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    I find it sad that many of the fans are saying "great - now Janet can get back to walking around half naked and grinding men on stage" as if that's all she amounts to. The speculation is frustrating but somewhat undesrandable. I hope they are splitting so she can tend to her mother. Nothing else is really making sense... I'm truly baffled and still hoping for more clarification other than shit like that negative Daily Mail
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    The point is... When Daily Mail was the only website talking about it, we had all reasons to call it a bullshit. 01. They gave too much explicit details that might not (not impossible, tho) be true. 02. That's the kind of tabloid that give the news first and ask later. But a few hours after, when major outlets like YAHOO, The Huffington Post and People Magazine starting telling we started paying attention. I saw a lot of fans bitching about "wait for her lips..." "all lies..." BITCH, People Magazine had exclusive news to share about the pregnancy, ABC News is not The Wendy Williams Show... They have a reputation, an editor and journalists behind it. They checked the info with her reps before sharing it. Also, they wouldn't give away Janet's conection by sharing a rumor/lie. It's hard to make the woman talk, and if the websites she gives official reports started spreading rumors it oculd damage their relation! This time the shitty tabloids were right and broke the news, then the serious outlets confirmed before started sharing too. People must understand not every magazine or website is based on lies... Some of them acctually check information before coming out to the public! And fans must also undersand Janet is a human being, just like us. Relationships SUCKS sometimes... We don't know the reason and it's non of our business, but shit happens. Maybe they weren't happy for awhile then she got pregnant... Or something happened during pregnancy. Anyway... It's not our business to judge. I just can't wait for the true Janet to be back with a Velvet Rope/All For You vibe new record!
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    that's actually what makes it believable. She was in a vulnerable place when they started dating and she has always had issues with image and self confidence regardless of the growth. That's why I always felt the covering up thing was dangerous. A woman with body image issues and you cover her and not exalt her. Women in mentally and physically abusive relationships are no different than addicts. They have a dependency and they always go back.
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    Firstly, i hope janet is ok and i hope that she isn't hurting emotionally and just focusing on her wonderful new baby. But, i have to say, Im not entirely surprised. Something just felt...a bit off with him. The fact she cancelled her shows in Europe where she has lots of fans yet still performed for a wealthy crowd in dubai which.. Let's be real. .probably isn't Janet's fanbase.. Stinks of him.. It will be very interesting to see if the arabic additions to tweets etc are dropped after this. I wish her the best, but something tells me this separation may indeed lift some behavioural expectations placed on her by that man.
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    I have said all along that he was controlling and at some point she would grow tired of being Susie homemaker. When she wasn't taking photos with people or talking I blamed him and his influence on her. The whole Diamond collection thing is all him. She doesn't even wear earrings or jewelry like that and all of a sudden she's pushing these overpriced diamonds picked by Africans that look like her. maybe she wanted to get out ahead of whatever storm may be coming from his end. He is not being painted in the best way so maybe she wanted to fire her shots before he did.
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    She tried Janet so I tried her
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    the original story in the daily mail was very neutral, it was the story from page six written by stacy brown that added the controlling stuff and the stuff about katherine. the original story just said they decided it wasnt working, the baby would live with his mother in london and they will co-parent.
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    you think that bc you were told to think that by the Great Depressed and the media ?
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    Janet is a very strong woman no one can control her , she is doing as she want, lots of couple divorce after a baby... that's life... maybe its all fake maybe its true but what is sure is that she have not been controlled by a man... she too strong for that.
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    According to the "confirmation" Janet isn't getting a divorce as of yet, she's just publicly splitting from her husband. Shit is weird. Very weird. I just can't wait to see how this plays out.
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    I have a hard time believing that after suffering physical and emotional abuse from James, foolishness and betrayal from Rene and whatever the hell Mauldin did to cause their relationship to end that, Janet would really deal with a husband that was controlling. All before Janet was young and broken and not used to dating but when she got with Wissam she was grown AF and healed from all the hurt in her past. It just doesn't make sense to me that after going through all of that growth, she would find her self back in the same type of unhealthy relationship. So, if that was the case; if he was "controlling," then maybe he did just become controlling throughout her pregnancy and into the beginning of little E's life. Otherwise, I don't believe it. At all. Granted, we are creatures of habit. And we seek what we're used to because its comfortable, but no. She's too self aware for that shit. I just don't see it.
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    I was referring to the family as a whole the Jacksons do a lot in private they marry in private not just Janet
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    Hmmm why the leak and why now? No clue but there's more to it
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    That's what it's sounding like. That's what I was referring too when I told @ DasSad that she had been calling it. She was always saying that. Not to say Janet is prefect because she did choose to marry him so she has to take some of the blame. There were signs...some of us just chose to over look them. I certainly did.
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    Oh God. Many of her family members weren't involved in her marriage with Rene everyone. A lot of her family wasn't around for many highlight moments. Sense when have they all EVER rushed to the hospital? Do you know if Janet was at the hospital when her neices & nephews were born? I'm just saying - Janet is a mastermind of staying out of the headlines & press when she doesn't want to be. A leak of this magnitude feels like there's more to the story than just being candid about a separation.
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    look at all those fuckin' retweets. People make me sick and of course Wendy dumb ass will probably be reporting on that figure tomorrow smh
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    Janet loves her fans like many celebs do but fans also have to understand they are a part of the business structure. They aren't TRUE obligations, they are the market to which artist sell their products. I know artist use fan love like, it's their foundation but at the end of the day it's all business. She gets tired of interacting with people in general. She's human. So when she's tired of the industry & tired of touring - she's also drained having to exchange & devote energy with countless people. It's not personal it's just human.
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    I thought he was cute, certainly an upgrade from JD
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    well there were somethings I found odd, Janet's family wasn't with her when she gave birth, they saw the baby after. I mean the baby of the Jacksons has a child and her own mother is NOT there?
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    Woo y'all can come out now. No longer do you have to pretend his big-nosed ass was cute beyond a quick once-and-done glance. No longer do you have to pretend to be happy for her while she cancels yet another tour. No longer do you have to pretend like you give a fuck about anything but another album.
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