment means a lot to her..... So below a few pics
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    Oh God, I have to follow Kishi's review Okay so Im going to try to make this as brief and to the point as possible. The Toledo stop on the tour did very well, it was quite packed and I did not see many empty seats. It was very well received. Janet delivered as always but we have to recognize all of her team in this show, the band, the dancers the creative director, Gil. These folks work so hard and as a die hard fan I have nothing but love for them. I did not take any pictures nor video, the idea just came to me as soon as the show started and I noticed people all around me instead of dancing and jamming out they were standing there holding their phones still. I met Kishi, he is such a sweetheart and so cute we were like buddies the entire night! I also saw Dom from Xone great guy he's going to Detroit's show tonight too. The setlist was amazing, I purposely limited a lot of my viewing of anything on YT because I did want to be surprised, I did not know how the show ended, but let's say I did end up in tears crying. At 51, Janet keeps up that energy level, and I give it up for her the respect for having the mental and physical strength to endure a set list as varied as she has and continue to be energetic, I found myself dancing so hard that I only sat down in my chair because I had to rest. I concur with Kishi Janet did look at us a few times I do believe, because when fans dance their asses off Janet feeds on that energy, another reason to put ya damn camera phones down folks I caught up with another long time Janet fan at the show, Matt, he lives in my hometown city, and he was all about going to see the tour buses after the show, so I said sure why not, so with him and Kishi we sat out to find the tour buses. Mind you I have never thought to do that before it seems a lil aggressive to me but it was well rewarded. We did in fact run into Gil, I always thought Gil was a bit cold to fans at moments, what I now feel after being around him is the man is simply guarded, not everyone is going to be your bestie the moment they meet you especially if they dont know you, so Gil is cool, unfortanetly it was cold out too and I do believe everyone headed directly to Detroit after the show so no stops made in Toledo for them. The women dancers had just showered and I did hug and wish Alex a happy belated birthday she smelled soooooo good, I told her "God you smell really good" she told me "I just showered" below is our picture together Gil is off to the side I did not get a picture with him but I did hug him and wished him safe travels.
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    Game's record of being wrong is revealing itself to be at an all time high. I love it.
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    .....I have chills....I just experienxed Janet, Tina, Tish, Tyce, Terry, Jillian, Omat & Nikki all on stage together. Of those names tho.... Tish & Tina....I never woulda thought, those are my faves, and everyone on thag stage was on fucking POINT A few other note worthy things . The dance breaks all felt newer . She performed Scream (including the pre-chours "you try to cope with every lie etc." Which was the 1st time she did that part live) *theres more but I mean was shanatched bald so you gotta forgive me, and im at the afterparty gettin drunk
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    A bunch of music icons are set to be featured in a new documentaryabout the legendary celebrity makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin. Cher, Janet Jackson and the late Whitney Houston will all appear in KEVYN AUCOIN Beauty & the Beast in Me, which will premiere on Logo Thursday, September 14. The film includes Aucoin’s never-before-seen personal videos and audiotapes, as well as more recent celebrity interviews, which tell the story of his rise to fame and untimely death at age 40. Other celebrities appearing in the film include Tina Turner, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Andie MacDowell. http://abcnewsradioonline.com/music-news/2017/6/30/cher-janet-jackson-whitney-houston-more-featured-in-makeup-a.html Janets in the trailer for it looking amazing in 93, he was THE best makeup artist of her career, hands down, I'll judge anyone who says otherwise harshly, its a fact not a opinion. I am excited for this & to learn his story
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    Me and my bestie went to the show last night here in Dallas! That INTRO IS THE BEST INTRO OF ANY JANET TOUR! Idc... lol I said it! She doesn't look anyones 51 nor moves like she's 51. She gave birth 8 months ago. Nothing is stopping this woman when it comes to PERFORMING! She was sassy as fuck, had a bunch of attitude and even got ratchet when Cardi B came on. lol What About performance was very very powerful. The whole show is just amazing. the lighting is crazy.
