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    Technically, they were talking about a number one song. Let's not pretend like Top 10 singles aren't hits. It's also worth noting that the writer of that article has a history of being as impartial about Beyoncé as you do with the iPhone. I'll tell you what I'm tired of. The Recording Academy itself defines a Grammy as an award representing artistic or technical achievement. They even specifically state that it is not based on sales or chart positions. We all know that's garbage, but the argument is used very selectively where Beyoncé is concerned. It's not enough that she's at her artistic peak 20 years into her career, now suddenly the Grammys can only validate such creativity with a "monster single" or "less costumes." Save it. As for this committee of songwriters, the article selectively pointed out that several songs on Lemonade are credited to at least a dozen writers, but it made no mention of the number of sampled works, some of which recognise multiple names for a single interpolated line. This article dissects the argument perfectly, but if you'd prefer the TL; DR: a writer count, high or low, doesn’t determine whether a piece of art is good or bad. It’s simply a reflection of how many people are getting credit (and money) for the work. Should that lead to an argument on the artistic merits of sampling, let me point out that it didn't stand in the way of Daft Punk, OutKast, Santana, U2 or Lauryn Hill (to name a handful) collecting AOTY. And your point about lyrical substance is hilarious given Taylor Swift is literally a two-time winner. I viewed this board with fresh eyes recently after a lengthy break, and for whatever reason, I took a look back through Beyoncé's official thread and also Grammy discussions from previous years, and nothing has changed. She is still the only artist that agitates some of you to such an extent that you simply abandon all logic and reason to make what you think is a point. That same misguided fury has now spread throughout this base onto Twitter where a slew of wrong or foolish shit is posted on a daily basis in what must be an impassioned attempt to look as stupid and as misinformed as possible. Beyoncé didn't win, but she's not the loser here.
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    Poor Ephram always talking about things nobody cares about.
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    That press conference was a disaster. He stood up there and said he won the electoral by the biggest margin and the reporter read him the facts that bush and obama had better numbers but Trump still said he got the most
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    She has 42 songs with 1 million streams. That's The Way Love Goes - 19.6 million Got Til It's Gone - 13.6 million Together Again - 12.4 million All For You - 11.6 million Scream - 8.3 million No Sleeep (w/ J Cole) - 7.2 million Any Time, Any Place - 6.9 million I Get Lonely - 6.8 million BURNITUP! - 6.4 million No Sleep (w/o J Cole) - 5.8 million Again - 4.5 million Nasty - 4.5 million If - 4.4 million Escapade - 4.3 million When I Think Of You - 3.5 million Miss You Much - 2.8 million Call On Me - 2.8 million Rhythm Nation - 2.7 million Let's Wait Awhile - 2.6 million Doesn't Really Matter - 2.5 million Unbreakable - 2.4 million Go Deep - 2.3 million Dammn Baby - 2.2 million All Nite - 2.1 million Someone To Call My Lover - 2 million Come Back To Me - 1.7 million Love Will Never Do - 1.6 million Control - 1.6 million Funny How Time Flies - 1.5 million The Pleasure Principle - 1.5 million Feedback - 1.4 million Every Time - 1.4 million So Excited - 1.3 million The Great Forever - 1.2 million What Have You Done For Me Lately - 1.2 million Black Cat - 1.2 million My Baby - 1.1 million Runaway - 1.1 million Son Of A Gun - 1.1 million Velvet Rope - 1 million You Want This - 1 million Rock With U - 1 million Janet songs near the 1 million mark on Spotify...Shoulda Known Better (900k)Because Of Love (800k)Someday Is Tonight (800k)Night (800k)Where Are You Now (700k)Rope Burn (700k)
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    Janet's "portion"...? ? ...if "portion" is another word for "nipple" then you're right.. cuz ain't nobody ever talk about anything she actually did..
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    We need you to post more.
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    While I think she was in contention for AOTY and I was somewhat surprised that she didn't get it, the hive seem to have the biggest sense of entitlement I have seen. They think because Beyonce is ad big ad she is, the industry has to worship the ground she walks on. Now it's saying that it doesn't necessarily have to and the rug is pulled from under the Hive's feet. I don't agree or disagree that she was snubbed. If she was snubbed, it was mostly because she campaigned for the award harder than the others. Outside of that, I don't think that the album was significantly better than any of the other nominees. There were many people that like 25 better than Lemonade. Also a Grammy is a Grammy is a Grammy. Her not having the AOTY will not be some red flag to her legacy, but those 22 will be seen as a highlight. No matter how big you are, not everything is gonna fall on your lap, and it's not the end of the world.
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    HuffPost just took us to the salon, cause I see yo No Lye Relaxer is fresh! And they said everything, best was to let go of the gimmickry! Getting rid of that, and a album with no more than 5-10 writers (opposed to entire songs 20+) would be a real surprise. My favorite part too: Then there is the alleged political statement of Lemonade. While Beyonce deserves credit for encouraging black women to be proud of their black beauty, she had to go and muddle that powerful message with irrelevant lines about having sex and eating at Red Lobster later. It dilutes the power of her social statement, and lyrically, it's awkward as hell. Beyonce, listen to 1999's Album of the Year, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (and take a closer look at what your Grammy-anointed sister Solange has been doing). If you ever dare to release an album that is a stunning a singer-songwriter showcase - one that doesn't need a TV special, a "surprise" release, and a fake tabloid scandal to grab attention - Album of the Year is as good as yours. I agree with it all but those made me praise dance at that truth!
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    lmao! I dislike Trump with a passion but that muthafu*ker is entertaining as hell. I'm watching his ass live right now talking about fake news. He shading the hell out of CNN, Hillary and Don L. These news anchors love this mess....it gives them something to talk about each and every day and night.
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    I've watched Gil's Instagram Live sessions and he said Janet is going to share pictures of Eissa on her own terms. Gil hasn't gone in detail about any plans regarding music videos or the tour just subtly mentioned both because he knows things he says regarding them are going to be shared on forums. Gil has gone in more detail regarding stories/opinions about past tours, different Janet songs, etc. Gil did talk about Eissa a lot during his most recent Instagram Live. Gil said Eissa has the biggest smile, has Janet's eyes & cheeks, and Wissam's ears & lips. He also said Eissa is always hungry. He said Katherine loves her some baby Eissa. He still can't believe Janet is a mom. He said Janet always has Eissa right there with her when Janet & him have their Facetime meetings (which are multiple times a week). Gil also said Janet loves being a mother and seems she is in her own little world with baby Eissa.
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    a photo shoot would be exciting however I am inclined to believe Wissam is a very private person and he may not be willing to throw his new born baby boy into the spot light....but at this age no one is gonna recognize him anyway
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    Upcoming weeks is too vague for my liking. I'm praying for a photoshoot (new photos)... an interview is high on my dream list. It's too early to announce the tour and no word of a music video (no rumored directors or choreographers traveling)
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    We miss you too Queen and we cannot wait for what's coming in the upcoming weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YASSSSSS
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    Janet could definitely have carried the whole halftime. I think people were surprised when no one came out to join Gaga because they had become so accustomed to surprise guests. Turns out she certainly didn't "need" anyone else. She took the audience on 13 minute journey... and LIVE.
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    The biggest takeaway I'm getting from this whole thread is... Katy Perry has the highest rated Super Bowl halftime show of all time...?! The fuuuuuuuuh....??
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    #10 for a week then drops back to #19... #flop what's "good" is subjective... A warehouse full of writers vs. sampling credit is a silly comparison. i don't have the energy to look up credits of the artists you named. You can do that. Speaking of things that never change... She's not the winner of the AOTY award either ??‍♂️


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