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    In the motel room, and walking out the door in just a moment. The excitement is surreal for sure, but above anything I'm just thankful to be inhabiting this space and this time, with such an incredible artist, family of artists to learn from and grow with. Above all, I'm just ready to celebrate with Janet and the JanFam. And JanFam= what a perfect name for her fan base. Like a family, we argue. And Lord knows that Janet's career has truly seen its ups and downs. We all know that she's been tested in so many ways that even her contemporaries didn't have to endure. But like family, we're in for the long haul, and still thankful for all that she and the Jacksons have accomplished. Ok time to go... #SOTW number 1 y'all!!
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    So Janet is being trained by Storm, not surprised at all. #mutants, #holdontosomething, #yourwigs
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    When Janet worked with other producers, we got 20YO and Discipline. Ya'll want that again? The only good to come out of that were RWU, FB, and Luv. There's a reason why the second half of 20YO sounds better than the first. The trio (J-J-T) did a great job of updating Janet's sound, but keeping in time with classic Janet from structure to content. Some of the tracks on this album can stand next to her old material, namely DB, BE, AYF, GBA, and UB.
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    Think of your favorite pop song (not by Janet). Now think of the song structure and the parts that make it great. Nice melody? Simple lyrics? Typical song structure. Now let's get to Doesn't Really Matter by Janet Jackson and have your mind blown on what a pop song is supposed to sound like. (excuse any typos it is 5 am lololol) Background Now lets give DRM some context because it's important. The new millennium is approaching and so is a new sound in pop music. Janet is coming off her most introspective album to date which left a heavy cloud over the Janet brand. The Velvet Rope is full of moody urban sounds and intense lyrical content in a sea full of happy-go-lucky teeny-bopper garbage and because of this the album suffered to sell as well as previous efforts. Janet has an amazing (?) opportunity to be in the sequel to the Nutty Professor. The perfect platform to launch her new uplifting pop sound! Janet goes to the producers to suggest she be apart of the soundtrack and OF COURSE they oblige! Now let's take a gander at the SOUND that is ruling radio rn: This Max Martin sound was a complete 180 sonically of what Janet was making on TVR. Queen had to step it up to ASSERT her dominance over these little kids. Now, Janet being the mf star she was could have went to Max Martin herself for an easy Bonafide hit. Nah. Janet is a Loyal Taurean Queen. She enlists her longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis to replicate this sound and show Max how it should be done. The Song Let's get into this shall we? I present to you, Doesn't Really Matter. As a faithful Janet listener in 1999, I'm sure this was a breath of fresh air when you heard it. Immediately, Janet's soft coos over the eastern asian elements (that would later define All For You) put you in a state of bliss. Now, I say this is a marvel of modern pop songwriting not because of subject matter. A person telling their lover that their appearance doesn't mean a thing; it's about theor inner beauty. It's simple. Borderline corny even? But it works. Let's breakdown the song structure. It seems pretty normal from the first minute or so. Intro - Verse - Pre-Chorus - Chorus... Post-Chorus? Now WAIT! What song you know has a post-chorus? Is that even a thing? The part of the song I'm referring to: Interesting. Perfect set-up for the second verse. Let's continue: 2nd Verse - Pre-Chorus - Chorus - Post-Chorus - Bridge (Yasssss) - Pre-Chorus - Chorus... Now this is where the modern pop song would end, but wait... Janet has more for us? *KEY CHANGE* Chorus... WAIT. Is this a new refrain??? It sure the fuck isssss! W O W. Mind blown! But why?? It came from a creative conflict during the early stages of the song. The melody was set, but Janet came up with the Doesn't Really Matter concept and refrain, while Jimmy came up with the Nutty Nutty Nutty my love for you. Janet loved the idea and incorporated it into the song as a second refrain. Genius. Finally, as our wig is in orbit from the songwriting miracle she just unleashed upon us, the song goes into a euphoric chant of lovestruck "Oh's" as a counter-melody tpo the refrain tro which she then stacks it under the final chorus of the song which leads us into the outro. "I'm Always doing that *chuckle*" she exclaims as the last strand of hair from our scalp is yanked off to the beat of the song's end. AND THAT'S JUST THE SONG STRUCTURE. As with ANY Janet x JJ&TL collaboration, the mix of background vocals, harmonies, sounds etc. really make the song. I really wish we had stems of this masterpiece so we could really dissect how intricate this song really is. For now, all we have is this fan mix of filtered vocals. Second best. Final Thoughts The lyrics, song structure, and intricate workings of the song all work in unison. These elements all mix to create the perfect mood. Euphoric, irresistible, and undeniable. The concept is simple but it's perfectly embellished. With so many factors at play, it would be easy for a song like this to sound noisy and all over the place, but under the direction of an artist like Janet, it sounds perfect. True genius! Janet shattered the Max Martin sound and showed she wasn't going to be some washed up diva who's last hit would be in the 90s. This was the perfect entrance into the new millennium for a woman who has such a sonically diverse catalog. Another notch on the belt. This small hit (3 weeks at #1 ain't too shabby?) set the stage for All For You to be the massive success it was. All of this Brilliance for a shitty soundtrack feature ? Only Janet. (and to think we didn't even touch on the iconic video??) Another chapter in the Genius of Janet Jackson!
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    "in spite of the achievements that have earned her the Icon Award at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs): No. 1 albums in four consecutive decades; roughly 32 million albums sold in the United States, according to a Billboard estimate (based on RIAA certifications, Nielsen Music data and archival reports);" They've been peddling through my threads....
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    Looks like she's headlining another festival this summer, Panorama, which is basically the NYC version of Coachella. Janet is the headliner on Saturday. (Jul 28) I'm into it! http://www.complex.com/music/2018/01/panorama-2018-lineup https://www.spin.com/2018/01/2018-panorama-lineup/
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    I apologize again for the inconvenience y’all. I couldn’t even get in to the Admin control panel to send y’all the bulk mail. Just know that if I pulled the plug for good, I would tell you all but I have no intention of doing that anytime soon.
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    I had an amazing nice time. My mother and her boyfriend, relatives, and friends were all so happy to see Janet. Many of them were seeing her for the first time and/or waiting for 2 years to see the show. We were in section 4 row A (so technically 8th row). I went with Stephen and sat in the same row as my co-workers. Got to see many familiar JanFam faces from Janet Xone, Myspace, and Facebook. I met Joey, Farrenton, and Alex (got a picture with her) in the lobby.During Nasty, she had NERD & Rihanna's Lemon mixed in.During All Nite, I was doing the choreography and during the tick tock movement towards the end, Janet was looking at me doing the same moves!!Fort Lauderdale made me proud. Very high energy crowd. Deborah Cox lives in Fort Lauderdale and was in the audience. Gorgeous!The jumping in Together Again and the choreography for Rhythm Nation have me wore out and tore up!
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    ...Required voice identification.. Kieko its me ...Confirmed! Hello Voodoo. Loading all comment and complaints...what can I do for you... Find me a fuck to give ...Confirmed. Unable to find a fuck... Thank you. I feel better now. It's time this discussion moved on to bigger and better things. ...I can tell that you still care... No. I dont know. I think her tour is incredible and so does the general public...confused as to why her failures are being brought up for the sake of being right but it is what it is. I mean Janet is always capable of So Much Betta, but I digress.
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    Just back from my lil state of the world tour vacation. Concord and LA. mixed in disnelyland in there. I have no words. I'll report back when I have my life together again lol. She did blow me away. She has that fire in her performance and attitude I havent seen since like the All For You Tour. Shes in such good shape too...and that gorgeous stunning face. Shes radiant and glowing. She seems in such a happy place. She just knocked it out the park for me. To have been a fan for over 30 years and to see her evolve to where she is now at this stage in the game. Shes such a epic classic legend.
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    The Concord show was amazing! She looks gorgeous especially in person and had effortless command of stage. I was pleasantly surprised how many deeper cuts she performed this time around (I purposefully avoided looking up the setlist so I'd be surprised), and I always appreciate TTWLG being performed. She's still got it and I'm glad I got to witness it for the 3rd time!
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    The song was already BLOWING UP before Janet used it. Have you been living under a rock or just saying shit to be saying shit?
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    Thank you all for the love an support. I enjoyed reading your comments as the program was airing. https://www.mixcloud.com/john-cameron5/janet-jam-lewis-deconstructing-30-years-of-music-broadcast-version/
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    So I'm back! I had to step away so I didn't get any spoilers and I'm so glad I did that! She killed it last night in Dallas. SOTW has shaped up to he my favorite for a few reasons. By far this is the best put together set list she has done. She remained VERY on theme with this set list. To me the opening of this show is the most impactful & when she walks out like a GENERAL I couldn't contain myself. Also, NO ONE can tell me there is no value in fans consistently asking & pushing for things. The "don't complain be thankful" mindset would not have gotten us - 24PLAY, Island Life, The Body that Loves You, New Agenda - LIKE WTF!! I love the relevance of the concept & this is the Janet I fell in love with. The one who sttacks things head on. ALSO there's so much meaning in it. The Bodak Yellow is performed during WHYDFML - knowing her relationship status the lyrics "You couldn't fuck with me if you wanted to, I don't gotta dance I make money moves, quick to cut a Nigga off so don't get comfortable" mixed with WHYDFML is a direct shot. I have so much I want to say but I know this post can get long, but I'll say Janet delivered the best she has delivered in MANY years. Honestly idk if fans will like this said or not but the truth is, the "breakdown" & cry is a part of the act. She's not breaking down every night because it's too emotional. She's performing it like she did on VR a& like she used to "cry" during Again back on the Janet tour. She literally cries on cue, says the same thing, & mixes it with the show. So MAYBE some nights it does hit her hard, but every show seems to get the "this is me" & covered face and break down. So I don't think this is her not being able to naturally contain herself. The dancers & band even seem to know it's coming & wait for it & know when to move after it. The lighting is even prepared for it. IJS
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    Just attended the show last night & she's extremely cool - MUCH more attractive in person. Beautiful skin & body. Cute face too.
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    It is said that the baby she is holding will grow up and write the greatest american novel called The State of the World where he will discuss the ideas that Janet is talking about on her tour. A boy from the Midwest will read said book and will grow up with all kinds of magnificent ideas in his head about a Rhythm Nation. He will grow into a great orator and will speak about these ideas to this land and all over the world. This boy will start a movement called Rhythm Nation and shortly after become leader of this country as the first gay African American president. His campaign slogan will be 'You know I came to snatch a couple of wigs'. He will speak of Janet and her new tour because it is her tour that will plant the seeds of true change as she encourages all to be the true you.
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    I'm keeping my comments short due to the needed scalp transplant. But Y'ALL... Janet not only looked epic. She SANG THE SHIIIIIT out of this show!! Was singing live all night. Hitting notes, going off the track, sang the damn high notes (Rhythm nation). She stared Father Time in the face and fucked him over something awful!! Y'all don't EVEN, you can't EVEN until you see it.
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    That's passive aggressive for "I'm only doing this tour out of obligation".
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    This is something that I've been working on for the last couple months, off and on. The audio track included in this video is the 2016 Jack Roeby Megamix. If anyone has ever asked you what makes Janet Jackson so great, just show them this....... Hope you guys like it!
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    These. Are not. Coincidences.
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    I did it. I deserve the praise! You likey? I followed your suggestion to use a tour photo. You were the only person who responded to my thread. Thanks Angie for putting it up.
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    New Janet picture that was included in that Entertainment Tonight interview with Gil
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    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_O3O4ImaHtk All thanks to Taylor